Milan for couples: the most romantic things to do

From vintage cars to the passion of Romeo & Juliet’s star-crossed love in Verona, discover the most romantic escapes in Milan.

Find your own romantic hideaway in Milan’s picturesque piazzas. With its royal Renaissance allure, luscious food and wine, and contemporary cool, Milan is brimming with date ideas.

Beautiful main attractions like La Scala have inspired couples for centuries, and the ultimate romantic destination Venice beckons for idyllic day trips. Walk through culture and history in the shoes of iconic lovers Romeo & Juliet with getaway to nearby Verona.

Escape to a secluded spot on Lake Como, Lake Iseo, or the Swiss Alps to experience romance in nature.

Or rent a vintage car and cruise around Milan like the coolest couple in town. Then take a food and wine tour to delight your senses and spice up the night.

Whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary or a fun date, this your guide to the most romantic things to do in Milan.


1. Explore Porta Nuova on a Segway

Cut a path through an urban canyon of futuristic skyscrapers on a 2.5-Hour Segway Night Tour. Gaze up at Unicredit Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Italy, then cruise past the the Diamond Tower and Porta Garibaldi.

Best time to go:

May and June offer the best weather to go on a Porta Nuova Segway tour. 


2. Drive a vintage car around Milan

Follow your heart on a vintage car tour across Milan. Hop in and out to explore and snap amazing selfies at top sights like Porta Garibaldi or Parco Smpione. Get insider tips from your local driver on the best spots for authentic eats and drinks.

Best time to go:

Avoid rush hour by taking the tour between 11:00 AM and 6 PM.  You can request for a pro photographer to join you on the journey.


3. Cruise Lake Iseo and take a walking tour in Bergamo

Admire the impressive landscapes of Montiesola Island on the Lake Iseo Cruise and Bergamo Walking Tour. The breathtaking views across the water set the mood for romance. Disembark from your boat to explore the Venetian Walls inside Bergamo.

Best time to go:

The best time to take this cruise is in spring when the weather is cooler.


4. Immerse yourself in Milan fashion on a private tour

Find your look with a Private Fashion Tour through chic Milan. Start in the boutiques and haute couture showrooms of Navigli, explore Japanese jewelry stores, and revel in style at top houses like Armani.

Best time to go:

You'll experience the best of Navigli district if you go later in the day.


5. Visit the Shakespearean sites of Romeo and Juliet in Verona

Put yourself in the shoes of Romeo & Juliet on a journey to Verona & Lake Garda Day Trip from Milan. Explore the city the famed story is set on from the Balcony of Casa di Giulietta to Juliet’s Statue to Juliet’s Tomb. This just might be the most romantic date idea you’ve ever had.

Best time to go:

If you visit in early autumn, you will enjoy the warm weather and a light breeze.


6. Take a guided trip to Venice

Admire the Italian countryside on a roadtrip to Venice. This Venice City Highlights Guided Day Trip drops you into the heart of Venice’s most iconic attractions like Piazza San Marco and St Mark's Basilica. Fall in love as the trip crescendos with a romantic boat ride across shimmering Venice Lagoon.  

Best time to go:

The best time to visit Venice is between September and November when there are fewer tourists.


7. Taste the most prestigious sparkling wines in Bergamo

Savor every sip of a Full-Day Food and Wine Experience in Franciacorta, learn the story behind the origins of Franciacorta wine along the route. This is a sparkling anniversary idea where you’ll taste two bubbly wines and relax over a traditional Italian meal.

Best time to go:

March to May are the best months to go wine tasting in Bergamo.


8. Enjoy a romantic cruise on Lake Como

Escape the city for a countryside cruise with Alpine views and stunning lakes and villas. On the Lake Como, Bellagio, and Lugano Coach Day Trip from Milan, you’ll explore charming, romantic towns and get a peek at luxurious celebrity villas. 

Best time to go:

You can take this cruise anytime between September and June.


9. Learn about the best Italian wines in an intimate atmosphere

Sample three world-class Italian wines in an intimate setting with the Milan Wine Tasting Experience. Learn how to pair each with the perfect authentic Italian cuisine from your sommelier during this elegant evening.


La Dogana del Buongusto, Via Molino delle Armi, 48, 20123 Milan, Italy


10. Admire the beauty of the Swiss Alps on a Bernina train ride

Wind up the scenic Swiss alps on a romantic train ride on the Bernina Train, Swiss Alps & St. Moritz Day Trip from Milan. Marvel at panoramic views of lakes and mountainside farms and villages. Savor delicious Swiss chocolates in the best pastry shop in St. Moritz.

Best time to go:

Summer offers spectacular views of the Engadine lakes. Get magical views of the mountains during winter.


11. Immerse yourself in the world of opera at La Scala Museum

Step inside one of the most iconic entertainment venues in the world with the La Scala Museum and Theatre Experience. Feel the romance in masterworks by Bellini, Rossini and Verdi. Explore musical history and a collection of unique and antique instruments. Gaze down at the stage from the luxury of the box seats.

Best time to go:

La Scala Museum is the least crowded from November to March.


12. Take a guided tour of the Last Supper mural by Leonardo da Vinci

Experience one of the most moving artworks in the world with a guided tour of the Last Supper mural in Santa Maria delle Grazie, and get the story of Da Vinci’s masterpiece filled with emotion and intrigue.

Best time to go:

You can take this tour at any time since the experience lets you skip the crowd.


What are the most romantic activities to do in Milan?

The most romantic couples' activities in Milan are cruises and exploring neoclassical architecture.

What are some offbeat romantic things to do in Milan?

If you're looking for offbeat romantic things to do, take a vintage car tour in the city. Or take the Bernina train and enjoy the scenery.

What are the most romantic spots to watch the sunset in Milan?

The canals of Navigli or the top of Milan Cathedral are brilliant during golden hour.

What are some romantic day trips from Milan?

Take a daytrip on the Bernina train to St Moritz, swoon over the famous canals of Venice or visit the home of lovers Romeo & Juliet in Verona.

What are the best places to take romantic photos in Milan?

The Milan Cathedral, Navigli, and the Piazza del Duomo offer a lovely setting.