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Curacao Speedboat, Beach, Blue Room and Snorkel Adventure

1. Curacao Speedboat, Beach, Blue Room and Snorkel Adventure

On this tour, enjoy great beach hopping, relaxation, and lots of beautiful sunshine. You'll also get an unforgettable snorkel experience in the island's famous cave, the Blue Room. This excursion includes all the sights you must see when traveling to this lovely island. Don’t forget your camera! Find a spot and settle in for the scenic boat ride. Your first stop is the Blue Room, an extraordinary, mostly underwater cave located near Santu Pretu. It's easy to see why the cave gets its name. Everything inside the cave reflects the perfect turquoise, Caribbean-blue water. You'll see schools of fish dart in and around the rocky underwater terrain with crystal clear visibility. Notice how even the reflections of splashed waters remain that vivid blue! This cave is simply splendid.  Next, you'll dock for a beach break. Either snorkel again or simply swim peacefully in the gentle waters. Bring a bit of cash if you’d like to enjoy a snack or cocktails at one of the beach-side restaurants. Please note that the tour sequence and size of the boat may vary depending on the number of guests and start location.

Willemstad: Klein Curaçao Beach Boat Cruise with an Open Bar

2. Willemstad: Klein Curaçao Beach Boat Cruise with an Open Bar

Before you depart for Klein Curaçao, enjoy a light breakfast that will provide you with the energy you will need for an exciting day at sea. Klein Island is the quintessential Caribbean island. There is no better place to get away from it all and immerse yourself in the island vibe. When you arrive, you can see the historic Klein Curaçao lighthouse, visit the old shipwreck, and swim with sea turtles. You can spend the day exploring, relaxing on the stunning beach in a tent, or simply watching your worries float away on the azure waters. Savor a delightful BBQ lunch at around 12:30 PM, along with a variety of sides and salads. Alcoholic beverages are also available with lunch, which will help you get into the easy breezy Caribbean mood.

Willemstad: Guided Jet Ski Tour

3. Willemstad: Guided Jet Ski Tour

See the eastern coast of Curaçao from the sea on a guided jet ski excursion from Willemstad. Find out interesting facts about the area from your guide. Go to the marina and, after a bit of instruction, hop on a jet ski and set off on the water. Explore the coast and keep a look out for local flora and fauna. Learn about the area from your guide as you take in picturesque coastal views.

Curacao: Jet Ski and Snorkel 1.5 Hour Adventure

4. Curacao: Jet Ski and Snorkel 1.5 Hour Adventure

Enjoy snorkeling and jet-skiing in the pristine blue waters off the southern coast of Curacao. You’ll pilot your own jet ski for about 1 hour while enjoying magnificent views of Curacao's mangroves and small islands, coves, bays, and beaches. During a 1-hour ride on your jet ski, visit the Spanish water lagoon and see the famous Tafelberg (Table Mountain), beautiful exclusive homes, and mangrove islands. Snorkel for about 30 minutes at one of Curacao's best snorkeling sites; home to a wide array of marine life. It is common to see colorful coral, morays, scorpionfish, lobsters, and schools of tropical fish. On your way back enjoy the picturesque view of an old manorial estate as well as Fort Beekenburg, a well-preserved fort that was originally built in 1703 to protect the inner bay. Make sure you don’t miss out on this unique tour of this wonderful island!

Willemstad: Sunset Cruise Tour with Food and Drinks

5. Willemstad: Sunset Cruise Tour with Food and Drinks

If you want to see the most breathtaking sunset in the Caribbean, then this sunset catamaran tour is perfect for you. Board the boat in the marina, meet your boat crew, and settle in for an amazing cruise. The bar will be open with chilled alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as soon as you board the catamaran. You will also be offered delicious snacks to eat on the top deck throughout the journey. After leaving the marina, cruise along the coast of Curaçao to Fuik Bay. Take in the amazing views of the island and ocean along the way. At Fuik Bay watch the stunning sunset in good company.

Willemstad: Turtle Watching Excursion and Snorkeling Safari

6. Willemstad: Turtle Watching Excursion and Snorkeling Safari

Swim and snorkel in the beautiful clear waters of Curacao's coast, admire the beautiful fish and turtle species and search for other aquatic species. Visit the desert of Curacao and enjoy a safari excursion across the desert. Take the chance to swim with colorful fish and turtles while taking in the beauty of Curacao's sapphire-blue sea on the island's northern side. Watch as the wind pushes the sea against the shore and creates stunning footprints. Take in the view of the coast's breathtaking landscapes before moving on to the desert safari. Travel on a safari excursion across wide-open desert plains, surprisingly where Curaçao's most naturally sweet water is located. Let the water sprinkles at several remote bays refresh you as you watch the powerful waves smash against the coral cliffs, and look out for exotic species like herons, frigate birds, and caracaras. Cross to Curacao's southwest coast, and watch as the landscape dramatically transforms from a dry, arid climate to a verdant, hilly shoreline, and admire pristine white beaches and the turquoise waters found here. Move on to Playa Piskado, where you can see a wide variety of fish and, of course, swim next to turtles, and enjoy time snorkeling until it is time to return to your accommodation.

