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Brera Picture Gallery

Brera Picture Gallery: Our most recommended tours and activities

Milan: The Milan Pass City Card

1. Milan: The Milan Pass City Card

See the best of Milan at your own pace, and save money with the handy 2-day Milan Pass, offering free entrance to museums, and discounts at affiliated businesses worth more than EUR 300. Your Milan Pass is valid for 48 hours from the moment you pick it up, and is available with 2 exclusive transport options to get the best out of your stay. Choose a Milan Pass with Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Ticket and tour the city on board the open-top double-decker bus. Available 7 days a week, the bus runs over 3 lines with more than 40 stops. Learn more from the on board audio commentary, available in 8 languages (including 3 exclusive commentaries for kids). A Milan Pass with ATM Public Transport Ticket gets you access to 5 metro lines and more than 100 tram and bus lines. Enjoy free, unlimited 48-hour travel on the city’s public transport system using one simple ticket. You can even purchase the full package and get a Milan Pass with both the hop-on hop-off sightseeing ticket, and access to the ATM public transport system. Enjoy free entrance to city attractions such as: Access to the Duomo Cathedral Rooftop terraces (by lift) La Scala Museum and Theatre Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Museum of Science and Technology Casa Milan – Mondo Milan Museum Leonardo 3 – “The World of Leonardo” interactive museum Vigna di Leonardo – Leonardo’s Vineyard Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Museo d’Arte e Scienza – Art and Science MuseumNavigli Canal Cruise (spring/summer period)Shuttle bus to outlet stores

Milan: Pinacoteca Art Gallery and Brera District Guided Tour

2. Milan: Pinacoteca Art Gallery and Brera District Guided Tour

Discover the works of the Pinacoteca art gallery on a guided tour and discover a variety of paintings from the 13th to the 20th century. After, enjoy a guided walk through the lively Brera district and become immersed in its charming atmosphere. Start your day of adventure at the Pinacoteca, Milan's premier art gallery, housing some of the world's most important classical paintings. Be amazed by a variety of works by masters like Raffaello, Caravaggio, Hayez, and many others. Learn about the works on display from your guide and gain expert insight into the techniques used in their creation, as well as fascinating information about the artists. Follow up your tour of the art gallery with a stroll through the charming streets of Brera and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere. Discover an abundance of small studios and local shops of canvas, perfumes, and paints that attest to the artistic traditions of the area.

Milan: Historical Highlights and Street Food Guided Tour

3. Milan: Historical Highlights and Street Food Guided Tour

Are you looking for the best food tour in Milan? Our tour is the great mix of the best local street food and history lesson in the most charming part of Milan – Brera. Our top rated English-speaking guide will lead you through the narrow streets of the picturesque, artistic and historical Brera district, stopping at various spots to sample local deicacies such as focaccia Parma ham, fried delicacies, Milanese meatballs, tramezzini, ice cream and much more! In addition you will see the main attraction of the neighborhood like the famous Pinacoteca (one of the most important fine art gallery in Italy), interesting historical sites. The best option is taking this tour the first day of your milanese holiday in order to get acquainted with the city in a smooth way, learn how avoid tourist traps, gaining precious recommendations from our expert guide. Moreover this is almost a semi-private tour, since we only accept a maximum of 10 participants. We are sure you will love this tour!

Milan: Pinacoteca & Brera Audio Tour in English (NO TICKET)

4. Milan: Pinacoteca & Brera Audio Tour in English (NO TICKET)

Embark on an enchanting journey through Milan with our in-app audio tour, unveiling the wonders of the Pinacoteca di Brera and the captivating Brera district! Note! This tour DOES NOT include an entrance ticket to the Pinacoteca. Buy it at Your adventure commences at one of Italy's top art galleries, where you'll immerse yourself in a world of artistic brilliance. The Pinacoteca houses an extraordinary collection, showcasing masterpieces by renowned artists like Caravaggio and Raphael. Our insightful audio commentary will illuminate the captivating stories behind these iconic artworks. As you step out of the Pinacoteca, you'll traverse the charming streets of Brera, a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy. Here, the medieval Church of Santa Maria del Carmine coexists with contemporary public installations. This audio tour unveils hidden gems throughout the district, from the vibrant Via Madonnina to the antique shops, cafes, and art studios lining Via Fiori Chiari. While you explore, you'll unravel the unique history and local legends that have shaped this picturesque quarter. The tour reaches its grand finale at the magnificent Gothic Church of San Marco, steeped in history and architectural splendor. Discover Milan's profound connection with Venice and the illustrious composer who once called this place home. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Milan like never before! Note! This tour is not affiliated with the Pinacoteca di Brera but is provided by an independent creator.

