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Calheta Beach

Calheta Beach: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Calheta: Madeira Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Tour

1. From Calheta: Madeira Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Tour

Glide around Madeira Island as you search for whales and dolphins by speedboat. Experience close encounters with the island's wildlife and follow the guidance of your local crew to approach animals with awareness. Meet your speedboat crew at the port and aboard a modern and highly efficient whale watching vessel. The speedboat's silent engines are ideal for wildlife watching as they cause little disturbance to the sensitive hearing of whales and dolphins. Once aboard, tour the sea around Madiera Island and beyond as your speed boat takes you to far distances for an optimal marine-watching experience.

Madeira: Whale Watching Excursion in a Traditional Vessel

2. Madeira: Whale Watching Excursion in a Traditional Vessel

Discover the protected marine areas surrounding the island of Madeira on a boat trip with expert local guides. Enjoy a whale-watching excursion on the "Ribeira Brava", a traditional wooden fishing boat restored down to the smallest detail which is the only boat of its kind in Madeira today. Admire the views of the coast as you sail out to sea. Explore and try to spot monk seals, different bird species, dolphins, and whale species in their natural habitat. Watch amazing breaches and marine creatures frolicking in the open ocean.

Porto Santo: Kayak Tour from Ponta Calheta

3. Porto Santo: Kayak Tour from Ponta Calheta

Embark on a kayaking tour from Ponta Calheta and discover beautiful landscapes of volcanic rock formations, caves, and rugged coastlines. Choose from two different routes: Kayaking to Cal Islet Start the tour on Calheta Beach and head to the nearby Cal Islet located just offshore. See the rugged volcanic rock formations of the island including its many caves and high cliffs. Kayaking to Zimbralinho Beach Start from Calheta Beach and kayak along the coast to Zimbralinho Beach. Discover the beautiful coast of Porto Santo ánd its inlets, arriving at the pristine Zimbralinho Beach.

Porto Santo: Pirates and Corsairs Guided Island Tour

4. Porto Santo: Pirates and Corsairs Guided Island Tour

A tour around the island, where you will learn the story of Porto Santo, and why it was so important for the Portugueses and Human kind. We will help you discover how the people of the island would live on those days with the constants attacks of the pirates and corsairs. A fun an excited way to visit all the island for all members of the family. Discover the most beautiful and well know places on Porto Santo and get to know about their history. You may visit: Calheta beach, Miradouro das flores, Zimbralinho, Morenos, miradouro dos morenos, sand dunes, Fonte da areia, Pedregal, miradouro da Portela, miradouro do Pico Castelo.

Calheta Madeira: Whale and Dolphin Watching Speed Boat Tour

5. Calheta Madeira: Whale and Dolphin Watching Speed Boat Tour

Dolphin & Whale Watching: Calheta Speedboat Expedition, Madeira Madeira's mesmerizing coast, marked by its lush landscapes and azure waters, houses secrets that are best experienced than told. Nestled within these deep, pristine waters are wonders that dance, sing, and leap - the magnificent dolphins and whales. Our Dolphin & Whale Watching Expedition off Calheta's coast promises not just a mere viewing but an immersive experience in the world of these marine marvels. Starting from the picturesque Calheta harbor, you'll be welcomed aboard our state-of-the-art speedboat, which combines speed with safety, ensuring a comfortable yet exhilarating ride. As the coastline starts to fade and the horizon broadens, feel the thrill of anticipation. The deep blue becomes a canvas, and soon, silhouettes emerge. A fin, a leap, a splash. Every moment is a delightful surprise. Our experienced crew, equipped with marine mammal knowledge, will share insights and anecdotes that enrich your journey. Learn about the playful behaviors of bottlenose dolphins, the migratory patterns of majestic whales, and the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem they inhabit. But this tour isn't just about watching; it's about connecting. Feel the resonance of a whale song, witness the playful antics of dolphins as they ride the boat's wake, and capture these memories not just in cameras but in your heart. Midway through our expedition, there's an opportunity for a short, refreshing dive. Plunge into the clear waters, and maybe, just maybe, have a curious dolphin join you for a swim. Back on board, enjoy light refreshments as you continue your journey, watching the sun cast golden hues upon the water, making the oceanic realm even more enchanting. As we steer back to Calheta, the journey feels transformational. The bond you form with nature, the thrill of the ride, and the stories you gather are sure to be recounted for years. We, at "Passion for the Sea", believe in crafting experiences. We ensure smaller groups for a personal touch and responsible viewing practices to protect our marine friends. Safety and sustainability are at our core. So, if Madeira's calling and the ocean's mysteries intrigue you, our Calheta speedboat expedition is your gateway. Reserve your spot, bring along your spirit of adventure, and let us sail you through a narrative where nature plays the lead. Join us, for the ocean has stories, and we know just where to listen. This detailed description provides a narrative feel, setting expectations while invoking curiosity and excitement for potential participants.

