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SUBMARINE A Rare and Magical Adventure Experience a unique and unforgettable dive on board a real submarine! Comfortably installed in an air-conditioned cabin and at atmospheric pressure, you will dive to 35 meters of depth and discover the extraordinary underwater scenery of the island. For about 45 minutes, you will discover the wreck of the ship 'The Star Hope', corals and anchor of the 17th century. Wonderful guaranteed for anyone from 2 to 90 years old. SUBSCOOTER A unique experience in the world and original entertainment! An invitation to discover alone or as a couple, the seabed while enjoying the pleasure of piloting your own underwater scooter. The Subscooter look like a road scooter, equipped with a large airtight dome offering pilots and passengers a panoramic view of the underwater world, breathing freely, the water level inside stopping at the shoulders. The dive lasts slightly more than half an hour to a depth of 3 meters. What a pleasure to control its direction and speed freely while enjoying the possibility of exchanging impression and discoveries while being accompanied at all times by a diver who ensures your safety at all times. Safe for non-divers and non-swimmers as from 8 years old.

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