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From Hanoi: Perfume Pagoda Tour and Yen Stream Boat Ride

1. From Hanoi: Perfume Pagoda Tour and Yen Stream Boat Ride

ITINERARY : 8h – 8h45 : We pick you up at your hotel and start to visit Perfume Pagoda. 9h15 – 9h30 : Have a short break for 15-20 minutes to relax 10h15 : We arrive at Perfume Pagoda and walk to Yen wharf to get on local boat. The boat will go through Yen stream and you can enjoy beautiful landscape. 11h30 : Short trek to the main cave on the mountain summit ( 2.5km), we visit Huong Tich cave. The tour guide will help you understand about this landscape. 13h00 : Have lunch at the restaurant. 14h00 : Visit Thien Tru Pagoda for resting and if you wish, Buddhist prayer. Thien Tru Pagoda was built in the 18th century under King Le Thanh Tong dynasty. Thien Tru means a heaven kitchen, derived from the imagination of the locals in this region, of which the rock formations in this area look like chefs busily working in the kitchen. 15h30 : Back to Yen wharf and return by bus to Hanoi. 18h00 : Arrive back to Hanoi and get dropped at the Hotel. The Trip end !

From HCM: Private Cai Be Mekong Delta Cruise & Cooking Class

2. From HCM: Private Cai Be Mekong Delta Cruise & Cooking Class

Get a feel for the local way of life on the Mekong Delta on a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be. Enjoy a boat ride and a cooking class before lunch. After, either paddle a kayak or ride a bike to explore the area further. Around 8:00AM, start with pickup at your central hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and drive to Cai Be. Upon arrival, take some time to explore the town on foot and then board a motorized boat to cruise along the Mekong river to admire the serene scenery. Continue on a small sampan boat to paddle along the small canals and see the locals going about their day. The boat ride offers a unique perspective of the area, and you will see firsthand how locals live and work on the river. The boat takes you to the region’s fruit orchards where you can try some fresh fruits and enjoy the local music performed by the villagers. Next, arrive at a local restaurant and attend a cooking class to prepare some traditional dishes using fresh ingredients sourced from the region for lunch. After lunch, take a rest and relax before hitting the water by using kayaks for a leisurely paddle down the Mekong river. Take your time and soak up the peaceful surroundings. Alternatively, if you don't want to go kayaking, hop on a bike and explore the countryside on two wheels. The bike ride is a great way to get up close and personal with the area’s rural way of life. Once you have kayaked or biked, travel back to Ho Chi Minh City with your memories of this charming town in the Mekong Delta. Arrive approximately at 5:30PM

Ho Chi Minh City: Mekong River Delta Day Trip with Boat Trip

3. Ho Chi Minh City: Mekong River Delta Day Trip with Boat Trip

Explore the 'rice bowl of Vietnam,' the Mekong River Delta, a flatland stretching from Ho Chi Minh's southwest to the Gulf of Thailand. Orchards, paddy fields, and swamplands make up the rustic landscape of this verdant region, which is well worth exploring as an escape from Saigon's street scenes. Start with an early pickup before heading south to the Cai Be district, where you'll board a boat to Tan Phong Island, one of the better-known islands in the Mekong Delta, famed for its fruit orchards, aquaculture, and fishing. Next, stop at an Ancient House, known by the locals as the old house of Mr. Kiet. Step back in time in this ancient five-bedroom house that is almost 200 years old. Marvel at the intricately decorated interiors, featuring rare pieces of wood inlaid with numerous delicate carvings. Then, have a late lunch before heading for some sweet treats at the Kimmy Chocolatier Factory. Stop at the Vinh Tran Pagoda, a timeless oasis nestled in the heart of the Mekong Delta. Marvel at its intricate architecture and tranquil surroundings before returning to Ho Chi Minh.

