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Blue Cave Monténégro

Blue Cave Monténégro: Our most recommended tours and activities

Kotor: Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and Blue Cave Boat Tour

1. Kotor: Our Lady of the Rocks, Mamula and Blue Cave Boat Tour

Embark on a captivating boat excursion to explore the renowned attractions of Boka Bay. Witness the awe-inspiring Our Lady of the Rocks, take a refreshing swim in the Blue Cave, and delve into the secret caves once-concealing submarines. Begin your maritime journey with a visit to Our Lady of the Rocks, a church perched on an artificially crafted island. Uncover the tale of the two brothers who discovered a Madonna and Child painting, leading to the construction of the church on the very spot where the painting was found. Navigate through the picturesque Verige Straits along the Herceg Novi Rivera, and sail beyond the bay to catch sight of Mamula Island, a historic WWII-era prison. Trace the coastline of the Lustica Peninsula to reach the enchanting Blue Cave, where you can relish the opportunity to swim in its crystal-clear waters. On the return trip to Kotor, explore the caves once utilized for concealing submarines by the army. This boat tour promises a blend of natural wonders, historical narratives, and the chance to experience the captivating aquatic beauty of Boka Bay.

From Kotor: Blue Cave and Bay of Kotor Day Trip by Boat

2. From Kotor: Blue Cave and Bay of Kotor Day Trip by Boat

A boat tour is a fun and exciting way to explore a new place. During a boat tour, guests are taken on a boat ride to see the sights and learn about the history and culture of the area. Tour will start from Kotor, and first place which we will visit Panoramicly is a Old town Perast. Perast is a popular tourist destination and is known for its many historic buildings, including the Church of St. Nicholas and Perast Museum. The town was an important trading center in the past and has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. It is known for its Venetian-style architecture and its two small islands, St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. We will stop at Lady of the Rocks for 20min. The island is known for its beautiful church, the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, which was built in the 15th century and you can visit it for free. The island is also home to a museum that contains a collection of maritime artifacts and paintings. Here you can take some amazing photos and have unforgettable experience. Our third place which will be visited is Submarine Base from Yugoslavian Wars which was secretly built for Yugoslavian army by Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito. We will enter the Base by boat, and skipper will share historical information and explanation about the base. Next location to be visited Panoramicly is Mamula Prison. It is a former maximum-security prison similar to "Alcatraz. It was built in the 19th century as a military base and it was used as a prison during a 2nd world war by Italians. The prison is now abandoned and has gained a reputation as a haunted location. Some people have reported hearing strange noises and seeing ghostly apparitions within its walls. After Mamula Prison our last attraction is a Blue Cave. It is a natural sea cave which is known for its unique blue light effect, which is created by sunlight reflecting off the white sandy bottom of the cave and through the crystal clear water. Visitors can only access the cave by boat, and it is a popular destination for tourists and boating enthusiasts. The cave is big, with a narrow entrance that opens up into a larger chamber. Inside, the water is a deep blue color, and the cave walls are smooth and shiny. The Blue Cave is a beautiful and awe-inspiring natural wonder. We will stop here for 30min so you can take a swim, relax and enjoy a magic of this place. ***A knowledgeable guide will provide information and explanations about the places the boat passes, giving visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area. Whether you are a local or a visitor, a boat tour is a great way to spend a day out on the water.

Kotor: Boat Cruise with Blue Cave Swim and Submarine Base

3. Kotor: Boat Cruise with Blue Cave Swim and Submarine Base

Travel to the top sights in the Bay of Kotor on this speedboat cruise from Kotor. Enjoy access to a fridge onboard and listen to music as you sail across the water at thrilling speeds. Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi. Meet your guide at the tour agency and head to the speedboat in Kotor. Admire panoramic views of charming coastal towns like Perast, Tivat, Porto Montenegro, and Herceg Novi. Stop near the entrances to the abandoned submarine tunnels, which were built by the Yugoslav Army. Continue to the island of Mamula where you will see the fortress of Mamula which was converted into a concentration camp by the Italians in World War II. Hear about the history of the island from your local skipper. Feel the wind in your hair on the way to the Blue Lagoon where you can enjoy swimming and diving in the azure waters. Use the snorkeling mask to explore the underwater landscapes of the cave. Sail to the Our Lady of the Rocks island, which was created by local fishermen in the 15th-century. Have the chance to purchase a ticket to enter the Our Lady of the Rocks Church which contains 68 famous paintings by Tripo Kokolja, a famous 17th-century baroque artist from Perast. Return to your starting point in Kotor at the end of your cruise.

