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Spot South Africa’s Big 5 with Benjamin

Cape Town, South Africa
Tour Guides

Spot South Africa’s Big 5 with Benjamin

Featuring Benjamin, 58

Meet Benjamin Glaman, 58, from Nelspruit, South Africa. Starting in Cape Town, his top-rated two-day tour first stops in Hermanus, one of the world’s premier whale-watching towns, before heading to the Garden Route Game Lodge. It’s here that guests get up-close-and-personal with the Big 5. Benjamin has over 22 years of experience as a tour guide and prides himself on making guests feel at home as soon as they touch down.

What do you love about being a tour guide?

Benjamin: I love being an ambassador of South Africa. I get guests from all corners of the world, and I love hearing and sharing stories with them. Most of the time, people come here not knowing what to expect. They’ve usually read bad publicity about South Africa, so I love putting them at ease and making them feel welcome as soon as they arrive. South Africa is for everyone. It’s the Rainbow Nation, and we welcome everybody. I love my country dearly.

How important are safaris, like the one your tour visits, in protecting animals and their habitats?

Benjamin: Very, very important because some of our animals are almost extinct. The rhinos are almost gone as this poor animal is being poached in all corners. We’re losing rhinos like nobody’s business, so if we don’t protect these animals, they won’t be here for future generations. I always advise my people: “Guys, this is our habitat. As human beings, God gave us everything. We are in charge of everything, so it’s up to all of us to help protect what we’ve got.” I ask everybody to come and enjoy but be aware of how to protect our animals and protect our heritage. If we don’t look after our heritage, nobody will do that for us. 

What’s your most memorable moment from the tour?

Benjamin: There are so many I could write a book! There was this one time when I was traveling with German guests. One of them was sick for the whole tour, but he wanted to see the beauty of the country and hear the stories. He didn’t want to miss anything, so we did everything we could to make his trip memorable for the right reasons. I’ll never forget this!

See the best of the Rainbow Nation with Benjamin
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