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Dolac Market

Dolac Market: Our most recommended tours and activities

Zagreb: Private City Walking Tour & Medvednica Mountain

1. Zagreb: Private City Walking Tour & Medvednica Mountain

Zagreb is a vibrant, colorful city full of culture, history, and heritage being overseeded by a magnificent Medvednica mountain. You will want to experience the local life firsthand because the moment you step out in the streets it will drag you in. Doing this city tour will give you exactly that - a glimpse into the Zagreb lifestyle. Discover the city center after which the tour continues to Medvednica mountain by taking a cable car all the way to the top. Here you will get the opportunity to try some local food and drinks, enjoy the wonderful views and simply relax. ITINERARY: 10.00h – meeting point at Swanky Mint hostel – ILICA 50 10.15h – 12.30h – private Zagreb walking tour 12.30h – drive with the public transportation to Medvednica hill 13.00h – Sljeme cable car (ride to the top) 14.00h – local food & drinks tasting 15.30h – drive back by cable car and tram to the city center 17:00h – Zagreb city center

Zagreb: Private Walking Tour with Funicular Ride & Transfers

2. Zagreb: Private Walking Tour with Funicular Ride & Transfers

You will meet your friendly guide in the city center. At the beginning of the tour you will pass by the cathedral, the highest religious building in the city and perhaps the most recognizable of all. After a thorough tour of the Cathedral interior, proceed by visiting the lively open market of Dolac. Your guide will provide you with some insight about the local cuisine as all the fresh or homemade ingredients are being sold on this market every day, so don't hesitate to ask for tips what would be the best gift for your loved ones back home. Next stop is Tkalčićeva Street, the busiest street of the city center and the focal point of its nightlife. This narrow street today is filled with trendy bars, clubs and restaurants, but in the past in its place there was a creek, dividing the twin cities of Kaptol and Gradec, Zagreb's predecessors. The walking tour then takes you through the Blood Stained Bridge, Radićeva street and the Stone Gate as you climb your way up to the Upper Town - Gradec. Among the points of interest located there are the Jesuit baroque church of St Catherine, St Mark’s Church with its distinctive colorful roof, the seats of Croatian Parliament and Government, the City Hall and various museums. After that, your next stop is the Lotrščak Tower, known for its cannon which goes off at noon every day to mark the exact time. This is also a great spot for a panoramic view of Zagreb and your next selfie. From there take a stroll on the beautiful Strossmayer promenade, the favorite location of the locals for romantic walks and you will take a pleasant ride on the Zagreb funicular, known for being the shortest one in the world (only 66m long) towards the Lower Town. The last stops on the Zagreb private tour are the Flower Square and the Jelačić Square, named after ban Josip Jelačić, the most prominent figure of Croatia's history. You tour will end with some more interesting stories and curious facts from your insightful guide

Zagreb Photo Safari

3. Zagreb Photo Safari

Zagreb Photo Safari is the perfect activity for anyone who loves photography and exploring new places. You’ll have the chance to explore the beautiful city of Zagreb with a professional photographer by your side, who will show you the best spots to take stunning photos. During the tour, you’ll visit some of Zagreb’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Zagreb Cathedral, Ban Jelačić Square, and St. Mark’s Church. You’ll also discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations that you wouldn’t find on your own. Our professional photographer will provide you with tips and tricks to help you take the best photos possible. You’ll learn about composition, lighting, and other techniques to help you capture the perfect shot. At the end of the tour, you’ll be dropped off at a central location where you can continue exploring Zagreb on your own or head back to your hotel. Don’t forget to share your photos with your friends and family when you get back home! Join us for an unforgettable experience and take home some amazing photos of your trip to Zagreb. Book now and get ready to explore, experience, and enjoy!

Zagreb: Most Instagrammable Photo Spots Guided Tour

4. Zagreb: Most Instagrammable Photo Spots Guided Tour

This 2,5 hour tour is for all people who love to have the perfect travel photos, along with seeing all the main cultural attractions. Our Instagram walking tour will take you to the most popular photo points, hidden gems and posing spots. Our guide will show you all the main attractions, along with showing you all the best places to take your travel photos. This tour includes all the popular photo spots in Zagreb along with our sculptures which are placed on our secret locations. During the tour, you will hear everything about the main attractions, the most popular photo spots, the stories behind them, and everything about the Sit & Meet statues - the Croatian great and why are they placed there. The Sit & Meet is an open exhibition of statues placed on popular terraces in a sitting position, where you can take pictures and have a cup of coffee in their company. The tour starts at the Amelie bar in Vlaska street, and ends on the square of King Tomislav, near the Esplanade hotel.

