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In Tourism Eco Tours Italy is the revolutionary travel agency and tour operator. The innovative way is the electric carts that can be driven quietly in the strictly reserved historical center through narrow streets and old bridges of the town. The main service is exactly the Eco-city tour by electric car and what we first wish to our Customers is to feel comfortable and have fun with us. We have chosen Electric carts as Electricity is the new energy resource very closed to people all over the planet; it takes care of the atmosphere, environment, ambient noise; Luxury cart because it is an easy-slow driving, safe for customers and citizens; Very comfortable and suitable with families, young and third aged people; its structure fits with the aesthetic beauty of the Streets, Palaces, Squares, and Museums. Eco Tours professional philosophy is spreading the local cooking traditions, increasing the handcraft sale and to satisfy the new travel touristic expectations. In a world where the time is missing We take care of our customers and listen to their needs; we deeply believe that the quality of service and customer satisfaction is our mission. We carefully organize guided tours and excursions for travelers who have a short or long stay in town in order to leave a sincere remember of our City. We cooperate with multi-language, licensed tour leaders and local guides who will who will accompany our guests in their meeting with us. Ecogreentours represents the perfect answer to the real need of the touristic world in Florence. IN THE OLD TOWN OF FLORENCE OUR TRAVEL AGENCY IS LEADER FOR THE CITY SIGHTSEEING TOUR BY ELECTRIC CAR. OUR PANORAMIC ITINERARY IS COMPLETELY INNOVATIVE AS WE START FROM THE MAIN SIGHT SUCH AS REPUBBLICA SQUARE AND SLOWLY DRIVE TO OLTRARNO AREA. BY THIS TOUR YOU ARE ABLE TO LOOK AT NARROW STREETS, BEAUTIFUL SQUARES, MUSEUMS AND CHURCHES OF FLORENCE ACCROSSING TWO BRIDGES. 20 STOPS OF HISTORY, LEGENDS, TRADITIONS IN ONLY 1 HOUR, 30 MINUTES AND THE INCLUDED AUDIOGUIDES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10 LANGUAGES. THIS TOUR IS SUITABLE TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE, FUNNY, AND RELAXING WAY TO VISIT THE GLORIUS CENTRE OF FLORENCE.

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