From Kotor, Budva, Tivat or Herceg Novi: Boka Bay Day Cruise

4. From Kotor, Budva, Tivat or Herceg Novi: Boka Bay Day Cruise

Discover the Bay of Kotor on an 8-hour cruise. Learn about the region's history and explore the natural landscapes. Visit a former prison sail around the bay, and swim in crystalline waters. Begin your excursion in Kotor, Budva, or Tivat. From here, your first stop of the day will be Bijela, where you will get the chance to have a refreshing swim. Visit the church and museum on the island before heading to the Blue Cave. Along the way, pass the entire length of UNESCO-protected Kotor Bay, before finally reaching the open sea. At the very entrance of Boka Bay, see the former fortified prison and concentration camp, Mamula. Circulate the island by boat to observe the wild interlace of history and nature. Then sail out until you reach the Blue Cave. Take a break at Porto Montenegro for lunch and explore the picturesque town. Then, sail back to Kotor, with another swimming break at the deep waters of the bay. Change into dry clothes and visit the church at the island Our Lady of the Rock. During the return trip, enjoy views of majestic mountains, caves, beaches, and historical sites.

Kotor: Speedboat Tour to Blue Cave and Our Lady of the Rocks

5. Kotor: Speedboat Tour to Blue Cave and Our Lady of the Rocks

We start with a captivating trip along the waters of Kotor Bay, enabling our guests to examine its magnificent coastline, which is adorned with multiple ancient fishermen's villages, lavishing vegetation, and other natural and architectural wonders. a nice dip inside the Blue Cave, a natural phenomenon that's been created by waves crashing for thousands of years at the Lustica peninsula. We will make a brief stop next to Mamula Island, on which the prison was made in 1853. We continue to one of the three submarine tunnels used during the Second World War to hide and repair submarines. And at the end, we will see the island of Our lady of the rocks. This is a man-made islet, built upon a crag that bore the icon of the Holy Mother Mary. We'll make sure that you have the best possible time with us and bring home amazing memories!

Kotor Bay and Blue Cave Speed Boat Tour With Free Drinks

6. Kotor Bay and Blue Cave Speed Boat Tour With Free Drinks

Join us for an amazing 3 hours tour and explore hidden gems of Kotor Bay. Starting from Park Slobode you will enjoy amazing views from the boat of our beautiful bay. See old churches, palaces on our way to Perast which is protected by Unesco. Take some amazing photos of this legendary city. Our first stop will be on the Island Our Lady of The Rocks and you will hear story how this island was made. We will continue our trip through Verige channel and you will see luxury marina Porto Montenegro and Porto Novi. We will show you abandoned tunnels where submarines were hidden. We will pass by Mamula Island which was ex prison something like Montenegrian Alcatraz. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of the Blue Cave and drink cold Montenegrian beer after that.

Kotor: Bay of Kotor and Blue Cave Speedboat Tour

7. Kotor: Bay of Kotor and Blue Cave Speedboat Tour

Meet in Park Slobode, a 5-minute walk from Kotor's Old Town. Board the speedboat and enjoy a 55-minute panoramic ride along the coast. Admire the view of the various small villages along the coast where you can see charming palaces, houses, churches, and the beautiful contrast between the sea and mountains. You will probably discover the reason why UNESCO has included this bay in one of the twenty five most beautiful in the world. Boka Kotorska is one of the deepest and longest bays on the Adriatic Sea and is often referred to as the southernmost fjord of Europe. On the early beginning of this tour, take a look on Kotor Old Town and see the spectacular scenes of the ancient city and the high walls around it that continue up to Saint Giovani's hill in total length of 4.5 kilometers. The wall’s thickness somewhere is up to fifteen meters with height up to twenty meters. Going further, on your left side we will pass next to Muo, Prčanj, Stoliv, on the right side Dobrota, Perast, and further through Verige - narrowest part of the bay, about 300m wide. Verige divides the interior from the outer gulfs. On the left side of the Verige is the church Church of Our Lady of Angels. Further you will enjoy the views of the town of Lepetani and the beautiful Luštica peninsula. Arrive at the famous Blue Cave and enjoy about 20 minutes of swimming in the turquoise-blue waters. The Blue Cave is a magical place of unusual natural beauty. It is a large cave, with an area of about 300 square meters. The height of the arches is twenty-five meters, and the depth is three to four meters. The Blue Cave has two entrances. It is named after the unusually blue color of the water, which is reflected on the walls of the cave due to the refraction of light, so they also seem "blue". Because of the lights, an effect was obtained, as if water were shining from the depths. On the return leg of the excursion, make a short stop to see an old submarine tunnel. Cut into the steep banks of the Luštica there are three tunnels built during Yugoslavia. The tunnels were used to hide and repair submarines and ships. The length of the tunnel is up to fifty meters, width 7 meters. The average depth of the tunnel is about eight meters, and the depth around the exit from the tunnel increases to thirty meters. Then, stop for visit church and museum at the artificial island of Our Lady of the Rocks with an interesting legend about the emergence. In 1452, two Perast's fishermen saw the icon of the Our Lady with Christ on the rock. They took the icon to Perast and told a strange event. The citizens of Perast decided to build an island and a chapel dedicated to the Our Lady of the Rocks . They widened the plate by throwing stones and plunging old ships damaged in the battles. Every year, starting from 1452, to the present, citizens of Perast, with their boats in the traditional procession, Fašinada, carries stones and throws it around the island, which is a tourist attraction.

