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Pristina: Day Tour with Bear Sanctuary and Gadima Cave

Pristina: Day Tour with Bear Sanctuary and Gadima Cave

Prishtina DAY Tour is a comprehensive full day tour in and around Prishtina. It takes you to Explore all what makes Prishtina the way it is; in terms of Historic, cultural, religious, natural, and archaeological heritage. It has a mixed and combined tour with many interesting sights, monuments and museums. This is a perfect choice for all of you, who have a least a full day in Prishtina to to immerse yourselves into a memorable experience which takes you beyond your expectations in this area. SPOTS included in the tour: Prishtina walking tour in Old and New Town, it includes: Ethnographic Museum, Bazaar Mosque (the oldest mosque of the country), King’s Mosque, Yugoslavian Obelisk of Brotherhood and Unity, City Center, New Born, Youth Palace, Heroinat Monument, National and University Library , St. Teresa Cathedral. Outskirt of Prishtina Impressive Monastery of Gracanica Mysterious marble cave of Gadime, Archeological Roman town of Ulpiana, Amazing Bear Sanctuary. Gazimestan – Monument of Kosovo Battle of 1389, Mausoleum of Sulltan MURAD and Ottoman Museum. Itinerary Once you meet the guide in the suggested place, you are introduced with the content of the tour and start with a short structured walking tour, within the town, exactly what you need for sightseeing and understanding PRISHTINA. It takes around 2.5 hour to walk around and get to know the best of the city. After the walking tour, we move forward to the Eastern Part of Prishtina. Our first stop in the way, it’s the famous Gracanica Monastery (UNESCO Heritage List), where you’ll be fascinated with the extra-ordinary interior of full of magnificent frescoes. The guide of Monastery would be happy to explain you the interesting story of the monastery which dates from 1321 and it’s been always in service till nowadays. Impressed with the Monastery, we’ll continue around one more KM further to explore the archaeological park of Ulpiana. It is the most important archaeological site in Kosovo, representing an old civilization of Dardanian Kingdom from the bronze age. Historically, during the 3nd and 4th Century AC it became one of the five most important Roman Towns in Balkan Peninsula. Afterwards we move towards Marble cave of Gadime which is as 10 more KM away. It’s an wonderful cave with lots of interesting galleries with full of mysteries. The tour into the cave takes an half an hour and is guided by the respective guide of the cave. Bear Sanctuary: Right after the cave we depart to Bear Sanctuary. It is a lovely natural park with hilarious brown bears all around. It is awesome to see the Bears playing up and down all the day long. It is a story of survival, love and dedication for bears and animals.

Kosovo Bears: Visit rescued bears from Kosovo & Albania

Kosovo Bears: Visit rescued bears from Kosovo & Albania

Upon arrival at Bear Sanctuary Prishtina, you will begin your uniqe experience, offering insights into the rescue and rehabilitation efforts for the bears. The tour begins with a walk along well-maintained paths, where you can observe the bears in their natural habitat, each with its own unique story of survival and resilience. As you explore the sanctuary, you'll encounter spacious enclosures designed to mimic the bears' natural environment, complete with climbing structures, pools, and ample vegetation. Along the way, I will share captivating stories about the individual bears, detailing their rescue from captivity or mistreatment and the journey toward their newfound freedom. Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to observe the bears engaging in various natural behaviors, from foraging for food to playing and interacting with one another. The sanctuary's tranquil setting allows for moments of reflection as visitors witness the incredible transformations these once-suffering animals undergo. In addition to learning about the bears' stories, you will also gain insight into the conservation efforts aimed at protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitats, you will also be informed about the sanctuary's initiatives and the importance of raising awareness about wildlife welfare issues. As the tour concludes, you will finisht the walk at the sanctuary's visitor center, where you can further engage with educational exhibits, learn about continous projects, find any unique product in gift shop, and support the sanctuary's mission through various initiatives. The tour will be completed with a tasty coffee at the bistro of sanctuary. Overall, a visit to Bear Sanctuary Prishtina offers a deeply enriching experience, allowing visitors to connect with nature, learn about wildlife conservation, and witness firsthand the resilience of rescued bears thriving in their newfound sanctuary home.

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