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Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu

Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu: Our most recommended tours and activities

Kathmandu: Private 7 UNESCO Heritage Sites Day Tour

1. Kathmandu: Private 7 UNESCO Heritage Sites Day Tour

Kathmandu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains 7 monuments and historic sites that have been recognized by UNESCO. These monument zones are the Durbar squares of the three cities of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, and the religious temples of Swayambhu, Bouddha, Pashupati, & Changu Narayan. Pashupatinath Temple As one of the must visit legendary Hindu temple, this site welcomes millions of visitors every year. The temple is located on the bank of sacred Bagmati River, which runs down to the Ganges. Here, you get a chance to witness open public crematorium with all the rites and rituals being performed. You come to see even the holy men posing for pictures with painted face, dreadlocked hair & ash-applied body. Swayambhunath Temple Swayambhunath is approx. 2600 years old Buddhist Stupa, looking over the entire Kathmandu valley. It is often referred to as the Monkey Temple due to the hundreds of monkeys- the local dwellers. The main Stupa, ancient sculptures, temple of child protector goddess, monasteries, etc are the main attractions here. Boudhanath Bouddhanath is considered as one of the largest Stupas in the world, constructed back in the 4th century. The shrine itself resembles a Tibetan village since the locale comprises Tibetan monasteries. Besides this, there are a no. of painting schools with Lamas painting Thanka, the best souvenirs from Nepal. Patan Durbar Square Located about 5 km away from the capital city in the district of Lalitpur. It is a fusion of two influential religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. The town of patan perfectly showcased the genuine art, architecture, culture, religion and heritage. The classic architectural design displayed on the houses, fine handwork on the doors & windows represents the aesthetic ancient beauty. Kathmandu Durbar Square Kathmandu Durbar Square is a historic site situated in the heart of old Kathmandu city. The durbar square is surrounded by palaces, courtyards and temples. It is a pleasant place to visit due to its historical significance, magnificent Newari architecture, & bustling bazaars. Bhaktapur Durbar Square Bhaktapur Durbar Square located in Bhaktapur, a city in the Kathmandu Valley showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. It is renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture, temples, palaces, & intricate artwork. It is filled with numerous other shrines, statues, and courtyards, each displaying remarkable architectural and artistic craftsmanship. Changunarayan Temple Changunarayan Temple, one of the oldest temples in Nepal, is located on a hilltop in the village of Changu Narayan, near Bhaktapur. It is believed to have been built in the 4th century during the Lichhavi dynasty, making it one of the oldest surviving wooden structures in Nepal. Outline Itinerary: Our guide and driver will pick you up from your pick up point and your guided sightseeing tour starts. You will have a lunch break between the tour and you will be escorted to your hotel in the late afternoon.

Kathmandu: 1-Day Private UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour

2. Kathmandu: 1-Day Private UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour

Discover 4 different UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley including the Pashupathinath Temple, Bouddhanath Stupa, Swyambhunath Stupa, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Learn the history from an English-speaking guide and embark on a 6-hour sightseeing tour of Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu Durbar Square Begin the tour at Kathmandu Durbar Square, one of the royal palaces and known as one of the cultural and political hubs of Nepal. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kathmandu Durbar Square is also one of three Durbar Squares in Kathmandu Valley. Though a few buildings collapsed after the devastating earthquake on April 25th, 2015, you can observe the spectacular art and architecture of the ancient Malla and Shah dynasties. Swayambhunath Temple Continue the tour and head to the Swayambhunath Temple, also known as the “Monkey temple”. Situated on a small hillock on the west of Kathmandu city, it is a sacred place for Buddhist pilgrimages from all over the world. The painted eyes on the 4 sides of the main stupa represent wisdom and compassion. One can still observe the art and architecture at Swayambhunath which is believed to date back to the beginning of the 5th century. Boudhanath Stupa Boudhanath Stupa is one of the biggest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and a sacred site for Buddhist pilgrimages. Boudhanath is located on the ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet. The Stupa is said to entomb the remains of the Kassapa Buddha. Pashupatinath Temple On the last stop of the tour, you will visit the Pashupatinath Temple. The sacred Hindu shrine Pashupatinath is located on the bank of the Bagmati River on the eastern side of Kathmandu. The main temple of Pashupatinath was built using Pagoda-style architecture with four main doors. Though some of the buildings in the Pashupati area were damaged, the main building remained intact during the 2015 earthquake.

