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Azzaden Valley, Atlas Mountains

Azzaden Valley, Atlas Mountains: Our most recommended tours and activities

Marrakech: 3 Day High Atlas Mountains and Three Valleys Trek

1. Marrakech: 3 Day High Atlas Mountains and Three Valleys Trek

Day 1: Imlil Valley - Tizi n’Tamaterte - Tachddirt Village On the initial day, prepare for a moderate trek spanning approximately 5-6 hours, commencing from the charming village of Imlil, nestled at an altitude of 1740m. As you embark on your journey, you will ascend to the picturesque Tizi n' Tamterte, situated at an elevation of 2300m. Take a moment to relish a delightful lunch atop the pass, relishing the breathtaking vistas that surround you. Following this rejuvenating pause, your expedition continues towards the final village of Tachdirt or Tinghourine. Rest assured, a cozy guesthouse awaits to welcome you, offering a tranquil abode to spend the night, ensuring a peaceful respite before your further adventures unfold. Day 2 : Tachddirt Village - Aguersiwal - Matat Pass -Ait Aissa On the second day of your trekking adventure, you can look forward to approximately 5-6 hours of captivating trails as you journey from Tachdirt Village , Aguersiwal pass (2100m), and finally to Matat and Ait Aissa. Along this scenic route, you'll encounter charming villages and traverse the breathtaking Oudit Pass (2200m). As the day draws to a close, you'll find respite in Ait Aissa, where a cozy gite awaits for your overnight stay. And if you fancy a rejuvenating experience, there's even a steam shower available for you to unwind and relax. Day 3 : Ait Aissa Villages - Tizi Mazik pass -Imlil valley - Marrakech On the third day of our adventure, we will embark on a 6-hour journey filled with remarkable sights. Our first stop will be the awe-inspiring waterfalls in Toubkal National Park, showcasing nature's breathtaking power. After experiencing this natural wonder, we will continue our expedition by following the trail leading to the Mzik pass, situated at an elevation of 2500m. From there, prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing panoramic vistas of the Ait Mizan valley, offering a truly unforgettable spectacle. Following a delightful lunch in Mzzik, we will begin our descent towards Imlil, marking the conclusion of our trek. To wrap up our unforgettable adventure, we will be transferred back to the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Marrakech: 2-Day Atlas Mountains Trek with Village Stay

2. Marrakech: 2-Day Atlas Mountains Trek with Village Stay

Your 2-day adventure begins with pickup from your hotel in Marrakech and heads towards the High Atlas Mountains via Tahnnaout, Oued Ghighaya, and Asni. Throughout the drive, admire stunning views of the surrounding landscapes as well as a glimpse of local villages along the valley. Arrive at Imlil and meet your trekking crew for the trip, then enjoy a refreshing mint tea to set you up for a day of exploring. With your guides, head out towards Azzaden Valley via the Tizi Mzik pass where you can marvel at panoramic views over the valley as well as several neighboring Atlas peaks. Lunch is served at the top of the pass, so you can admire the views while you eat, then continue down the valley through the Juniper Forest to arrive at Tizi Oussem village. Spend the night at this traditional Berber site, meet the locals and learn about their culture and way of life. Enjoy a delicious and authentic tagine dinner surrounded by the peaceful tranquility of the mountains. After breakfast on day 2, soak up the sunshine that lights up this colorful valley before heading out towards Id Issa village. Spend some time exploring then trek to Tizi Oudid mountain pass walking through Matat village along the way. Arrive at a walnut grove and enjoy a relaxing lunch next to the river. Finally, return to Marrakech around 5pm.

