Costa Rica Pedal Board

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If you are a nature + adventure enthusiast you will be thrilled to try Costa Rica’s newest and most sought after water activity. Pedal Board Costa Rica in Lake Arenal was developed with the purpose of offering an innovative and accessible activity that allows the enjoyment of the beauties that characterize the area in a different and safe way, both, the national and foreigner tourist promoting their physical and mental well-being. This activity is suitable for children and adults and one of the most important characteristics is that this board is 100% ecofriendly. The tour start after a 30 minutes’ drive from your hotel to the start point, the Lake Arenal, located in La Fortuna of San Carlos, close to the Arenal Volcano. Once our tour guide gave us instructions and a brief safety speech regarding the equipment, we will be ready to walk on water! This Pedal Board tour will take you gliding across the calm and peaceful waters of Lake Arenal that sits at the foot of the breathtaking Arenal Volcano, just outside of La Fortuna. Although it sounds familiar to Stand Up Paddle Boarding, it is very different. In fact, the board is powered by the strongest part of your body, your legs, and allows you to grasp the firm handlebars for balance, making this activity easy and fun for people of all ages. As you glide through the water with precision and ease, you can use the intuitive steering system to go where you want to go and use the pedals to glide at two different speeds – step forward for a slower, easier pace or step backward for a faster ride and harder workout. In the Arenal region, we are blessed to have Lake Arenal because it is the perfect place to go Pedal Boarding. This peaceful freshwater lake is surrounded by large rolling hills, farmer’s fields, and the impressive Arenal Volcano. You will be so close to the volcano that you can see the details of the dried up lava flow from its last eruption decades ago. It has since been active but is currently dormant, with no signs of the lava flow in years. Your professional guide will lead your group, pedaling towards the Arenal Volcano and pointing out interesting wildlife that you may find on the shore or birds flying overhead. Halfway through the tour, we’ll pull up on shore and take a break, having a chance to go for a swim, take photos, and enjoy some refreshments.

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