Mekong Delta tour to Cai Be – Tan Phong Island full day

4. Mekong Delta tour to Cai Be – Tan Phong Island full day

07:30 AM: Depart for Cai Be by bus/van via Trung Luong Expressway. Upon your arrival in Cai Be, you will be afforded the opportunity to gain insights into the local trading practices, which have undergone significant transformation in response to the advent of modern society. This transformation is characterized by an increased reliance on land-based transportation and the implementation of advanced agricultural techniques that are now prevalent. In this locale, you will have the chance to observe the remarkable diversity of the region and the abundant fertility of the orchard gardens, which have earned it the distinction of being the preeminent source of fruit in the lower reaches of the Mekong River. Ramble in small villages where you will uncover the beauty of an ancient house and learn about the indigenous culture. Make a short visit to a small family business where the locals make coconut fudges and crispy rice popcorn. Savor delicious fresh fruit and feel the slow rhythms of Southern Vietnamese folk music – a kind of music entwined with the life and culture of the Mekong Delta people. Paddle through small canals – an exciting experience since you can look around, unwind, and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the Upper Mekong Delta. Additionally, after arrival on Tan Phong Island, immerse yourself in nature's tranquility. At lunchtime, you not only enjoy luscious food but also get closer to the locals as it is a chance to learn how to prepare Vietnamese specialties. The meal is cooked on your own and served in the heart of the local garden. Cycle on the village path through orchards. Meet the local islanders to learn more about the local daily life in the Mekong Delta. Visit Ba Kiệt’s ancient house. Take a boat ride back to Cai Be and meet your bus for the trip back to Ho Chi Minh City. End your trip.

Mekong Day Tour by Car: Floating market, Cooking & Cycling

5. Mekong Day Tour by Car: Floating market, Cooking & Cycling

Your lovely and friendly tour guide will meet up with you at 7:30 a.m. at your hotel and head down to Tien Giang province together in a private car. The drive will last for around 2 hours, you will have the chance to have a full view of the local life changing the farther the car takes you away from the busy city. Arriving at Cai Be floating market at 9:45 am, your private boat will leisurely cruise you along the famous Cai Be floating market. Here your tour guide will provide a full commentary about the area so that you can learn more about the local life here and how people purchasing goods as well as living on boats. Continue your visit to: ·   The coconut candy factory, sampling the sweets, admiring the skillful hands of the makers ·   Sit down at the honey bee farm and sip on some hot tasty honey tea, which is said to be very good for you. Seeing how pop rice is made, a very popular and close to hearts of many Vietnamese ·   Enjoy traditional Vietnamese Southern music at local house and sampling some tropical fruits that are grown from this land ·   Visit a tropical fruit garden and take a sampan ride along a small canal Around midday, stop to have lunch at a local house while sitting in the middle of a beautiful green garden. After lunch, a small exercise is much needed. You can choose either a short walk or cycling after lunch to see the local village. Say good bye to the peaceful and beautiful Mekong Delta during you last ride on the big boats. Get back in the car to head back to HCM city at around 3:00 p.m. Arrive at your hotel at 5:30 – 6:00 p.m.

From Saigon: Private Tour to Cai Rang Floating Market 1 Day

6. From Saigon: Private Tour to Cai Rang Floating Market 1 Day

You will start your tour at 5.00 AM when your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Saigon. You will enjoy a light breakfast in your private car as you look out at the stunning views of paddy fields lit by the morning sun. After three hours of driving, you will reach the market, a bustling and colorful array of people selling their wares in the water from boat-to-boat. Afterward, you will be taken to a workshop where you will be shown how to make “Hu Tieu”, a traditional noodle dish.   Leaving Can Tho City, you will head to Cai Be for a cooking class. A local chef will teach you some cooking techniques, and you will prepare a delicious lunch. You will hear about different flavor combinations and cooking styles around Vietnam and will learn about the lives of the locals. You will have some time to rest in the nearby comfortable shady hammocks before taking a bike ride through village roads to visit some handicraft workshops. You can take in the beautiful tranquility of village life and if you are lucky, may hear some South Vietnamese music as you pass by.  You will then be transported back to Saigon by car and will arrive at your hotel at around 5.00 PM. 

