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Archaeological Museum of Olympia

Archaeological Museum of Olympia: Our most recommended tours and activities

Ancient Olympia: Archaeological Site and Museum Entry Ticket

1. Ancient Olympia: Archaeological Site and Museum Entry Ticket

Travel back in time to the site of the first Olympic Games, and the Unesco-listed ruins of Ancient Olympia. Go directly to the archaeological site of the ancient Olympia, one of the archaeological highlights of the Peloponnese.Stroll and admire the remains of temples. See the Temple of Zeus, the largest temple in the Peloponnese, considered by many to be the perfect example of Doric architecture.Next, visit The Temple of Hera, one of the oldest monumental temples in Greece. Explore the stadium, hippodrome, wrestling school, and gymnasium where Olympic athletes trained. Continue to the archaeological museum that presents the long history of the most-celebrated sanctuary of antiquity: the sanctuary of Zeus. Take in a vast number of finds from the excavations in the sacred precinct of the Altis.Conclude your visit wit a stop at The Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Olympia. Learn the important history of the Olympic Games and hosts findings related to the period when the ancient games took place.

Katakolo Port: Transfer to Ancient Olympia and VR Audio Tour

2. Katakolo Port: Transfer to Ancient Olympia and VR Audio Tour

Enjoy this convenient transfer from your cruise ship terminal at Katakolo Port, and head to the famous Ancient Olympia. Travel by air-conditioned vehicle and enjoy a VR Audio Tour where you can relive the past. Disembark from your cruise ship and find the local partner at the exit cruise terminal. Hop into an air-conditioned bus and start driving 30-minutes through the idyllic country side to Ancient Olympia. Reach Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games. Relive the past with a Virtual Reality application and listen to the fascinating audioguide in 8 languages. Admire the wonder and thrill of the original Olympic Games, which were held from 776 BC. to 393 AD. Enter the famous archaeological site of Olympia and marvel at the Temple of Hera, in front of which burns the Olympic Flame during modern day Olympic Games. See the Temple of Zeus, which once housed the Golden and Ivory statue of Zeus (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) and the original Stadium and Bouleuterion, monuments unlike any other, where once competitors swore an oath to conform to the rules. The tickets for the Museum and the Ancient Olympia Site are not included. From April to October the tickets are 12 Euro per person. From November to March they are 6 Euro per person. Near the Archaeological site is the modern village of Olympia that you can easily reach for shopping, souvenirs, or a quick lunch, coffee, and snacks. After a day full of history and culture you will return to the Katakolo village and port. Enter your cruise or spend some time at the picturesque village by the sea.

Olympia and Museum Private Guided Tour

3. Olympia and Museum Private Guided Tour

Wander through the place where the ancient athletes lived, trained, offered sacrifices to the gods and competed at these iconic ruins. Discover where the Olympic flame is ignited every 4 years for the modern Olympic Games.  Step back in history at this stadium and run in the footsteps of the first athletes. Take your own pictures on the marble starting line, that still exists to this day.  The tour continues in the museum. Discover significant ancient artifacts from the archaeological site - the masterpiece of ancient Greek art, Hermes of Praxiteles will astound you.

3-Day Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites Tour from Athens

4. 3-Day Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites Tour from Athens

This exciting 3-day and environmentally responsible tour takes you to the most important archaeological sites of classical Greece. Providing a superb introduction to some of the myths of the ancient world, you will visit the tomb of Agamemnon in Mycenae, the Temple of Apollo and Oracle at Delphi, and the altar of the Olympic flame at Olympia. You will also make short stops in the cities of Tripolis and Megalopolis, drive past the mighty Corinth Canal, and see the charming harbor town of Nafpaktos. Day 1: Epidaurus – Nayplia - Mycenae Following your departure from Athens, visit the Corinth Canal on the Saronic Gulf and admire the miraculous 19th-century feat of engineering. Continue to Epidaurus to tour the ancient theater, world famous for its outstanding acoustics. Proceed to Nafplia, former capital of the First Hellenic Republic, and drive through the plain of Argos. Upon arrival in Mycenae, visit the ruins of the citadel and the Tomb of Agamemnon. Continue to Olympia for your overnight stay, traveling via the cities of Tripolis and Megalopolis, where you can take short stops to stretch your legs or purchase souvenir items. Day 2: Olympia - Delphi Visit the archaeological remains of Olympia, site of the Olympic Games in classical times and sacred ground to the Ancient Greeks. Admire the Doric columns of the Temples of Zeus and Hera, see the remains of the Stadium, and go to the altar of the Olympic flame. Explore the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, located directly opposite the ruins and filled with excavated artifacts. Depart Olympia for Rion, and cross the Corinthian Bay via the new bridge to Antirion. Sit back and enjoy the ride along the coastal road to Delphi, passing the charming small harbor city of Nafpaktos. In the afternoon visit the picturesque mountain village of Arachova on the slopes of the Parnassus Mountains, before your overnight stay in Delphi. Day 3: Delphi - Athens Today, experience the mysterious atmosphere of Delphi up close, with a tour of the archaeological site perched high on the Parnassus Mountains. Once regarded as the center of the world, Delphi was connected to the worship of Gaia, or Mother Earth, and guarded by a Python dragon that was killed by Apollo. Visit the temple dedicated to Apollo and learn about the great Oracle of Delphi. Continue to the theater, where up to 5,000 spectators would watch plays, poetry readings, and festivals. Enjoy superb views of the Parnassus Mountains and valley from the top of the hill and explore an impressive collection of artefacts and relics associated with ancient Delphi at the Archaeological Museum. In the afternoon, make your way back to Athens, driving through the vine and olive tree-studded hills of Parnassus and the Valley of Phocis.

