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El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton

Our most recommended things to do in El Valle de Anton

From Panama City: Anton Valley Day Tour with Hiking

1. From Panama City: Anton Valley Day Tour with Hiking

Begin your adventure with a pickup at your hotel. Then, hop into a comfortable air-conditioned car and enjoy a scenic countryside drive to Anton Valley. On the way, learn about the local history, culture, and geography from your guide. Next, arrive in Anton Valley and start exploring this town. After this, choose what to do in the morning. Hike along the India Dormida trail if you want, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley on a track that goes around a crater rim. Also, learn about the area's cultural significance and the legend of the "sleeping Indian" along the way. If you don't want to go on this trail, go on a small hike to the petroglyphs and the waterfalls instead. Dive into the water for a refreshing swim if you want. After this, head back to Anton Valley and then browse for souvenirs, handicrafts, artwork, and more at the local artisan market. Following this, go to a local restaurant and buy lunch. Decide what you want to do in the afternoon. Go to the Golden Frog Exhibition, to see the critically endangered Panamanian golden frog if you like. Or else check out the sloths, jaguars, and exotic birds at Nispero Zoo and Botanical Garden. Walk around the garden and appreciate the colorful orchids and beautiful native plants. Shop for souvenirs in the artisan market instead, if you want. Hop back into the car and take in the view on the drive back to Panama City. Finally, return to your accommodation to finish the activity.

From Panama City: Private ATV Off-Road Jungle Adventure

2. From Panama City: Private ATV Off-Road Jungle Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Epic Jungle Escape, where the thrill of navigating Panama's dense jungles aboard a state-of-the-art ATV off-road vehicle awaits you. From the outset, you'll feel the rush of adrenaline as you conquer rugged terrains, surrounded by the lush canopy of the wilderness. This adventure is your gateway to the untold stories of the land, leading you through the heart of the jungle to the enigmatic El Valle, a sunken volcano that showcases the awe-inspiring power of nature's geological wonders. As the journey unfolds, the anticipation builds until you reach the climax—a breathtaking waterfall, where the force of cascading waters against the backdrop of pristine nature encapsulates the wild beauty of Panama. This moment, amidst the roar of the waterfall and the serene environment, will leave you spellbound, marking the culmination of an unforgettable exploration. The Epic Jungle Escape promises not only a day filled with adventure but also a lasting connection with the natural world, offering a unique blend of excitement, discovery, and awe from start to finish.

Private Guided Tour: Discover El Valle de Anton on E-Bike

3. Private Guided Tour: Discover El Valle de Anton on E-Bike

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure through Valle de Antón with our guided electric bike tours, customized according to your preferences. We are the first company to offer this exhilarating experience in the region. Unlike traditional tours, you can effortlessly glide through picturesque landscapes, covering more ground and discovering hidden gems along the way. Our eco-friendly electric bikes offer a unique perspective, enabling you to explore the wonders of Valle de Antón with ease. Our experienced guide will lead you as you explore La Piedra Pintada, Cerro Cara Iguana, El Mercado del Valle, and many other stunning places. You will immerse yourself in the rich history and volcanic geology of Valle de Antón while discovering the captivating local flora, fauna, and biodiversity. The tour package includes a knowledgeable guide, helmet, snacks, water, sunglasses, gloves, a light backpack or sports belt, elbow guards, and knee guards. This tour is up to three hours long. Experience the valley like never before - captivating, effortless, and truly unforgettable. Meeting point is Plaza Paseo El Valle, but we can start from your hotel using e-bikes, accommodating your preferred starting time.

Electric Bikes Rental in El Valle de Anton

4. Electric Bikes Rental in El Valle de Anton

Explore El Valle de Antón effortlessly with our unique electric bike rentals! These e-bikes guarantee an enjoyable ride through this picturesque destination. Whether you're facing steep hills or casually cruising through stunning landscapes, our e-bikes provide an effortless experience. Discover scenic routes and hidden gems easily, immersing yourself in the region's natural beauty without breaking a sweat. Our e-bikes are user-friendly, and before your ride, our team will provide a tutorial to ensure you're comfortable with the bikes. We offer tailored rental options to suit your schedule and budget, whether it's a quick 2-hour spin or a whole-day journey. Our knowledgeable team guides you, offering route suggestions and must-visit places. E-biking in El Valle de Antón creates unforgettable memories, connecting you with the region's beauty on a personal level. Book your Electric Bike adventure today for an exciting journey filled with natural wonders in El Valle de Antón!

