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Dalintourist travel company is a large-scale Russian tour operator since 1992. Unrivalled level of service to all the guests is the main goal for Dalintourist Company. The advantages as years of experience, high level of service and qualified guides and interpreters, a large hotel infrastructure and a variety of routes guarantee our guests the best visiting Russian Federation. We are invite you to explore Vladivostok and Primorye. Vladivostok is the eastern end of the Trans-Siberian railway and headquarters of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Vladivostok today is the Russian outpost on the shores of the Golden Horn Bay, its name means “Rule the East”. The city’s dramatic setting along the hills around the Golden Horn Bay makes it quite attractive. Until 1990 Vladivostok was off-limits to all visitors because of its military and strategic importance as one of Russian key navel ports, but in 2012 it survives a revival after hosting APEC summit. Now ferries link Vladivostok with ports in Japan and South Korea. The city-port and the city-fort. The city of sailors, fishermen and ... of course, adventurers. "Far Eastern Nice" - the so-called Vladivostok in the early 20th century. "The second San Francisco" - the so-called in the second half. A city on seven winds, a city woven of contradictions. City-fortress and at the same time "porto-franco" - a free city at the junction of civilizations: Japan - in the east, China - in the west, in the south - Korea. Russian city, built by the Germans, Danes, Englishmen. European city in Asia. We, Vladivostok, believe that the sun in Russia goes back to us, from the Sea of Japan. There is a saying "All roads lead to Rome" - in Vladivostok all the roads go down to the sea, which, as it is sung in one popular song, "washes it from all four sides." You’re tired of civilization… you love adventure You’ve hiked, rafted, climbed almost everywhere in the world… Seen almost all there is to see… BUT… there is one place you have never been – PRIMORYE – an untamed mix of forest, mountain and sea. Closed to outside in Soviet times, this world is now accessible TO YOU in all its beauty and mystery. Also PRIMORYE is the unique place where the Russia, Chinese and North Korea borders converge. And the eastern edge of Russian’s taiga, a vast wilderness featuring: The reclusive Siberian Tiger, the Far Eastern Leopard and other unique species The legendary Ginseng Root, treasured in the Orient as “the root of life” A myriad of tumbling waterfalls, rapid rivers and forests teeming with wildlife Our ecological tours to Primorye Nature Reserves let you discover all these wonders…