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Our most recommended Badian Water sports

Cebu City: Whale Shark Swimming & Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

1. Cebu City: Whale Shark Swimming & Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime swimming experience with whale sharks. Your private guide will take you on a scenic journey from Cebu's East Coast to the town of Oslob to capture a sight of this magnificent fish. Snorkel and swim alongside these gentle giants in their natural habitat. After swimming alongside your new fish friends, you'll arrive at Badian for lunch before your canyoneering adventure. You'll travel to the jump-off point and swim, climb, rappel, and more all over Badian's picturesque cliffs—don't miss an opportunity to jump off cliffs as high as thirty feet.  Come down from your heart-pounding jumps with a relaxing swim in the beautiful waters of the beautiful and serene Kawasan Falls. You'll be brought back to your hotel carrying priceless memories and the thrill of adventure in your heart.

Cebu: Kawasan Falls Canyoneering & Cliff Jump Private Tour

2. Cebu: Kawasan Falls Canyoneering & Cliff Jump Private Tour

*Please note that this tour has two (2) options. The first is the Kawasan falls swimming tour which is a simple swimming Kawasan falls, family friendly and open for all ages. The second option is Kawasan canyoneering tour which involves jumping in the cliffs and waterfalls in Badian, minimum of at least 7 years old to join this activity. Visit one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines. Located in Badian, Kawasan Falls is famous for it's 3-layered waterfall. If you've got a taste for a real, heart-stopping adventure in the heart of Cebu, canyoning at the famous cliffs of Badian is the answer. Start your day with a comfortable pick-up from your hotel to Badian. You will be given some time to find a place to have breakfast. Meet up with your friendly guide and learn the basic safety procedures of canyoneering to fully enjoy the tour. The day will be filled with picturesque scenes of the waterfalls and thrilling adventures through Cebu's natural sites. Test your nerves as you trek through creeks and streams along Badian River, as you weave through caves and through rapid rivers. Many exciting activities await you such as the opportunity to jump and rappel from cliffs and swim through canyons. After canyoneering, unwind by Kawasan Falls, Cebu’s famous 3-tiered waterfall before enjoying a hearty lunch by the crystal-blue pools and lush forests. The falls are in turquoise color and perfect for amazing photos. Afterward, if you're feeling adventurous, take the opportunity to jump from 7 cliff-diving points that reach up to 6 meters high into the deep blue water.

Shared Tours: Whaleshark Swimming & Kawasan Canyoneering

3. Shared Tours: Whaleshark Swimming & Kawasan Canyoneering

This is a Shared Tour which is available every Monday, Tues Thursday Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only. This activity requires a minimum of 4 participants. If the minimum requirement is not met, you can book an alternative date or request a full refund. You will be contacted at least 1 day before your scheduled tour. You will be joining in with other individuals and groups for the tour. Airport pick up and luggage is not allowed, only hand carry bags. If you wish to be in your own private vehicle, please book Oslob & Badian: Whaleshark Wonders & Thrilling Canyoneering Private Tour. Pick up time starts early at 2:00 am (16hrs duration due to congestion of traffic going back to your hotel), depending on your pick-up location. Will send driver details and pick up the schedule one day before the tour. Please be ready 5 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. The driver will only give a grace period of 10 minutes, before proceeding to the next pickup location. Tour operators will not be responsible for guests not being able to join the tour if guests do not show up at the pickup location and scheduled pickup time. Guests will be declared no show and are not entitled to a refund. Drop off time is estimated at 6-8pm. Drop off location is the same as your pickup location or any location along the way to the city. Afterall, embark on a comfortable group transfer to Oslob, immersing yourself in the scenic landscapes as you make your way to the Whale Shark watching site. Arrive at Oslob just in time for sunrise, setting the perfect backdrop for the upcoming encounter with the majestic Whale Sharks. Receive a detailed briefing from the experienced guides, learning about the behavior of Whale Sharks and the essential guidelines for a responsible and respectful interaction. Board a traditional outrigger boat with your newfound friends, creating a sense of camaraderie as you embark on this aquatic adventure together. Transit to Badian where you share stories and laughter during the scenic journey to Badian, appreciating the changing landscapes from the coastal beauty of Oslob to the lush surroundings leading to your next adventure. Arrive at the canyoneering starting point in Badian, where the group bonds over the shared excitement of exploring picturesque canyons and natural rock formations. Navigate through the canyons, taking on thrilling cliff-jumping challenges of varying heights. Cheer on your fellow participants as they embrace each adrenaline-pumping leap. Dive into refreshing pools, swim through natural water formations, and trek together through the stunning landscapes, creating shared memories amidst the beauty of Badian. Reach the grand finale at Kawasan Falls, where the entire group celebrates the culmination of the canyoneering adventure with exhilarating jumps into the crystal-clear pools. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch near Kawasan Falls, sharing reflections on the day's experiences.

