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Montenegro: Durmitor, Tara & Ostrog Monastery Day Trip

1. Montenegro: Durmitor, Tara & Ostrog Monastery Day Trip

See the picturesque countryside of Montenegro on a guided day trip from Kotor, Budva, Tivat, or Herceg Novi with optional hotel transfers. Admire clear lakes, spectacular coasts, the famous Ostrog Monastery, and more. Take your first photo stop shortly after leaving Kotor and capture the beauty of two nearby islands, Our Lady of the Rocks and Saint George. Move to higher elevations for a second photo stop above Risan Bay. Continue to Nikšić, the second biggest city in Montenegro, and make another stop for pictures at the artificial Salty Lake. Take a much-needed breakfast break after your morning sightseeing and enjoy some tasty local food and drink (not included in the tour cost). Drive towards Mount Durmitor, where rocky peaks rise high into the sky. Pass dense pine and colorful deciduous forest. Stop at Đurđevića Tara Bridge, the highest in Europe when built in 1940. Cross the 365-meter-long bridge, 172 meters above the canyon floor if you´d like. Proceed to the hidden jewel of Durmitor National Park, the majestic Black Lake, among 18 glacial lakes above 1,500 meters on Durmitor Mountain. Altogether they are called "Mountain Eyes". Embark on a hike on the 4-kilometer trail around the lake. Stop at Žabljak, the highest town in the Balkans, located at 1,450 meters above sea level. Dine on a lunch of traditional Montenegrin food. Afterward, hit the road towards the most visited spiritual site in Montenegro, the Ostrog Monastery. Begin your ascent up the narrow and winding road close to sunset, enjoying spectacular views of the highly-perched monastery. View the relics of the monk Vasilije Ostroški, who founded the place. Return to Kotor at the end of your tour.

Montenegro: Durmitor, Black Lake, Tara, and Moraca Day Trip

2. Montenegro: Durmitor, Black Lake, Tara, and Moraca Day Trip

Discover the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Montenegro with our Great Canyons tour, a journey that will immerse you in stunning landscapes, culture, and history. Our adventure starts at Budva, where we'll take a photo break above this charming seaside town before passing through Cetinje, taking in the panoramic views of Skadar Lake and Podgorica. Fuel up for the journey ahead with a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant in Potoci. Our next stop takes us through the stunning Moraca River Canyon, where you can take a moment to admire the breathtaking scenery and snap photos. We'll then visit the Moraca Monastery, a significant cultural and spiritual landmark in Montenegro, where you'll learn about the history and heritage of this ancient place. Our journey then leads us through the Tara River Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. We'll indulge in the local cuisine during a lunch break, while taking in the stunning views of the canyon. We'll then take a leisurely bus ride through the canyon, stop to walk across the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, and optionally experience a thrilling zipline ride. We'll arrive in Zabljak, where you can take a leisurely walk around the beautiful Black Lake, a shimmering natural wonder that will take your breath away. You'll also have the chance to take a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the lake and refresh yourself before continuing on our journey. Our adventure will then take us through the towns of Savnik and Niksic, and by the Nevidio Canyon, immersing us in the captivating beauty of this region. As the day winds down, we'll arrive in Bogetici for a dinner break with a view of the iconic Ostrog Monastery. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine and reflect on the memories of the day. Finally, we'll return to Budva by bus, taking in the stunning views one last time and reminiscing about the unforgettable journey. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and create memories that will last a lifetime. Our knowledgeable guides, comfortable transportation, and immersive experiences will take you on a journey through the natural wonders, culture, and history of Montenegro. Book your tour online now and let us take you on a journey that will captivate your heart and soul.

