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Circus of Maxentius

Circus of Maxentius

Circus of Maxentius: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rome: Appian Way, Aqueducts & Catacombs Option E-Bike Tour

1. Rome: Appian Way, Aqueducts & Catacombs Option E-Bike Tour

Indulge in all things Ancient Roman on this Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs, and Park of the Aqueducts E-bike tour. Ride through the Roman countryside, discover the engineering genius of the ancient Romans, and delve into the early Christian history that shaped the world to come. Meet your guide and leave the city through St. Sebastian's gate in the Aurelian Walls, and enter the Ancient Appian Way - a 2,400-year old thoroughfare that tells the story of Rome's rise, golden age, and decline. In the 6-hour version of the tour, make a stop underground at the Catacombs of St. Callixtus (or St. Sebastian) for a guided visit through its crypts and corridors (the 4-hour version of the tour will include an outdoor stop in the Catacombs area). Next, cycle further on the Appian Way, passing mausoleums, tombstones, and sprawling villas of ancient aristocracy. Finally, head to the Park of the Aqueducts, where stretches of colossal arches rise against the warm afternoon light. After following these aqueducts back to modern civilization, cross the green Caffarella Valley. At its exit, you will begin your short ride back to the starting point - but not without one last highlight.

Appia Antica: Full Day Bike Rental with Customizable Routes

2. Appia Antica: Full Day Bike Rental with Customizable Routes

Make the most of your time in Rome by getting into off the beaten path on a bike ride through the Appian Way Regional Park. Customize the itinerary according to your interests and stop when you want at the highlights of the Appian Way.  Discover one of the most beautiful protected areas in Europe far away from hustle and bustle of the city. Bike on the Appia Antica and get a new perspective of Rome. An endless series of landmarks such as the catacombs of S. Callisto (20 km of galleries dug underground, 500.000 corps buried there) the catacombs of San Sebastian with the last masterpiece of Gian Lorenzo Bernini did it when he was 80 years old, the Quintili's villa embracing 24 hectares, bath complexes, the Villa and Circus of Emperor Maxentius...This and much more is waiting for you, every day, since 312 BC.

Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Golf Cart Small-Group Tour

3. Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Golf Cart Small-Group Tour

Embark on an enchanting journey through the heart of Ancient Rome, comfortably seated in a modern golf cart that whisks you back in time along the legendary Appian Way. This meticulously crafted tour is designed to blend relaxation with exploration, offering a unique vantage point of Rome's historical grandeur. Your adventure begins with a serene drive by the iconic Colosseum, where gladiators once battled, followed by the majestic Baths of Caracalla, whose ancient ruins whisper tales of lavish Roman lifestyles. A highlight of your journey includes an intimate visit to the Church of Domine Quo Vadis, a sanctuary steeped in lore and history. As we delve deeper into the past, the tour takes a mystical turn with a visit to the Catacombs of San Callixtus, a sacred site on our afternoon itinerary, and San Sebastián, featured in our morning tours. These underground labyrinths serve as a poignant reminder of early Christian Rome, offering a glimpse into a time when faith and tradition carved spaces of worship into the very earth. The Basilica of Saint Sebastian awaits your discovery, inviting you inside to marvel at its sacred beauty and historical artifacts. Our journey continues with a leisurely drive by the Circus of Maxentius and a stop at the ancient Appian Way, where you can tread upon the original pavement that has withstood the march of centuries. The tour gracefully weaves through more of Rome's iconic landmarks, including a drive by the striking Pyramid of Caius Cestius and a thoughtful pause at the Belvedere of Romulus and Remus in the Circus Maximus, offering breathtaking views that span millennia. Your exploration is further enriched with a drive by the enigmatic Mouth of Truth, the ancient Theatre of Marcellus, and a panoramic view of the Venetian Square and the Fatherland Monument. The tour concludes with a nod to the Column of Trajan, standing as a testament to Rome's enduring legacy. This golf cart tour of Ancient Rome and the Appian Way, peppered with catacombs and iconic sights, is more than a journey; it's a bridge connecting the splendor of the past with the charm of the present. Join us for an unforgettable voyage through history, comfort, and wonder.

