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Durres Amphitheatre

Durres Amphitheatre: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Tirana or Durres: Berat, Durres, Elbasan in a Day Trip

1. From Tirana or Durres: Berat, Durres, Elbasan in a Day Trip

We will depart from Tirana or Durres at 8:00 am. First, we will visit Durres Castle and the Amphitheater of Durres. Durrës Castle walls are the fortified part of the old city of Durrës. The city walls were built in the late 5th century, and repaired and reinforced in the Middle Ages. The Amphitheater of Durres, is surely one of the greatest pieces of ancient architecture in Albania, if not the Balkans. It was built in 100AD by Hadrian and was only rediscovered in the 1960s. It was used for about 300 years and back then it could have as many as 18,000 spectators. Next, we will visit Berat City, Gorica Bridge, and Mangalem Quarter, from where you will pass by the Gate of Pasha, The King Mosque, The Helvetia Tekke, and the Inn. For those who feel fit well to walk on the cobbled narrow streets of the town, the Castle of Berat, apart from being one of the biggest inhabited in Albania, represents a unique combination of different styles and epochs, such as Roman, Byzantine, Albanian, and Ottoman. At the end, we will go and visit Elbasan's historical sights, its ancient Castle and Basilica. Elbasan city community took part in the spread of Christianity along the Via Egnatia, which used to connect Rome with Constantinople, had a bishop, cathedral, and basilicas as early as the fifth century. You will learn more during the sightseeing... We will reach Tirana by 6:00 p.m.

From Tirana: Durres & Kruja History and Local Food Day Trip

2. From Tirana: Durres & Kruja History and Local Food Day Trip

Immerse yourself in the history of Durres and Kruja on this guided tour with hotel pickup and drop-off in Tirana. Savor local flavors with the included restaurant lunch and enjoy a coffee break along the way.  Start your journey with pickup from your accommodation in Tirana. Relax on the drive to the city of Kruja onboard a climate-controlled van or car. Set off on a guided tour of the Dollma Bektashi Tekke castle and explore the surroundings and the castle itself and the Skanderbeg Museum. Have free time to wander around the Old Bazaar, with beautiful cobblestone alleys, and to soak up views of the lovely old architecture. Head for lunch in a local restaurant, with a stunning view of the city and the valley of Kruja. Travel to Durrës for a last “digestive” stop. Follow your guide on a tour of the City Walls, the Byzantine Forum, the Roman Thermal Baths, the Venetian Tower, and the Amphitheater. Enjoy the city’s street art around the ancient ruins. Return to your hotel in Tirana in the late afternoon.

Durres & Wine Tasting Tour

3. Durres & Wine Tasting Tour

After being collected from your accommodation, you will begin your day exploring the port city of Durres. Discover a mixture of modern and ancient features, with this town having many interesting stories to tell. We will walk around its City Walls, Byzantine Forum, Roman Thermal Baths and around these ancient monuments we will enjoy Durres now famous street-art. Visit the Amphitheater in Durres. Afterwards we head for our local winery to enjoy wines, cheeses and local food. Visit the vineyards and the winery and get acquainted with the wine production process and their Applied Agriculture. Tasting of wine varieties includes 3 glasses - 125 ml (Wset level 2) and Raki accompanied by appetizers. Possibility of adding the Lunch with Wine Tasting for a 3 course meal.* Return to Tirana/Durres in the late afternoon.