Cebu: Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Day Trip

4. Cebu: Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Day Trip

Enjoy a pickup from your hotel and start the day with this exciting tour to Cebo south.  The first stop is Osmeña Peak, the highest peak in Cebu with a cluster of green jagged hills and an elevation of around 1,000 meters above sea level. Take an easy hike to the peak where you are able to watch the sunrise and get a birds-eye view of Cebu.  Before the tour continues, take a break and enjoy lunch at Kawasan. The Kawasan Falls is 131 feet high and considered one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines. Take a refreshing dip at the picturesque falls and try adventurous dives.  Come back to your accommodation in Cebu by approximately 4:00 PM.

Moalboal with Canyoneering Tour (Shared Tour)

5. Moalboal with Canyoneering Tour (Shared Tour)

Swim among thousands of fish and watch the sardine run in Moalboal. Snorkel alongside sea turtles in their natural habitat. Dine on delicious seafood in a seaside restaurant. Bask in the sun on White Sand Beach and finish up the day with a cup of coffee on the way back to Cebu City. Itinerary: *Sardine Run *Sea Turtle Activity *Panagsama Beach *Carcar Pasalubong * Full Course Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

From Cebu: Oslob Whale Shark Snorkeling and Canyoning Tour

6. From Cebu: Oslob Whale Shark Snorkeling and Canyoning Tour

This full-day trip starts from Cebu. After a 3-hour drive, you will arrive at Oslob to try whale shark snorkeling that can only be experienced here. You don't have to be a great swimmer to get close to them as you'll have a full life jacket. The whale sharks are very tame and harmless. You will have an unforgettable experience! After snorkeling, you will go to Kawasan Falls, the largest waterfall in Cebu, for canyoning. Go down the river, traverse the rocks, slide down natural chutes and then jump into the deep pool! You will be accompanied by a professional instructor along the way. Since these two locations are 2.5 to 3 hours away from Cebu by car, joining our round-trip tour ensures you have a productive and fun day out. We will send you back to the city in the evening at the end of the tour. After that, you can go to a spa for some rest and relaxation or enjoy a wonderful dinner at the various restaurants and bars. We can also arrange GoPro action cameras to snap great photos - you'll take home some amazing memories with you.

Cebu Shared Tour: Whaleshark Swimming & Kawasan Canyoneering

7. Cebu Shared Tour: Whaleshark Swimming & Kawasan Canyoneering

As the morning sun painted the skies in hues of gold, anticipation filled the air as participants gathered at various hotels across Cebu. The Cebu Join Tours van, a beacon of adventure, arrived promptly, ready to transport a diverse group of eager travelers to the day's escapade. The journey commenced with introductions, a melting pot of backgrounds and stories converging for a shared experience. The van's interior buzzed with excitement as the group set forth towards Oslob, the first chapter in their Cebu adventure. Arriving at the coastal town, the salty breeze hinted at the oceanic wonders awaiting. Boarding a boat, the group sailed into the vast expanse, where shadows beneath the surface betrayed the presence of whalesharks. Snorkeling gear adorned, the participants descended into the azure waters, encountering these gentle giants in their natural habitat. The sheer magnitude of the creatures left everyone in awe, creating an immediate bond among strangers, united by the shared privilege of this ethereal experience. Back on dry land, the journey shifted gears towards Badian. The scenic drive showcased Cebu's diverse landscapes, a visual prelude to the upcoming canyoneering adventure. Expert guides welcomed the group, weaving safety instructions with tales of local lore, setting the stage for the day's adrenaline-fueled exploits. The trek unfolded through dense jungles, revealing natural water slides, jumps, and challenging rock formations. Laughter and encouragement echoed as the group navigated the canyons, forging connections with each splash and leap. The camaraderie among participants grew, turning the journey into a collective triumph of overcoming challenges and savoring the thrill of pushing personal boundaries. The climax awaited at Kawasan Falls, a three-tiered cascade surrounded by emerald pools. Some chose to challenge their bravery with cliff jumps, while others reveled in the serene beauty of the natural pools. It was a fitting reward after the high-energy canyoneering expedition, a moment of collective reflection and celebration. Gathering at a rustic locale, the group shared a hearty local meal, savoring the flavors unique to Cebu. Stories flowed freely, each dish becoming a conversation starter, and newfound friendships solidifying over shared experiences. The tour had seamlessly transformed strangers into a close-knit community, a testament to the power of shared adventures. Back at their hotels, participants found themselves with a heart full of memories and a longing for more such immersive journeys. The echoes of laughter, the rush of adrenaline, and the tranquil moments by Kawasan Falls became chapters in the story of their Cebu adventure—a tale written by Cebu Join Tours, where every moment unfolded as a shared narrative of wonder, courage, and camaraderie.

