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From Angra do Heroísmo: Terceira Island Full-Day Tour

1. From Angra do Heroísmo: Terceira Island Full-Day Tour

Start the tour by visiting Monte Brasil, where you can see the Fortress of São João Baptista, built by the Spanish after their arrival in 1583. Enjoy fantastic views of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Angra do Heroísmo. Proceed along the southeast of Terceira Island towards the villages of Ribeirinha, Feteira, and São Sebastião. See beautiful natural landmarks such as Ilhéus das Cabras and Baía da Salga, culminating in a visit to the island's oldest church. Next, stop at Serra do Cume, a viewpoint located in Terceira's largest "caldeira". Observe the vast expanse of agricultural fields spread out the island. Then, enjoy some free time for lunch in the charming town of Praia da Vitória. In the afternoon continue along the northern coast of the island and visit the Biscoitos Natural Swimming Pools. Have an optional visit to Algar do Carvão, an empty volcanic chimney, that should take about 30-40 minutes (ticket not included). In the return to your hotel, don't miss more outstanding beauty of the central part of the island. Among other things, you can see the brave bulls in their natural habitat.

From Angra do Heroísmo: Full-Day Terceira Island Van Tour

2. From Angra do Heroísmo: Full-Day Terceira Island Van Tour

The tour starts by picking you at your hotel, and make way on to Monte Brasil, wich is a Natural Reservation full of story and has a viewpoint with an amazing view all over the city of Angra do Heroísmo. Then you´ll go all around the East Part of the Islan where you´ll pass on a spot where you´ll see the Goat Islets and then you´ll move on all around the East Part, where you will pass by some amazing natural pools located in Porto Martins. All the East Coast of the island it´s fill with a lot of places with history. Before lunch you´re going to pass on an amazing landscape Miradouro do Facho and the famous miradouro called Serra do Cume, wich is known by the locals as the Patchwork Blanquet, after that you´ll make a lunch break at Praia da Vitória. By the Afternoon you´re going to visit the North part of the island, were you´ll make way until Biscoitos, to see the amazing natural pools and see the local movement. Moving on, you´ll pass on some natural hiden spots and visit Serreta parish untill you get to Queijo Vaquinha where you´ll taste the local cheese. To end the tour, you´ll pass on a fisherman´s village called São Mateus, too see the fishing activity. The tour ends by dropping you again at your hotel.

Terceira Island : Half-Day Van Tour on the West Coast

3. Terceira Island : Half-Day Van Tour on the West Coast

Discover the West zone of Terceira Island. Admire beautiful landscapes provided by viewpoints spread in several parishes and explore wonderful recreational areas. Start in Angra do Heroísmo, travelling in a comfortable air-conditioned van, passing by and visiting many places along the way. Explore Monte Brasil, bathing area of the Negrito, Church of São Mateus and enjoy cheese tasting in Queijo Vaquinha, from the oldest and most famous cheese factory on the island. Visit Cinco Ribeiras, Church of Santa Bárbara, Império das Doze Ribeiras, Serreta, Mata da Serreta and Biscoitos natural pools.

Terceira Island : Mistérios Negros Hiking Trail

4. Terceira Island : Mistérios Negros Hiking Trail

The Tour starts by picking you from your hotel in Angra do Heroismo and going to the center of the island to a zone insert in the Natural Park of Terceira Island. It´s a hard difficulty walking trail with an extention of 5 kms, that has as one of the highlighs Lagoa do Negro, located exactely in front of Gruta do Natal´s support house. You´ll also pass on some magical places fill with endemical trees and small lakes who are known as the Lagoinha do Vale Fundo. By continuing the track you will pass on some vulcanic formations and you´ll get to know why this area is called Misterios Negros. Since it´s a circular trail, the tour ends in the same starting point where you´ll be brought back to your hotel.

Terceira Island : Island Highlights Day Tour with Lunch

5. Terceira Island : Island Highlights Day Tour with Lunch

This is the best way to discover Terceira Island in one day. Embark with us on a full trip around to the Island in a different way. (mini bus/mini van). We start at 9 am in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, with a visit to Monte Brasil. Then we cross the city towards the East passing by the Pátio da Alfândega, the monument to the bull and the bullring. Continuing along the coast, we head towards Vila de São Sebastião, passing by Ribeirinha, Feteira (serretinha), Porto Judeu (view of the Ilhéu das Cabras) and Baia da Salga. In São Sebastião we visit the oldest church on the island and a small chapel for the devotion of the Holy Spirit that we call Império. We continue towards the city of Praia da Vitória passing by the Serra do Cume viewpoint, Fontinhas, Santa Cruz, until we reach the Serra do Facho viewpoint. After visiting the city, we stop for lunch at a local restaurant. Full menu of typical food from the island, with the main dish being the delicious Alcatra. (beef stew) After the divine lunch we have the only optional of the day. If you wish, we can visit the Algar do Carvão geosite, which is located in the central area of Terceira Island and corresponds to a volcanic chimney 80 m deep. The visit is made on foot using stairs. We head north to visit the small town of Biscoitos to see vineyards and how grapes are produced in the Azores and of course, also the natural pools. Depending on the weather we can give 15 minutes for a dip. From here we start the return to Angra do Heroísmo, along the coast passing by Altares, Raminho, Serreta, Doze Ribeiras, Santa Bárbara, Cinco Ribeiras, São Bartolomeu and São Mateus. Throughout the day, we stop whenever you want to make the experience even more enjoyable. The route may change depending on weather conditions or traffic changes.

