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Zakynthos: Shipwreck Beach, Viewpoint, Blue Caves Day Tour

1. Zakynthos: Shipwreck Beach, Viewpoint, Blue Caves Day Tour

Explore all the must-see spots in Zakynthos. Enjoy Shipwreck Beach, the Blue Caves, impressive viewpoints, and more. The first stop is Bochali Hill, the old neighborhood of Zakynthos town, experience the views of the town and the port that are absolutely stunning. Then we will head to the shipwreck platform Viewpoint. Nature gave us this special place to enjoy seeing from the top, crystalline waters, steep limestone formations, a rusty hull in the middle of the white beach, and a swarm of tourists burning on the sand for a selfie, posing before the photographic lens narrating the story of one of the most stunning beaches on the planet. Soak into the magnificent blue of the water and sky. After a quick stop to use the restrooms, we will stop at Porto Vromi in Maries or at Agios Nikolaos (according to the weather conditions) to take the boat (medium size) for a 3 hours mini cruise to the Shipwreck beach and Blue Caves. Discover the location that makes this island so unique, one of the most photographed spots in Greece, the Navagio beach (the shipwreck beach) with its clear white pebble sands as soon as you approach, it gives you a unique and spectacular turquoise color of the water. You cannot avoid jumping into that water. It is a memory that you won't forget. After an hour of swimming and exploring the rusty boat, we will head to the amazing blue caves. With an extraordinary shade of blue in some spots, we'll get up close to the caves and go through some of them, a great opportunity to jump off the boat, swim, and see the fish with a mask and snorkel. It is time to enjoy lunch (at your own expense) at one of the most beautiful Greek, traditional, mountain taverns in the village of Anafonitria, with a family atmosphere and great service. The famous 2,000-year-old olive tree is located in the village of Exo Chora, Zakynthos island. It is one of the seven oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean, and probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world. It still produces olives to this day. Here we will find some traditional products of the area and the local farmers that you can taste for free as oil, olives, wine, and liqueurs as well as biological beauty products. Xigia Beach, the place where the springs provide a natural spa, is very nice to swim here. The seawater contains sulfur and collagen that have healing properties. And if you need any refreshments on the beach, look out for the most ingenious and funny way they get drinks down to the beach. It is very picturesque and has good photo opportunities from the clifftop. Therianos Family Farm is an organic farm where they cultivate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Their Olive Oil was awarded the Gold Standard at the International Society, Olympia Awards. They also produce a selection of wines and the famous black raisins. We will visit the farm, meet the animals, and taste the local products.

Zakynthos: Shipwreck, Blue Caves, and Viewpoint Morning Tour

2. Zakynthos: Shipwreck, Blue Caves, and Viewpoint Morning Tour

Explore the island of Zakynthos on a day trip starting from Argassi. Stop by the island's top beaches, including Navagio beach, where you'll see a shipwrecked boat up close. Sail into caves and snorkel in the turquoise waters at Sfogeio beach. Finish with lunch at a local Greek restaurant. Begin with pickup from your accommodation. Enjoy the views of the olive groves, vineyards, the diversity of the landscape, the traditional village houses, the old churches, and the stunning panoramic views of the turquoise sea waters before arriving at Porto Vromi. From the small port, hop onboard the boat which is small enough to navigate within the caves. It will take about 20 minutes to sail along the west coast and reach Navagio Beach. Land early at one of the most famous beaches of the island and enjoy the surroundings without the crowds. Snap some photos of the rusty hull of the commercial shipwreck, named, M/V Panagiotis, which grounded onshore in 1980 and lies in the middle of the white sandy beach. Then, head to the blue caves characterized by their vibrant sapphire color cast by the sunlight shimmering through the water and being reflected into the caves. Take about 20 minutes for swimming and snorkeling here. Cruise next to a secluded pebbled beach which is a characteristic sample of the natural beauty of Zakynthos, before heading along the coast to explore more caves. Arrive at the magnificent Poseidon cave. Next to it, there is a natural rock formation in which you can easily spot the stunning face of Poseidon, the god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses. Hop into a minivan to travel to the viewpoint of the shipwreck. Walk along a short stony path leading out to the clifftop to a high promontory facing the sea. Capture stunning photos of the iconic shipwreck in the background. Then, there is a stop for lunch at a traditional Zakynthian family-run taverna near Anafonitria. Enjoy delicious home-cooked, traditional dishes with fresh homegrown vegetables and homemade wine. The last stop will be the 2000 years old olive tree at Exo Chora. Admire one of the seven oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean, and probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world. Afterward, relax on your return journey with drop-off at your accommodation.

