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Our most recommended Colón Province Small group activities

From Panama City: Chagres Rainforest and Embera Village Tour

1. From Panama City: Chagres Rainforest and Embera Village Tour

Explore Chagres National Park on a day trip from Panama City. Enjoy a traditional canoe ride on the Chagres River and hike to a preserved waterfall for a swim. Have lunch in an indigenous Embera village and find out about their culture. The day begins with a transfer by car from your hotel or residence in Panama City to the Chagres National Park, one of the most important forest and water reserves in Panama. Enjoy a traditional canoe ride on the Chagres River, followed by a half-hour walk through the jungle, walking on mud, water and slippery rocks to a beautiful and pristine waterfall. Take a refreshing some free time at the waterfall to swim, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Then, walk back to the canoe and continue to visit a real Embera indigenous community that will welcome you to enjoy lunch, traditional music and dances in a hut. Afterward, learn about the culture and way of life of this tribe via a conversation with the chief or one of the leaders before returning to Panama City.

From Panama City: Panama Canal and Monkey Island Tour

2. From Panama City: Panama Canal and Monkey Island Tour

Spend half a day exploring the Panama Canal while learning about its history and creation. See the famed Miraflores Locks in action and take a scenic boat ride in the Panama Canal. Get picked up at your hotel or other location in Panama City, and journey to the Panama Canal Visitors Center for a detailed explanation about how the canal and famous Miraflores Locks work. Visit the museum to learn more about this important water passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Drive by Miraflores Lake and the Pedro Miguel Locks as you make your way to the Chagres River. Climb aboard for a scenic boat trip across artificial Gatun Lake. Marvel at the surrounding landscape of the biggest and most important lake in the Panama Canal. Watch as large ships pass through the canal to get a sense of the magnitude of this masterpiece of engineering. Arrive at a group of islands to see different species of animals and monkeys. Return to Panama City and get dropped off at your hotel.

From Panama City: Monkey Islands Tour on Gatun Lake

3. From Panama City: Monkey Islands Tour on Gatun Lake

Travel to the Gamboa Marina in an air-conditioned tour vehicle with a guide and the rest of the tour group, before a transfer to a riverboat for a ride on the Chagres River, one of Panama's largest rivers, and head for Monkey Island. Observe the different species of monkeys that live on the island, from white-face monkeys, howler monkeys, and Geoffrey´s tamarinds, while taking some time to snap photos, and learn interesting facts and information about the different species from a knowledgeable guide. Return to the marina and to Panama City, and end the tour with drop-off at the hotel.

From Panama City: Monkey Island and Sloth Sanctuary Tour

4. From Panama City: Monkey Island and Sloth Sanctuary Tour

After a pickup from your hotel, head to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort in the Soberania National Park. From here board a boat and sail on Gatun Lake next to the huge ships that cross the Panama Canal. Admire the fauna and vegetation of the tropical forest, as well as Monkey Island where you have the chance to see white-faced capuchin monkeys and howler monkeys in their natural habitat. Continue on to the Sloth Sanctuary to observe three-toed and two-toed sloths that have been rescued. Learn about the life and habits of the sloths, as well as the efforts for the conservation of the species through the volunteers and specialized guides. From the Sloth Sanctuary, move on to the Butterfly House where you can see the butterflies that live in the rainforest such as the colorful Blue Morpho Butterfly. You will also visit the orchid and frog exhibitions to discover more about the species that live in the rainforest.

Embera Village Day Tour, Chagres River & Waterfalls + Lunch

5. Embera Village Day Tour, Chagres River & Waterfalls + Lunch

Getting There At 8:00 am your friendly, bi-lingual guide will pick you up from your Panama City hotel. Sit back and relax in our comfortable, air-conditioned car while gazing at the various sites we will pass on our 40 minute drive to our tour starting point in the Chagres National Park. The Embera tribe lives in remote areas of the rainforest, and the only way to reach them is by boat. However, the journey is part of the adventure, and you'll get to see some of the stunning scenery that Panama has to offer. The Boat Ride At the port of the Chagres River, an Embera Indian will take you and your guide in a traditional boat called "piragua" on a 20 minute ride upstream to the Mono waterfall, where you can take a refreshing plunge (note: only available during the Dry season months from December through April. During the Wet Season months we may not be able to visit the waterfall due to strong currents). As you make your way through the rainforest, you'll be surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of wildlife. The boat ride is a great opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the jungle and to snap some incredible photos. Meeting the Embera People Once you arrive at the Embera village, you will meet the Tusipono Embera Indian tribe that has managed to reject our modern, technological ways of life and maintained its simple traditions. Once you step off your boat, you will be greeted by the friendly and welcoming Embera people. They'll introduce themselves, and you'll have the chance to ask questions and learn about their way of life. The Tour After our little hike and a delightful refreshing dip under the waterfall, we will continue to the Embera community. The tour will take you through the village, where you'll get to see how the Embera people live, work, and play. You'll see how they build their homes, cook their food, and make their crafts. You'll also get to witness traditional dances and music performances. One of the highlights of the tour is the chance to see the Embera people's intricate body art. The Embera people have a long tradition of using natural pigments to create intricate designs on their skin. You'll be able to see some of these designs up close and learn about the significance of each one. For a small fee, you can have the Embera design a body painting for you. The paint will be a temporary remembrance of your visit to the Embera tribe and will slowly fade away after a few days.

