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Central Municipal Athens Market

Central Municipal Athens Market: Our most recommended tours and activities

Athens: Greek Food Tour with Tastings

1. Athens: Greek Food Tour with Tastings

Explore Athen's food markets on a 4-hour walking tour. Taste delicious treats and visit local stores selling Greece's "Green Treasures" such as olive oil, wines, mushrooms, herbs, and traditionally made pasta and salamis. Start with a traditional Greek with koulóuria (sesame bread rings). Sample the famous Ancient Greek loukoumades (Greek donuts) and custard-filled filo squares. Continue to a local phyllo pastry shop. Enjoy local pies and cheeses at authentic Greek bakery. Next, wander through the famous meat and fish markets. Try roasted coffee and visit specialty shops for fresh fruit, olives, cheese, ham, and other deli products. Enjoy local wine, organically produced olive oil and honey, aged aromatised vinegar, and world-famous Greek yogurt with thyme honey topping. Wander down Evripidou Street, scented by herbs. Continue your culinary exploration in the historic city center, where your food tour leader will take you to some of the most authentic downtown mezedes taverns (Greek tapas). End your tour with a famous Greek souvlaki aka pita bread with pork or chicken delicious gyros. This tour can be done easily also for vegetarians.

Athens: Electric Bike Day Tour

2. Athens: Electric Bike Day Tour

Start your tour at the meeting point where you will have the chance to meet your fun and friendly guide. Once you've had the chance to meet your guides, you will be shown the route for the day, hop on your E-bike and off you go.  Set off toward your first stop, the traditional meat and fish markets to see local Athenians buying fresh supplies. Then pass by the Athens Trilogy and visit three wonderful neoclassical buildings, the Library, the University, and the Academy. Pass by the upper part of the city known for its luxury and exclusive streets. The tour is scheduled so that you will be on time at Syntagma square to watch the famous changing of the guards and take photos with the Evzones. Next, visit Zappeion Hall and head towards the stunning Panathenaic Stadium. Then, you will ride to the temple of Olympian Zeus, around Acropolis, and the Areopagus Hill to experience the city from above. Ride around Acropolis to Plaka, Anafiotika, the Roman Agora, Monastiraki, and the lively streets of Psyrri. Riding back to the finishing point you will pass the Athens triangle, a fun local hang out area for Athenians. Your tour will end with a special treat back at the local partner's office. By the end of this tour, you will surely be in love with Athens.

Athens: The Authentic Greek Food Tour

3. Athens: The Authentic Greek Food Tour

Discover the city at a relaxing pace with your local expert who will share their love for delicious dishes and tasty products. This gastronomic adventure includes many delicious Greek delicacies, some of them with a twist, and various snacks known from ancients times.Try some of the most beloved and healthy Greek food while exploring the local culinary scene which continues to evolve and surprise! Keep exploring the most exciting flavors of Greece through a workshop where you will taste and learn more about some of the most delicious products of this country. This is also where the most vibrant part of the city is located, a year-round food oasis. Here you will feel the real pulse of the city, among food stalls, coffee shops, open-air markets, and well-hidden tavernas. Let your senses guide you; this is the local food market where you will mingle with the locals and you will observe, smell, and touch the best quality ingredients this city has to offer! Stroll around the food district where the street with the spices is located, where you will find the best herbs that are collected from all over Greece.  Discover some of the best-hidden tavernas and feel that old time nostalgia. You will taste typical Greek tapas (mezes) and drink wine or ouzo in a place that will remind you of an old black & white film set back in the '60s! This is as authentic as it gets! And remember… the more hungry you come, the better! IMPORTANT NOTES:  • Meeting point and places/tastings may be different from those mentioned in the tour description during weekends and also during evening tours on weekdays (some places/delis and also the food market are closed). • Food market doesn't operate during evening hours. • Alcohol served at lunch/dinner only. • Please inform for food restrictions/allergies. • Not recommended for gluten free/vegan/lactose-free/low carb diet. • Please check where the meeting point is located and come on time.

Athens: Ultimate Food Walking Tour with 15 Tastings

4. Athens: Ultimate Food Walking Tour with 15 Tastings

Prepare yourself for a mouthwatering journey to discover the secrets of world-renowned Greek cuisine. This 4-hour experience will take you through picturesque neighbourhoods and local food shops offering secret culinary treasures. During the tour, your food-loving guide will share stories about Greek gastronomy and local culture. You’ll taste 15 different types of Greek culinary excellence, including a traditional filo pie from a family-run place that has existed since the 1920s, the dessert that was given to the winners of the ancient Olympic Games and Greece’s most famous street food! You’ll also discover the answer to the great debate: Turkish or Greek coffee? Unlike many Athens food tours, you won't just be sampling mouthfuls. This is a 4-hour Greek gastronomy tour where you will enjoy traditional Greek recipes such as stuffed tomatoes, moussaka, soutzoukakia, the dessert of choice for the winners of the ancient Olympic Games and more. It is essential that you don’t eat breakfast and there will be no room for lunch!