From Kotor: Hiking Day Trip in Durmitor Massif & Dining

3. From Kotor: Hiking Day Trip in Durmitor Massif & Dining

We'll begin our adventure with an adage: eat the frog! After questioning your life decisions at 7 am, we'll boost your energy with a nice rakija shot before boarding the minibus. After boosting our energy, a car will take us to Dobri Do, where hiking begins! The route will provide us with great photo stops along the way, so expect some stunning views and stories about Montenegro in the early morning hours. We'll make a quick stop at Eco Village Camp around 10.30 am to eat a delicious breakfast prepared for us. Prutaš (2393 m) is one of the most beautiful, famous, and colossal Durmitor peaks. View from Prutaš is simply unique and breathtaking, better than photos can show. Prutaš is something worth seeing, not only on Durmitor but afar. It got its name from its cliffs called "Prutovi," the plural of the word "Prut" - a mountain made of twigs. If a peak can take the first place for an amusing and beautiful climb, it is this one. On Prutaš summit and its beautiful grassy slopes, you can enjoy a day in the most beautiful alpine panorama of Durmitor massif. From here, you can witness a breathtaking view of the main and highest crest of Durmitor called "SOA NEBESKA" which means "Altar of the Sky," and its three tallest peaks: Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m), Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) and Djevojka/Soa (2440 m). South Face of SOA NEBESKA proudly stays above the most beautiful corners of Durmitor massif - glacial cirque Skrcka Lakes Valley. Colorful Stit (2248 m), with its unique colorful layers, is located north of Prutas. On clear days, you can see the Orjen massif and the Adriatic Sea in the far south. In places like this, a half-hour break goes by quickly, and it's time to make our way back slowly and safely to the minibus. From there, we'll drive to Organic Family Farm, where dinner will be served. No time for guilt now; dig into the delectable traditional dishes and make this Montenegro outdoor experience count.

Podgorica: Durmitor National Park Day Trip via Tara Canyon

4. Podgorica: Durmitor National Park Day Trip via Tara Canyon

Set out on a day trip from Podgorica to explore the natural jewels of Montenegro in Durmitor National Park. Marvel at Tara River canyon, Tara Springs, Đurđevića Tara bridge, the Black Lake and pass scenic roads on the way. Start your adventure with a panoramic road along lakes and picturesque villages. Drive through the black pine forest, whose grandiose trees soar to 50 meters, to reach the highest inhabited town in the Balkans, Zabljak. While its altitude sets it apart, Zabljak is also the center of Durmitor. At the heart of this beautiful mountain town is the Black Lake. Known as the "Montenegrin eyes" Black Lake is the biggest of 17 lakes in the Durmitor National Park. Take a short walk to the lake and challenge yourself to moderate hiking along the marked trails. Reward yourself with snacks in the bar on the shore. After the break, continue to explore the beauty of Durmitor. Meet Tara River with the deepest canyon in Europe. Breathe fresh mountain air amidst unspoiled nature. Get on the 365-meter-long Đurđevića Tara bridge for a unique view of the river and the surrounding scenery. Learn about the bridge's important role in the history of Montenegro from your guide. Try ziplining for a special experience if you dare to fly like a bird over Tara Canyon from one side to the other (not included in the price). Or move on to an old, wired bridge for more views of the river. If time permits, you can opt for an additional visit to the Biogradska Gora forest and national park, one of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Note: If you need more tour ideas for additional days while in Montenegro, feel free to message us after booking this tour. We also offer airport transfer services that can be arranged via message. Welcome!

Kotor: Durmitor Park, Black Lake, and Djurdjevica Tara Tour

5. Kotor: Durmitor Park, Black Lake, and Djurdjevica Tara Tour

"This tour is designed for you to enjoy the incredible art of Mother Nature, driving through picturesque areas intertwined with mountains and forests, experiencing different climates and landscapes. The Bay of Boka, islands of Saint George and Our Lady of the Rocks, Durmitor National Park, Black Lake, Snake Lake, the village of Bosaca, Tara River and Tara Canyon, along with Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, will help you understand why Montenegro is called the 'Wild Beauty'." "Imagine a leisurely drive along the picturesque Adriatic coast, enjoying the view of the most beautiful Montenegrin islands illuminated by the sun, which emphasizes the contrast and beauty of Montenegro. One island is natural, covered with cypresses, while the other is made of stone. And while you are still impressed by this scenery, you will find yourself hidden among sheer mountain peaks as we continue our adventure to the Queen of the North. On our tour, you will feel like a true highlander of Montenegro as we explore this mystical mountain. According to ancient legends, the Greek gods chose Durmitor as their resort and resting place. We will guide you through this miraculous world of fairies, hidden deep in its depths, with winged horses flying from one hill to another. Many legends have been told about the 'Valley of the Gods,' but nothing can beat the truth! With its snow-capped peaks (48 of them above 2000m), ice caves, 18 glacier lakes known as 'Mountain Eyes,' lush forests as far as the eye can see, and the second deepest canyon in the world, what more could you ask for? Be ready to indulge in the wild beauty of Montenegro with a walk from the village nestled among the peaks, through the 300-year-old forest surrounding the emerald green Snake Lake. Along the way, enjoy wild berries and slowly make your way to the most iconic of them all, the Black Lake. It is a beauty beyond words! You might even catch a glimpse of a majestic golden eagle soaring high over the lake towards the Bears' Peak, creating the impression that the Black Lake wears a crown. But the crown was never so easily earned. Deep in the heart of Montenegro lies a place of raw beauty and untamed wilderness, where the power of nature is at its finest. Known as the 'Tear of Europe,' the Tara River creates the deepest canyon in Europe (1330m). Canyon peaks stand around you like towering giants, etched with the scars of time. Two shores are connected by Montenegrin architectural pride - Djurdjevica Tara Bridge. Below the bridge, the mighty Tara roars and crashes through the rocky gorge, carving a path through your heart with unbridled strength and power. As you gaze out over the vast expanse of the canyon, you can feel your heart racing with excitement and awe. It is a place of deep emotion, where the sheer scale of the landscape can't help but stir something within you. The easiest way to fall in love is to join us on this tour."