Ponta do Sol: Guided Sightseeing E-Bike Tour

6. Ponta do Sol: Guided Sightseeing E-Bike Tour

Explore the most beautiful areas of Madeira's coast on a powerful and comfortable e-bike. With your guide, cycle on a trail that lets you enjoy the magnificent coastal views and leads you through the picturesque valleys and mountains. Get picked up from your accommodation head toward Ponta do Sol to set off on your cycling adventure. Begin at Lombada and pass through the Lugar de Baixo as you descend toward the town's center. Enjoy amazing ocean views from the old pier and look out over the town and beach from a belvedere. Climb the hill on your bike to get to Livramento Chapel, where you can enjoy the view of the banana plantations. Discover numerous sugarcane fields and beautiful flower-covered houses in Canhas and make a stop at the Cascalho viewpoint. Your e-bike tour will end where it started. From there you will be driven back to your accommodations.

Funchal: Amazing Craters of Fire 4x4 Tour

7. Funchal: Amazing Craters of Fire 4x4 Tour

Enjoy the warmest place of Madeira and what is has to offer. The southwest is the point less visited by foreigners, making all the viewpoints unique. You can admire the lovely scenery freely there without the crowds of tourists around spoiling it. You'll start at Campanário, with tiny 2-way roads making for great adventures. Once at Ponta do Sol, you will take an off-road track up to the plateau which sits at 1,500 meters. This track will see you passing by green mountains, all of which are covered with forests. Following that, stop at Prazeres where you have the option to taste home-made dishes which pack plenty of flavor. You'll then make your way down to the villages near the coastline, where charismatic fishing villages create a contrast with the colors of the sky and mountains. You will see old terraces where people still work with their hands in the production of bananas, sugar cane, and subtropical fruits.

Efoil Surf Board Lesson in Calheta Beach

8. Efoil Surf Board Lesson in Calheta Beach

Sea4FunMadeira is a project created with the aim of promoting fun and adrenaline-filled nautical activities. Provides you all the necessary material for you to enjoy the Efoil Surf Board in complete safety. We want you to make the most of it and have fun exploring the beautiful Madeiran coast. Sea4FunMadeira is also a space to promote the encounter between different people and cultures. An E-foil is a surfboard with an electric propeller just above the wing of the hydrofoil, which powers the board to move through any water. The E-foil is powered by a nearly silent electric motor and rechargeable battery. It's controlled by a handheld wireless remote that syncs to the E-foil via Bluetooth. This latest activity is unique and exclusive in Madeira! Contrary to what you might think, these boards are easy to handle. You can get the same levels of emotion that you get in similar nautical activities, without demanding long hours of dedication. It's guaranteed fun in the first session!

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Such an amazing trip with a professional guide. We were lucky cus it felt like just hanging out on the ocean with friends. Good talking, nice jokes and beautiful views. Matias with Sherlock (Portuguese water dog) are the best.

The speed boat has a great advantage when moving longer distances (it travels at about 50 km/h) and is surprisingly comfortable.

Brilliant, The driver was very informative, very interesting and drove with passion, quite quickly, but I enjoyed it

Exciting whale whatching experience. Saw a lot of dolphins and 2 different whales !! :)

very dedicated team that cares about animal welfare