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Burgundy: Cluny Abbey Entrance Ticket

Burgundy: Cluny Abbey Entrance Ticket

Get access to Cluny Abbey Museum. Discover the ruins of a spiritual center, the seat of the most significant medieval monastic order in Western Europe. Enjoy entry to Cluny Abbey Museum, avoid the queues, and explore the museum. Admire incredible medieval art, interesting paintings, stained glass windows, and the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry.  Enter the museum and start exploring; one of the most important abbeys in France, now listed as a National Monument. First, you will watch a short 3D film showing how Cluny Abbey evolved, and then the tour will begin.  Walk around, listen to the history, and explore this impressive building at your own leisure. See one of the best collections of artifacts from the middle ages you will ever see. This museum is a must-visit for fans of The Lady and the Unicorn Book by Tracy Chevalier. 

Exploring the Village of Cluny: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Exploring the Village of Cluny: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Stroll through medieval Cluny, a quaint French village with more Romanesque houses than the whole of England! It might be known for its impressive abbey, but the monastic village that developed around the monastery has just as much to offer visitors. On this walking tour, I’ll share with you the early history and development of the village, from just a few dwellings around the Abbey to one of the spiritual centres of Europe. We’ll explore houses from several chapters in history, where I’ll point out the details hidden in the facades, and tease out the stories of former inhabitants. We’ll meander along tiny alleyways, pass gorgeous squares, and marvel at some of the majestic buildings that once represented the village’s illustrious past. Find out the secret history behind the Cheese Tower. Take a peek into Cluny’s lovely gardens, and meet the cast of characters, from abbots to merchants, that breathed life into this charming village far from the bustle of Paris. Allow an hour for this walking tour as there is much to see along the way!

Cluny Abbey : Private Guided Tour with "ticket included"

Cluny Abbey : Private Guided Tour with "ticket included"

Step into the medieval splendor of the Abbey Cluny with our exclusive Two-Hour Private Guided Tour, and immerse yourself in a world of captivating wonders. Our expert guide will lead you through the hallowed halls, revealing the intricate details and fascinating stories that make the Abbey Cluny a true marvel. As you explore, witness the architectural grandeur of the abbey, with its soaring arches and majestic columns that stand as a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. Marvel at the stunning craftsmanship of the intricate carvings and sculptures that adorn the walls, each telling a unique story of the abbey's rich history. Discover the secrets of the Abbey Cluny's hidden chambers, where history comes alive through relics and artifacts. Explore the serene courtyards and gardens, offering a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into the daily life of those who once inhabited this sacred space. Book your exclusive Two-Hour Private Guided Tour of the Abbey Cluny today, and let the awe-inspiring beauty and history of this remarkable monument unfold before your eyes.

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Excellent guide. The gps synchronization works very well and allows a dynamic visit. Version in English only but fairly easy to understand except for technical terms. Can be improved: the orientation information when several sightings in the same place... "return to us... if you are facing the road... go back in the opposite direction" sometimes confused if in the meantime we observe something that doesn't is not mentioned in the guide. But overall the review is very positive.

Good. Just too many groups in with guides which prevented us from listening easily to our audio guide.