Cai Rang Famous Floating Market in Can Tho 1 day tour

7. Cai Rang Famous Floating Market in Can Tho 1 day tour

Are you ready for a delightful one-day tour of the famous Cai Rang Floating Market? Let me introduce you to this unique experience. Itinerary: 5:00 am: Your tour will begin with an early morning pick-up from your hotel. We'll head straight to the river where a traditional long-tail boat awaits to take you to Cai Rang Floating Market. As we cruise along the river, you'll witness the vibrant scene of boats filled with goods and hear the energetic sounds of locals bargaining. Once we arrive at the market, you'll have the opportunity to explore the bustling market firsthand. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, and don't be shy to interact with the friendly vendors. You can buy some of the freshest tropical fruits, sample local snacks, or even enjoy a traditional Vietnamese breakfast right on the water. Afterward, we'll continue our journey along the smaller canals, where you'll get a closer look at the peaceful rural life of the Mekong Delta. You'll pass by lush green fields, stilt houses, and maybe even catch a glimpse of the locals engaged in their daily activities. To add a cultural touch to your tour, we'll visit a nearby orchard or a traditional rice noodle factory. Here, you can observe the process of making rice noodles, a staple food in Vietnam. 11:00 am: Leaving Can Tho City, we head to Cai Be (Tien Giang Province) for cooking class. Joining a cooking class, you not only have another view of cooking style in the South in particular and generally Vietnam and learn how the locals prepare all stuffs of traditional meal but also feel clearly the tranquility, simplicity and rusticity in daily lives of Mekong people; moreover, probably you will find out the different local taste even in Vietnam. To let you know, the Northern people prefer salty taste, while people in the Central of Vietnam are more into spicy dishes, yet Southern cuisine is absolutely sweeter than other rest. As soon as enjoying the tasty lunch which is cooked by you, then it is the perfect time to chill out on comfortable hammocks under the shadow of tropical fruit trees for recharging your energy. You will never forget the precious moments when biking through car-free village roads with tropical fruits and bonsai gardens on the both side, as well as visiting some handicraft workshops nearby to feel more about the real Mekong atmosphere. Next, we relax on a rowing boat and go through the mangrove palm canal to feel the real peaceful atmosphere of Mekong Delta, even know more about locals’ lifestyle when joking with friendly rowing women. Beside that is the time of enjoying the melody of South Vietnam folk music. 3:30 pm: we'll head back to the city and drop you off at your hotel, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable journey. This one-day tour of Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho promises an authentic and unforgettable experience. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture and witness the unique way of life on the water.

'Cai Rang' Floating Market 2-Day Tour With Biking & Boating

8. 'Cai Rang' Floating Market 2-Day Tour With Biking & Boating

One of the most exciting highlights of the Joy Journeys Mekong Delta tour is the visit to Cai Rang Floating Market, the largest floating market in the region. Here, you'll have the chance to witness firsthand the bustling activity of vendors and shoppers as they exchange goods and haggle for the best prices. With a maximum group size of 10 people, you can be sure that you'll receive personalized attention from your guide and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact with locals. Joy Journeys also places a strong emphasis on supporting local communities and promoting sustainable tourism practices. By visiting local villages and participating in cultural activities like cooking classes, travelers have the opportunity to learn about and support the rich cultural heritage of the Mekong Delta. In addition, Joy Journeys partners with local guides and service providers to ensure that a fair share of the tour fees goes back into the local community. Waking up in the early morning to start the boat ride to the floating market with the amazing atmosphere to watch the sunrise is an extraordinary experience that all of our guests enjoyed during this tour. Overnight at Bamboo Eco Village is also the highlight of the tour when the 'resort' is located in front of Mekong river. All of the rooms are designed with care to touch the authencity of the Mekong Delta. This is where you will have your dinner, breakfast and cooking class for 'Banh Xeo' on the second day.