Sit & Meet Zagreb Walking Tour; Meet the Great Croats

5. Sit & Meet Zagreb Walking Tour; Meet the Great Croats

The only walking tour that includes seeing all the popular Zagreb sights along with learning about either 9 or 13 famous Croatian people who made the world brighter, better connected, and safer. As you walk the streets of Zagreb with our guides, you will: • meet the Croats whose work and passion changed the world • learn what the world was like before their inventions • see what changed and how their discoveries still influence our lives • learn everything about the Croatian coffee culture • hear interesting local stories and legends about Zagreb and its sights. Retrace the steps of some of the world famous Croatian inventors, engineers and explorers who discovered the road to China, invented devices we still use today, set the foundation for Einstein's Theory of Relativity and invented parachutes, fountain pens and more. Learn what the world was like before their inventions, see what changed and how their discoveries still influence our lives. Hear their stories at the location they happened. Open a new chapter in your Croatian adventure.

Meet the Monuments & Sculptures of Zagreb; Walking Tour

6. Meet the Monuments & Sculptures of Zagreb; Walking Tour

This 2-hour tour is a unique way to get to know Zagreb, its main attractions and all the significant sculptures and monuments located in the very center of the city. Each sculpture will tell you its own story, because each one reflects its society, its place and its time. Take a walk through Zagreb and explore the city in a different, but exciting way. Meet some of our sculptures placed on the secret locations on the caffe bar terraces, meet the Croats after whom Zagreb's main squares are named and see all of the main cultural attractions. This tour includes seeing not only the public sculptures, but also the Sit & Meet sculptures placed in secret locations. Sit & Meet sculptures include great Croats who are famous because of their invention, achievements and discoveries. This tour will complete your entire visit to Zagreb. You will see all the most important cultural landmarks, places and monuments, you will learn all about the history and stories behind each sculpture, and you will meet great Croats within the Sit & Meet project who have influenced the world with their achievements.

Zagreb 3h walking tour with a traditional meal included

7. Zagreb 3h walking tour with a traditional meal included

Welcome to Zagreb, "a city with a million hearts". This tour will take you through all the main sights of the city center (Ban Jelacic sq, Zagreb Cathedral, Dolac Market, Tkalciceva street, Grič tunnel, Old town, Zagreb funicular) - as well as some hidden gems most tourists miss out on. A pleasant educational stroll awaits through the historical core of Kaptol and Gradec: two medieval hilltowns whose unification in the middle of the 19th century led to the formation of modern Zagreb. You won't miss taking a ride in the world's shortest funicular, our oldest public transport in Zagreb, which the locals familiarly call the "Old Lady". As passionate foodies, we'll make sure we explain our cuisine to the fullest - but we won't stop there. After the end of our walk, we'll sit down for brunch where you'll get the chance to try our most traditional appetizer called štrukli: a savory pastry dish with a cottage cheese filling we love so much in these parts. This tour serves as both a good introduction to Croatia and its complex history, as well as a nice finisher if you've already toured our mesmerizing country. Our tours are completely tailor-made and cater to your interests.

Zagreb: Private Highlights Walking Tour w/ Funicular Ticket

8. Zagreb: Private Highlights Walking Tour w/ Funicular Ticket

Become fully immersed in Zagreb's culture on a comprehensive tour of the city's main landmarks with insightful commentary. Visit the busy Dolac Market, hear the traditional tale of the Witch of Grich, and travel aboard the public transport funicular like a local. Grab your camera and meet your guide for a scenic walk with incredible viewpoints of the city from elevated spots. Explore Dolac Market, in the old medieval settlement of Kaptol, and learn what local people like to eat. See the brilliant cheese market and taste some snacks if you wish. Ride aboard the world's shortest funicular route to avoid some hilly sections, walk through the Stone Gate, and admire panoramic views from beneath the Grič cannon. Visit St Mark's Square and gaze at its historic church. Stroll along the old pub street and receive recommendations on good craft beer. Finish your journey at Ban Jelačić Square, the main square in the city. From here, you can set to discover a plethora of cake shops, wine bars, or restaurants where you can devour some local food.

Zagreb: Lenuci Horseshoe & Upper Town Walking Tour

9. Zagreb: Lenuci Horseshoe & Upper Town Walking Tour

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Are you ready for an immersive journey through the heart of Zagreb? Join me on my engaging and free 2-hour city walking tour, where we'll embark on an unforgettable exploration of this enchanting city. Our adventure kicks off at the iconic Lenuci horseshoe, a captivating green oasis that showcases Zagreb's architectural charm. As we meander along the picturesque promenades, you'll be enthralled by the harmonious blend of neoclassical and art nouveau buildings. Next up, we'll dive into the vibrant energy of downtown Zagreb, where the bustling streets brim with local markets, charming cafes, and cultural hotspots. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as we discover the city's contemporary pulse. But that's not all! Our journey continues to the captivating Upper Town, a historic district steeped in legends and tales of old. Wander through cobblestone alleys, and gaze upon the majestic landmarks like St. Mark's Church, where its vividly colored rooftop will leave you in awe. Throughout the tour, I'll share fascinating stories and historical insights, bringing Zagreb's past and present to life. From quirky anecdotes to hidden gems, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for this vibrant city. So, whether you're a curious traveler or a local looking to rediscover Zagreb's magic, my walking tour promises an enchanting experience for all. Get ready to be captivated by the beauty and character of this city on a journey like no other. Let's make memories together! Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore Zagreb's most iconic spots while having a fantastic time. See you on the tour!

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