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Coron: Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon Boat Tour

1. Coron: Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon Boat Tour

With an early morning pickup, head out to the port and jump on the banca boat with your snorkel mask. You'll visit 5 popular destinations and the first is Skeleton Wreck, a popular snorkeling and diving site. It is a WWII-era Japanese ship which was sunk by the allied forces. The ship rests just 5 meters below the surface, so it's easy to enjoy this magnificent stop.  The next stop is Barracuda Lake where the water is a combination of saltwater and freshwater. Take a dip into its deep emerald water, cool on the top and warm like a hot spring on the bottom.  Enjoy a Philippines-style lunch buffet prepared by the boat crew at a popular sunbathing spot, Smith Beach. Snorkel at Reef Garden to see various marine animals and do not forget to take a snapshot of yourself with the beautiful view at Twin Lagoon. You will be back in Coron downtown around approximately 4:30 PM.

Coron Tour A: Kayangan Lake & Quin Reef Tour with Lunch

2. Coron Tour A: Kayangan Lake & Quin Reef Tour with Lunch

Today you will discover the beauty of Coron Island beginning with the magnificent rock formation and towering million years of limestone. Visit the most unique island destination, crystal clear water, powdery white sand beaches, enchanted lakes, sunken old shipwrecks, beautiful fishes, and different corals in the coral gardens. The itinerary begins at: “KAYANGAN LAKE” Experience the enchanting beauty of this lake. Accessible by a 10-minute climb. The crystal clear water of kayangan lake is located on a mountain wall; underwater is like a moonscape. There’s a little wooden pathway and platform to stay your things if you go swimming. “CYC BEACH (CORON YOUTH CLUB)” One of the beach destinations for the tour is the CYC (Coron Youth Club) Beach. CYC means “Coron Youth Club.” One interesting fact about this place is that it is the only beach without an entrance fee. It has a long stretch which makes it the better pick when it comes to swimming. The beach has a picturesque view, decorated by rock formations, mangrove trees, and powdery white sand perfect for sunbathing. “SUNSET BEACH” It's named sunset beach because the view of the sunset. This beach is a good area for lunch. A beautiful beach, with crystal clear water. “LAS ISLAS DE CORAL” Just a little swim from CYC Beach and you'll reach Las Islas de Coral where you can do some snorkelling. When swimming in the snorkeling area, be cautious since there are many sea urchins scattered around the floor. This area also rich in colorful corals and fishes.

Coron: One-way Airport Transfer

3. Coron: One-way Airport Transfer

The trip from Busuanga Airport to Coron takes around 30-45 minutes. Most hotels and resorts on the island do not offer such a service. If they do, it is often expensive. Similarly, booking a taxi can be difficult and may also cost you more. Luckily you can now pre-book your arrival transfer online. The Coron Airport transfer service will bring you from Busuanga Airport to your hotel in downtown Coron. Your driver will meet you at the airport and will take you to one of the vans. As this is a shared service, departure times may vary depending on the arrival time of the guests.

Coron: Off-Bay Islands, Lagoons and Lakes Hopping Tour

4. Coron: Off-Bay Islands, Lagoons and Lakes Hopping Tour

The day begins with early morning pickup from your hotel in Coron and heads to the nearby wharf. Pickup your water activity gear, for snorkeling later in the day, and set sail onto the turquoise blue waters of the bay. As you glide across the water, admire the breathtaking view of the islets and rock formations across the landscape between each stop of the tour. One of the most popular destinations of the tour is CYC Beach, favored by both locals and tourists. With white sand and clear shallow waters, the beach provides the perfect spot for a casual swim, or a snorkel to admire the sea life. Another of the tour’s destinations that is perfect for water activities is the stunning Atwayan beach, from which you can also enjoy a trip to the mesmerizing Quin Reef, Green Lagoon and Las Islas De Coral. Afterward, head to the incredible Kayangan Lake to marvel at the emerald waters that glisten in the sunlight. Enjoy more free time to explore these secretive spots, dip in the refreshing waters, or take photos for your holiday album. Once you’ve worked up an appetite from swimming and snorkeling, it's time for a lunch of local-style BBQ and seafood amidst the stunning backdrop of crystal-clear waters.