From Marrakech: Atlas Mountains 4-Day Hike with Hotels

3. From Marrakech: Atlas Mountains 4-Day Hike with Hotels

Spend this four days family trek exploring three green deep valleys of the Atlas Mountains on foot. A hike amidst cool vegetation of juniper oak and pine trees is a perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body. Adjust your pace and go across deep gorges, gushing river streams and groves of walnut and cherry trees, as your guide takes you on a great walk up and down the beautiful hills with a full insight into the Berber culture . The valleys are home to tiny hamlets and villages of the ethnic Berber scattered along the valleys, a herding and farming communities. Get to meet them to know more about their traditions and customs. See their terraced fields of corn and barley and get a glimpse of their daily life style. Day 1 Marrakech - Imlil- Imnane The first day of this Berber villages and valleys trek can be up to 5 hours long. after the transfer from your hotel in Marrakech, our team is coming to meet you in Imlil area to start the hike heading towards the Imnan Valley, eventually arriving at Tizi N’tamater at 2300m, to enjoy a three courses lunch prepared by your local cook on the spot, before taking the path way again to get to Tachdirt village for your first night in a guest house. Duration: 5/6 Hours Day 2 Tachdirt - Imi Oughlad Today , your family adventure in the Atlas mountains of Morocco continues after breakfast by heading to Imi Oughlad  following the amazing Imnane valley. You will walk through sevaral Berber villages. Your guide will point on all the interesting things on the way providing important facts about the Berbers, their culture and history . You will spend the night in a local guesthouse in Imi Oughlad and you can participate with your cook to prepare the dinner. Duration: 5 hour Day 3 Imi Oughlad - Azzaden In this third day your are going to discover a different valley with its different colors (we called it the red valley), it's the valley of Azzaden. After breakfast, the adventure starts heading to Tizi Oussem village following the path through an oak tree park all the way up to Tizi n'Lbour pass for the lunch in the middle of the nature. After your delicious meal, you follow the dirt road to the local guest house for an over night. Today and in your guest house in Tizi Oussem, you can try a Berber Hammam ( €4 extra) and get a full local experience (please let your guide know if you are interested beforehand Duration: 5 hour Day 4 Azzaden - Imlil - Marrakech In the last day of this unique experience, the trail is a bit challenging in few parts but your professional guide is there to unsure your safety and your comfort level. You walk towards Imlil  passing a wide forest of Juniper trees with possibility to meet the locals with their herds. As usual, your cook will serve the lunch at the pass of tizi Mezik (2500m) before walking down to the end point of your unforgettable experience.

Atlas Mountains Trek Azzaden Valley And Imlil 2 Days

4. Atlas Mountains Trek Azzaden Valley And Imlil 2 Days

Day 1 Marrakech – Imlil/ High Atlas Mountains (1740m)– Tizi Mzik (2684m)-Tamsoulte waterfalls (2300m) Tizi Oussem village (1850m). After breakfast in Marrakech, pick up & drive towards the high Atlas Mountains via Tahanaout, Oued Ghighaya & Asni, enjoy the stunning view of the villages along the valet. Arrival to Imlil (65km from Marrakech), meet the guide & muleteer and start the trek & climb Tizi Mzik pass (2684m), spectacular view over Imlil valley & Toubkal Summit, continue to Tamsoult to visit the highest waterfalls in the Atlas Mountains (100m of hight), down the Azzaden valley through juniper forest to get to Tizi Oussem village. Overnight at the Guest house in the village. About 6 hours walking. Day 2 Tizi Oussem (1850m) – Id Issa village (1800m) – Tizi Oudid (2000m) – Mattat – Agersioual – Marrakech : After breakfast, enjoy the sunshine on this colorful valley & its marvelous typical Berber villages, leave Tizi Oussem & continue down to Id Issa village, before heading up to Tizi Oudid mountain pass (2000m), cross Matat village after a wild thurifer juniper forest, get lunch under walnut groves and relax near the river. In the afternoon transfer back to Marrakech. About 5 hours walking.

From Marrakech: Discover the Azzaden Valley

5. From Marrakech: Discover the Azzaden Valley

Explore the breathtaking Azzaden Valley and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Nestled between towering peaks and verdant landscapes, the Azzaden Valley offers a plethora of unforgettable experiences for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Here's a full description of what you can do in the Azzaden Valley: Scenic Hiking Trails: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure through the valley's picturesque trails. Follow ancient footpaths that wind through lush walnut groves, fragrant juniper forests, and charming Berber villages. Marvel at cascading waterfalls, encounter local wildlife, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. High Mountain Trekking: For more experienced trekkers, the Azzaden Valley serves as a gateway to some of the Atlas Mountains' highest peaks. Join a guided trek and challenge yourself to reach the summit of Mount Toubkal, North Africa's tallest peak, or explore the stunning Ait Mizane Valley and its remote mountain villages. Berber Culture and Hospitality: Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and warm hospitality of the local Berber people. Visit traditional mud-brick villages, where you can meet friendly locals, learn about their way of life, and savor traditional Berber cuisine. Mountain Biking Adventures: Take your exploration to the next level by embarking on thrilling mountain biking adventures in the Azzaden Valley. Ride along rugged trails, traverse challenging terrain, and witness the changing landscapes as you pedal through the mountains. This adrenaline-pumping activity allows you to appreciate the valley's beauty at a faster pace. Wildlife Spotting: The Azzaden Valley is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Photography Opportunities: The Azzaden Valley is a photographer's dream, offering countless opportunities to capture stunning landscapes, vibrant village life, and the unique culture of the Berber people. From dramatic mountain vistas to intimate cultural moments, every frame tells a story waiting to be captured.

