Plan your next vacation with the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin

What is the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin?

The GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin is an exceptional way for users to discover and book the most remarkable travel experiences worldwide. With over 75,000 activities available, this plugin opens the door to a world of unforgettable experiences. Users can delve into guided tours led by local experts, indulge in culinary excursions, participate in hands-on cooking and craft classes, gain access to skip-the-line tickets, embark on exclusive bucket-list experiences, and more.

How do I install the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin?

To take advantage of the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin and its incredible features, follow the below nine simple steps:

  1. Login to, the platform where you interact with ChatGPT.
  2. Sign up to become a ChatGPT Plus user if you haven’t already. The plugin feature is exclusively available to Plus users.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the settings section.
  4. Enable the "plugins” option in the settings menu.
  5. Open a new chat, locate the plugins section, and access the plugin store.
  6. Search for “GetYourGuide" within the plugin store.
  7. Install the GetYourGuide plugin.
  8. After installation, you will see the GetYourGuide plugin enabled within the plugins section.
  9. Start using the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin by simply asking your travel-related questions. Scroll on to find examples of easy prompts to help you plan your trip.

The Plugins page

Search and install the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin

The Plugin is now enabled and ready to use

Easy prompts to help you plan your trip

The GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin understands natural language prompts and provides personalized recommendations based on your preferences. Here are a few examples of the queries you can ask:

  1. "I am traveling to Milan on July 8, and we are a family of 4 who enjoys exploring the culture of a city. What are some things we could do?"

  2. "What can I do in Amsterdam tomorrow? I am traveling solo, and I love culinary adventures!!"

  3. "Are there any available tickets to museums in New York tomorrow morning?"

  4. "What are some activities to do in Berlin around Christmas?"

Be as detailed as you can for the best answers

Interact in any language of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of travel experiences can I find using the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin?

A: GetYourGuide offers a diverse array of travel experiences through the plugin. You can find tours and excursions, activities including cooking classes, tickets to many tourist attractions, and more.

Q: How can I make the most of the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin?

A: To maximize your experience with the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin, be sure to provide specific details about your preferences, travel dates, and any specific requirements you may have. The more information you provide, the more tailored and accurate the recommendations from the plugin will be.

Q: Can I combine the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin with other travel-related plugins?

A: Yes, the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin is designed to work seamlessly with other travel-related plugins such as KAYAK or Open Table. By combining these plugins, users can access a wide range of travel services and information, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Q: Can I ask questions in different languages?

A: Yes, ChatGPT has the capability to handle translations, allowing users to communicate in various languages. However, the quality and accuracy of translations may vary. It is recommended that users verify and validate the translated results from the GetYourGuide Plugin to ensure precision and clarity.

Q: How does the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin understand my travel preferences?

A: The GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin utilizes natural language processing to understand your travel preferences. The plugin can provide personalized recommendations based on your questions or details about your travel plans.

Q: Is the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin available for all ChatGPT users?

A: No, the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin feature is exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus users. If you are not a ChatGPT Plus user, please sign up for a Plus subscription to access the plugin.

Q: Can I ask the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin questions in natural language?

A: Yes, the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin understands natural language prompts. You can ask questions or provide information in a conversational manner, and the plugin will provide relevant recommendations based on your query.

Q: Are there any fees associated with using the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin?

A: The GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin itself is free to install, but please note that booking activities through GetYourGuide may have associated costs. Prices for activities and services can vary, and it's important to review the details provided by GetYourGuide when making bookings.

Q: Where can I find support or assistance with the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin?

A: For any support or assistance with the GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin, you can contact the GetYourGuide customer support team. Alternatively, you can write to Our teams will be able to address any questions or issues you may have regarding the plugin or the booking process.