Kathmandu Valley: Full Day Tour

3. Kathmandu Valley: Full Day Tour

Swoyambhunath - The oldest Buddhist Stupa in Kathmandu Valley, a beautiful abode for lots of monkeys thus also known as Monkey Temple, is also a perfect vantage point to see Kathmandu valley. Pashupatinath- A holy pilgrimage for Hindus and Hindu Crematorium, watch as the Hindu dead bodies are cremated in the most unique way in the world; we come across men with ash rubbed body, matted locks and dreaded look which is typical look of a Hindu Holy Men known as Sadhus. Boudhanath- the biggest Buddhist temple in the world; a site for Tibetan Buddhism where we can visit monasteries, watch the Holy Monks busy in their chanting ritual going around the temple. Patan Durbar Square- A Medieval Royal Palace area which is also known as the city of fine arts, we can see the finest example of metal and stone carving back to 14th century and also the amazing Nepali Architecture.

From Kathmandu: Short Langtang Valley Trek 6 Days

4. From Kathmandu: Short Langtang Valley Trek 6 Days

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1,550 m / 5,085 ft) Day 2: Trek from Syabrubesi to lama hotel (2,380 m / 7,808 ft) Day 3: Trek from Lama Hotel to Kyanjin Gompa 3,850m – 04 hours. Day 4: Hike to Kyanjin Ri ( 4773m) over view og lanagtang Himalaya and Sunrise back to Langtang village 3,430m – 05 hours. Day 5: Trek to Syabru Bensi (5 hours walking) and stay overnight. Day 6: Back to Kathmandu by drive (5 -6 hours)

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Full one day unesco Sightseeing Tour

5. Kathmandu: Kathmandu Full one day unesco Sightseeing Tour

This one-day Kathmandu sightseeing tour organized by Accessible Adventure will take you to some of the most renowned and culturally significant sites in the city. You will explore Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Patan Durbar Square, and Boudhanath. In addition, you will have the unique opportunity to seek blessings from the living goddess, Kumari, in Patan. Throughout the tour, you will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides who will provide insights into the history, culture, and significance of each location. Itinerary: 8:30 AM: Pick up from your hotel You will be picked up from your hotel by a representative from Accessible Adventure. They will introduce you to your guide for the day and provide you with a brief overview of the tour. 9:00 AM: Pashupatinath Temple Your first stop is the famous Pashupatinath Temple, one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here, you will witness the intricate architecture, observe Hindu rituals, and gain insight into the spiritual practices of the local people. 11:00 AM: Swayambhunath Stupa Next, you will visit Swayambhunath, also known as the Monkey Temple. Located atop a hill, this Buddhist stupa offers panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley. You will explore the stupa complex, observe the prayer wheels, and encounter the playful monkeys that inhabit the area. 1:00 PM: Lunch Break Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, where you can savor traditional Nepali cuisine or opt for international dishes as per your preference. 2:00 PM: Patan Durbar Square After lunch, you will proceed to Patan Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic square is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. You will explore the royal palace, intricately carved temples, and ancient statues. In Patan, you will also have the opportunity to seek blessings from the living goddess, Kumari, a young girl revered as the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga. 4:00 PM: Boudhanath Stupa Your final destination is Boudhanath, one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world. Here, you will witness Buddhist devotees performing their rituals, spinning prayer wheels, and chanting prayers as they circumambulate the stupa. Take your time to soak in the peaceful atmosphere and capture some memorable photographs. 6:00 PM: Return to the hotel At the end of the tour, you will be driven back to your hotel, where you can relax and reflect on the day's experiences. Note: The itinerary is subject to change based on local conditions and the pace of the tour can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Accessible Adventure is known for providing well-organized sightseeing tours that cater to the needs of diverse travelers. Their professional guides and attentive service ensure an enjoyable and enriching experience throughout the day.