Ancient Olympia full day private tour from Athens

5. Ancient Olympia full day private tour from Athens

Start your tour with a visit to the Corinth Canal, a site of utmost historical significance. Enjoy a brief 15 minute stop here and take plenty of pictures whilst you have a refreshing beverage. Next, continue your travels to Ancient Olympia, where you will get to stop and discover with your driver for around 5 hours.  During your time here, you will get to visit some of ancient Greece's most iconic landmarks, such as the Archaeological Site of Olympia, the Philippeion, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, the Museum of the Olympic Games and the Archimedes Museum. Whilst in the city of Olympia, your driver will be able to suggest a delicious, traditional Greek tavern for you to stop and have lunch.

From Athens: Olympia and Corinth Canal Private Tour

6. From Athens: Olympia and Corinth Canal Private Tour

Admire and take amazing photos above the imposing 6.5 km long Corinth Canal, which will be our first short stop on our way to Olympia. The Canal was built in 1893 and changed maritime transport in Greece. Experience the magical feeling of passing by the spectacular landscape of Peloponnese, full of orange, olive groves and vineyards. Arrive in Ancient Olympia, which is an ancient sanctuary site dedicated to the worship of Zeus. Olympia was the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games in Classical times. The Games were held every 4 years from the 8th century BC untill 4th century AD. Admire the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, the Pelopion, the Stadium, the Phillipeion, the Phidias workshop. Choose between the Archaeological Museum of Olympia or the Museum of the Olympic Games and realize the true meaning of the Olympic Ideal. Explore the modern town of Olympia, enjoy a traditional greek lunch and shop souvenirs from the local market. (Note: food/drink are at your own expenses and are not included in our price). After lunch, sit back and enjoy your trip back to Athens.

Athens: 3-Day Greece Highlights with Hotels & Guided Tours

7. Athens: 3-Day Greece Highlights with Hotels & Guided Tours

1st DAY:Starting from Athens we drive westwards along the scenic coast, until we reach the Corinth Canal< with its breathtaking views (Short Stop). Continue along the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf to Epidaurus (Visit). On the headland called "Nesi" at Palaia Epidaurus, the theatre of the ancient city is quite well-preserved, in the shape it acquired during the latter years of its function. Apart from a few rows of seats, the cavea is made of limestone with poros staircases. The theater is marveled for its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken word from the proscenium or scene to all 12,000 spectators, regardless of their seating. Then depart for Nauplia 1st capital of Greece in 1829 (Short Stop) drive to Mydenae(Visit) first sung by Homer in his epics, is the most important and richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age in Greece. Its name was given to one of the greatest civilizations of Greek prehistory, the Mycenaean civilization. Dinner & Overnight at the hotel (Nauplia or Delphi) 2nd DAY: Olympia the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, Dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods, it sprawls over the southwest foot of Mount Kronios, at the confluence of the Alpheios and the Kladeos rivers, in a lush, green landscape. Although secluded near the west coast of the Peloponnes,. Its fame rests upon the Olympic Games, the greatest national festival and a highly prestigious one world-wide, which was held every four years to honor Zeus. Visit the Archaeological Site & the Museum and then drive via Patrasto Rion, across the channel to Antirion on the “State of the Art” new suspended bridge considered to be the longest and most modern in Europe. Arrive in Nafpaktos (drive through) then continue to Delphi. Dinner & Overnight at hotel. 3rd DAY:Situated at the foot of Mount Parnassos, within the angle formed by the twin rocks of the Phaedriades, lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, which had the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. Delphi was regarded as the centre of the world. According to mythology, it is here that the two eagles sent out by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the navel of the world met. The sanctuary of Delphi, set within a most spectacular landscape, was for many centuries the cultural and religious centre and symbol of unity for the Hellenic world and seat of the Pythian Games, the second most important games in Greece after the Olympics, which were held every four years. Visit of the archaeological site and the Museum where one can see among other archeological treasures, the unique bronze statue of the Charioteer dedicated to Apollo by Polyzalos, the tyrant of Gela, in 478 B.C. when he won the chariot-race at the Pythian Games. This incomparable statue is a representative example of the ''severe'' Attic style, certainly the work of a major artist. After visits 2 hours at leisure & then start the drive back to Athens.