Panama City: Extreme ATV Jungle Off-Road Adventure

5. Panama City: Extreme ATV Jungle Off-Road Adventure

Prepare for an unparalleled adventure as you dive into the heart of Panama's untamed wilderness on our Extreme Jungle Tour. Seated on top of a robust ATV, you'll kick off this exhilarating journey with the roar of engines beneath you, ready to tackle the wilds head-on. The rainforest's dense canopy opens up to a world where adrenaline meets nature, guiding you through a landscape shaped by the elements. Your path is one less traveled, winding through riverbeds where water dances around your wheels, challenging your skill and daring. During the rainy season, these paths transform into muddy trails that test your resolve and promise an adventure like no other. Feel the rush of excitement as you maneuver through slippery slopes and murky waters, the jungle's vibrant life echoing around you. As you delve deeper, the jungle reveals its treasures — hidden waterfalls that emerge like jewels amidst the foliage. Here, in the tranquility of these secluded spots, the thrill of the chase gives way to moments of awe. The sights and sounds of cascading waters offer a serene counterpoint to the day's exhilarating journey. But the adventure doesn't end at the water's edge. Pushing forward, you'll encounter the remnants of an ancient force of nature — a volcanic caldera. This geological marvel, formed by the collapse of a volcano, is a testament to the Earth's raw power. Its turquoise waters, a stark contrast to the lush greenery, provide a breathtaking vista and a perfect backdrop for reflection on the day's journey. As the sun begins to lower, casting long shadows through the trees, your adventure draws to a close. Returning through the jungle's embrace, you'll carry with you not just the thrill of the ride but a profound appreciation for the wild, untamed beauty of Panama. This Extreme Jungle Tour is more than an excursion; it's an invitation to challenge yourself, to connect with nature, and to discover the vibrant life that thrives in the heart of the rainforest.

From Panama City: El Valle de Anton Private Full-Day Tour

6. From Panama City: El Valle de Anton Private Full-Day Tour

Embark on multi-stop private guided trip from Panama City to El Valle de Anton (Anton’s Valley) with a combination of plenty of activities. Trek to El Macho, explore a local zoo, visit La Casa de Lourdes, swim at the hot spring, and discover a local artisan market. El Valle de Anton is a cool-climate valley lying on the largest dormant volcano in Central America, located 1.5 hours from the city of Panama. You’ll start your trip with a private transfer via an air-conditioned vehicle from your address in the city. Visit La Pintada, a pre-Colombian mysterious petroglyph, then join a guided trek and climb to El Macho, a picture-perfect natural waterfall. There, you can enjoy time swimming in the pond and ziplining. Interact with more wildlife at the Nispero Zoo and Botanical Gardens, home of the rare “golden frog” and exotic birds. La Casa de Lourdes is up next; here, you can enjoy the garden views and outstanding food options. During the trip, you'll also get to visit Butterfly Haven and enjoy bathing in hot springs. Round-off your tour by visiting an artisan market where attractive Indian crafts are noticeably cheaper than in the city.

Private E-Bike Tour for Adventure Seekers: Mountain Thrills

7. Private E-Bike Tour for Adventure Seekers: Mountain Thrills

What To Expect from our guided e-bike tour in El Valle de Antón: 1. Gaital National Park: Your expedition starts as you journey towards Cerro La Mesa, tracing the contours of the towering Cerro Gaital, the highest mountain in Valle de Antón. Prepare for an elevation gain of 1,490 ft, reaching a maximum elevation of 2,842 ft. Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, and encounters with wildlife. 2. Mata Ahogado: As you navigate through the mountains, this marks the point where you begin your descent towards Mata Ahogado, encountering the most challenging and adrenaline-pumping section of the journey. Brace yourself for spectacular green descents, single-track segments, cautious places, and areas where getting off the bike may be necessary to continue the adventure, all amidst the backdrop of captivating nature. 3. After completing a full loop around the mountains of El Valle de Antón, your guide will share fascinating facts about its geology and history, and you will encounter an array of plants, trees, and animal life and learn about numerous bird species. You will also come across local communities who are on their way to the central town of El Valle for work. 4. Finally, you will end your journey by exploring The Main Avenue of El Valle de Antón, which is the central hub of the town, where you can find shops, restaurants, and tourist activities.

Margarita Island

8. Margarita Island

Leaving the hotel, we will learn about the history of Asuncion and its Castle, we continue through the Valley, Basilica of the Virgin of the Valley, until we reach Pampatar to visit the Castle of San Carlos, then the guide will take you to the Punta Lighthouse Whale where you can see the Caribbean Sea and the Pampatar Salt Flats. We take a tour of the northern area of Margarita, visiting some of its best beaches, Guacuco, Parguito, El Agua, until we get to watch the Sunset at Playa Manzanillo, which is the best in the world. Before booking, you must verify availability of the tour via Mail,

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Ali was a great guide. He made everything fun. We stopped at a great little deli with traditional Panamanian snacks. Our visit to the petroglyphs and hike was fine. However even the "short" hike is very intermediate, steep, and rocky. The zoo is charming and provides a great little walkaround to see the plants and animals. We enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant. The handicraft / produce / plant market was fun. Overall a fun day. Our guide was AAA+

Top activity! A little expensive If you were thinking about going for a walk you will change your mind on the way back :) sensations guaranteed with a rather nice stopover I won't tell you more but go ahead, go for it!!!

My kids and I had a great time on this excursion. It was an adventure and was fun to do with a group of friends.

The adventure to the Anton Valley was very beautiful. It was worth the lengthy travel.

Our guide Carlos tailored our trip and was easy going and knowledgeable.