Zakynthos: Shipwreck, Blue Caves, Viewpoint VIP All-Day Tour

3. Zakynthos: Shipwreck, Blue Caves, Viewpoint VIP All-Day Tour

Spend the day touring around Zakynthos in a comfortable, air-conditioned Mercedes minivan. Swim and snorkel in crystal waters and even venture into the Blue Caves for incredible views. Enjoy lunch in a typical Greek tavern and visit Exo Chora to see one of the seven oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean, and probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world for a free taste of local products.  The day begins with pickup from Zakynthos and the surrounding areas. The first stop of the day is Bohali Hill to take in splendid views of the sea and town below. In the second part of the tour, will take a 3-hour cruise to Shipwreck Beach and the Blue Caves. Enjoy 20-minute stops at each location for swimming and venture into the Blue Caves by boat to admire the lights and colors.  Return to the port and head to the Shipwreck viewpoint for stunning views. Enjoy lunch in a traditional Greek tavern and take a photo stop at the 2,500-year-old olive tree at Exo Chora and continue to Xigia Beach, where the springs provide a natural spa. Last but not least, visit Therianos Family Farm, an organic farm where they cultivate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Their Olive Oil was awarded the Gold Standard at the International Society, Olympia Awards. They also produce a selection of wines and the famous black raisins. We will visit the farm, meet the animals, and taste the local products.

Zakynthos: Private Customizable Tour

4. Zakynthos: Private Customizable Tour

Meet with your private driver-guide at your accommodation, port, or airport and hop inside your comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle, and set off on your customized tour of the island. Your tour includes all transport fees, but all meals are at your own expense. Before you head anywhere, chat with your friendly guide about the sights you want to see and visit during your tour. As it is private, the itinerary is completely flexible and can be customized to match your interests and preferences. You can also ask your guide for their inside take on what to see and do, and perhaps discover some of the experiences and places that other visitors never get to witness. Explore the picturesque village of Bochali, which is almost hanging on top of the cape, and offers a panoramic view of the infinite Ionian Sea, the city, and the harbor. Enjoy Xigia Sulfur beach, (also known as Collagen Beach) with its collagen and natural Sulphur sweeping the shore. In this unique phenomenon, the water appears to be a milky blue color which is stunning and it is meant to boost collagen which has a lot of health benefits for your skin. Experience the Shipwreck viewpoint at midday, the perfect time when the sun and sea sparkle in many shades of turquoise. The water is so clear that when you take pictures of boats from above, it seems weird as you can see the shadow on the seabed and giving the illusion that they are floating over the water instead of touching it. You will be able to see and photograph what is considered one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world. Time to meet with our captain and be amazed by the blend of emerald waters, beautiful seabed, sheltered coves, and secluded beaches, as we head to explore the famous shipwreck beach and the blue caves of the northwest coast that are natural wonders. They have been formed by continual erosion of the cliffs, creating a series of magical chambers. Our small-medium-sized boat allows us not only to get right into some of the caves but you can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling inside, enjoying its breathtaking natural turquoise seawater which paints the limestone and everything around in a stunning, ethereal blue. Discover Porto Limnionas one of the most hidden places and maybe for this reason more beautiful and wild on the entire island. To get there you have to pass through the mountain village of Agios Leon. It is a real fiord stupefying the visitor with the clearness and colors of the waters. Admire Myzithres (Keri rocks) in the southwestern area of Zakynthos. Walk to the viewpoint and experience the most Instagrammed place in Zakynthos. Visit Cameo Island in Agios Sostis, a small beautiful paradise with the most amazing wooden bridge for spectacular photos. Zakynthos island has so many places to visit that the space here is not enough, you have to see it with your own eyes!

