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Bronze Gate, Split

Bronze Gate, Split: Our most recommended tours and activities

Split: Diocletian's Palace & Old Town Guided Walking Tour

1. Split: Diocletian's Palace & Old Town Guided Walking Tour

Discover the remains of Diocletian's Palace, built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the 4th century AD. Now part of the old town of Split, the imperial palace was built in preparation for the emperor's retirement in 305 AD. Visit different areas of the complex, such as the cellars and monumental Peristyle courtyard. Look at the emperor's private observatory and see the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, originally built as Diocletian's Mausoleum. Discover the site of the Temple of Jupiter and Baptistery, and the original Bronze Gate, Silver Gate, Golden Gate and Iron Gate that provided access to the city. Discover a refuge for the noblewomen of Split at the Benedictine Monastery of St. Arnir, admire the original 15th-century Town Hall and marvel at the Baroque monuments of Fruit Square (Voćni trg).

Split: Walking tour of Split with a 'Magister' of History

2. Split: Walking tour of Split with a 'Magister' of History

On this walking tour of Split, you’ll be paired with a local historian. Your tour guide has a Master’s degree in history – and that means they’ll be able to not only answer your questions, but also pepper your tour with all sorts of interesting facts. These tours aren’t just a fun way to experience the city, they’re also an educational experience! Our tours begin in the oldest parts of Split, gradually making your way through time and into the present. That means you’ll begin in Split’s Roman history, then move on to Medieval and Venetian history, and finally, you’ll step fully into the present and get a look at what modern Split is all about. The seventeenth century Roman made Diocletian’s Palace is synonymous with Split’s Old Town – and that’s where your tour will be centered! Over time, the Palace became the very center of the city co Split, which means it marks the cities direct center. You’ll get an introduction to the tour at the Riva Promenade, and then be led through the Bronze Gate of the palace. This allows you to access the Basement Halls, where the tour will briefly pause to answer any questions. From there, you’ll be able to look at the phenomenally preserved Roman-made Peristyle square; this is where you can find the Mausolem of Diocletian, The Temple of Jupiter, and the Vestibule. But the square is only the beginning. Your guide will lead you on a journey through the remains of the private residence of Diocletian and the old medieval houses that have been preserved through the years, and then out through the Golden Gate so you can explore the remnants of Split's rich Venetian and medieval heritage. A truly iconic statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin is visible along the North Wall of the palace, and can be seen on your way to the Piazza Square. One of the most interesting aspects of this tour are the 3D reconstructions of the various sites, which your tour guide will use to truly bring the past to life.

Split and Diocletian's Palace walking tour with a local guid

3. Split and Diocletian's Palace walking tour with a local guid

Travel back in time on a guided walking tour of Split and explore 1,700 years of the city’s history, from the construction of the Diocletian Palace in 305 CE, to its place as Croatia's second largest city. Uncover sights like the Saint Domnius Cathedral along the way. Meet Your guide at bronze gate of Diocletian's Palace. 1. Split's Riviera, the most important site for all of the local residents. There are some graphic and model representations here that I use for an introduction to what is going to be shown inside the Palace. Also, the southern wall of Diocletian's Palace is beautifully seen from that spot. 2.Diocletian's cellars are true indicators of the excellence and architectural wisdom of the Romans. The skill of the technique and stacking of stone and various other materials into recognizable shapes such as square, semi-arches, vaults still remind us of the great achievements of that era. They have had several roles throughout history, and in each of them they have shown themselves to be an indisputable construction undertaking. According to their preservation, the imperial apartment can be replicated in all its rooms. 3.The central square of Diocletian's Palace and one of the most important squares of the city today. We will be able to see some incredibly preserved Roman structures. The emperor himself private entrance to his imperial apartment through an imposing vestibule. And the lofty balcony from which the emperor addressed his subjects. And the imperial mausoleum itself. 4.The Cathedral or the grave of emperor Diocletian (Mausoleum) is one of the best-preserved Roman structures in the city, and it's still in use to this day! I will tell you how its role has changed over the centuries from an imperial mausoleum to an early Christian cathedral. We will not go inside, I will tell you everything you need to know. 5.The Temple of Jupiter, as they call it, is one of the best-preserved late-roman temples in the world. Next to it were 2 more temples of Venus and Cybele. Due to the emperor's early abdication, the temple itself was not yet completed, and it is possible to see certain defects due to the hasty completion of the temple. We will not enter the temple, I will tell you everything important about the temple from the outside. 6.Eastern entrance to Diocletian's Palace. One of the most beautiful views of the mausoleum and the tower of the cathedral can be seen from here. Below is the original Roman road that leads further into the eastern parts of the empire. In the immediate vicinity there is a new site of the old Roman Empire, which has yet to be explored. and many other sights that we will see during our walking tour, and the final stop will be at the people's square called (pjaca), from where it is very easy to reach every part of the old town.

Split: Private Walking Tour for Families with kids (5-17y)

4. Split: Private Walking Tour for Families with kids (5-17y)

Looking for an entertaining and educational activity for kids and teens while in Split? Our private guided walking tour of the Diocletian Palace is just what you need! History doesn't have to be boring when you can journey back in time to the Roman era and discover how Emperor Diocletian and the people of Split lived 1700 years ago. Come with us on a treasure hunt, solve puzzles and taste delicious sweets. Discover the palace in a fun way! Join us on this exciting journey through history! Diocletian was a clever ruler who did everything in his power to stay on top, even declaring himself as the son of the mighty god Jupiter!We'll take you to the Perystil, where Diocletian would show himself to his people and they would bow down before him. You'll learn all about what life was like during Roman times and what happened right here in Split 1700 years ago. Did you know that the Split Cathedral used to be home to a fancy coffin belonging to Diocletian? Guess what – it's gone now! Where did it go?And that's not all! The cathedral is still home to an important person: can you guess who? It's none other than a famous saint! Wow, learning about history can be exhausting! But don't worry, we have a surprise for you. After all that exploring, it's time to treat yourself to some delicious sweets. And the best part? You can try them all! There's something for everyone. Come and satisfy your sweet tooth with us!

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The first thing he did was give us an overview of the palace. In some locations the volume was not good. Music in the background etc. so that we could hardly understand him. The tour could be a little longer and more detailed with instructions on how to enter the cellar vaults. With information about where to get the tickets and the options for the various options, e.g. entry to the mausoleum, cellar, basilica. It wasn't clear in the description of the tour that these sights weren't included at all. For me they belong to the Diocletian Palace!

A fantastic tour! Toni was a font of knowledge who answered my many questions wonderfully. The absolute highlight of our time in Split-‘a must’! Our 12 year old loved it too! Thank you Toni! I WhatsApp Toni beforehand and he immediately provided fantastic suggestions for what to see before our tour. He loves his hometown and now we do too!

Thank you Tino for an interesting and entertaining hour in the old town of Split.

Learned a lot about the palace that we otherwise would not have known!

Tino was great, a wealth of knowledge. We appreciated the tour!