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The whole experience exceeded my high expectations..

Possibly one of the best tourist excursions I've ever been on. It was easy to book, great communications, easy to find the pick up point, nice clean, modern (irradiated) transport. A pleasant, approachable, guide tolerant of dawdling lingers who could, if not managed, derail the experience somewhat. Great knowledge, well presented. It was well above my already high expectations. I also ordered the optional lunch (there is also a veggie option) and although it doesn't say on the website, it's actually a lunch in the Chernobyl Power plant staff canteen. Not sure if it changes everyday though mine was a small salad, a bowl of Borcht and a Spaghetti and chicken fillet. Worth the price for both the meal, in quantity and the experience. It's necessary and obligatory to wear a long sleeve shirt, trousers on the tour so it's wise to have options in case it's cold, raining or sweltering, as it was for us. There's a fair bit of walking and I was roasting in a jumper that I couldnt take off.

Really enjoyable overall, a few little niggles.

Excellent experience, something really different and special. Got to see lots of things, including all the main sights such as Reactor No. 4, Ferris Wheel, Kindgarten etc. The optional lunch isn’t worth having, cheap in every sense of the word. And you can take food on the bus with you. Our guide Julia was lovely, really knew her stuff and went out of her way to provide extra information. My main issue would be with the organisation and the way difficult members of the group were pandered to: Two people only brought photographs of their passports (despite it being made clear what was required) so we had to make a 30 minute detour to their hotel for them to collect them. Somebody else continually wandered off and was back late to the bus for smoking but nothing was said. Another had provided incorrect information so everybody had to wait while this was sorted. All of those combined reduced our experience time in Chernobyl. But I would still recommend.

Fantastic day out, well worth the money.

Well organised meeting point (easy to find and just up from the station) where you’ll be offered a personal Geiger counter (200UAH) and an optional lunch (150UAH) we passed on lunch as we predicted, correctly that it would be quite traditional Ukranian cuisine, but it that’s your thing then it’s great. Takes about two hours to get to the exclusion zone in your minibus where you are quickly processed by the police who check your passport and you are then joined by your guide who takes you to see everything that you have read about and seen. Truly amazing how close you can get to the reactor and so interesting to actually go into some of the buildings that were deserted. Lunch is in the workers canteen, if you have your own you’re welcome to sit with the others. Can’t recommend it highly enough, such a good value trip to a thankfully unique site.

Real jump into frozen zone, safe and well organized

Good tour, a bit expensive though. It could be better to enter several building in Pripyat, as the building and roof top we get in was totally empty. This is really safe, safer than a flight during 1.5h if you ask for. So if you are ready to see what is a nuclear disaster on an historic tour, sign in. But remember, this is not an attraction park, hundred or thousands of people died there saving the world from collapse. Today there is still people suffering from Tchernobyl reactor 4 explosion. Please keep this in mind while visiting, and don't feel like you should absolutely reach the higher level of radiation on your dosimeter, radiations kill. Enjoy the tour knowing this :)

Nice tour full of radioactivity but not the best guide

I enjoyed my Chernobyl tour though I wished the guide would have spoken better and more clearly English. Besides of that the microphone the guide was talking in in the car was broken and therefore almost not understandable. That was a shame as i didn't feel i got all the informations out of the tour as I would have liked. The car leaving from Kiev was punctual and it was great seeing the documentary about the Chernobyl accident in the car before and after the tour in the car. We had a long and fulfilling exploration of Chernobyl and afterwards I felt that I saw what I wanted.