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From El Calafate: Full-Day Tour to El Chaltén

1. From El Calafate: Full-Day Tour to El Chaltén

Discover the National Capital of Trekking on a private or shared guided day trip from El Calafate El Chaltén. Let yourself be amazed by this mountain town as you discover incredible landscapes and walk part of its trails. Start the morning with pickup from your hotel in El Calafate. Relax on the trip to the town of El Chaltén which is 220 km from El Calafate. Cross the Santa Cruz River and make a rest stop for a few minutes at Estancia La Leona where you can buy homemade cakes and a hot drink. Continue to El Chaltén, bordering Lake Viedma with its homonymous glacier. Take in stunning views of Cerro Chaltén (also known as Fitz Roy) and Torre on clear days, as well as the Viedma Glacier with its impressive icebergs. Upon arrival at Chaltén, have 5 hours to explore and enjoy this small mountain town. Enjoy a 700-meter guided walk to the Mirador de Los Cóndores viewpoint and visit the Chorrillo del Salto with a 300-meter walk over flat terrain. From September to April (subject to weather conditions and the presence of ice and snow), have the option to cover part of the trail to Fitz Roy Laguna de Los Tres and reach Laguna Capri, where you can have lunch on its beach. Return on a self-guided road that has no detours (8 km round trip). To return, meet at a previously arranged meeting point for the drive back to El Calafate, arriving at approximately 8 PM.

From El Calafate: Laguna de los Tres Trekking Tour

2. From El Calafate: Laguna de los Tres Trekking Tour

Embark on a guided hike to the spectacular Laguna de Los Tres. Hike from El Chaltén along the popular trail. Start with pickup from your hotel in El Calafate. Travel along Route 40 bordering the Argentino Lake to the town of El Chaltén. Once here, start on your trek to Laguna de los Tres. You will have approximately 8 hours to complete the trek. Walk through a variety of landscapes, enjoying the scenic views all around you. Hike through beautiful woodland and enjoy the beautiful views of the Río de las Vueltas Valley, crossing forests and streams, until you arrive at Laguna Capri. Make your way to Camping Poincenot and the Rio Blanco. Admire the views of the imposing mountain Fitz Roy at the Mirador del Fitz Roy. Afterward, head back on the same path to the start point, where your transportation will be waiting to take you back to El Calafate.

El Chalten: Mount Fitz Roy &Laguna de Los Tres Full-Day Hike

3. El Chalten: Mount Fitz Roy &Laguna de Los Tres Full-Day Hike

The most classic, spectacular and unforgettable trekking in southern Patagonia. The visit to Laguna de los Tres is a classic of El Chaltén and one of the most beautiful viewpoints for the panoramic views of Fitz Roy. Although it is one of the longest trails, it is worth it. The activity will start with the pick up from the hotels at 06:00 AM. Then you will take the mythical Route 40 bordering the Lago Argentino and start your trip to the town of El Chaltén, 220 km from El Calafate. The transport will be waiting for you so that you can make the Fitz Roy Trail for 8 hours, covering a total of 20 km to reach 1,200 meters high. You will pass through different sceneries, some more wooded, others more austere and with water mirrors until you reach Laguna de los Tres. During the winter season, the main landscape is snow. We provide you with crampons and poles so you can walk safely. The first 4 kilometers will be to warm up, with an incredible view of the Rio de las Vueltas Valley, crossing forests and streams, until you reach Laguna Capri. Then you will continue along the same trail until km 8, where you will find the Poincenot Camping and the Rio Blanco, here begin the most difficult kilometers. In this instance we recommend to be attentive to the schedule, since to go down to the town from Laguna de los Tres will take approximately 4 hours. The return trail is the same as the outward trail; we suggest you pay attention to the only detour point which is Mirador del Fitz Roy. You should not take this path because in case of search or rescue, the indicated path is through Laguna Capri. At 7:00 p.m. we will meet again in town, where we will start our return trip.

