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Balneário Camboriú: Beto Carrero Round-Trip Transfer

1. Balneário Camboriú: Beto Carrero Round-Trip Transfer

Benefit from round-trip transportation to and from Beto Carrero, located 35 kilometers from Balneário Camboriú. Explore this incredible theme park, the largest in Latin America, with theaters featuring daily shows, radical attractions, and a zoo. The park is divided into seven distinct areas, with its particularities ranging from attractions, shows and even the complete thematization such as Madagascar and Old West. The transfer tour lasts for 1 day, with an 8:00 AM departure from Balneário Camboriú and return after the last show.

Balneário Camboriú: Germanic Route with Blumenau & Pomerode

2. Balneário Camboriú: Germanic Route with Blumenau & Pomerode

Depart from Balneário Camboriú and set off for the "European Valley" known for its beautiful landscapes and unique Germanic culture. Start the tour by visiting the small town of Ilhota, considered to be the manufacturing center for underwear and bathing suits. Continue on to Blumenau, and visit the Beer Museum, the City Hall building, and Vila Germânica Park that hosts major events such as Oktoberfest - the second most important beer festival in the world, after only Munich in Germany, and the 2nd largest Brazilian event after Carnival. Stop off in the Vila Germânica Park to explore the scenery, and have an optional lunch (not included in the price). After this, proceed to Pomerode, the most Germanic city of Brazil where approximately 90% of its population speaks the German language. Find out about how the city colonizers came from Pomerania in northern Germany, and their culture is alive even today. Explore the main sights and take an interesting walk along the Route of the Enxaimel where you will see typical houses that hold curious stories about the Nazi period. Enjoy free time to stroll around the city, shop for chocolates, and savor a delicious German pie (not included) in a traditional confectionery shop. At the end of the afternoon, return to Balneário Camboriú.

Tour to Balneario Camboriu & Unipraias Park

3. Tour to Balneario Camboriu & Unipraias Park

Explore one of Santa Catarina's most sought-after destinations, Balneário de Camboriú, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. Your journey commences with an enchanting visit to Parque Unipraias, a haven of artistic exhibitions and local craftsmanship. Here, you'll ascend in awe-inspiring cable cars, traversing a 3,250-meter route amidst the lush Atlantic forest. As you soar, relish a 360° panoramic spectacle of the city, with the option to descend to the alluring Laranjeiras Beach. Following this, we'll venture to Avenida Atlântica, where Praia Central beckons with its meticulously designed landscapes, ideal for leisurely strolls. Bask in the gentle glow of evening walks, and explore Ilha das Cabras, a time-honored natural gem named after Marciano Cavalheiro, Balneário Camboriú's inaugural lifeguard, who once inhabited the island to thwart erosion. Our journey continues to Barra Norte and Sul, where a tapestry of pristine beaches unfolds alongside a bustling marketplace teeming with diverse restaurants and hotels. The pinnacle of our adventure awaits at Complexo do Cristo Luz, a lofty vantage point showcasing a handcrafted, 33-meter statue of Jesus Christ. Witness an awe-inspiring spectacle as it comes alive with a symphony of lights and colors in the night sky. On our return, we'll pause at Café Tirolêz, where a curated menu tells the story of the city's colonization through its coffee and a delightful array of local products. Discover fine crystals, bedding, tableware, and bath essentials to take a piece of Balneário de Camboriú home with you. Don't miss this captivating journey through the heart of Santa Catarina's beauty and culture!

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