From Ho Chi Minh: Explore Mekong Delta with Local Experience

9. From Ho Chi Minh: Explore Mekong Delta with Local Experience

Our car and tour guide will pick you up at your hotel for the Classic Mekong Delta Day Tour. After around a 2-hour drive from Saigon, we will reach the port to take a leisurely cruise on the Tien River to see 4 islets which are represented as four mythical animals in Southeast Asia: Dragon, Kirin, Tortoise, and Phoenix. Then we will visit a honey bee farm and taste delicious honey tea with lemon that is really good for health. Moreover is to enjoy a lot of tropical fruits featuring the typical characteristics of the Mekong Delta. Local people also have a python farm so those who are looking for adventure can touch pythons and take photos with them. Visit the coconut candy workshop to learn how to make delicious candies by hand. On the Classic Mekong Delta 1 Day Tour, you can enjoy the melody of “Don Ca Tai Tu”, a genre of traditional folk music that is an indispensable spiritual cultural activity in Mekong Delta people’s lives and officially recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Furthermore, we can relax on the rowing boat going through a mangrove palm canal, and continue to ride by horse-drawn carriage through the village as the way locals did in the 19th century. You cannot leave the Mekong Delta without visiting Vinh Trang Pagoda, considered the biggest and oldest ancient pagoda in Southern Vietnam influenced by Asian and Western architecture and culture, which is located in My Tho Town. Coming back to Saigon, end of the tour.

From Ho Chi Minh City: Mekong Delta Full-Day Private Tour

10. From Ho Chi Minh City: Mekong Delta Full-Day Private Tour

Start your day at 7:30am from the comfort of your accommodation where your driver will be to meet you. Jump aboard your own private vehicle and depart for the mighty Mekong River! Enjoy a scenic 3-hour drive and learn all about the course of the river and how it arrives in Vietnam from its origins in the snowy mountains of Tibet. You’ll also get to gaze at the spectacular surrounding scenery as you drive through the wonderfully fertile region. Take the chance to glimpse at the local way of life as we pass through one of the county’s agricultural hotspots. Once you arrive in Cai Be, you will board your private sampan (a traditional, motorized boat) and begin your unforgettable cruise. First you will have the chance to see and experience a small traditional floating market. An unmissable chance to get an insight into trading away from the tourist focused markets of the city. Expect to be dazzled by an array of colours, smells and sounds.  After the floating market, change to rowing boats and go into the smaller, secluded canals of the delta. Here you can get up close and be a part of the daily life of local people and farmers. Next you will take a visit to Tan Phong island. After a quick stop-off at a tasty fruit orchard, you will experience the enchanting music of South-West Vietnam as whilst enjoying a local performance. You will also have the opportunity to take a guided bicycle tour of this marvellous island. Along the way you will visit local families and learn how they use the land to craft everything from delicate rice paper to the sturdy roofs of their homes. The families will treat you to Mekong delicacies for lunch which include freshly made spring rolls, fried pumpkin flower and beautiful braised pork soaked in coconut juice. Scooter accommodation can also be provided. After the special Mekong lunch, we transfer to a smaller rowing boat allowing us to get deeper into the smaller canals of the Delta to get back to our big boat. The motor boat moves slowly along the river banks with floating fish farms then returns to My Tho for the journey back to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Extremely good tour, made all the more enjoyable having Logan as our guide. Logan was completely professional, knowledgeable and experienced as a tour guide. His English is perfect and he explained everything in great detail. He ensured we didn't get wet in the rain by providing umbrellas, and was overall a pleasure to spend the day with, what an asset to the company.

Awesome good combination of exercise, Fun activity and good food. Our guide Eddie is very knowledgeable and very friendly. Enjoy our experience very much.

I loved the guide, he knows many things and explains everything with great pleasure. is always available to help you resolve any questions

A very good day at 9 with a great guide thanks again Logan you were great

Super friendly guide. Tour can only be recommended