El Calafate Balconies Experience: 3-Hour 4WD Tour

4. El Calafate Balconies Experience: 3-Hour 4WD Tour

Choose from 2 daily departures and get picked up from your hotel in El Calafate. Hop into a 4WD vehicle and set off on a 35 km adventure into the hills behind the village. Drive along a trail which takes you through marvelous landscapes with varied vegetation reaching up to 1050 m above sea level.  Make your first stop at a viewpoint where you can admire impressive panoramas of El Calafate and the central body of Lake Argentino. In the background, observe the unforgettable and imposing Andes Mountains, and at times, views of the glaciers, towards Boca del Diablo. Occasionally it is possible to see the Fitz Roy and Torre hills in El Chaltén. With some luck, you might even be able to spot a condor, the master of the Patagonian skies. After this, follow the trail to the Labyrinth of Stones which is only accessible through the Calafate Mountain Park. This Cretaceous formation dates back to 85 million years and was once the bed of a river. Learn about how numerous fossil remains have been found here which enable paleontologists to observe millions of years of history.  Next, stop for a snack at the Huyliche confectionery before beginning the descent down the northern slope of the hill. Arrive at the Stone of the Hats, curious iron concretions that are only found in 4 places in the world. Finally, return to El Calafate with taking in the incredible views of the omnipresent Lake Argentino en route.

Hike Cerro Torre: Full-Day Trek from El Calafate

5. Hike Cerro Torre: Full-Day Trek from El Calafate

Starting at 6:00 AM, they will pick you up at the hotel you are staying in El Calafate and you will travel to the town of El Chalten, 220 km from El Calafate. During the tour, you will cross the Santa Cruz River, and will stop for a few minutes at Estancia La Leona, next to the river with the same name. There will be a bathing stop and you will be able to enjoy homemade cakes and something hot to drink (not included). Once in El Chaltén, at the beginning of the path to Cerro Torre, the trekking will begin. The trail has constant unevenness, but without much complexity. 18 km round trip full of incomparable landscapes will await you ahead. In the trekking you will be inside part of the Andean forest. If you are lucky, you may be amazed by some of the local fauna. You will be surprised by all the landscapes that you will cross on your way...a dream place like few others. Near the final stretch, the path turns to small stones and can get confusing if you don't pay attention. Stick to the route marked on the map and stay on the trail. Arriving at Lago Torre, you will have enough time to have lunch. Lunch is not included and there is no option to purchase it during the activity, so we suggest that the day before you have already organized what will be food and snacks. The place is a mountain site and there is no possibility of acquiring anything during the tour. After enjoying the impressive views of Cerro Torre, the lake and the glacier that lies at its feet, and being filled with the peace of the place, you will retrace your steps to return to the town of El Chaltén. In the town, they will be waiting for you at a meeting point previously set for the return to El Calafate.

El Chaltén: Full-Day Sailing and Hike Tour

6. El Chaltén: Full-Day Sailing and Hike Tour

This exciting experience combines walking, sailing, stunning views, and truly unforgettable sites. The adventure starts with a bus ride from El Chaltén meeting point to Punta Sur Port. This is a 37 Km ride on a gravel route with amazing panoramic views of Rio Las Vueltas. Head towards the stunning Lago del Desierto, Patagonia’s Lake District. Be sure to soak in the panoramic views of glimmering glaciers during the ride. Once you arrive in Punta Sur, you will set sail on a 30-minute journey, cruising by impressive glaciers such as Crestón and Huemul. After reaching Punta Norte, sail to Vespignani Glacier in the middle of the lake to begin your hike. Under the supervision of a safety expert, you will be able to choose from three well-marked trails through the Glacier Vespignani Reserve. Each differs in terms of duration and difficulty. The more demanding trail takes roughly 45 minutes to complete, reaching an altitude of nearly 500 feet (150 meters) and overlooking the north face of Mount Fitz Roy. The second option is an intermediate trail that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and leads to sweeping views of the region. Finally, there is an easy trail that winds through the wooded area to the coastal reserve. Afterward, enjoy an afternoon snack before boarding the boat and sailing back to the port of Punta Sur. There, a bus will be waiting to deliver you back to El Chalten downtown.

From El Calafate: Full-Day Private Transfer to El Chaltén

7. From El Calafate: Full-Day Private Transfer to El Chaltén

Immerse yourself in Argentina’s dramatic landscapes and take in panoramic views of mountains, glaciers, and lakes. See the nature that played a major role in Darwin’s and Fitz Roy’s research and discover Argentina’s youngest village, El Chaltén, founded in 1985. Start your full-day tour with a pickup from your hotel in El Calafate. Take the legendary Route 40, which runs alongside Lake Argentino with its blue-white glaciers. Cross the Santa Cruz River and listen to stories of Charles Darwin’s and Robert Fitz Roy’s expeditions. Continue to La Leona River, and stop at La Leona Roadhouse, where you can learn the history of Route 40 over a coffee and homemade cake. Travel along the edge of Lake Viedma and see the breathtaking peaks of the Andes mountain range, including Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. In El Chaltén, if you choose to hike a trail, you will be provided with a map and advised of the different trail options to best suit your fitness level. Throughout the year, you can enjoy two short trails to Chorrillo del Salto and Mirador de Los Cóndores. Before nightfall, begin your journey back to El Calafate. Again enjoy a comfortable ride in your private transport vehicle and a convenient drop-off at your hotel after a full day of discovering Argentina’s wilderness.