Terceira: Volcanic Wine Tasting Tour with Tapas

6. Terceira: Volcanic Wine Tasting Tour with Tapas

Taste the wine and walk along the volcanic terroir where the grapes are ripened in this private tour on the Island of Terceira. Enjoy the magnificent landscape of this parish in the north of the island and visit the famous natural lava rock ocean pools. Make a quick visit to Praia da Vitória, a small town by the beach. Relax as you savor several local wines along with some island specialties. Soak in the charming atmosphere in a family garden. Get an idea of the range of flavors on the island. Bask in a unique region that produces rare volcanic wine. Take in the romance that surrounds wines grown in soils born of molten earth and ash. Shock your palate with something different.

Terceira: Island Trails Scenic Hiking Tour with Transfer

7. Terceira: Island Trails Scenic Hiking Tour with Transfer

The guide will pick up all travelers from their accommodation. After leaving the accommodation, the guide will take all travelers to the desired trail. There are several options: 1. Rocha do Chambre Walking Trail: See a big part of the island's interior, walking through one of Terceira's most important volcanos. It is categorized as being of medium dificulty, with an extension of 8.8 km (5.47 miles), with an average duration of 3.5 hours. 2. Mistérios Negros Walking Trail: Walk alongside several endemic species, visit small lakes and walk on lava. All this is possible in the Mistérios Negros trail, it is categorized as hard, with an extension of 4.9 km (3.04 miles), with a duration of around 3.5 hours. 3. Baías da Agualva: A trail mostly focusing on the sea, walk the coast of the village of Agualva, seeing volcanic formations and endemic species like Erica Azorica. It is categorized as easy, with an extension of 3.8 km (2.36 miles), with an average duration of 3 hours. 4. Forts of São Sebastião: A walking trail that passes by several fortifications from before the spanish invasions of Terceira Island, a real walk through history! It is categorized as easy, with an extension of 5.7 km (3.54 miles), with an average duration of 3.5 hours. 5. Serreta: This is a circular trail with an extension of 6.8 km, the average completion time is around 3.5 hours. In this trail it is possible to see traces of volcanic activity and endemic species. 6. Bestas: This is a circular trail with an extension of 4 km, the average completion time is around 3 hours. In this trail it is possible to see printed on the floor, the old oxcart tracks known as Passagem das Bestas, as well as several endemic species. 7. Monte Brasil: This is a circular trail with an extension of 7.4 km, the average completion time is around 3.5 hours. In this trail takes place in Monte Brasil, surrounded by a Spanish fortress. It is possible to see several endemic species of plants. The guide will drop off all visitors in their chosen accommodations after the tour.

Terceira : Full Day Jeep Tour

8. Terceira : Full Day Jeep Tour

On this full day in adventure, we start with the pickup from the client to the accommodation and end with the drop-off on it. A day full of emotions guaranteed by our local guide and by visiting the places that most identify our island, whether at the level of culture and history, but also at the level of unique nature. The guide will accompany the client always throughout the route. Our tour starts at Monte Brasil that it's a extinct volcano surrounded by 4 km of walls of the "Fortaleza de São João Baptista". A incredible panoramic view of the city of Angra do Heroísmo. Monte Brasil is an extinct volcano that emerged from the sea to join the city of Angra do Heroísmo. Today, it is a protected landscape and the city’s natural park. After by the famous Vaquinha cheese, the oldest cheese on our island (cheese tasting included). The remaining points pass through the beautiful lagoon of Falca, Forest Reserve is in the interior of Terceira Island and gets its name from a beautiful artificial lake, fed by the water flowing from the Serra de Santa Bárbara range, by Furnas do Enxofre, Biscoitos Natural lava Rock Pools (where you can dive) and Serra do Cume, with a spectacular view of the so-called Patchwork, the division of agricultural fields in Caldeira dos 5 Picos! At its highest point, the Serra do Cume rises to 545 meters high.

Terceira: Island Tour

9. Terceira: Island Tour

Terceira Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Azores with stunning natural landscapes and history. If you're planning a visit it's important to know the main tourist spots and viewpoints to make the most of your trip. In this tour you'll have the opportunity to visit these and many other incredible locations on the island. In this tour we will visit the folowing places: Monte Brasil Gruta do Natal Algar do Carvão Miradouro da Serra do Cume Praia da Vitória Angra do Heroísmo Schedule and pick-up to be aranged after reservation

Terceira: Land Tour for Cruise Ship Visitors

10. Terceira: Land Tour for Cruise Ship Visitors

Spend the day exploring Terceira most beautiful sights and rich cultural heritage. Discover all the highlights of the island with a friendly local guide. Whether you are interested in exploring natural wonders, cultural heritage, or sample the local gastronomy, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful and unique island. The tour will start in Praia da Vitória Bay and visit the folowing atractions: Forte de Santa Catarina Rua de Jesus Miradouro do Facho Serra do Cume Furnas do Enxofre Lagoa das Patas Lagoa do Negro Biscoitos Lagoinha Schedule and pick-up to be aranged after reservation.

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We were very happy with the places we visited, the pace of visits, our dear knowledgeable guide Anna who willing to show all the beauties of the island.. This was a really jigh quality experience and only in one day, we were able to see 75% of the island.. We thank to dear Anna and the tour company

We practically had a private tour with Nuno over the whole island. He showed us a lot and told us about the island, but was always open to suggestions if we wanted to see anything. All in all very successful and really recommendable!

We had a lovely day. Our guide was able tell us all about the island and the spots that we came across. Would definitely recommend!

Great tour; Victor went above and beyond. He and his wife were great hosts. Must do tour on the island!!

Caterina, best guide ever! Beautiful and interesting experience