48 hours in Mexico City

¡Bienvenido a Ciudad de México, viajero! Home to art, architecture, folklore, and fantastic food, Mexico City is the perfect place to spend a weekend away. Whether you’re touching down for a city trip or stopping over on a journey through the country’s top spots, we’ve created an itinerary full of must-see sights and unmissable experiences. Ready? ¡Vamos!

Day 1

Start the day with a hearty local breakfast

9:00 AM

With a packed schedule ahead of you, you’ll want to fuel up properly with an authentic breakfast. Known far and wide as a culinary hotspot, Mexico City is a dream for foodies. Breakfasts here range from traditional street snacks to hangover-friendly meals. For a solid start to a fun-filled day, we recommend finding a fonda. These casual restaurants open at 5:30 AM and are usually closed by lunchtime. Enjoy the local favorite of longaniza (sausage) with salsa verde or the popular vegetarian option, eggs with black beans.
A trajinera boat in Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico

10:00 AM

With a full stomach and an empty camera roll, it’s time to hit the ground running — not literally, but comfortable shoes won’t hurt. After all, this bustling metropole belongs on the list of the world’s top megacities. Since it’s still early, now’s the perfect time to check out a local museum or gallery. See the city's highlights on an unforgettable cruise through the Coyoacán and Xochimilco districts. End your journey through the city's waterways with a visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum and see the famous Blue House.
Try all sorts of delicious drinks in Mexico City

1:00 PM

After a morning full of sightseeing, there’s nothing better than sampling some of the city’s world-famous street food. If you’re feeling thirsty, order a paloma or a mezcal. And if you’d rather save the hard stuff for later in the evening, opt for an aguas frescas. This non-alcoholic drink can be anything from fruit juice to a refreshing glass of horchata.
Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City, Mexico

2:30 PM

With the whole afternoon ahead of you, it’s time for a stroll through Zócalo. This central square is home to the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, the largest and oldest cathedral in the Americas. Whether you're an architecture buff or not, the Gothic, Baroque, and Neo-classical architecture in the cathedral’s countless chapels are more than worth the visit. Next up: Templo Mayor. These ancient ruins were of utmost importance to the Aztecs — they believed this temple be the center of the universe.
Churros and café de olla

4:30 PM

As a very wise person once said, calories don’t count on vacation...which means it’s time for another local favorite: the churro. Find a café and grab — let’s be honest — a few of these sweet pastries. Extra points if they’re accompanied by the old-school café de olla (coffee with cinnamon and brown sugar).
The gardens at Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City, Mexico

5:30 PM

With dinner still off in the distance, we’d peg Chapultepec Park as the best place to come down off your sugar rush. Full of locals and plenty of green space, you’ll find everything but the kitchen sink here. There’s even a castle and a lake if you feel like taking a boat ride.
The Garibaldi district by night

8:00 PM

While locals enjoy dinner quite late in the evening, feel free to be an early bird (by Mexican standards, at least). For a picture-perfect view of the city, head to Bellini. Located on the 45th floor of the World Trade Center Mexico City, this rotating restaurant is known for its 360-degree views. After dinner, pop downstairs and explore the Garibaldi neighborhood for a taste of the local nightlife.

Day 2

Teotihuacan pyramids, Mexico

6:00 AM

If you’ve woken up feeling a little under the weather, don’t worry. There are plenty of local cures to choose from. Try pozole, a meat-based broth with a spicy kick. If you’re feeling bold, give menudo a try. This potent hangover remedy combines tripe and red chili peppers. It could work — or it might make you feel worse. You’ve been warned! That being said, there’s a reason you’re up this early. It’s time for a dawn tour of the historical Teotihuacan pyramids. Instagram-worthy sunrise aside, this early start is also key to avoiding the crowds later in the day.
Café de olla

2:00 PM

By now, you’re back in town just in time for merienda (a mid-afternoon meal). Chill out with a late lunch and a cinnamony coffee.
Street market in Mexico City, Mexico

3:00 PM

After you've had your fill, spend the rest of your afternoon like a local and market hop your way through the city. Peruse stalls, sample tasty treats, and find souvenirs that’ll give refrigerator magnets a run for their money.
Lucha Libre masks

7:00 PM

Get your technicolor mask and cape ready, it’s time for Lucha Libre, aka Mexican wrestling. Famous for their telenovela-ready personas, the wrestlers are both athletes and performers. Grab a seat, order some dinner, and settle in for a night at the theater. You won’t be disappointed!
Elotes , Mexcian grilled corn

11:00 PM

If you’re not still ringside in line for autographs and selfies, find a food cart and enjoy some late-night elotes and esquites. As you head back for the night and scroll through the weekend’s snaps, you’ll be wishing you could stay another day. For now, it’s hasta la vista, baby!