Atlas Adventures: 6-Day Trekking Expedition & Mount Toubkal

6. Atlas Adventures: 6-Day Trekking Expedition & Mount Toubkal

Day 1 : The first day you walk through 3 nice Berber valleys. First your driver will pick you up in the Marrakesh medina. And take you to the mountains in ca. 1h15. At the altitude of 2.600m. you start the trekking in the tiny sky resort and azib (summer “village”) of Oukaïmeden. Here the mule men and their mules are waiting for you. And there you go. Walking into the remote valley of Ousertek. Passing by small and isolated Berber villages. The first day your path is mainly going down. Taking you to the valley of Imenane. There you end up in the cozy village of Imsker. Just one more pass with a beautiful view is waiting for you. And then there is Imi Oughlad in the valley of Mizane. Walking 5 – 6 hrs. Overnight stay: (very simple) Berber guesthouse. Imi Oughlad Alt. 1400m. / 4593 ft. Day I: Trekking Imi Oughlad (1400m.) – Tizi Oussem (1850m.) First there is the pass of Tizi-n-Tacht (2.000m). Providing a splendid view over the valley of Mizane and the valley of Ouïssaden (pronounced as Azaden). After the pass there is a small descent followed by a long but easy walk up to the remote village of Tizi Oussem (1850m.). Walking ca. 5,5 hrs. Overnight stay: Berber guesthouse. Tizi Oussem Alt. 1850m. / 6070 ft. Day 3: Trekking Tizi Oussem (1850m) – Imlil/Mezzik (1850m.) Over the pass Tizi Mezzik (2490m.). Optional in the morning you can walk to the cascades of Irhoulidine (2600m.). If you arrive early then in the afternoon there is the possibility to explore the small villages around (Targa Imoula, Tagadirt, Achein, Imlil). Or you can have a good relax or try the local ‘hammam’ (Moroccan bathing house). * For real good hikers only – there is alternative route. More information upon request. Walking ca. 4,5 hrs. Overnight stay: Berber guesthouse Imlil / Mezzik Alt. 1850 m. / 5840 ft. Day 4: Trekking Imlil/Mezzik (1850m) – refuge du Toubkal (3200m.) Today it’s only going up. The path is clear and easy to walk. On the road we pass by the sacred pilgrimage spot of Sidi Chamharouch. Non-moslims are not allowed to enter the mausoleum. After a refreshing lunch there is still a long walk to go to the mountain hut at Toubkal base camp. But finally you will see the mountain hut from far. Walking about 5 hours. Overnight stay: Neltner mountain hut ‘Toubkal’ Alt. 3200m./ 10.499 ft. Day 5: Toubkal base camp / Refuge du Toubkal (3200m.) to the summit (4.167m. / 13.671 ft). Today is the day. You will start very early in the morning (< 06h00). This makes the chance for great views the best. In the beginning the path is steep. Later on it is getting easier but then you will feel the altitude. Breath taking. Sometimes causing some headache or nausea. You can take some ‘paracetamol’ with you. At the level of Tizi Toubkal (almost 4.000m.) you might have a small setback. Please note that altitude can make you less interested too. So, just take a 5 minutes break – with 2 paracetamol if you like – and give it a restart! And the most important advise: just walk slowly. This is by far the best way to acclimatize. Walk just a little bit slower than you normally like. In this way you can walk ‘for hours’. And walking up to the summit will take you – at least – 4 hours. Going down will be a lot quicker – ca. 2,5 hrs depending on your skills and experience in going down a mountain. Please do it careful. NOTE: in WINTER when there is snow on the mountain, you might need crampons to cross the icy parts to prevent you slipping down. Crampons can be hired in Imlil. The crampons can be adapted to the size of your shoes and are attached wth straps. So you do not need the most heavy mountains shoes. (Category B/C is fine). Walking ca. 6,5 hrs. Overnight stay: Neltner mountain hut ‘Toubkal’ Alt. 3200m./ 10.499 ft. For walkers with an ‘easy way of going down’ there is the possibility for going down to Imlil/Aremd (1900m) on the same day. Total walking ca. 8 to 10 hours! Day 6: Descent to Imlil (1740m.) – transfer back to Marrakech. If you like you can make an extra climb in the morning to the high pass Tizi Ouanoums (3.685m.). For a nice view on the remote mountain lake “Lac d’Ifni”, far below. Extra: about 2,5 hrs up and 1 hour down. If you do not need this extra exercise it will be just relaxing in going down. The path is easy and your memories towards your success of summitting the highest mountain of North Africa will be sweet. In Imlil your transport is waiting to bring you back to Marrakech (alt. 450m. / 1467 ft). Walking ca. 5 hours. Transfer 1h.15min. End of the trip!