Durres: Traditional Albanian Food Tour

4. Durres: Traditional Albanian Food Tour

Albanian food represents a very important aspect of daily life and a key element in the social dimension. This traditional Albanian food tour will introduce you to the city of Durrës, its traditional cuisine, and more Albanian food recipes. Taste traditional Albanian food in DurrësWelcome to the tour that combines Durrësi's history, architecture, and traditional Albanian food. Firstly, we recommend that participants do not go overboard with their breakfasts at the hotel, in order to be immediately ready to taste the Albanian food recipes and specialties that we will offer you.The tour starts at Sports Palace ''Ramazan Njala'' at 09:00 am, from there we'll make a visit to the farmer's market. There we'll get to see the local fruits, vegetables, and local foods, consisting of Mediterranean products. Then the next stop is at a ''Byrek'' shop, where you'll have the chance to taste the traditional Albanian Byrek. It is a salted pie, usually filled with cottage cheese or meat. If you want to experience eating Byrek like an Albanian, you must try it accompanied by a yogurt-based drink called ''dhallë''. Walking on the main boulevard of the city, we'll get to see the Italian architecture of the years and the numerous shops and bars that opened after the communism period. After this walk, take your time to relax at a bar with traditional Turkish Coffee. In Albania, we love to spend coffee time with friends, it's a time that we can have talks, laughs and of course some ''gossip''. Relaxed from the coffee break, we'll visit the Roman Amphitheater, built by the Trajan Emperor at the beginning of the II century AC. The amphitheater was built to accommodate a capacity of 20,000 people, and it is the biggest in the Balkan area.

Apollonia & Durres | History & Local Food

5. Apollonia & Durres | History & Local Food

Transfer to Apollonia this morning and set off on a guided tour, where an on-site archeologist explains the history behind the temple of Artemis, the Odeon, the Triumphal Arch and more. Then, you head for lunch in a local restaurant in the countryside around Apollonia. In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Durrës, for a guided tour of the city’s famed ruins. You will wander around its City Walls, Venetian Tower, Byzantine Forum, roman Thermal Baths, the Amphitheater, and more. Take a coffee break with a great view of the city before travelling back to Tirana.

Durrës: Walking Tour and Roman Amphitheater

6. Durrës: Walking Tour and Roman Amphitheater

Durresi, the so-called Durazzo in Italian, has one of the oldest centers in Albania and is also the second most populated city in the country. It was known as Epidamnos in the seventh century BC from the Greek colonies, Korint and Corfu. During the Roman era, the city gained increasing importance, becoming also a battleground between the armies of Caesar and Pompey during the period of the Civil War. After the Byzantine Empire, the city fought the Bulgarians and Ottomans. Today, Durrës Port is one of the biggest tourist and commercial ports on the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to this guided tour, you will be introduced to the unique history of this city and the archeological monuments that it holds. Most of these archeological monuments are found in the ancient city of Dyrrachium, which refers to the Greek period and the Roman Empire. We will visit the Venetian Tower, built in the fifteenth century. A military fortified tower, that was built between 1400 and 1500 to protect the port. The Venetian tower is located next to the ancient walls of the Durrës castle, which surrounded the city center. Then we will move towards the Roman Amphitheater, built by Emperor Trajan at the beginning of the II century AC. The amphitheater was built to accommodate a capacity of 20,000 people, and it is the biggest in the Balkan area.

From Tirana: Durres Day Trip with Amphitheatre Ticket

7. From Tirana: Durres Day Trip with Amphitheatre Ticket

Embrace the captivating city of Durres, nestled along Albania's beautiful Adriatic coast on a guided day trip from Tirana. Your guides will take you on an unforgettable journey, exploring the rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes this coastal gem has to offer. Discover the well-preserved Roman amphitheater and imposing Durres Castle, a testament to its storied past. Immerse yourself in the local culture as you taste traditional cuisine, stroll bustling streets, and interact with friendly locals. For beach lovers, enjoy golden sands and crystal-clear waters, perfect for water sports and sunsets. Uncover hidden gems and create lasting memories amidst the coastal splendor.

