Epic things to do in Barcelona at night

When the sun goes down, the fun starts. Our guide to the top things to do in Barcelona at night will keep you going until the early hours.

With warm summer nights and a great nightlife scene, Barcelona is a top destination when the sun goes down. Our list of the best things to do at night includes delicious tapas, storming flamenco shows, spooky after-dark tours, and more.

Some of these evening activities are perfect for a romantic date in Barcelona, while others are a great way to have fun with your friends or meet new people. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to have a great time after dark.


1. Discover the city’s best bars

The Drunken History walking tour is a great way to get to know some of Barcelona's best bars. Along the way, you'll play drinking games, learn some history, and have a great time.

Hot tip:

Make sure to try the vermouth. It's one of the most popular drinks in Catalonia, usually enjoyed with a simple but flavorful tapa of olives, anchovies, or spicy cockles.


2. Watch the sun go down over the city from the sea

Barcelona is a port city, so one of the best ways to see it is from the water. A sunset sailing tour is the perfect end to your day.

Hot tip:

Your sunset cruise includes some drinks and nibbles to get in the mood. Be sure to try the fuet, the Catalan version of salami. Some cruises have a live guitarist to add a party mood.


3. Feel the energy of a live flamenco show

Flamenco shows originated in the south of Spain, but Barcelona's large Andalucian community means they're popular here too. There's nothing like a live show, with emotionally charged music and beautiful dancing.

Hot tip:

This show takes place in Poble Espanyol, a model village showcasing architecture from across the Iberian Peninsula. Get there early to take a stroll around this open-air museum.


4. Learn Barcelona's darkest secrets on a nighttime walking tour

Take a chilling dark history night tour through Barcelona's streets. This spine-tingling tour will teach you about the notorious Spanish Inquisition, as well as the spooky secrets of medieval executioners.

Hot tip:

This spooky tour will take you through El Born, which is also one of the best neighborhoods for tapas. You'll be in the perfect spot carry on the evening with dinner and drinks.


5. Cruise along the coastline on two wheels

A two-hour Segway tour is one of the most fun ways to get around, particularly after the sun goes down. This one runs along the coast, taking you from the Barceloneta beach to the port.

Hot tip:

Take a close look at the Columbus Monument at the bottom of La Rambla — you can actually climb up inside for views over the city.


6. Learn to mix cocktails like a pro

Unleash your inner mixologist with a cocktail masterclass. A professional will be on hand to guide you through four classic cocktails.

Hot tip:

You'll be able to enjoy some popular tapas with your drink. Try the pimientos de Padrón, but be warned. Most are mild, but some are very spicy. They're the tapa version of Russian roulette.


7. See the best nighttime views on a bike tour

On a night bike tour, you'll see the best of the city, including the stunning views from Plaça Espanya and some top-quality neighborhood bars.

Hot tip:

Along the way, you'll stop at a couple of different spots to sample the tastiest tapas and cava.


8. Hone your axe-throwing skills

It may not be the most traditional Catalan event, but it's hard to beat a good axe-throwing experience if you want to let off steam. A local Viking warrior will meet you and teach you the basics of this ancient sport.

Hot tip:

As well as throwing hatchets around, you'll be able to enjoy mead. This ancient beverage is older than beer, with a delicious honey taste.


9. See the lights and colors of the Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain at Montjüic is one of the most popular sights in Barcelona. Every evening, you can see a dazzling light show as the water dances in time to the music.

Hot tip:

To make a day of it, first visit MNAC, the art museum just behind the Magic Fountain. You can spend a couple of hours admiring the paintings before heading down to watch the show.


10. Set the night on fire with a demonic local tradition

Throughout the summer months, every neighborhood in Barcelona takes its turn to host a local festival. At any of these, you can attend a correfoc. This wild Catalan tradition features diables, people dressed in demonic costumes, running down the street throwing fireworks into the crowds.

Hot tip:

Your first correfoc can be scary, but it's also an exhilarating experience. Wear a long-sleeved cotton hoodie and keep your hair covered for safety, as the sparks will literally be flying.


What are some of the top nighttime attractions in Barcelona?

Barcelona is known for its nightlife. Concerts, flamenco shows, and bar crawls are all popular activities. You'll also find a number of nightclubs, which get busy once the bars close and can stay open until around 6:00 AM.

What are the best areas for a nighttime stroll in Barcelona?

Try going for a stroll along the seafront at Barceloneta. You'll have beautiful views across the Mediterranean and a gentle sea breeze. Plus, there are a number of great bars in this area.

What are the most popular night tours in Barcelona?

At night, you can choose a bar crawl tour. These usually involve sampling a wide variety of tapas and popular local drinks. You can also take a ghost or dark history tour.

What are some fun activities to do with kids in Barcelona at night?

If you're visiting in the summer, there are local festivals almost every week in Barcelona. Expect to find concerts and fun fairs in the streets. You may be shocked to see little kids out enjoying the fun well past midnight, but it's a normal part of the local culture.

What are the best spots for a romantic night out in Barcelona?

You can start your night at the Bunkers del Carmel, the most popular local spot to watch the sunset. The seafront is always a good choice, but if you're looking for something to nibble on, head to El Born. This is one of the best places in town for bars, with a huge variety of different cuisines and great tapas.