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Snap Hawaii’s incredible sights with Alex

Hawaii, USA
Tour Guides

Snap Hawaii’s incredible sights with Alex

Featuring Alex, 36

Meet Alex Wilson, 36, from Orlando, USA. He’s combined his passion for Hawaii and photography to create one of the island’s most unmissable experiences. He’s got the enviable job of taking guests from around the world on unforgettable sunrise photography tours around the island of Oahu.

What do you love about being a tour guide? 

Alex: Definitely meeting people from all over the world and feeling their excitement about exploring something new. I also love being able to give them a genuine tour while visiting my home.

What can travelers expect from your tour?

Alex: They can expect to meet a guide who’s more like a friend than a stranger. I love to give people insider knowledge that I have learned over the years. They’ll walk away with a new appreciation of Hawaii and travel in general. Not to mention, the photos they take during the tour will be great souvenirs. 

What’s your most memorable moment from the tour? 

Alex: The moment the guests walk away, and I can see the look in their eyes of how pleased they were with the experience they just had. That makes me feel great and keeps me going!

What do you love about Oahu?

Alex: Oahu is, in my opinion, the most beautiful topographic island we have. Every corner you turn, there is something new to be seen. The greatest part is that you can see it all. The accessibility of this island is like no other. 

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