Tara Rafting - half day tour

6. Tara Rafting - half day tour

If you are looking for some extra exciting experience in National Park Durmitor, then rafting on the Tara River is for you. Tara Canyon is the main reason why many people from around the world come to explore Montenegro. Not only you will enjoy rafting itself, but you will see and feel breathtaking nature and beautiful waterfalls. You will go under the 170-high Tara Bridge, you can swim and even drink from this river – which is probably one of the last remaining unpolluted rivers in Europe. The Tara River or “The Tear of Europe” runs through the second deepest canyon in the world. It mesmerizes you with its transparent blue, but also emerald green color. It is called The Tear of Europe because its water is so clean, that you can drink from it. Mostly it runs through Durmitor National Park and it is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be amazed by Tara’s left tributary, called Ljutica River (Angry River), which is the shortest (130m) and the most powerful river in Europe (1000 liters of water per second). This tour takes approximately 2h (12km) on water. Not only you will paddle through exciting rapids, but you will also enjoy marvelous sceneries around! We go under the bridge and you can see what it looks like from a fish perspective. Then, we make two stops for you. One is next to the Ljutica River - where you will probably want to take some photos; and the other is for all of you who would like to swim in this clear, cold river. (There is a rock from where you can jump!) At the end of this tour – our transport will wait for you. We drive to the starting point, where you change your clothes, and then - if someone wants to get more adrenaline there is another adventure waiting for you - Zip Line above the canyon.

From Žabljak: Durmitor National Park Private Hiking Tour

7. From Žabljak: Durmitor National Park Private Hiking Tour

Visitors, nature lover and hikers, if you are looking for something more than Black lake to see, during the visit of NP Durmitor, and not looking for some climbing and too long hiking distance. Our offer may be the perfect choice for you. In only 4-5 hours of walk, around the Black lake, lays a beaten path which you may follow with the best tour guides of that region or by throwing bread crumbs, just like in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. Following the road, you’ll see the 3 out of 17 glacier lakes of this beautiful attribute of Montenegrian North region. During this adventure, in agreement with your ture guide you may see some more attractive landscapers, rather than Suvo lake. Black lake, Zminje and Borno lake are the main once we choose for you as the most beautiful and suitable for a breathtaking ture in nature. All of these lakes have something common, all of them are hidden in the depths of the cypress forests and silence and speaks interesting legends, which our ture guide is going to tell you more about. Itinerary begins around 9am in City center of Zabljak Municipality, you’ll take a short walk toward the first and the biggest Black lake. After the hiking tour, guiders will you guide to the last spot, right with in a safe hands and the only thing you’ll be needed at the moment such as a restaurant with best traditional menu. On your choice you may try Oro or National restaurant Black lake which is located right on the shore of lake, no mistake in the selections. Both of them are offering the most popular and delicious dishes, ether if you go for a meat meal such as veal, lamb or beef prepared under the sach owen, or kacamak and cicvara. Recipes we keep from being forgotten, passing down for centuries from generation to generation, preserving the tradition made by our grandmothers, great-grandmothers… Note: If you need more tour ideas for additional days while in Montenegro, feel free to message us after booking this tour. We also offer airport transfer services that can be arranged via message. Welcome!