UNESCO Heritage Sites in Albania on 3 day tour

8. UNESCO Heritage Sites in Albania on 3 day tour

Tirane-Sarande- Gjirokaster After passing by some of the most beautiful beaches in Albania , Sarande and Ksamil, we head to Butrint National Park where we wil go back in antiquity by visiting Butrint Archelogical Park. On our way back we stop at the port city of Sarande , to enjoy the lovely promenade by the sea and a delicious lunch. After lunch in Sarande we will head to Gjirokastra another unesco World Heriage site of Albania , located on the side of mountain Gjere on-top of a hill overlooking the valley. Gjirokastra is considered a museum city and is fascinating well preserved Old town since the Ottoman times in middle ages. Once we arrive in the city, you will soon recognize that this metropolis is unlike any other. At the heart of the city lies the main square, proudly named after the renowned Albanian Patriot of the 19th century, Cerciz Topulli. Here, the cobblestone streets culminate in a splendid spectacle, their journey from the castle's lofty heights finally at an end. . Countless unions were arranged here, providing the perfect milieu for families to come together prior to the wedding rites. This day, the city proudly displays its history to all who visit, with a splendid array of souvenirs and stories shared by the affable inhabitants. Majestically, we tread through the bustling Bazaar to reach the grand Gjirokastra Fortress. Upon the hilltop's natural defenses, it was the first settlement of the city, deeply rooted in the captivating legend of Argjiro, the young princess who sacrificed herself. Thusly, it is commonly referred to as the Crown of the City. Renovated significantly in the 19th Century, it has been used as a fortress and prison by countless regimes and political parties of the past. Undeniably, the Fortress holds great historical significance, yet its stony visage still provides a stunning view of the city, placidly spread along the hills. Gjirokaster-Apolloni Ancient City- Berat The ancient city of Apollonia is situated in southwestern Albania, about 13 miles from the city of Fier. The fascinating landscape of the archaeological park, which has been preserved in an exceptionally intact condition, comprises a successful combination between the beauty of monuments and nature, attractive through its long history, in an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation make our way to Central South Albania, to the City of Many Windows, Berat. Since 2008, it has been inscribed in the unesco World Heritage list, and continues to be a significant city even today, boasting a remarkable history of over two millennia. Berat-Durres-TIrane We will be travelling to the coastal city of Durres, a unique blend of culture and nature. Here, we will be able to take a leisurely stroll on the main promenade and witness the serene beauty of the sea, as well as visit the historic amphitheatre which has long been home to the battles of Gladiators. After our visit in Durres we shall head towards Tirana where our tour ends

Tirana: 4-Day Albanian Heritage Highlights Trip

9. Tirana: 4-Day Albanian Heritage Highlights Trip

Explore Albania's top attractions in the hands of an expert tour director during a 4-day, 3-night sightseeing tour. Sample authentic Albanian food and visit Unesco World Heritage Sites such as Berat, Gjirokastra, and Butrint. Day 1: Sightseeing tour of Berat via Durres Travel to Berat, stopping in Durres for a short walking tour of the City Walls, Byzantine Forum, Roman Thermal Baths, the Venetian Tower, and the Amphitheater. Transfer to Berat passing through suggestive hills full of olive trees. Then, get settled in the hotel and head out for a guided tour admiring the citadel/castle of Berat with the Red Mosque, recognized by its solitary minaret, and the many Byzantine Churches like the Holy Trinity Church and the St. George Church. Finally, step inside a local home inside the castle of Berat for a coffee, raki, and dessert break. Enjoy the rest of the day wandering in the two main districts of Mangalam and Gorica. Day 2: Sightseeing tour of Gjirokastra After breakfast, admire small villages during your transfer to Gjirokaster. Once you arrive in this “city of a thousand steps,” settle into your hotel before soaking up the rich history of the castle and enjoying the view of the “city of stone” from above. Next, see the Ottoman Bazaar and historic wooden houses. Visit the Gjirokastra Obelisk dedicated to the first school of Gjirokastra and enjoy the 360º view from there. Next, stop for lunch in a small local restaurant for a taste of the city’s authentic dishes. Step into Skenduli house, the nicest Ottoman tower house, and listen to its history and details from the 10th generation of the Skenduli family. Spend a relaxing evening in the streets of Gjirokaster. Day 3: Sightseeing tour of Butrint & the Blue Eye spring Travel to the “Blue Eye” spring. Admire the shades of blue and surrounding nature before heading to Butrint. There, marvel at 2,500 years of history on a guided tour with a local guide. See the highlights, such as the amphitheater, castle, churches, and Lion Gate. Drive to Ksamil and enjoy lunch by the lake at the Mussel House. Spend your afternoon in Ksamil before heading to Saranda via Lekursi Castle, which overlooks the city. Day 4: Tirana via Vlore and Riviera Road En route to the city of Vlore via the scenic Riviera road, and explore the Ali Pasha Castle with your Tour Director. First, head to the Llogara “balcony” for a stunning view of the South Coast beaches before indulging in lunch at Llogara National. Next, visit a park surrounded by pine trees and a fresh mountain breeze. Marvel at the architecture and listen to entertaining legends about the man who built it, Ali Pashe Tepelena. Then, stop for lunch at a rustic local restaurant along Shushica river. After lunch, visit the city of Vlore, the hometown of the National Independence movement. visit Flag Square with its Independence Monument in the center, the Muradie Mosque, and Vlore Lungomare. Transfer to Tirana. (Hotel accommodation in Tirana is not included on the tour).