Rome: Ancient Appian Way E-Bike Tour

4. Rome: Ancient Appian Way E-Bike Tour

Take an evocative, fascinating tour down the Appian Way, one of the first streets in Rome. The Ancient Appian Way is also known as the “Queen of the Streets." It crosses the famous Parco degli Acquedotti, an important biological corridor in Rome’s city center, which tells the tale of the history of water in Rome and its related engineering works. In fact, six ancient Roman aqueducts converge here.   The rest of the tour takes you down a route that evokes the best of the region’s history, culture and art. Ride on a top-notch and smooth e-bike on a 2,300-year-old meadow and relive the history of the great empire, crossing a unique landscape full of ancient footprints, imperial mansions, statues, tombs, and the St. Calisto Catacombs.

Rome: Appian Way, Catacombs and Aqueducts e-Bike Tour

5. Rome: Appian Way, Catacombs and Aqueducts e-Bike Tour

Swap the hustle and bustle of the big city for a day in the countryside in this fantastic 4-hour or 5-hour electric bike tour. Your guide will be waiting for you at Lungotevere delle Armi 44, where this wonderful adventure will begin. Your route is Via Appia Antica (Appian Way), one of the most important access roads of the city of the Roman Empire. You can follow your guide through imposing aqueducts, including landmarks such as the Catacombs of San Callisto, and will also cross the Regional Park of Appia Antica. You have the option to take a 3-hour tour by electric or manual bicycle, or can instead opt to choose the 5-hour tour which includes the option to visit the Aqueducts Park or the Catacombs of San Callisto or San Sebastiano.

Rome: Appian Way, Aqueducts, & Catacombs Guided E-Bike Tour

6. Rome: Appian Way, Aqueducts, & Catacombs Guided E-Bike Tour

Explore the Roman countryside on a quality E-Bike with anti-puncture tires and a comfortable saddle. Enjoy an open air experience in the company of an expert guide and in maximum cycling safety, as you navigate the great highlights of this archeological area: the millennia-old Appian Way, the great Aurelian walls, the towering Roman Aqueducts, an Imperial Villa and countless remains of ancient Roman funerary practices. You will leave the city through St. Sebastian's gate and set out on the 2400-year-old Ancient Appian Way. The great extension of this open-air museum, peppered with mausoleums and villas, will tell the fascinating story of Rome's rise and fall. You will bike through vast areas hiding miles of underground Catacomb tunnels (and on the 6-hour version of the tour, you will stop for a guided visit there). As you continue, you will reach the Park of the Aqueducts, where monumental arches - once bringing in enormous quantities of water into Rome - loom over the landscape in the afternoon glow. Return to civilization through the green Caffarella Valley, a patch of true Italian countryside in the midst of the city. Choose from a shorter (4-hour) or longer (6-hour) duration tour, based on your schedule. The itinerary of the two versions is nearly identical; however, the longer tour includes a guided visit inside the early Christian Catacombs.

Rome: Quality E-Bike Evening Tour with Optional Dinner

7. Rome: Quality E-Bike Evening Tour with Optional Dinner

Experience the evening splendor and refreshing atmosphere of Rome on a fun e-bike tour of its best-known highlights. Enjoy a smooth ride on a Cannondale electric bike and an Italian dinner (dinner is included in the 4-hour version of the tour only). You will start your evening experience from a central location in Rome. Follow your guide through winding streets and alleys as they take you to a breathtaking sunset view of the Colosseum, before continuing towards a panoramic view over the Roman forum on the epic Via dei Fori Imperiali. Next, you continue towards 3 lesser-known but unmissable highlights: Teatro di Marcello, the Jewish Ghetto and Piazza Farnese. After this, participants on the 4-hour tour will be treated to a dinner in an Italian trattoria, where a selection of starters and a pizza (or a dish of pasta) will instil delight and energy for the remainder of the route. Next, a brilliant string of highlights ensues, including Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Led by your local guide, you effortlessly whiz by ancient temples, Baroque fountains, and Renaissance palaces, making short stops to savor the storytelling that brings out the magic of each place. The route will show you the obvious beauty of Rome, as well as the hidden one (look out for the church of Sant'Ignazio and Hadrian's Temple!). Lastly, to wrap up the tour, you will return on the majestic Via dei Fori Imperiali, and get a chance to admire Piazza Venezia and the enigmatically lit Imperial Forums... as you zoom towards and past the Colosseum, back to the shop.