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Valley Guided Day Tour

6. Kathmandu: Kathmandu Valley Guided Day Tour

This Kathmandu Day Tour begins at 9 am from your hotel and takes you to explore the city's historical sites including Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa. At 5 pm, you will be dropped back at your hotel. OUTLINE ITY ITINERARY 09:00 AM: Tour begins from your hotel The tour begins early in the morning with a Tour Guide picking you up from your hotel. 09:30 AM: KATHMANDU DURBAR SQUARE Kathmandu Durbar Square is located in front of the old royal palace of the former Kathmandu Kingdom and is one of three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 12:00 AM: SWOYAMBHUNATH TEMPLE The Tibetan name for the site means 'Sublime Trees' (Wylie: Shing. kun), for the many varieties of trees found on the hill. Its name comes from the holy monkey living in a part of the complex. The painted eyes on 4 sides symbolize the all-seeing eyes of Buddha, and the site is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites. 01:30 PM:PASHUPATI NATH TEMPLE Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. It is not known for certain when Pashupatinath Temple was built. But according to Nepal Mahatmaya and Himvatkhanda, the deity here gained great fame there as Pashupati. Pashupatinath Temple's existence is recorded as early as 400 CE. 03:00 PM: BOUDHANATH STUPA Boudhanath also called Boudha is a stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Boudha stupa is semicircle shaped and contains the relics and remains of Buddha. The stupa's massive mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in the world. 05:00 PM: Drop back to your hotel

Seven UNESCO World Heritage- Private Kathmandu Sightseeing

7. Seven UNESCO World Heritage- Private Kathmandu Sightseeing

1. Kathmandu Durbar Square(World Heritage Site): During our visit, we can tour the museum and examine historical items such as weapons. We can also view the impressive Kal Vairab statue and visit Kumari, the living goddess. The serene ambiance of the palace offers a delightful experience for visitors. 2. Swyambunath Stupa - The Monkey Temple (World Heritage Site): Located on a hillock in the western part of Kathmandu valley, Swyombhunath or the Monkey Temple offers a stunning view of the beautiful surroundings. 3. Pashupatinath Temple (World Heritage Site): Pashupatinath Temple is located on the eastern edge of Kathmandu, near the Bagmati River, and is recognized as one of Nepal's most holy Hindu temples. The temple is devoted to the deity Shiva, making it an important religious center for Hindus worldwide. 4. Boudhanath Stupa (World Heritage Site): Boudhanath Stupa is a Buddhist stupa located in the Valley that is over 2500 years old. It was built in the 5th century and is adorned with four pairs of Lord Buddha's eyes, one in each cardinal direction, keeping a constant watch over the people and their actions. Visitors will often see Buddhist pilgrims from Tibet circumambulating the stupa while spinning prayer wheels. 5. Patan Durbar Square (World Heritage Site): It showcases the finest examples of Newari architecture that flourished during the reign of Malla kings. These kings were not only great rulers but also patrons of art, culture, and architecture. Patan Durbar Square features many stunning temples, palaces, and courtyards with intricate carvings and sculptures. It is a must-visit destination for those interested in history and architecture. 6. Bhaktapur Durbar Square Bhaktapur is the oldest city among the three major cities in the Kathmandu valley, which includes Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. The city is steeped in age-old religious traditions, ancient arts, cultural practices, handicrafts, and sculptures. Bhaktapur city is renowned for its exquisite wood carvings, pottery, tea, coffee, and organic curd (JuJu Dhou), which are popular among locals and tourists alike. 7. Changunarayan Temple (World Heritage Site): It is considered one of the most renowned UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley. Visitors can marvel at the astonishing wood carvings featuring various gods and goddesses, along with the impressive art and architecture of the massive temple. The pristine surroundings of the temple are also a major highlight, adding to the overall charm of the experience.

Kathmandu : Hinduism and Buddhism in Practice

8. Kathmandu : Hinduism and Buddhism in Practice

1. Pick up and drive to Pashupatinath. Witness mesmerizing Hindu rituals, explore shrines and temples, visit Ghats on the Bagmati River, and immerse yourself in its rich spiritual ambiance for an unforgettable journey. 2. Boudha Stupa Experience a spiritual journey of Tibetan like no other at Boudha Stupa– one of South Asia's largest stupas. Breathe in the ancient history of this sacred site, believed to have been constructed in the fifth century and gain an insight into Buddhist teachings and traditions. 3. Drive back to the starting point.

Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour with Nagarkot Overnight

9. Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour with Nagarkot Overnight

Experience the essence of Nepal on a captivating journey through Kathmandu and Nagarkot. From the sacred Pashupatinath Temple to the majestic sunrise views of Nagarkot, immerse yourself in the spirituality and natural beauty of this enchanting country. Explore ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites, witness stunning sunsets, and awaken your senses with the vibrant cultural tapestry of Nepal. Day 1: Morning: Begin your day by visiting Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most sacred Hindu temples in Nepal. Witness the rituals and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of this ancient temple. Afternoon: Proceed to Boudhanath Stupa, the largest stupa in Nepal and an iconic symbol of Buddhism. Explore the colorful prayer flags and spin the prayer wheels as you soak in the tranquil atmosphere. Next, make your way to Swayambhunath, also known as the Monkey Temple. Climb the steps adorned with prayer flags and reach the hilltop to enjoy panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley. Observe the monkeys that inhabit the temple complex. Later in the afternoon, visit Patan Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the exquisite Newari architecture, intricate woodwork, and ancient temples. Take your time to explore the Patan Museum and discover the rich history and art of the region. Evening: Drive to Nagarkot, a serene hill station located at an altitude of 2,195 meters (7,201 feet). Check-in at your accommodation and prepare for a breathtaking sunset view. Watch as the sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, casting a warm glow over the Himalayan peaks. Day 2: Early Morning: Wake up before dawn to witness the magical sunrise from the viewpoint in Nagarkot. As the sun slowly emerges from behind the mountains, the Himalayan range reveals its majestic beauty, creating a truly awe-inspiring sight. After enjoying the sunrise, return to your accommodation and have a hearty breakfast, savoring the scenic surroundings. Drive back to Kathmandu, but make a stop along the way to visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Explore the well-preserved medieval city and immerse yourself in its rich history and ancient architecture. Admire the intricately carved palaces, temples, and courtyards that reflect the grandeur of the past. Finally, return to Kathmandu, where your memorable Kathmandu Sightseeing with Nagarkot Overnight journey concludes.

From Kathmandu: Goorepani Poonhill Trekking Trip

10. From Kathmandu: Goorepani Poonhill Trekking Trip

On this 10-day Ghorepani Poonhill trek, explore the tourist hubs of Kathmandu and Pokhara, beautiful mountains, local eateries, ethnic villages, and experience the real beauty of Nepal. Receive constant guidance from trek guides and vast knowledge regarding every corner of the trek. Ghorepani Poonhill is one of the most exciting and enjoyable treks in Nepal. It is a relatively easy trek that’s focused on enjoying the environment and ethnic villages. The trek combines the beautiful scenery of the rhododendron forest and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The trek starts with an optional transfer from Tribhuvan International Airport to your accommodation in Kathmandu. After a brief stay in Kathmandu, the trip begins. During your stay in Kathmandu, visit several historical landmarks and cultural heritage sites. See UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Basantapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Visit the monkey temple (Swayambhunath) and the famous Buddhist stupa (Boudhanath). Later, the flight to Pokhara is filled with amazing sceneries of high mountains. Enjoy the sunrise from Poonhill, walk through the forest, and witness the warm hospitality of locals. Along the trek, enjoy the exquisite views of giant snowcapped summits like Dhaulagiri (8167 m) and Annapurna (8091 m) and get a chance to explore the local villages and be a part of the local culture. Full trek itinerary: Day 1: Arrival, pickup, and transfer to your hotel with orientation. Stay overnight. Day 2: Sightseeing and trek preparation day. Spend 4 hours sightseeing. Day 3: Drive to Charaudi and start a full day of rafting. Then, head to Pokhara. Day 4: Drive to Nayapul for approximately 1.5 hours. Start 6-hour trek at Ghandrung (1951 m). Day 5: Trek to Tadapani (2630 m) for 6 hours. After breakfast, trek up to Ghorepani. Day 6: Trek to Ghorepani (2926 m) for 6 hours. Day 7: Trek to Nayapul for 7 hours. Then, drive to Pokhara. Day 8: Full-day sightseeing tour of Pokhara Valley. Day 9: Fly from Pokhara to Kathmandu. Day 10: Free time until final departure. Get transferred back to Tribhuvan International Airport or your accommodation in Kathmandu.

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