lagoon of the three

8. lagoon of the three

It is a challenging walk along the Fitz Roy path, 20 kilometers in total. The duration of the trek can vary according to the rhythm and physical condition of each person, but generally it is estimated between 8 and 9 hours, including short breaks and stops to admire the landscape, which will amaze you throughout the journey. The activity begins with the pick up from your hotel. During the journey, you take route 40, surely you can spot local fauna and if the weather is good, see the sunrise over the hills. Once at the destination, we give you a talk about the trail, we give you walking sticks and the map, and the trekking begins. During the first section you will cross the forest until you reach Laguna Capri, the first technical stop. You will be surprised by the color of the water and the nature that surrounds this lagoon, in addition, the views of Fitz Roy are unmissable. Returning to the trail, we cross the Río Blanco bridge until we reach Camping Poincenot, a totally wild camp in the middle of the native forest. Crossing Poincenot, we arrive at the beginning of the climb to Laguna de los Tres. Due to the altimetry it presents and the terrain conditions, this last kilometer is the most difficult of the path. During this climb, the views of the landscape are incredible, being able to appreciate Laguna Madre and Hija from the heights. When it seems that you are about to arrive, another 300 meter climb awaits you, but once at the top, all the effort was worth it. You are surprised by the immense nature and the color of the water. The feeling is impossible to describe in words.

From El Chalten: Desert Lake Boat Trip and Glacier Trek

9. From El Chalten: Desert Lake Boat Trip and Glacier Trek

Start your trip with a pick-up from your hotel, and pass through woodlands and back roads bordering the blue waters of Rio Las Vueltas during the 23 miles to Lago del Desierto. Upon arrival at Punta Sur, embark on a 30 minutes sail through Lago del Desierto to reach Punta Norte. On the way, spot the amazing Huemul and Creston glaciers, and snap your best shot. After sailing, disembark in the Vespignani Glacier Reserve. Once there, under the supervision for your safety, you will have 4 hours to choose to walk all or one of the four perfectly signposted trails in the area depending on the difficulty and effort you wish to make. You can choose a 2 hours hike to the natural balcony called ¨Mirada del Doctor¨ to be astonished by the majestuosity of the Glacier, this is the most demanding trail. Or you can go on a 45-minute uneven hike to the foot of the Vespignani glacier, promising incredible views of the northern face of Mount Fitz Roy, an intermediate option that takes 30 minutes, ending in a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the glacier. Or choose a soft trek in an entirely flat trail where you can wander the forest and the coastline. Regardless of your choice, your tour guide will be there to assist. End the day by enjoying an energizing snack from within a dome in the woods before embarking again for the bus back to El Chaltén.

From El Calafate Airport: Round-trip Transfer to El Chaltén

10. From El Calafate Airport: Round-trip Transfer to El Chaltén

To enjoy the mountain town of El Chaltén, declared the National Capital of Trekking, relax and take advantage of our round trip transfers from the Airport in El Calafate. Upon arrival at the airport, our staff will be waiting for you to transfer you to your lodging in El Chaltén, along with your luggage, in one of our comfortable vehicles. If you choose the option of transfer to the airport on the day of departure, we will pick you up at your accommodation to accompany you on your return trip. Shared transfer from the airport to your accommodation in El Chaltén. During the tour there will be a brief stop at Estancia La Leona where you can buy some local delicacies.

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This tour was exceptional. It said this was a self-guided tour but there was an english speaking guide who was very friendly and knowledgeable. The last mile and half of the trek was very tedious and difficult but it was worth the climb. The view at the summit was breathtaking.

The activity is great if you like the mountains, simple (there is only one last km harder) and spectacular route! Our driver guide Fabri is majisimo we had a great time with him !! Also the fellow travelers from Bogota. It is worth doing it if you like the mountains.

It is an amazing day, the view and the 10 kilometers to the there and back are beautiful. At the same time, it is almost impossible to make the full 20 kilometers in 8 hours and really enjoy the tour. 9-10 hours are the right time. Special tanks to the driver.

Myself and my partner went on the day trip. Really enjoyable day. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and very happy to answer any questions we had. The trip was very enjoyable from start to finish

Everything was well organized and pleasant. El Chalten is a must go, but the trip on Rota40 is equally immersive for a true Patagonia experience. definitely recommended!