Coron: Coastal Cliffs, Beach & Malcapuya Island Hopping Tour

5. Coron: Coastal Cliffs, Beach & Malcapuya Island Hopping Tour

Sail local style on a Philippine Banca boat to venture out to the most popular islands in Coron. Your all-inclusive tour provides of pickup and drop-off, a local lunch, and snorkeling gear so you can immerse yourself in a full day of island hopping. After pickup from your hotel and a quick safety briefing, you'll pick up your snorkeling gear before setting sail. Your first stop is Banana Island. Although you won't be able to spot bananas, a soft beach and lazy hammocks await you. The second stop is one of the most well-known island of Coron. Malcapuya Island has the best beach in Coron with stunning blue sky, emerald water, and white sand. Discover an even more colorful of amazing marine life underwater with your snorkeling gear. Last stop is Bulog Dos Island, famous for its more private atmosphere away from the crowds. Here you can take pictures, enjoy tanning, or go swimming. Finally, it's time for a local-style BBQ lunch with seafood and more amidst the stunning scenery, before you head back to your hotel.

Coron: Private Boat Hire with Bespoke Guided Tour

6. Coron: Private Boat Hire with Bespoke Guided Tour

Choose your own adventure with a selection of seven destinations on Coron Island for a bespoke guided tour including highlights like Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake. Explore the island from a unique vantage boat with a private boat rental. Meet your tour at the local market to shop for fresh ingredients for lunch. Sit back while the crew cooks the ingredients you bought. Utilize the boat and its facilities for the time rented.

Palawan: Coron Guided Tour with Island Hopping and Lunch

7. Palawan: Coron Guided Tour with Island Hopping and Lunch

Explore the breathtaking island of Coron on this shared day trip with a local guide. Be one with nature as you go island hopping, swimming in clear waters, and discovering sandy beaches with diverse marine life. Upon arriving at the meeting point, you will be acquainted with your guide who will then take you to the first location of the day. Start your exploration at Kayangan Lake, a small, scenic mountain lake with clear waters that has become internet-famous for its natural beauty. Then, head to the Twin Lagoon where the warm water from the open sea meets the pure water from the subterranean river. Feel the warm seawater on your skin as you step off the boat, and as you travel further into the lagoon, when clean water runs, feel it becoming cooler. The next stop is Sunset Beach, a popular tourist destination located around the coasts of Coron. There, take a swim in the crystal clear waters, do some snorkeling to see marine life, or just relax on the beach. Stay a little longer for a lunch break in one of the traditional huts called kubo. After lunch, head to the Reef Garden, which has a stunning underwater environment with a variety of corals and tropical fishes. Then, visit Skeleton Wreck, a small fishing boat located in Coron. The wreck lies on a slant and starts at 4 meters. Most of the boat has weathered away leaving the ribs, hence its name. You can explore the wreck, and since Skeleton Wreck is considered a small open wreck, it is suitable for beginners. Get the chance to see a wide array of macro life hiding there. Because of its shallow depth, Skeleton Wreck is also popular with snorkelers. The next island on the list is the CYC Beach where you can admire mangrove trees that surround a white-sand beach. You can also try to snorkel in the island's clear waters to see different species of corals. Lastly, go to Barracuda Lake, also known as Luluyuan Lake. Situated on the north shore of Coron, it offers a unique diving experience. Its blue waters hidden between majestic rocky formations aren’t big on actual barracudas. Instead, divers can experience a thermocline and halocline unlike anywhere else.

Coron: Private Island-Hopping Tour on a Yacht or Speedboat

8. Coron: Private Island-Hopping Tour on a Yacht or Speedboat

Experience an exclusive tour of Coron Island on board your own private yacht or speedboat. Walk along two idyllic beaches, Banol Beach and CYC Beach, and discover what lies beneath Barracuda Lake you plan to snorkel. Enjoy an included lunch and optional pickup. Choose to meet your guide at one of the meeting points or get picked up directly from your hotel. Then, leaving Coron Harbor Square, set sail on the turquoise waters to explore the island’s unique charm. Be camera-ready as you visit Coron's famous Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, and the Twin Lagoon, the latter of which is hidden away amongst staggering limestone cliffs. With this being a private trip, you'll get plenty of time to take in the sights at your own pace. As you continue the day island hopping around one of the best island destinations in Asia, stop to walk along pristine beaches, including Banol Beach and CYC Beach. Be welcomed by their golden sands and clear, turquoise waters. If snorkeling is your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy the visit to Coral Garden, known for its vibrant corals and colorful marine life. Make sure you bring your underwater camera as this might be the best coral you've ever seen. Refuel during the trip with an included 3-course traditional lunch. You can also bring your own food and drinks on board to further personalize your private trip. Enhance your experience by adding the private tour photographer with drone as an add-on for unlimited shots, drone shots included and all photos are enhanced for unbeatable memories and easier to share on your social media accounts!

Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour (Private Tour)

9. Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour (Private Tour)

Kayangan Lake, a picture-perfect body of clear blue water that you could see all the way to the bottom. Twin Lagoons, surrounded by rocky cliffsides and full of bluegreen waters straight out of a fairytale. Skeleton Wreck, where you can marvel at an underwater shipwreck covered in barnacles. Coral Garden, which will give you the chance to observe the beautiful varieties of coral under Coron's waters, and even see how vital they are to the ecosystem! Coron Youth Club Beach, a delightful beach experience in a tiny island, letting you feel as though you're the ruler of your own personal beach world. Barracuda Lake offers one of the most unique diving experiences in the world. Occasionally referred to as Luluyuan Lake by locals, its crystal blue waters hidden between majestic rocky formations aren’t big on actual barracudas and other wildlife. Instead, divers can experience a thermocline and halocline unlike anywhere else. This tour is an amazing opportunity to see the very best of Coron all in one day! Destinations: - Kayangan Lake - Twin Lagoon - Sunset Beach - Reef Garden - Skeleton Wreck - Coral Garden - Coron Youth Club Beach - Barracuda Lake

Coron: Town Tour with Maquinit Hot Spring

10. Coron: Town Tour with Maquinit Hot Spring

Take a half day, air-conditioned van tour from Coron, and discover its popular inland attractions. Climb to the Mount Tapyas Viewing Deck, shop in the souvenir centre, and take a dip in the Maquinit Hot Spring. Meet your guide at your hotel around 4 PM, and head toward some of the most beautiful spots in town. Sweat it out as you climb the 700 steps to the Mount Tapyas Viewing Deck, and marvel at Coron from above. Stop at various lookout points on the way, and appreciate varied vistas of Coron's waterways, mangrove forests, and surrounding islands, as well as Mount Darala. Descend back down to town and fulfil your souvenir needs. Explore the souvenir center, and admire other places of interest like the Town Plaza, Lualhai Park, and St. Augustine Church. Round off the tour with a quick bathe in the Maquinit Hot Spring, one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world. Change back into  dry clothes, and return to your hotel around 8 PM.

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We’ve done quite a few private boat tours in the Philippines. The boat was in excellent shape, well maintained, new, and clean. They were also were extremely kind. Yuki was amazing though!!! He tried to get us off the port as quickly as possible. He and the crew accommodated our weird requests. They let me pull up the anchor!!!!! Additionally, he listened to our concern that we wanted to beat the crowds and he tried his best. We had a few spots to ourselves for a good duration. Also, he’s an excellent free diver; that’s his passion. He will take you to some amazing spots and record videos on his goPro. We are blown away by all these extras. He really did go above and beyond. He’s very knowledgeable about the sites. Yuki thank you and the crew for everything. It was a once in a lifetime trip.

This was the BEST tour I ever had in my life! Jerald was the best. He took us to the best spots in the best times possible to avoid big crowds. He also went above and beyond taking our pictures and making sure everything was to our liking. Me and my mom had an amazing time, I could not recommend this tour enough. Everything was PERFECT! I hope to see Jerald soon, he and his team are the reason why I will be visiting Coron again in the future. I already miss everything!!

Honestly at first I was skeptical about this application but I must say that I came across an extremely kind and serious team, we left very early to avoid the crowds and they were attentive!! The only negative thing is that it is quite limited in terms of activity, the circuit is poor if I wanted to do other places which were obviously too far away I had to pay another 100€, otherwise top team!

Yuki was a great guide! He gave us lots of info about filippino history and built our day to avoid the crowds. Lunch was also fantastic and fresh.

Everything was amazing, thank you guys for the perfect day