Visit the Balkans in 3 Days

10. Visit the Balkans in 3 Days

Day 1: Our exciting journey begins in Tirana, where we pick up travelers from their hotels. Our first stop is Prizren, the cultural capital of Kosovo, we visit landmarks like Sinan Pasha Mosque, Albanian League of Prizren building, Church of Our Lady of Ljeviš, and Prizren Fortress. After a delightful lunch, our journey proceeds to Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, with highlights such as the Newborn Monument, Mother Teresa Square, Imperial Mosque, and National Library. Next, we head to Skopje, North Macedonia for an overnight stay. Day 2: After eating breakfast, you will start exploring sites like Skopje Fortress, Stone Bridge, Old Bazaar, and Mother Teresa Memorial House. After leaving Skopje our scenic drive takes us to Ohrid, known for its 365 churches, where we visit Church of Saint Sophia, Church of Saint John, Church of Saint Clement and Panteleimon, Samoil's Fortress, and more. Overnight in Ohrid. Day 3: After entering Albanian territories, we reach Berat, the "City of a Thousand Windows." At the castle, we explore Saint Mary of Blachernae Church, Church of the Holy Trinity, Water Cisterns, Red Mosque, and Constantine the Great Garden. A traditional Albanian lunch with a local family awaits us. Descending to Mangalemi neighborhood, we witness the well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture. Finally, we arrive in Durres, exploring spots like Durrës Amphitheatre, Venetian Tower, Durrës Castle, and the picturesque waterfront boulevard along the Adriatic Sea. Finally, we arrive in the last stop of our Balkan tour, Durres City. The city has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Durrës was founded by Greek colonists in the 7th century BCE and later became an important center during Roman rule. The city has witnessed various periods of influence, including Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman. Durres marks the end of our Balkan tour, concluding with a return to Tirana.

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It was great! It was great to get a taste of Albania, but also to hear about what life is really like in this amazing country. Our guide turned out to be an incredibly open person who answered all our questions and recommended unique places to visit in Durres.

Pleasant and informative walk with a guide in Durres and then an excellent and cozy guided tour of the vineyard with wine and raki tasting with snacks. Recommended! Said that the excursion lasted 10 hours, we who started from Durres lasted about 6 hours.

It was a really good experience, we visited everything described but the most important thing was that the guy who guided us was super kind and helpful, he speaks Italian well and explained so many things to us from start to finish of the day.

Great explanations, beautiful landscape (and great weather :) ), making it really worth the effort!

We had a fantastic day, and the guide was very , very good