Kotor: The Great Blue Cave Adventure Speedboat Tour

8. Kotor: The Great Blue Cave Adventure Speedboat Tour

Starting from the heart of the town Park Slobode on our way to the Blue Cave, you will enjoy magnificent views of the entire coast of Kotor Bay After 50 minutes ride you will be mesmerized by the out-of-the-world shades of blue in the famous Cave. Here you will have enough time for swimming and snorkeling and of course, capturing on camera this unforgettable experience. After a good swim, you will explore an abandoned Submarine tunnel, used in WWII as a secret shelter where ships could hide. Your Captain will tell you all about the places you visit, their history, and anecdotes. You will pass by Lastavica Island where Mamula fortress is situated. Another significant piece of this country's history, Mamula was a prison for cruelest of the criminals. Surrounded by sea from every side, escaping the prison was literally impossible. Next, you will head back towards Kotor Bay, where you will visit the most beautiful gem of Montenegro - Lady of the Rocks Island. Prepare yourself to be enchanted by this 3000m2, artificial island. Make sure to visit the church and the museum where you will hear the origin story of this magical place. When you finished exploring the island we will head back to Kotor and disembark at your starting point.

Kotor: Blue Cave Boat Tour,All Attractions & Beach Stops

9. Kotor: Blue Cave Boat Tour,All Attractions & Beach Stops

Depart from Kotor in style, bouncing over the waves in a speedboat. Feel the wind in your hair with the open ocean, beautiful beaches, and sea caves awaiting you. Make your way towards the magnificent islet of Our Lady of the Rocks, famed for the two locals who discovered an icon of Madonna and the Child here. Take a walk around the islet and set off again to stop at an old submarine base. Get off the boat at the next islet of Mamula, surrounded by the picturesque walls of an old Austro-Hungarian fortress. Cruise off into the impressive natural landmark of the Blue Cave. Watch the sun shine through the cave to see the breathtaking blue waves and swim in the warm, crystal clear water. Have another swim at Žanjic Beach or choose to have lunch at one of the excellent restaurants, before returning to Kotor.

From Kotor: Blue Cave and Boka Bay Highlights Tour

10. From Kotor: Blue Cave and Boka Bay Highlights Tour

What is a better way to explore Montenegro and its highlights than to do it by a boat tour? No traffic, no heat just natural beauty and good vibes. After coming to our location(or getting picked up) our manager will proceed you to your boat and our skippers would be your tour guides and guardian angels for the next 3 hours. Our first stop is artficial Island called "Lady of the Rocks". The church Our Lady of the Rocks is located at the same named island which is located in bay of Boka bay across the beautiful small and peaceful town Perast. This church was raised in 1630 on an artificial island, which was built by fishermen from Perast. According to a legend these fishermen after the shipwreck found on a sea rock an icon of Holy Mother of God with Christ and vowed that right on that spot where the icon was found they will build a church, which will be dedicated to this icon of the Holy Mother of God, protector of sailors and fishermen. That is one of the reasons why you'll see more than 2000 silver plaques dedicated by local sailors and their family. The most precious gift that was ever given to the church is embroidery by a women named Jacinta Kunic which she did with her own hair for 25 years while waiting for her husband to come back . Many historical ornaments and the story itself makes this island the most visited in Montenegro. There you will have 20 minutes free to explore it and take some beautiful pictures and memories. Next on we will stop for a photo pause and explanation in Former Yugoslavian "Submarine Base". It was used during the wars to hide submarines from the enemies. The former most secret place in Yugoslavia is now the most visited place in Montenegro. Our third location which is only possible to see by the boat since it is private resort now is a former prison island called "Mamula". This island, which is devoted to historical events, is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, between Herceg Novi and Luštica. The fortress was built in the middle of the 19th century by Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula. During the First and Second World War, the fortress was used as a prison, mostly for the ones who can't swim so they can't escape. Last but not least... the Blue Cave- the most beautiful natural phenomenon on the Montenegrin coast. This natural cave with a ceiling of 9 meters above sea level, takes the breath away to anyone who visits it. Through the incoming sunlight it enters its interior, and wraps around the surface of the water creating large shades of blue color by which the cave got its name. Here you will have 30minutes pause for swimming, taking photos or leisure.

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A successful trip from start to finish. We started on time and drove to the specified stations with the speedboat. Our captain Alex took care of everything and quickly got jackets for all six participants, as it was getting a bit cold due to the early time and season. At each stop there was information from Alex and on the way back we were also able to walk through Perast for a short 10 minutes to see the city, since none of us wanted to take the bathing stop and there was some time left. We can only recommend the activity!

Our captain Eno was great. Very informative. This was perfect for our time on the Island from our cruise ship. It was cold BUT we jumped into the water at the cave and it was amazing

Spacious boat, included about 15-20 other passengers but captain was a great driver and knowledgable about the various locations. Spoke really good english too!

It was fantastic!! The guide was so friendly and the location was quiet easy to see

Great locations and views, modern boat, and Eno was a great guide (and DJ).