Milan: Skip-the-Line Pinacoteca di Brera Private Guided Tour

5. Milan: Skip-the-Line Pinacoteca di Brera Private Guided Tour

Visit Pinacoteca di Brera, the main public gallery in Milan, and enjoy live commentary as you admire one of the greatest collections of Italian paintings from the 13th-20th century. Immerse yourself in the history of art and learn to understand Italian masters, their influences and themes. Experience real art in the heart of Milan! Choose the basic 2-hour option to visit Pinacoteca di Brera (""Brera Art Gallery"") with skip-the-line tickets. Your journey into the world of Italian art begins at Piazza della Scala, the charming square marked by the monument to Leonardo da Vinci and his disciples. Follow your Private Guide down Via Brera road and see highlights such as the renowned Teatro alla Scala, Palazzo Marino (City Hall) and Palazzo Citterio along the way. Thanks to skip-the-line tickets to Pinacoteca di Brera you can head straight for the entrance without waiting to purchase a ticket, so you will have more time to explore the gallery. Pinacoteca di Brera boasts one of the foremost collections of medieval and Renaissance art from Italy. It consists of masterpieces such as the Head of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci, The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael and the Madonna della Candeletta by Carlo Crivelli. Every painting tells a story, so the expert commentary from a Licensed Guide will make your visit so much better. During the guided tour you will learn about the different schools, periods and art techniques. Admire the different styles, colors and textures created by famous Italian masters such as Bellini, Mantegna, Carpaccio, Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto. Feel the essence of Italian art! Choose the 3-hour option to add private transportation to the 2-hour itinerary. This option includes private car transfers between Pinacoteca di Brera and your accommodation. Take advantage of a convenient pickup and drop-off service by private vehicle for a relaxing and hassle-free experience in Milan. Choose the 4-hour options to visit Pinacoteca di Brera and the Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco). For your convenience, we provide skip-the-line tickets to both attractions. The 15th century castle houses several of the city’s museums and art collections. Among its treasures you will find the last unfinished work by Michelangelo Buonarroti as well as sculptures, drawings, paintings, furniture, decorative arts and other interesting items from various periods of time. Enjoy a guided tour of the historic castle and its outstanding exhibits! Choose the 5-hour option to visit Pinacoteca di Brera and the Sforza Castle with skip-the-line tickets and private transportation. Save time and effort by booking in advance. We will organize a 5-Stars Driver and a private car for your pickup and drop-off at the address provided when booking. This is the best option to avoid getting lost or being late for the tour.

The Secrets of Brera: the District & Pinacoteca Guided Tour

6. The Secrets of Brera: the District & Pinacoteca Guided Tour

Brera is synonymous with art, charm, history and evokes the artists and intellectuals, who regularly frequented the district in the past. Furthermore, it’s home of the Accademia di Belle Arti, where are located: the Pinacoteca, where visitors can admire Milan’s famous paintings collection; the Braidense National Library, the Astronomical Museum and the Botanical Garden.   Walking through the neighborhood, visitors will be hypnotized by a magical environment, due to small artisan’s shops and traditional stores selling canvases and paints. During this 2-hour guided tour, you will have the opportunity to find out one of the most suggestive district located in the heart of the city as well as the place where the most important paintings are conserved: the Pinacoteca di Brera.   The tour starts with a walking tour through the charming and small streets of Brera, in order to discover the secrets behind this district. Then, the visit will continue inside the Pinacoteca di Brera, where you will admire paintings made by important artists as Mantegna, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Hayez, Modigliani, Boccioni and many others.   The itinerary has been rigorously selected with the help of certified guides in order to show you more than just the great masterpieces everyone knows. You are guaranteed a professional, monolingual and, of course, an enjoyable experience. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey through one the most suggestive districts of Milan!

Milan: Brera Quarter Walking Audio Tour on Your Phone (ENG)

7. Milan: Brera Quarter Walking Audio Tour on Your Phone (ENG)

Explore Milan's charming neighborhood at your own pace with this in-app audio tour! The Brera Quarter, a hidden gem near the popular Duomo, offers cobblestone streets lined with antique shops, art galleries, and cafes, immersing you in a unique Italian community atmosphere. The tour kicks off at Italy's renowned art gallery, Pinacoteca di Brera. Its free courtyard and botanical garden welcome the public. While strolling through the former medieval monastery grounds, you'll discover who and how shaped the Brera as an artistic bohemian district. The tour winds through Brera's historic streets, where you'll admire Santa Maria del Carmine church, a Lombard Gothic masterpiece. Its interiors is akin a free art gallery. Continuing along the colorful shopping streets of Via Madonnina and Via Fiori Chiari, you can visit recommended bars, trattorias, and antique shops. Here, you'll uncover why Brera is known as the "Milanese Montmartre" and delve into its Middle Ages-to-present history. Lastly, you'll explore Milan's own San Marco square and its connection to its Venetian counterpart. So put on your walking shoes and experience Milan like never before! HOW IS THE TOUR GOING — Stay flexible: [join the tour whenever you want and] explore the sights as long as you like. — Enjoy the tour even offline: all audio tours are tested for high quality and easy navigation.