Monkey Island & Sloth Sanctuary Tour in Panama Canal

6. Monkey Island & Sloth Sanctuary Tour in Panama Canal

Between 6:30am and 7:00 am, your personal guide and driver will meet you at your Panama City lodging (Please wait in the lobby of your lodging starting at 6:30am. We start our tour earlier than others to see more monkeys before their bellies are full from other visitors feeding them). As you commence the 40 minute drive, you will have the chance to see the old, colonial American neighborhoods, which served as homes for the Canal construction families and we will pass the famous Culebra Cut. As we arrive at the shores of Lake Gatun you will be greeted by the dense rainforest and all its intriguing sights and sounds. We will embark with our boat into the Chagres River, which will lead us into the artificially created Gatun lake, which is a hotspot for biodiversity, giving you the chance to spot wildlife such as the coati, howler monkeys, squirrels and sloths, as well as beautiful birds like the toucan and parrots. Our path takes us mostly parallel to the Panama Canal and into Soberanía National Park on our way to the Gamboa Public Docks, where the Chagres River meets the Panama Canal. A couple of minutes into the boat ride, we enter the Canal and take a quick ride past the Dredging Division's facilities and along the shipping lane (and past a large ship or three) toward the Monkey Island area. Needless to say, thanks to Panama’s abundant biodiversity, a bit of luck, and your boat captains’ uncannily sharp eyes will give you plenty more to look for, so keep that camera handy at all times. As we land on the Monkey Island, listen for the different primate sounds and the rustling in the trees as monkeys jump amongst the branches. Prepare for monkeys to come up to you and inspect your clothes, hats and bags. Being surrounded by these magnificent creatures will be an unforgettable experience and give you many photo opportunities. Next up, we will visit the Sloth Sanctuary, which is located inside the Gamboa region, nestled within the lush rainforests of Panama. As you arrive at the sanctuary, you will immediately be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Upon entering the sanctuary, you will be greeted by knowledgeable and passionate staff who will provide you with an introduction to the world of sloths. They will share interesting facts about these slow-moving creatures, their behaviors, and their importance in the ecosystem. We will also visit the Butterfly House, the Orchid gardens and a Frog Exhibition, all located within walking distance from the sloth sanctuary. On our last stop we visit the Butterfly House where we will observe the endemic butterflies that live in the Panamanian rainforest such as the colorful Blue Morpho Butterfly. We will also visit the orchid and frog exhibitions. At 12:00pm, we start to make our way back to our tour starting point and back to Panama City.

Panama City: POIN Zipline Experience

7. Panama City: POIN Zipline Experience

The Zipline will meet all your expectations of flying over one of the most visited points by travelers from different parts of the world in Panama City. This entertainment space has been designed under the highest safety standards, so that all people who wish to fly feel that their dreams have come true. Arrival on the ground floor for registration, continue to take the elevator to the 37th floor, Stay on the reception while you learn the details of the use and safety of the Zipline and the characteristics to take into account for the experience. Then the instructor will give you access to the starting platform and you will be able to enjoy the zipline tour, the view and the experience. At the end you will go down in the elevator to Floor 8 for a final cocktail to enjoy the view and finish the tour going down to the starting point.

Private Tour to Monkey Island and Embera Village

8. Private Tour to Monkey Island and Embera Village

After being picked up at your hotel or address in Panama City, set off for the Chagres National Park and travel along the Chagres River by canoe to an Embera indigenous village where you will be welcomed by the community and learn about their culture during a conversation with one of the leaders of this community. Watch a live performance of traditional music and dances, followed by the opportunity to walk around the village and shop the handcrafts they make. Then go by car 45 minutes down in the Chagres river to the middle of the Panama Canal. There, at the shore of the Chagres River, take a tour by boat to the Gatun Lake, the biggest and most important lake in the Panama Canal, where you will share space with large ships during their transit through the Canal. Later, you will arrive at a group of islands to find 3 species of monkeys and wildlife living there. After this unique experience, enjoy the view of the tropical rainforest and the canal on your way back to your accommodations.