Athens: Greek Food Discovery Small Group Walking Tour

5. Athens: Greek Food Discovery Small Group Walking Tour

Your culinary journey of Athens will take you to carefully selected specialty food shops, where you’ll taste some of the finest foods in Athens. On this 3.5-hour tour your expert food guide will take you for that essential eye-opener, Greek coffee, at one of the landmark coffee houses of the city. Then you'll duck into a carefully selected specialty food store that prides itself on its wide selection of Greek products. Here, you’ll be able to taste different olive oils, cheese, spreads and other surprises. This is your chance to be food-adventurous – among the upcoming stops is a baklava bakery with a long history and some of the best syropy sweets in Greece. Then, it’s time for authentic souvlaki at a delicious grill spot before heading into the traditional “belly of the city”, the bustling Varvakios Market, the biggest and most popular fish, meat and vegetable market in the whole of Athens. As you continue your walk, we’ll take the city’s Spice Street and drop in at a shop with an incredible variety of local condiments and herbs such as Greek oregano and Krokos Kozanis, otherwise known as Greek Red Saffron. We’ll also stop by a local pastry shop for a serious sugar rush as we tuck into a bougatsa (a traditional cream-filled phyllo treat) or loukoumades, the Greek version of donuts. The last stop on the tour is for a selection of scrumptious Greek meze (like tapas, only better) at a traditional tavern. When they finally clear the plates away here, our mission will be accomplished – you’ll leave with a full and happy stomach and a much better understanding of the world of Greek food.

Athens: Street Food Tour with Local Guide and 7 Tastings

6. Athens: Street Food Tour with Local Guide and 7 Tastings

Embark on a gastronomic escapade in Athens, guided by a local expert who unveils the city's culinary secrets. Immerse yourself in a world where time-honored traditions meet contemporary delights, creating an unforgettable fusion of tastes and textures. Sample the artistry of handmade pies at one of Athens' oldest bakeries. Continue with the warmth of Greek coffee and the sweetness of loukouma in a charming nostalgic café. Delight in a crispy sesame bagel, koulouri, made by a contemporary expert with the old traditional recipe and explore the diverse flavors of meats and cheeses complemented by pure tsipouro. Taste delicious olives, and extra virgin olive oil. Conclude your culinary adventure with the classic Greek souvlaki, a must for every visitor. Experience Athens through its vibrant and diverse culinary landscape, where every bite tells a story.

Athens: The Ultimate Food Tasting Tour

7. Athens: The Ultimate Food Tasting Tour

This food tour will please food lovers and history dwellers alike, as you will stroll the historical city center with your experienced tour guide. As for the food tasting, start your day in one of the most quaint neighborhoods,  Psyrri, where you'll have a fitting Greek breakfast of aromatic Greek coffee and the well-known “koulouri” sesame pastry. Also you will visit the Center of Greek Tradition. As part of the Greek tradition delving, visit an old sandal shop and choose a pair which fits you from thousands of options. From there, experience the depth of traditional Mediterranean cuisine by visiting original Greek delis, a couple of specialized Greek pie shops and the vivid Varvakios market, while tasting world-renowned Greek delicacies such as cheese, meat products, rusks, olives and olive oil, vegetables and everything else you could ask for in a Greek food tour. Finish the tour on an alternative note by visiting an obscure, yet so authentic Greek tapas shop and accompany your tapas with prestigious alcoholic beverages like Tsipouro in a true Greek food-tasting experience. For those of you who still don't have enough, there is an option of finishing your meal with original Greek sweets like “loukoumades” in picturesque nearby sweet shops. Overall, this food tour combines a unique, traditional food-tasting experience with a thorough acquaintance of Athens' city center history, and is a surefire option to satisfy the nerds of traditional food and history alike!

