Discovering Japanese culture in Kyoto

From the mysterious world of geiko (Kyoto's geisha) and maiko to the transformative power of Zen meditation, every experience in Kyoto leaves a lasting impression. It’s a destination that seamlessly blends modern living with an untouched and precious history. As soon as you start exploring, it doesn’t take long to realize this unlike any other place on Earth. There’s a hidden gem, a sensory surprise, or an otherwordly sight at every turn. Throw in incredible dining experiences, stunning nature, thousands of temples, and ancient art forms, and you have a trip you’ll never forget. Ready to start planning your Japanese adventure? Dive into this guide to discover the very best of this mesmerizing city.

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Take in the ancient art of noh theatre
Uncover the hidden world of Japanese maiko
Practice a guided meditation with a Zen monk
Make traditional sweets in the heart of Ninna-ji Temple

Guide: The best things to do in Kyoto

Travel writer Paul Jebara rounds up the most memorable things to do in Kyoto, from striking museums to stunning views to authentic cooking classes.

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Sustainable tourism in Kyoto

We want to support Kyoto and the Kyoto Tourism Association in their efforts to promote sustainable tourism that respects the beauty and customs of the city. They have compiled a code of conduct that visitors are encouraged to follow, helping to preserve Kyoto’s culture and traditions for generations to come.