Panama City: Over-Water Cabin in San Blas + Meals + Tour

9. Panama City: Over-Water Cabin in San Blas + Meals + Tour

Both Isla Yansailadup and Isla Wailidup feature beautiful Over-Water Cabins. Due to the limited availabilities we will assign a cabin on either of the two island. Isla Wailidup - features Private Over-Water Cabins on opposing sides of the island, all with private bathrooms. Isla Yansailadup - features newer Private Over-Water Cabins with shared bathrooms only. Between both islands our Tao Travel 365 team loves Isla Yansailadup with its central location, close to Isla Perro and the Natural Pool and its beautiful, clean beaches. Isla Wailidup is a larger island and located outside of the main tourism area. It has a larger white sand beach and iridescent turquoise waters for swimming. Please note that accommodations and services in San Blas are very basic and resemble camping-like conditions. Please thoroughly read our "Information for Customers" section. Breakfasts consist of fresh fruit and "Ojaldre", a tasty fried bread, similar to a doughnut. Lunch and Dinner meals consist of a choice of fresh fish or chicken with plantains and salad. Vegetarian options are available. Itinerary: If choosing our optional roundtrip transportation service (available during checkout), a friendly driver will meet you at your Panama City lodging between 5:00am and 5:45am and safely transport you and up to five other guests to the Port of Carti. Relax and start enjoying the 2.5 to 3 hour journey through the spectacular jungle highlands. Oftentimes we encounter wildlife, such as monkeys and sloths on the road and will gladly stop the car to give you opportunities to admire these beautiful animals and to take photos. Our drivers will also stop at a grocery store in case you want to purchase any items, such as snacks, water or fruit. When arriving at the port a “lancha” boat will be waiting for you, ready to take you to your island. The 30-minute boat ride to the Island may be a little bumpy. Depending on ocean conditions, there may be some ocean spray. Arriving at your island, you will be greeted by the calm, turquoise seas, surrounding the island. After settling into your private Over-Water Cabin, start enjoying the beaches or getting to know the local Kuna family. Lunch is served at around 12:30pm and usually consists of the fresh catch of the day (we do offer vegetarian or non-seafood options). On Day 2 (departure day), check-out from your cabin is at 8:00am. You will have the morning to enjoy the Island. After lunch, you will join an island boat tour to the Lemon Cays. Visit Isla Perro and the famous Natural Pool, standing waist-deep on a sunken island in the middle of the ocean. At around 3:00pm the tour concludes and will return to the port. Your driver will be waiting for you to return to Panama City, arriving at your lodging by 7:00pm. This is a unique adventure and we encourage you not to miss the opportunity to make amazing memories that will surely last a lifetime!

Panama City: City Highlights Tour in a VW Safari Classic Car

10. Panama City: City Highlights Tour in a VW Safari Classic Car

Feel the exhilaration of cruising through Panama City in the coolest car in town, a bright green 1971 Volkswagon Safari. Turn the music up and feel the wind in your hair as you are chauffeured through our dazzling city with the top down. In our daytime tours, you will ride through the old world of Casco Viejo and enjoy incredible views of the ocean as we drive down Avenida Balboa and Amador Causeway. In our nighttime tours, you can see the breathtaking views of the city all lit up including the spectacular view coming over the coastal beltway back into the city center. And we might even turn on the bright green lights under the car just to show off a bit. Whether you choose a day tour or a night tour, this is your chance to let your hair down and just have fun! You'll get better photos and videos on this tour than any other! You'll also get way more smiles per hour, too :) We're certain you'll fall in love with our little green car and Panama City!

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our guide was very good. he was prepared with food for the monkeys which helped us see them much better than other tour companies on the water and he even provided us with water for the day. very informative and thoughtful guide. safe and smooth driver. very good experience

Excellent experience. Our guide was on time. All including the villager always taking care of everybody during the trail trip to the waterfall. Embera people were very instructive about their culture.

Great trip to the locks and the monkey island was surprisingly fun too. I think this trip is a bit overpriced but all excursions in Panama air expensive… would still recommend going to this one!

Exceptional! Very pleasant trip, excellent tour guide and drivers. Totally respectful for the animals and nature. Speaking English

Great trip, very well organized. Our guide Juan was amazing.