Old and new Athens with street food by e-bike

8. Old and new Athens with street food by e-bike

Embark on an exhilarating e-bike guided tour through Athens, a journey that seamlessly weaves together the tapestry of ancient marvels, neoclassical elegance, and vibrant street life. Begin your adventure by riding beneath the majestic Hadrian's Arch, experiencing the grandeur that once welcomed Roman emperors. Marvel at the colossal Temple of Zeus, an ancient engineering marvel that stands testament to Greece's architectural prowess. Glide past the Olympic Kallimarmaro, the world's largest marble stadium, echoing the cheers of ancient competitions. Pause at the iconic Zappeion and little later witness the synchronised change of the Guards at Syntagma, and soak in the neoclassical beauty of the Trilogy, First Royal Residence, and Kotzia Square. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Varvakios Market, where the pulse of the city beats through vibrant stalls. Navigate the artistic streets of Psiri, pedal along the Apostle Pavlou promenade, and stop at Thission to admire the remnants of the Athens Agora. Ascend the Areopagus for a panoramic view that unfolds the Acropolis in all its glory. Witness the historical landmarks unfold as you pass the First University, the unique atmosphere in the alleys of Anafiotika, and the oldest street in Europe, Tripodon. At the Roman Forum, marvel at the Tower of the Winds, an ancient weather station that defied the test of time. Delight your senses at the Athens Cathedral and savour the authentic taste of souvlaki, a culinary treat that complements your journey. Traverse the timeless streets of Plaka, where every cobblestone tells a story, and conclude your tour at the Lysicrates Monument, one elegantly standing testament to a bygone era. This e-bike adventure through Athens promises not only a glimpse into the city's rich history and architecture but also an immersion into its vibrant present. From ancient ruins to bustling markets, from neoclassical elegance to culinary delights, this tour is a captivating odyssey through the heart of Athens.

Athens: Private Urban Treasure Hunt with Food Stops

9. Athens: Private Urban Treasure Hunt with Food Stops

Join us for an unforgettable journey with Save Magas: The Modern and Ottoman side of Athens! Begin your treasure hunt adventure with our friendly facilitator, who'll introduce you to your mission. Then, use the Narratologies app to solve riddles, earn gems, and unveil important monuments around the urban side of Athens. Along the way, our facilitator will guide you to delicious food stops to keep you energized throughout the hunt. Conclude your journey with a triumphant coronation, led by the facilitator. Don't waste any time and... Explore The Psyri, Varvakios and Monastiraki districts where important monuments like Hadrian's Library are perfectly combined with local flea markets fragnant with local spices, colorful graffitis and lively bars. Finish your journey in the awe-inspiring Roman Agora, right under the Acropolis hill. Taste A handpicked selection of the finest traditional curated meats and cheeses, olive oil rusks, and raki shots. Also featured on the menu is the infamous bougatsa, a sweet pastry with a delicious vanilla cream filling. Take Pictures of vibrant graffitis, breathtaking views of the Acropolis, unique second-hand items from bygone eras, imposing ancient monuments. Mission An Oriental princess named Flame has fallen deeply in love with Magas, a poor Greek rebetiko musician. Despite their strong bond, Flame's father, the Sultan, is determined to prevent their marriage. He secretly sends soldiers to kidnap and imprison Magas in a secret location in Athens. Hurry up! You must help Flame locate him and set him free. Will love triumph in the end? ** Inspired by a real incident in the beginning of the 20th century. Learn A fair share of ancient and contemporary Greek history enough to give you a great overview, equipping you to navigate the city like a pro. Learn how contemporary monuments such as graffitis and modern buildings are tied to the ancient past making the city a cultural mosaic. Win Complementary golden wreaths - what a winner like you deserve- and vouchers & discounts by local arts&crafts shops and museum giftshops for redeeming your gems.

Explore the hidden food gems of Athens

10. Explore the hidden food gems of Athens

Fee includes everything consumed on the walk. Taste the most local food in Athens. Skip the tourist traps and discover the local bites of the Greek culture. More than 14 traditional, delicious, freshly cooked tastings. We will be walking in the heart of central Athens, where Athenians do their shopping for the daily meal. We will introduce you to the vendors of our favorite local shops, share traditional breakfast delicacies, smell and learn about herbs and spices, visit a deli shop to taste the original honey glazed yoghurt and take you to the magical word of olives. Also, one of the best Greek traditional restaurants (mageirio) will be accommodating you for a seated lunch, cheese tasting and of course, you'll try a dessert. During the walk, you'll meet our old friends in the oldest vegetable, fish and meat market of Athens and you'll also try our best wines and distillates of the region. Get the chance to know how to cook all the dishes you will try, and get local insight into recipes, tips for Athens, the islands and the culinary traditions. Join us in a “Mediterranean Diet” food tour and discover the secrets of our culinary tradition. In case your preferred dates are not available, you can always ask us to make some room and we will be happy to host you. All dietary restrictions can be met. Looking forward to meeting and hosting you to our Delicious Athens. Julia & Douk

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This was an excellent tour. If you are a foodie and love Greek food or just want to explore Greek food you may not usually have, then this is a great opportunity to explore and indulge. Be sure not to eat anything, as you need space for all the food you are going to enjoy during the walking tour. Dorela was an excellent tour guide. If you sign up for this tour and you have her as a guide, then you are sure to have a great time. This tour is highly recommended.

Stella made us feel comfortable, is a great organiser & cook, and provided us with some extra nutrition-based info as well. A great way to learn how to cook Greek food when back home, and - as a solo traveller - meet fellow foodies.

Adele was great. Food too. Maybe to put the sweets and coffee at the end of the tour instead in the middle.

The guide was very knowledgeable and personable. Excellent food and a great value overall.

Great tour guide. Very informative and loads and loads of food.