Milan: Private Tour - La Scala, Pinacoteca & Gelato Tasting

8. Milan: Private Tour - La Scala, Pinacoteca & Gelato Tasting

Join a private 3-hour guided tour that will introduce you to the most important culture sites within the famous district of Brera. You will learn about cultural and historical values that make Brera and Milan one of the most famous and influential cities in the world. Enjoy a degustation at one of the best gelato places in Milan! Firstly, your private guide will introduce to you the foyer & the museum of La Scala Theater, which displays an excessive collection of theatrical costumes, set designs, autograph scores, and musical instruments, together with paintings of musicians and actors, precious ceramic figures portraying characters from the “commedia dell'arte” - the first opera played on the inauguration of La Scala. Besides the collection of the museum, your guide will also provide to you some important information about the biggest artists who have performed on this important stage, such as Verdi, Toscanini, Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti or Carla Fracci. Most of Italy's greatest operatic artists, and many of the finest singers from around the world, have appeared at La Scala. If we count the seats on the balconies, La Scala can hold up to 3,000 attendees. Moreover, the stage of La Scala is made fully of wood to allow exceptional audio quality from the instruments played on stage. La Scala's season opens on 7 December every year on Saint Ambrose's Day, the feast day of Milan's patron saint. Afterward, your guide will accompany you to discover the beauty of Brera district, passing though many small boutique and antique stores to arrive at Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery). The museum building itself, which dates back to the late Baroque period, was built on the remains of a 14th century monastery with an enormous courtyard, stairways and decorated hall. Pinacoteca museum was opened in 1809 thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte as a collection of the finest works of art and was dedicated to the education of students. The collection included many Italian art masterpieces taken from churches and monasteries that were suppressed at the time when Milan was the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy. Among the artists of the museum are: Gentile da Fabriano, Mantegna, Bellini, Tintoretto, Bramantino, Piero della Francesca and Raffaello Sanzio, Caravaggio, Tiepolo, Tintoretto. Your dedicated tour guide will introduce to you the most famous and significant masterpieces displayed such as: Lamentation of Christ, The Marriage of the Virgin, San Luca Altarpiece, and the Kiss. Each of them represent different art movement along Italian history, unveil distinctive features used by artists via forms, shapes and brushes arrangement.

Milan: 3-Hour Brera Neighborhood Private Art Tour & Gallery

9. Milan: 3-Hour Brera Neighborhood Private Art Tour & Gallery

Enjoy a private Tour to Brera, a quarter located in Milan, for three hours with a private tour guide that will show you the neighborhood and the picture gallery of the district. Once you meet with your private tour guide, you will go ahead to your destination. In this tour, you will have the opportunity to discover Brera, a quarter of Milan known for being small and elegant with a bohemian touch that houses many options for shopping and going out for a drink or dinner in Milan. You will visit the Brera Art Gallery also known as the Brera Pinacoteca which contains one of the most outstanding and extensive collections of Italian painting. The Brera Art Gallery houses more than 400 works of art ranging from the 14th century to avant-garde works that represente the triumph of Italian art in the world. You will admire works of art of the most important artists like Caravaggio, Rafael, Bellini and important works of arts like the Recumbent Christ and The Marriage of the Virgin. Once you finish, your private tour guide will leave you on your centrally located hotel in Milan or in a meeting point of the city.

Milan: Brera Gallery Private Tour

10. Milan: Brera Gallery Private Tour

With your expert local guide and your private group, explore centuries of Italian art at one of Milan's exceptional galleries. Begin your tour outside the gallery in front of the Napoleon Bonaparte statue. You may wonder why he is suited like the Roman god Mars, and what significance he has with the gallery. Listen to the influence Napoleon had on this incredible gallery, and how it acquired such a massive collection of masterpieces. As you make your way through the gallery, witness some of the most influential artists of the Renaissance, many of them religiously themed. These works were formerly hung to adorn churches and cathedrals, such as Raphael's 'Marriage of the Virgin', and the 'Pieta' by Giovanni Bellini. You'll even see a rare surviving painting by Bramante, the first architect of St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Hear stories of the greatest artists of the Venetian School such as Titan who was popular with the popes, princes and doge's, and Tintoretto. You will not only enjoy these fabulous creations, but also understand how they have been resorted in the transparent restoration laboratory. Learn about the restoration process and the great lengths taken to maintain these precious paintings. Finally you will be brought to more recent times with Modern Art. See several samples of 20th century styles, as well as Francesco Hayez's most famous painting - 'The Kiss', and Umberto Bocconi's futuristic 'Riot in the Gallery'. Get acquainted with Amedeo Modigliani's modern style which he developed in Paris, and Giorgio de Chirico's metaphysical art.

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It was a wonderful experience! Laura is the best guide ever!! She is very passionate and explained everything about the paintings and also she had a lot of fun/odd facts about the artists or the meaning behind the masterpieces. Would highly recommend to take the guided tour.

Our guide was wonderful. I have been a docent for many years in USA museums so I know a good tour. She brought the paintings to life. Both for the Museum and guide this is my favourite memory of Milan.

It ended up being just my fiancé and I on the tour. The tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable, personal, and mindful of what interested us. 100% recommend!!

A complete package including means of transport and visits Excellent value for money

Super smooth process. Picked up tickets and then started exploring right away