From Podgorica: Durmitor NP & Tara canyon-Amazing Montenegro

8. From Podgorica: Durmitor NP & Tara canyon-Amazing Montenegro

We will start the day by driving through the surroundings of Podgorica and further rural areas until we reach Niksic, the second biggest city in Montenegro. It will be a good place to have a short brake, have a walk, coffe or famous Niksicko beer. After visiting Niksic, we will continue to the north of Montenegro, a region known for its high mountains, impressive canyons, old forests, glacial lakes and the mountain way of living. We will visit the Black Lake, the pearl of the Durmitor National Park, and enjoy a walk through the coniferous forest around the beautiful lake. We will find out what phenomena are related to the Black Lake and the Durmitor mountain massif, which has been on the UNESCO list since 1980. We will enjoy a panoramic drive over the Durmitor plateau, visit some other glacial lakes, mysterious medieval cemeteries also listed as the world cultural heritage. At the end, we will admire the grandeur and beauty of the deepest European canyon. We will visit the lookout with a view of the deepest point of the canyon and, if desired, climb to the nearby peak. We will not miss a chance to visit the famous bridge in Đurđevića Tara, from which there is a magnificent view of both sides of the canyon, and the water as clear as a tear. For those who would like to experience a little more adventure, the zip line from one side of the canyon to the other is a great option. Itinerary: - 8:30 a.m. - a pick up at your place of stay - After about 45 minutes of driving, we reach Niksic.. We have a short walk near the Petrovic castle. - Around 12.00 we reach the town of Žabljak and the Black Lake located in the heart of the Durmitor National Park. - After a walk around the lake, we head to the lookout point, which offers a magnificent view of the deepest part of the Tara river canyon. - Somewhere around 4 o'clock in the afternoon we arrive at the bridge in Đurđevića Tara. We spend about an hour there. - On the way back to Podgorica, we drive over the beautiful Durmitor plateau, where we visit the medieval cemetery, a part of the world cultural heritage. - A Return to Podgorica is around 8 p.m. - Drop off at your place of stay

Kotor: Durmitor, Black Lake & Djurdjevica Tara Bridge Tour

9. Kotor: Durmitor, Black Lake & Djurdjevica Tara Bridge Tour

Durmitor tour, Black Lake and Djurdjevica Tara Bridge from Kotor and nearby area with a photo above two beautiful islands in the Bay of Boka, Our lady of there Rocks and Saint George. The tour is mix of relaxing nature time and some adrenalin rush between. Zip line is optional but highly recommended activity available by the most important bridge and monument in this area of Montenegro, above the Tara Canyon. Complete scenery is an amazing and truly proof that a picture is more than a word. Visiting north of Montenegro, especially Durmitor National Park, should be on the list of every visitor of Montenegro. Note: If you need more tour ideas for additional days while in Montenegro, feel free to message us after booking this tour. We also offer airport transfer services that can be arranged via message. Welcome!

From Podgorica: One-Way Private Transfer to/from Virpazar

10. From Podgorica: One-Way Private Transfer to/from Virpazar

Effortlessly transition between Podgorica airport or any location in the city and Virpazar town with the reliable services of our travel agency. Since 2015, we've prioritized your comfort and safety, managing all logistics for a seamless transfer experience. Count on us to streamline your journey, leaving you free to focus on your upcoming adventures.

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What a great day trip! our tour guide Slavko is really knowledgable, funny and friendly. Was nice to hear the stories of his family which allowed us to live a completely immersive day trip in the middle of the beautiful lanscapes and the local music in the background! the roads were not always easy but the driver Zurro (hope the spelling is correct) managed it perfectly! I strongly recommand this tour.

We had our tour guided by slavko, he was great, top guide !! Lots of aspects to the trip so although it’s a long day it’s absolutely worth it for the amount you get to see. Would recommend to get the most out of seeing variety in Montenegro :) p.s the zip line is a fun experience .

The day trip was amazing. Slavko was an incredible guide - so knowledgeable, kind, funny!!! The tour destinations were WONDERFUL and I am so thankful that we booked this tour!!

Miloš is a fantastic guide and we had a great tour, wonderful group and some beautiful scenery despite the rain!

It was amazing 🤩 the best guide ever, very very friendly and funny. Absolutely recommended