Essaouira mogador From Marrakech Day tour

7. Essaouira mogador From Marrakech Day tour

Travel from the desert to the sea on a guided, full-day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira, and explore an ancient city in a stunning landscape. Visit the artisans that harvest argan oil and Moroccan rugs, and discover Essaouira’s most vivid sights. Walk along the bristling cannons of the harbor-side skala and discover the town’s souks, where vendors display aromatic spices, brilliant cloth and gleaming silver. Step beneath the stone arch of the old gates, and study traditional weapons and elaborate costumes at the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdalla Museum. Enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city Family friendly Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city Hotel pickup and drop-off in Marrakech included

Marrakech: Day E-Bike Tour & Atlas Mountains

8. Marrakech: Day E-Bike Tour & Atlas Mountains

Day e-biking tour in Atlas mountains with us ! Explore Berber villages and Valley outside busy Marrakech. full-day e-bike tour adventure as you paddle through the Atlas Mountains where the picturesque scenery leaves you breathless. enjoy spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains and surrounding scenery as you race down a trail picked to fit your ability level. Feel confident following your expert guide. At lunch, stop for a picnic in a Berber house with a breathtaking view, drinking enough water to quench your thirst. With a new burst of energy, set off down the trails again. Bring a camera to take some memorable photos of beautiful valleys, dramatic waterfalls, and the panoramic views from the high crest, before cycling back to your pickup point and returning to your hotel.

Atlas Mountains E-Bike Tour - 2 days

9. Atlas Mountains E-Bike Tour - 2 days

Day 1: Marrakech - Asni - Imlil After breakfast, our vehicle takes you up the mountain through famous hiking village of Imlil and beyond to the valley under Mount Toubkal. A rolling ride with some moderate climbs and great views. Take a tea break near a high mountain stream and ride down to Asni. Extensions at Asni or ride to your hotel – dinner and a good sleep! Day 2 : Ouirgane - Amizmiz - Marrakech At 9am after breakfast, get on the e-bike! Today you’ll leave Ouirgane Valley and take on a technical 4km uphill to leave the lush green surrounding ridge to descend onto dry village dotted plain of Kik and on to the distant lake of Lalla Takerkoust for lunch. After lunch extension ride and Transfers back to Marrakech.

Riding the Atlas: 2-Day E-Bike Adventure, All included

10. Riding the Atlas: 2-Day E-Bike Adventure, All included

Itinerary for 2 day Morocco electric mountain bike tour of the Atlas Mountains. Day 1: Marrakech - Asni - Imlil After breakfast, our vehicle takes you up the mountain through famous hiking village of Imlil and beyond to the valley under Mount Toubkal. A rolling ride with some moderate climbs and great views. Take a tea break near a high mountain stream and ride down to Asni. Extensions at Asni or ride to your hotel – dinner and a good sleep! Day 2 : Ouirgane - Amizmiz - Marrakech At 9am after breakfast, get on the e-bike! Today you’ll leave Ouirgane Valley and take on a technical 4km uphill to leave the lush green surrounding ridge to descend onto dry village dotted plain of Kik and on to the distant lake of Lalla Takerkoust for lunch. After lunch extension ride and Transfers back to Marrakech.

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What people are saying about Azzaden Valley, Atlas Mountains

I would recommend this trip to anyone visiting Marrakech, it was our favourite part of our travels! The hike is amazing and the route can be adjusted to suit all capabilities making it accessible to anyone! We walked for about 3-4 hrs per day covering roughly 12km each day and plenty of food was provided to keep your energy levels up. The overnight stay in the Berber village was perfect - a fire and plenty of blankets were provided to keep you warm in the colder months. Our only wish was that we could have kept going for a few more days!

Amazing walking experience! We were a very small group and Mohamed B. adapts to your level. He puts a lot of good mood and attention to make sure you have a good time, and everything you need during the trek and the night in village. Very beautiful landscapes!! And way more than expected in terms of meals and snacks. I can only recommend these 2 days in the Atlas Mountains and would definitely come back one summer. Remember to take good (mountain) shoes and very warm clothes for the evening.

Mustafa our guide was extremely cheerful and welcoming - couldn't have asked for a better guide! Took us on a stunning 2 day walk through the Berber villages and explained everything clearly. Ibrahim cooked the most delicious vegetarian food for us, in vast quantities, and in beautiful locations. The guest house along the way was cozy and bedding was provided. Wished we could've stayed for longer by the end of it!

Guide Mohammed and Chef Saeed were amazing. Great food and Guide was patient with my low fitness level. He offered additional summit hike if you want and if you are fit enough. Met the friendly locals along the way and was touched by their humbleness and welcoming gestures. Loose gravel stones along the path so make sure you have excellent shoes.

We are very happy with the activity and the guide Mohammed. We had a lot of fun together and I can only recommend booking this trip!!