2-Hour Kayak Tour in Curacao

7. 2-Hour Kayak Tour in Curacao

Paddle across Caracas Bay and stop at Curacao's most popular snorkel spot during this 2-hour kayak tour from Willemstad. After a safety briefing, climb aboard your kayak and follow your guide to remote areas rich in tropical vegetation and wildlife. Kayak across the bay, spending approximately 20 minutes in the open water. As you paddle in the protected waters along the coast, enjoy picturesque views of Fort Beekenburg ̶ a well-preserved fort built in 1703 to protect the inner bay. Land at a deserted stretch of beach for some of the best snorkeling on the island. Enjoy the natural underwater beauty, as well as the remoteness of the location. See amazing aquatic life such as colorful coral, morays, scorpion fish and lobsters. Before heading back, cool off with a refreshing swim at the beach. Above the beach you can see an old manorial estate known as the Quarantine house, which was built in 1700 and was used for the treatment of sailors. Conclude your excursion with a serene 30-minute paddle back across the bay.

Curaçao Half-Day and Full-Day Fishing Tours

8. Curaçao Half-Day and Full-Day Fishing Tours

Whether you’re an experienced off-shore pro fisher, or planning your first deep sea fishing trip, Curaçao is the best place to visit. Located in the beautiful waters of the southern Caribbean, set sail on board a 43-foot Hatteras sport fishing vessel on an exciting half-day or full-day excursion. Get out on the ocean blue in expert company to target different species of fish, including blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, tuna, and barracuda, depending on the season. You never know what might be on the end of your line! A Bertram 50-foot fishing boat can handle rougher seas when required, and comes with all the luxury fittings you need to enjoy your fishing tour. Each boat is fully rigged with fishing gear, bait, and an expert crew. On the full-day option you can combine your fishing charter with a lunch break at one of the stunning beaches of Curaçao, or at Klein Curaçao, a remote Island about 15 miles from the city.

Willemstad: Guided SUV Beach Hopping Tour with Lemonade

9. Willemstad: Guided SUV Beach Hopping Tour with Lemonade

Discover the white sands and turquoise waters of Curacao's west coast on this day trip from your hotel in Willemstad. Take a dip at beaches like Piskado, Kenepa, and  Porto Marie. Spot some bright pink flamingos in a salt lake at St. Willibrordus.   Begin your island adventure with picked up from the doorstep of your hotel or resort in Willemstad. Board the 4x4 vehicle that is open, so you can enjoy unobstructed views throughout your trip. Stay hydrated during your trip with water and lemonade.  Watch as your guide helps to highlight Curacao's natural beauty and historical significance. Arrives to Playa Piskado, where you can choose between snorkeling with sea turtles or watching the local fishermen bring in their catch for the day. Travel to Playa Kenepa, where you can sunbathe on the island's most photographed beach or swim in the azure water. Make your way to Playa Porto Marie which is renowned for its amazing snorkeling opportunities. Have the option to purchasing you can also get something to eat and drink before heading to the salt lake at St. Willibrordus where long-legged flamingos like to strut and feed. Return to your accommodation in Willemstad at the end of your tour. 

From Willemstad: Boat Tour to Klein Curaçao

10. From Willemstad: Boat Tour to Klein Curaçao

Enjoy a half-day or full-day boat cruise from Willemstad to the small, uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao. After being picked up at the pier, you will be transferred to the boat shop which is approximately 30 minutes away. Step aboard your choice of comfortable yet lightning fast 43 or 50-foot, twin deck Hatteras or Bertram. Your captain and crew will do all the work for you so you can relax and enjoy your tour. Your cruise will take you along the coast past the Spanish water lagoon, the Fuik lagoon, and Duivels klip, which is an inaccessible area of Curaçao. Depending on weather conditions, you will arrive at KleinCuraçao in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once on the island, you will have time to stroll the beach, visit the lighthouse, or snorkel the reef. Your tour includes snacks such as chips, cheese/pineapple/meat, fresh fruit, soda, water, juice, beer, and fruit punch. You will also be offered lunch, in addition to snacks and beverages.

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Unfortunately and no fault of theirs, we couldn’t dock the boat due to the weather. But I would definitely book with this company again. I got sea sick and was taken care of beautifully and professionally. The vibe was great regardless of my not feeling well.

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Excellent disposition, communication and knowledge of the subject by the guide Jude Reyes. Thank you very much.

Great guide, great beach, and lots of fun and interesting things to see and do!

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