Hamburg Travel Guide

Visiting Hamburg and don't know where to begin? From its maritime history to its most stunning sights, and romantic experiences to where to eat, this guide has you covered.

You'll see the Elbphilharmonie, the city's architectural masterpiece, and cruise through the Spiecherstadt, where red-brick warehouses echo with the ghosts of merchants past. This UNESCO gem is a testament to Hamburg's seafaring legacy.

Fuel your adventures with local delicacies — from succulent Fischbrötchen to heavenly Labskaus. Wash it down with a crisp beer, and you'll have tasted Hamburg's heart.

Dive into history at the city's Maritime Museum and marvel at the Kunstmeile, a corridor of art that weaves through the city. There are plenty of tours that unveil hidden gems and local lore too.

Spending a few days of summer in Hamburg? Parks bloom, canals glisten, and festivals ignite the streets. As the sun sets, the Reeperbahn awakens, casting neon hues over the city's nightlife. This bohemian boulevard is the spirited soul of Hamburg.

Let this guide lead you to all of Hamburg's highlights.

Best places to visit in Hamburg: top attractions you don't want to miss


Journey through history in Hamburg, and discover one-of-a-kind famous landmarks and sights to explore. As a founding member of the Medieval Hanseatic League that evolved into an industrial trade powerhouse, Hamburg offers plenty of unique historical attractions for you to explore. Recall the splendor of the Renaissance at Old Town Hall. Trek through the past with a walking tour at Hamburg Port, or see the 18th-century come to life at Volksdorf, then delve into the darkside at the Hamburg Dungeon.

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