Rome: Half-Day Ancient Appian Way & Aqueducts E-Bike Tour

8. Rome: Half-Day Ancient Appian Way & Aqueducts E-Bike Tour

The Roman countryside boasts plenty of remarkable vistas. There’s plenty to take in on this half-day cycling tour, from the 2,300-year-old cobblestone roads to the ancient ruins and the incredible scenery. After a short urban ride, you will reach the beginning of the Ancient Appian Way and then continue to cycle past ancient tombs and the ruins of an Imperial palace. As you ride, your guide will share interesting historical facts that will open your eyes to the Rome beyond the monuments. Leaving the Ancient Appian Way, you will follow the ancient aqueducts through the Roman countryside, where you might feel like you are in the wild side of Rome of centuries ago. After a pleasant ride back, your tour ends with a return to central Rome.

Rome: Appian Way Golf Cart Charter with Driver

9. Rome: Appian Way Golf Cart Charter with Driver

Discover the Appian Way Regional park on a golf cart! Duration: You can rent the golf cart for 2, 3, 4 hours. Please note: the golf cart can follow few routes inside the Park but is not possible to ride on the longest cobblestones stretches Description: you will rent the golf cart with our driver. You have to reserve at least for 2 hours in any case. More details: It is not possible to carry wheelchair on the golf cart, the passenger will be accompanied by the you can leave it in our tourist information office. You can not hire our golf cart on your own, but just with the driver.

Rome: E-Bike Guided Tour of Appian Way & Hidden Roman Gems

10. Rome: E-Bike Guided Tour of Appian Way & Hidden Roman Gems

Explore the enchanting city of Rome in a distinctive manner with our E-Bike Tour, a journey through the historic Appian Way and hidden treasures scattered throughout the city. Effortlessly glide through the streets alongside fellow travelers, guided by a knowledgeable local, unraveling the rich tapestry of Rome's historical wonders. Commencing at Circus Maximus, immerse yourself in the echoes of ancient Roman public games. Traverse towards the renowned Appian Way under the expert guidance of our tour leaders, weaving through historical gems such as the 'Quo Vadis' church and the grand Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. The legendary Appian Way seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural splendor, promising an unforgettable adventure. Upon returning to the city center, our guides will escort you through the enchanting Orange Gardens, providing a romantic panoramic view of Rome. Marvel at the extraordinary 'Key Hole' of Rome before concluding your journey with a breathtaking vista of the Palatine Hill – the heartbeat of Roman history. Embark on our E-Bike Tour for a sensorial expedition, a symphony of history, culture, and landscapes that will captivate your senses. Revel in the beauty of panoramic views as you breeze through the city – your adventure awaits, let's pedal through the beauty of Roma!

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The tourist information staff were very helpful and well maintained mountain bikes were provided with locks and helmets. We had limited time so didn't stop to visit the nearby catacombs but, having cycled 12Km to via di Fioranello, we took a detour on the return journey to visit 'Aqueduct Park'. Beautiful scenery, fabulous archaeology and highly recommend leaving the centre of Rome to enjoy the experience of cycling along one of history's oldest highways.

Fantastic tour with great stops. Ebike worked great and the assist functionality made it easy to do the whole ride. Filippo was a great tour guide that explained things with the right amount of detail and added some fun commentary. Highly recommend this if you don't mind the bike riding.

Super nice guide who managed to identify many facts. Beautiful bike ride! I would recommend this tour to everyone!

Flavio was a perfect guide with detailed information and humor. Thanks again for the wonderful Via Appia tour.

Very good, Sergio was fantastic. He changed our historical knowledges about ancient Rome, a bit. Ivo