Shipwreck (Up&Down), Blue Caves

5. Shipwreck (Up&Down), Blue Caves

Welcome to the enchanting island of Zakynthos, where azure waters meet dramatic landscapes, offering an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Explore the wonders of this Greek paradise, from iconic beaches to historical sites. Embark on a captivating journey through Zakynthos, starting from the lively town of Laganas and venturing into the heart of this Greek paradise with the comfort of a minivan. Our adventure begins with a scenic drive to Exo Chora, where time seems to stand still amidst the rustic charm. Discover the secrets of Zakynthos as you visit the ancient olive tree, a living testament to the island's rich agricultural heritage. Let the centuries-old branches whisper stories of the past. Continue the expedition to the Navagio viewpoint, an elevated perch that unveils a mesmerizing panorama of the renowned Shipwreck Beach. Behold the azure waters embracing the iconic rusty shipwreck, creating a scene that epitomizes the allure of Zakynthos. Embark on a boat adventure from Porto Vromi, cruising through the shimmering waters towards the captivating Blue Caves. Dive into the crystalline sea for a refreshing swim, then proceed to the pristine White Beach. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this secluded spot, where the white sands meet the gentle lapping waves. Return to the sea for an exploration of Navagio Beach, setting foot on its powdery sands and absorbing the sheer beauty of the landscape. Behold the famous limestone cliffs resembling the face of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and capture this mythical moment on camera. Seek respite in the charming village of Anafonitria, where time slows down, and authenticity prevails. Enjoy a leisurely lunch, indulging in local delicacies that showcase the island's culinary prowess. Let the village ambiance add a touch of serenity to your Zakynthos odyssey. Continue your journey to Xigia Beach, renowned for its therapeutic sulfur springs. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters, feeling the healing properties of the sea on your skin. This natural spa experience is a perfect interlude in your exploration. Unwind on the shores of Makris Yalos, a tranquil beach that invites you to savor the sun and sea. Whether you choose to swim, stroll along the coastline, or simply relax, Makris Gialos provides a serene retreat to complement your Zakynthos adventure. Conclude your day with a visit to Bochali, a hilltop village offering a postcard-worthy view of Zakynthos. Capture the essence of the island with a sunset photo session, as the colors of the sky reflect on the town below, creating a magical ambiance. As the day comes to a close, your minivan will gracefully transport you back to your accommodations with last stop at Laganas. Reflect on the kaleidoscope of experiences as you bid farewell to Zakynthos, leaving with a treasure trove of memories from this enchanting island.

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This tour activity was great! Tour guide George was very nice too! Always ready to help us take pictures.. Me and my friend took this Tour and it was worth it. Took a lot of pictures. unfortunately we were not informed that this year they prohibited going to the shipwreck. We were looking forward to get close and enjoy taking pictures with the shipwreck. But it was still okay because when we took the boat, it took us close to the shore so we can at least take a closer picture of the shipwreck while on board.. Still a good experience nonetheless.. ☺️

It was a very nice tour, we saw a lot of beautiful things. It is especially recommended in the low season (October) when it is nice and quiet everywhere.

incredible experience with many interesting stops - shipwreck from both the cliffs and water, sea caves, olive oil factory. fantastic tour guides!

Beautiful boat trip and fabulous swimming George our driver and guide , was really professional and a hilarious dancer

Nice trip! We had a good driver and guide, and spent a good day!