Cebu: Moalboal Island Hopper Cruise with Kawasan Falls Visit

8. Cebu: Moalboal Island Hopper Cruise with Kawasan Falls Visit

Visit the famous thousand sardines in Moalboal and take a chance to swim with the turtles in Panagsama. Explore Pescador Island's rich biodiversity on this thrilling island hopping and snorkeling tour. Your tour will start once you are picked up from your hotel within Cebu City, Mandaue, Mactan, or Lapu-lapu or direct from Mactan-Cebu International Airport. You will be dropped off at the dock where you will meet your local guide and board a motorized boat. You will be provided with swimming goggles for snorkeling, as well as life jackets. The boat will take you to a snorkeling and swimming spot off the shores of Moalboal, where you can get an unobstructed view of the world-famous sardine run. The phenomenon happens year-round, so you don't need much luck to witness millions of sardines swim together for a breathtaking sight. You can snorkel to watch sea turtles gently swim in their natural habitat. Make sure to keep a safe distance from them as well to avoid disturbing and hurting them. You can also bring or rent a waterproof camera to capture your time with these gentle sea creatures. After island-hopping in Moalboal, you will be taken to Badian where you will meet your canyoneering guide. Enjoy the complimentary lunch before setting out to Kawasan Fall. Make your way to Kawasan Falls by trekking, rappelling, and swimming through the beautiful river canyons of Badian. Savor the adrenaline rush and take your canyoneering adventure to new heights by jumping from cliffs as high as 30 feet. Spend the rest of the day swimming and diving in the cool waters of Kawasan Falls. *Effective June 2, 2023, the provincial government of Cebu has issued a temporary closure of Kawasan Falls in Badian to facilitate essential cleanup efforts. We will do the canyoneering Tour in Kabutongan Falls and you can still anticipate an exhilarating experience with jumps, treks, and refreshing swimming.

Cebu: Car Charter with Driver

9. Cebu: Car Charter with Driver

Take the stress out of your day and travel in comfort with a private car charter for 8 or 12 hours.  Discover the south area of Cebu with easy starting your tour from Mactan Cebu International Airport or any locations in Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu area to the best travel destinations in Cebu South Area - Oslob, Badian, and Moalboal. Take advantage of the private car charter service and visit picturesque locations such as the Kawasan Falls, the most beautiful falls in Cebu. You can do island hopping in the marine sanctuary of Pescador Island or visit the famous whale sharks in Oslob.  Customize your journey according to your own needs and preferences.

Oslob: Sumilon Sand Bar, Whale Sharks & Snorkeling Day Trip

10. Oslob: Sumilon Sand Bar, Whale Sharks & Snorkeling Day Trip

Take a scenic drive along the Southern Cebu coastline, spot some turtles and whale sharks, and lounge in the sun on this day trip. Begin your adventure bright and early, and be picked up from your hotel lobby at 3 AM. Hear a short briefing on basic safety and what to look for, kit yourself out in snorkeling gear, and hop in the water for a whale shark encounter. Have a truly unique experience with Oslob's famous whale sharks. Next, visit the gorgeous Sumilon Island with its stunning beaches and cerulean blue water. See the famous and beautiful white sand bar of Sumilon Island up close. Lastly, gear up with your snorkel and mask. Stop at a world-class diving and snorkeling location in Moalboal and see protected coral and native marine species. Swim among the fish, and even feed them. Catch a glimpse of sea turtles at Turtle Bay or find yourself surrounded by huge schools of Cebu's famous sardines.

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This was a very good tour! My pick-up time for my day tour ended up being an hour earlier, but I was provided notice that it was to help ensure the whale shark watching experience would actually happen since there were so many tourists - I appreciated that! My driver picked me up on-time and arrived at Oslob as expected. The whale shark experience was unbelievable - truly amazing! The sandbar wasn't great - the photos don't show you that there are many other people on the beach and it takes away from the experience. The Moalboal snorkeling activity was awesome - I had a great guide who ensured I'd have a memorable time...he took care of making sure I was comfortable, but also that I'd have amazing GoPro photos and videos. Things to keep in mind: This activity is private and not a shared experience. Bring a towel and, if you want, an extra set of dry clothes. Bring your own GoPro for the whale shark experience; your guide can easily rent a GoPro for the snorkeling experience.

An absolute must for anyone coming to the Philippines. We saw 5-6 whale sharks and were constantly surrounded by whale sharks during the approximately 45 minutes in the sea. The Kawasan Canyoneering afterwards is in no way inferior to the experience. A combination of adrenaline and one of, if not the most beautiful panorama I have experienced in the Philippines with incredibly clear and crystal blue water. It was worth every penny and getting up early. For the Kawasan Canyoneering I chose the zipline option, which I recommend to everyone as it further enriches the experience and saves you a 30-40 minute hike to the starting point.

We loved the canyoneering tour! The water was absolutely beautiful, the cliff jumps were fun, the guides were friendly and took awesome photos for us. Our driver, Jave, drove us to and from Moalboal from Mactan and he was great! It was a long day of driving but definitely worth the long drive. The sardine run was neat to see the big schools of fish and some turtles! Snorkelling area was a bit busy with people but it was still good to see. Would highly recommend.

The activity is incredibly fun, from witnessing the sardines in Moalboal to Canyoneering in Badian. All the tour guides are so friendly, they always ensure you capture amazing pictures and prioritize your safety throughout the tour. We highly recommend this experience to everyone! It’s a must-visit in Cebu, and the driver is extremely patient. We felt completely safe traveling to Moalboal and Badian and back to our hotel.

Fantastic tour, very convenient with the pick up/drop off and all the activities went smoothly. The sunrise view at Osmena peak was incredible and the canyoneering was very organised. Highly recommend!