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Ascensor Reina Victoria

Ascensor Reina Victoria: Our most recommended tours and activities

Tour Valparaiso + Viña del mar

1. Tour Valparaiso + Viña del mar

Come to know the wonderful Valparaíso Region. We will pass through Casablanca Valley where you will visit a wine store in which we will taste a local product. You will enjoy a tour where culture and art are combined. You will walk in some of the of the Valparaíso streets, city declared as national heritage site by UNESCO, its beatiful and artistics hills, the coloured houses, murals, grafittis and architecture. You will get to know Viña del Mar, the "Garden City", its architecture, Reloj de Flores (Flowers Clock), coastal edge and an Easter Island Moai. The stop for lunch will be at one of the best restaurants of Viña del Mar, an ancient castle with a wonderful view of the ocean. The lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Casablanca Full Day Experience

2. Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Casablanca Full Day Experience

We'll explore the neighboring city of Viña del Mar, known as the "Garden City" for its beautiful parks and gardens. We'll visit the famous Flower Clock, an iconic landmark, and stroll along the charming coastal promenade. Enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches. Visit the Quinta Vergara and the amazing Vergara Palace. Then embark to visit the colorful and bohemian city of Valparaíso. This Unesco World Heritage Site is renowned for its artistic expression, vibrant street art, and unique architecture. Explore the historic downtown area, taking in the picturesque hillsides adorned with colorful houses. We'll visit the famous Ascensor Reina Victoria, a traditional funicular, to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the bay. Finally Casablanca is known for its picturesque vineyards, producing some of Chile's finest wines. We'll visit a local winery, where you'll have the opportunity to learn about the wine-making process and sample a variety of exquisite wines.

Authentic Valparaiso: Street Art, Funiculars and Port city

3. Authentic Valparaiso: Street Art, Funiculars and Port city

The tour begins in the Prat Pier around two cannons and Tourist Information Office. From this place we will walk to the square to see and compare old pictures of Valparaiso with the current look. After we will move to the hills using the funicular El Peral. The traveller can get a panoramic view of the hills using these means of transport built early twentieth century . You will know the stories about Cerro Concepción and Cerro Alegre. The visit to ancient places located between the narrow streets will immerse you in the cultural atmosphere of a bohemian city. You will enjoy street art, colonial houses and cultural interventions of public spaces to maintain the tradition of local cultural values. The restaurants, cafeteria, art galleries, artist and souvenir shops will allow you to take a special moments and memories of a charming city. This activity departs including Valparaiso Port with the beatiful views of the bay. Later we will move to Sotomayor Square to see the monument and buildings like the Firefighters Dept. Building and the Chilena Navy Headquarters. We will see part of the financial street and contiune to take El Peral funicular, a funny system to get to the hills after see the Court of Appeals. We wil arrive to Paseo Yugoslavo in Cerro Alegre. The Pasaje Bavestrello show the italian heritage and how the people shared his community life in those days. We will enjoy a tasty Alfajor made by local people to support the local business. We will pass by differents places to buy souvenirs, crafts, art, magnetics, jewelry or another product of your interest.The stairs with the song "Latinoamérica" by Calle 13 its a famous colorful place. Later in Pasaje Gálvez show a lot of Street Art with special stories about crimes, politics, cartoons and painting of several artists of the city. The Restaurant La Concepción is a famous restaurant with beatiful terrace with a beatiful view to the sea. We will continue to Paseo Atkinson to enjoy the charming of the british heritage in Valparaiso with wonderful houses with beatiful gardens. We wil pass by the Deutsche Schule of Valparaíso (German College) that shows the important german heritage in the city. Brighton Restaurant offers a panoramic view of the city from the terrace and let you taste the chilean seafood. Pastor Theodor Schmidt passage remember the german pastor that was managing the Lutheran Church. The Hotel Manoir Atkinson show the technique to paint a big wall to resist the environment conditions in all seasons. Piano Staircase will be one of the famous atracctions in the city. The Anglican Saint Paul Cathedral was one of the first places that were built in the hills to maintain a united community. We will walk Paseo Dimalow in Cerro Alegre to enjoy a beatiful view of the hills and offer info about the restaurants around this sector. When finish the tour the guide will let you know how you can get the point that we began the tour. The guide will offer options to lunch or dinner.

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