Olympia Tour and Archeological Museum - All Included

8. Olympia Tour and Archeological Museum - All Included

Step into the footsteps of ancient athletes and gods on our tour to Ancient Olympia. Explore the historic site where the Olympic Games were born and where legends were made. Wander through the remnants of grand temples, athletic arenas, and sacred spaces that once hosted the world's most prestigious athletic event. As you stroll through the archaeological wonders, our expert guides will transport you back in time, regaling you with stories of athletic prowess, mythological tales, and the significance of this hallowed ground. Marvel at the Temple of Zeus, where the iconic Statue of Zeus once stood, and stand on the ancient starting line of the original Olympic track. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia, where a treasure trove of artifacts and sculptures awaits. Feel the energy of the past as you soak in the history and culture that shaped our world.

From Athens: Ancient Olympia Private Day Tour

9. From Athens: Ancient Olympia Private Day Tour

Your private tour will start from Athens and drive you through the scenic and beautiful landscape inside the Peloponnese peninsula. Your first stop is the magnificent structure of the Corinth Canal, which is in Peloponnese, the southern peninsula of Greece. The Corinth Canal connects the Saronic with the Corinthian Gulf in the Aegean Sea, a dream of the ancients that came true in 1893. Rest and take some amazing photos above the Corinth Canal. Then, drive towards ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games in Classical times. There you will visit both the archaeological site and choose between Archaeological Museum of Olympia with a great amount of artifacts and statues in it, and the Museum of the Olympic Games. The Games were held every 4 years from the 8th century BC untill 4th century AD. You will visit the Temple of Zeus, Pelopion, the stadium, the Temple of Hera, the Phillipeion, the Phidias workshop and many other structures that are worth your attention.You can feel the aura of the Olympic Games, fighting on the Pallestra or running around the stadium and understand why ancients took the cultivation of body, mind, and soul so seriously. When you feel hungry get ready to taste the famous Greek cuisine and have a memorable lunch in a traditional restaurant or tavern. It's up to you to choose from a variety of flavors of the most known Greek dishes. After your lunch at Olympia, drive back to Athens.

Olympia Elegance: All-Inclusive Small Group Tour

10. Olympia Elegance: All-Inclusive Small Group Tour

A knowledgeable guide with expertise in Greek history and archaeology will accompany you, provide insightful commentary, and answer any questions you may have. Visit the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, where you can explore the ancient ruins, including the stadium, temples, and the archaeological museum. Indulge in the freedom of free time at the charming Olympia Village. Wander through its quaint streets, savor local flavors at cozy cafes, or shop for unique souvenirs. Our all-inclusive tour offers a concise yet enriching experience, with expert guides, comfortable transportation, and all entrance fees covered. Delve into the heart of Greek history and explore the treasures of Ancient Olympia without the hassle. Join us for a memorable journey through the ages.

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The driver was very kind and took us to Olympia safely and accurately, even though we are Japanese and don&#39;t understand English or Greek very well. This may be the cheapest Olympia tour (transportation) that you can apply for with only two people participating. The car was a large sedan and had a very comfortable ride, so even though I suffer from back pain, I had no problems with it. And the car was clean and comfortable. A bottle of water is also included for each person. On the way to Olympia, we arrived at the Corinth Canal early in the morning at 9am, and there was no one else on the bridge except us. We were able to tour the ruins and museum of Olympia for 2 hours. It&#39;s not that big so we had plenty of time. After the tour, we were introduced to the restaurant. The price was reasonable and the food was delicious. However, for us Japanese people, the amount of food was so-called foreign food, so we ended up eating way too much. Meal for two was 4000 yen with a pork chop, chicken fillet, lots of fries on each plate, and 2 colas. It&#39;s a good deal if it&#39;s at a tourist destination price. Thank you to our driver, Mr. Police, for a comfortable long drive. It was a fun day.

The trip was great, our driver was very nice and knowledgeable. He shared several interesting facts about Athens and was very flexible in accommodating our needs. Visiting Olympia was great. We went in Dec, there were no crowds and it was a memorable experience visiting the excavation site and the museum.

It was fantastic! Our guide was a local, knowlegable & friendly. Get your guide communication was excellent & the time we were up in the ruins was amazing. Being able to wander alone & still get the knowledge of the ruins by the headphones & app was brilliant. Highly recommend.

Guide’s were very nice but the app was very confusing, it worked fine but after spending 10 minutes trying to figure out where we were we shut it off

It&#39;s a historic place, but it&#39;s just stones! Children are easily bored. 2 hours are enough