What to eat in Milan: 11 must-try local delights

Tempt your tastebuds in Milan with Italian classics like risotto and trendy street food pizza cones. Don’t forget the coffee and wine.

Taste the best bites in Milan, where northern Italian traditions and culinary innovation collide in an explosion of flavor.

Whether you’re pairing seafood and wine at a centuries old restaurant, or taking to the streets of buzzing Navigli for cocktails, wine, cheese, and a crispy, gooey pizza cone you’ll find plenty to delight your taste buds on these Milan food tours.

Don’t miss the culinary traditions in Milan like risotto alla Milanese. Pair salty parma ham and salami with refreshing beers or stack the famous gnocco fritto high with cheese and salami in Bologna.

Top it all off with dessert on a patisserie or gelato tour, or take a cooking class to learn how to make your own mouth-watering tiramisu.

Keep reading for more of what to eat in Milan.


1. Sample focaccia Parma ham in a Milan street food tour

Savor local delicacies like Focaccia parma ham and Milanese meatballs. On this Historical Highlights and Street Food Guided Tour, join a local guide on a journey through the picturesque Brera district.

How to eat the best focaccia Parma ham in Milan?

Focaccia parma ham pairs well with well tomato soup. Wash it down with a glass of sparkling white wine.


2. Get a taste of Italian seafood in the oldest Milanese neighborhood

Even though Milan is landlocked, it is famous for its love of seafood. As you experience the true Renaissance character of the city, you will enjoy salmon and prawns on this Milan Food and Secrets Tour, along with cured meat or cheese.

How to eat the best seafood in Milan?

Learn how to enhance the flavors of seafood by pairing it with Prosecco Valdobbiadene, Pinot Grigio and Barbera D'Alba wines.


3. Enjoy the classic dish of risotto alla Milanese

This Traditional and Modern Food Tour in Milan allows you to taste dishes like risotto alla Milanese (Milan risotto), a classic Northern Italian dish that dates back to the 1800s. The first risotto recipe was made in this city in the early 1800s, and the meal was even named by a Milanese chef in the 1920s. This popular food is made with Arborio rice, which is prepared with beef broth, white wine, saffron powder, and shallots.

How to eat the best risotto alla Milanese in Milan?

Start with a tasting of local Franciacorta sparkling wine to stimulate your taste buds, then dive into your Risotto Alla Milanese paired with a local white wine.


4. Discover patisserie desserts in Milan food tour

Make your mouth water with delicious desserts on a Milan Patisserie Tour. From creamy, crispy cannoncini to sweet and spongy Milanese panettone, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth with these must eat pastries.

How to eat the best patisserie desserts in Milan?

Serve up a cup of coffee to balance the sweet flavors.


5. Engage your taste buds with a taste of cannoli

Discover the best cannoli, cured ham, meatballs, and gelato in Milan on this Evening Food Tour of hidden gems in the heart of the trendy Brera district. Pair popular foods with local wines on this cool neighborhood adventure.

Hot to eat the best cannoli in Milan?

Top cannoli with powdered sugar and chocolate chips or a fruit and berry garnish for an extra burst of flavor.


6. Feast on Italian classics

Sample some of Italy’s most innovative culinary creations, on this Gourmet Food Tour that puts a modern twist on Milanese classics like risotto, homemade pizza, pasta, cured meats and Italian wines.

How to eat the best homemade pizza in Milan?

Try pairing it with a glass of chianti or barbera.


7. Experience the pizza cone and other unique street foods

Follow a local guide through the vibrant Navigli neighborhood on the Aperitivo Tour with Street Food where you’ll feel a punch of flavor in the cocktails and get a taste of the trendy street food Milan is known for.

How to eat the best pizza cone in Milan?

Tip back an aperitivo to arouse your appetite before feasting on street food.


8. Learn how to make fresh pasta with an Italian expert

Discover the secrets of Italian culinary traditions and make your own pasta in an Italian Cooking Class with Food and Wine. Sample the flavors of Italy snacking on cheese and olives as you hone your pasta making skills with a pro Italian chef.

How to eat the best pasta in Milan?

Serve pasta with side dishes like classic bruschetta or stuffed mushrooms.


9. Eat the famous gnocco fritto with other traditional dishes

Experience a local trattoria in the Italian food paradise of Bologna and dive deeper into the country’s culinary traditions with your guide on the Bologna the Capital of Italian Food Tour. Take your taste buds on a trip through history, sampling gnocco fritto, a salted bread with origins in Roman times.

How to eat the best gnocco fritto in Milan?

Pile local cheese and salami onto your gnocco fritto for an authentic taste of Italy.


10. Have salame Milano with an aromatic Italian coffee

Dive deep into local cuisine with the Private Old Town Italian Food and Beer Tasting Tour and discover why rice is more popular than pasta in Milan. Feast on traditional Milanese saffron risotto and try traditional salame Milano. Taste local beers you won’t find anywhere else while learning about the history of the Duomo and Royal Palace.

How to eat the best salame Milano in Milan?

Salty salami pairs best with a cool beer. Taste eight local brews on this tour so you can make the ultimate pairing.


11. Feel the warmth of Italian hospitality while dining at a local's home

Immerse yourself in a unique private dining experience where you’ll taste traditional Italian recipes that have been handed down for generations. Bond with your local host over a four course meal and great regional wines.

How to eat the best home cooked meal in Milan?

Risotto alla Milanese is the most popular food in the city. Every family puts their own special touch on this classic recipe.


What are the must-try traditional dishes in Milan?

The best traditional food in Milan is risotto alla Milanese (Milan risotto). You should also try mondeghili (meatballs) and ossobuco (braised veal shank).

What are the best food tours in Milan?

The highest-rated food tours in Milan are the Gourmet Food Tour and Milan Food and Secrets Tour.

What are the top local food markets in Milan to visit?

Some food markets you should visit are the Porta Romana Open Air Market and Wagner Municipal Market.

What is the best time of year to visit Milan for food lovers?

Lots of food festivals take place in spring, so foodies should schedule their visits in this season.

How much should I budget for food in Milan?

On average, you can expect to spend about $40 per day on food.