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Lapland: Husky Carriage Ride Under the Northern Lights

1. Lapland: Husky Carriage Ride Under the Northern Lights

Combine the two biggest favorites of Lapland – Aurora hunting and huskies! One of the best ways to spot the magical Autumn Northern Lights is with our furry husky friends. Because of the remote location of our Resort, there's no light pollution in the area, which is good for seeing the Northern Lights. First, you'll meet the husky musher and friendly husky dogs and get to know them before heading to nature. The 4 km long husky trail is ridden with the carriage for 6 people, so the small group is guaranteed. The husky guide is driving the carriage, and you can just enjoy the excitement of the Aurora hunt and the husky ride at the same time. If you are lucky enough, you'll see Aurora arches on the horizon or even the lights dancing all over the sky. During the adventure, we stop to enjoy hot drinks by the campfire and listen to stories about the life of sled dogs and the Northern Lights.

Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Hunting Tour by Boat & Campfire

2. Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Hunting Tour by Boat & Campfire

Join our Northern Lights tour by boat to maximize your chances to see the magical double Aurora. This happens only in autumntime when the Northern Lights on the sky are reflected the lake's or river's surface. Then you can see the Aurora arches in the sky and on the water simultaneously. Our Resort is located between two lakes outside the Rovaniemi city area, away from artificial lights. This makes it the best possible place to hunt Northern Lights. As you hop on a boat from our own shore, you get to enjoy the peace of nature right away. However, while rowing across the lake Olkkajärvi in search of the Auroras, you also have a great chance to learn about the local way of life from our knowledgeable guide. We will land at a wilderness campfire spot during the trip to make a fire and grill sausages. This place is optimal for the Northern Lights, so even during the break, you can keep an eye on the sky for the lights.

Rovaniemi: Apukka Reindeer Journey

3. Rovaniemi: Apukka Reindeer Journey

Reindeers are a big part of the Lappish lifestyle and have a long history of living side by side with the locals in the north. With this in mind, a reindeer ride is a relaxing way to both explore Finnish nature and get in touch with these beautiful animals. Following a peaceful pace, let the reindeer lead you through the forests. Enjoy the silence of the woods and the still atmosphere all around you and let these beautiful animals guide the way. Afterward, relax with a hot drink. Return from your adventure knowing a lot more than before about the life of the reindeer and reindeer herders in Finnish Lapland.

Rovaniemi: Apukka Reindeer Sleigh Safari at Night

4. Rovaniemi: Apukka Reindeer Sleigh Safari at Night

Just as our ancestors once did, travel on a reindeer sleigh through the untouched wilderness.  Meet your guide and hop on board your sleigh to adventure through Finnish nature. Immerse yourself in the Lappish lifestyle as you glide through the snow. As you see the glow of the bonfire from a remote lavvu, you'll know it's time to stop for a hot drink over some fascinating stories from the reindeer herders.  If lucky, perhaps the Northern Lights will escort your way through the magical plains of Lapland.

Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Excursion by Snowtrain

5. Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Excursion by Snowtrain

We cross the beautiful snowy landscape to reach a traditional, Lappish “kota”; a hut deep in the wilderness. Gather around the blazing bonfire, to enjoy light snacks and hot drinks. The guide will help you with camera settings to best capture the Northern Lights. This excursion is completely focused on the Northern Lights, but you also get to experience the beauty of the pure, snowy forest, darkness, and quietness. As the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, nobody can give a 100% guarantee to see them, but this trip presents an excellent chance.

Rovaniemi: Aurora Hunt by Car

6. Rovaniemi: Aurora Hunt by Car

Go on a hunt for the northern lights as you ride alongside your expert guide in a comfortable car. Traverse stunning arctic landscapes and learn how to take the best photos from your guide. Make your way to Apukka where your experience begins. Before heading out, your guide will give you a short presentation about the science and myths behind the Northern Lights. Your guide will also help you with camera settings to best capture the Northern Lights photos. As you travel across the arctic landscapes in the search of the Aurora Borealis, learn about Finland including its history, culture, and way of life.

From Rovaniemi: Full-Day Family-Friendly Snow Activities

7. From Rovaniemi: Full-Day Family-Friendly Snow Activities

Embark on a full day of fun in the snow with a variety of activities suitable for the entire family. Try snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and even ice sculpting. Enjoy a sleigh ride with huskies and reindeer. Depart Rovaniemi and travel to the spectacular wilderness outside the city. Kids will love the friendly winter animals. They can also go sledding down snowy hills on a toboggan, and the whole family will love lunch at an authentic local restaurant. This excursion offers fun for the whole family and an unforgettable winter experience surrounded by nature.

Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Wilderness Safari Adventure

8. Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Wilderness Safari Adventure

Meet in central Rovaniemi and travel to the outskirts of the city to the starting point of your snowmobile adventure. Receive an introductory lesson on how to operate your vehicle before setting off.  Experience Arctic nature in a completely different way as you hop on a snowmobile and drive off to the forest. Take in the beautiful landscapes along the way as you drive through pine tree forests and frozen marshlands. Stop for a moment to enjoy a hot drink in complete silence. Let the serenity of the Lapland wilderness wash over you in a place stiller than you've ever experienced.

Rovaniemi: Snowshoe Walk to The Arctic Nature

9. Rovaniemi: Snowshoe Walk to The Arctic Nature

Explore into the fresh Arctic Nature with a snowshoe walk in Lapland. Learn about traditional ways of living, admire the surroundings, and enjoy a hot drink. Snowshoes allow you to enter the stunning silence and beauty of the snow-covered surroundings. Your guide will tell you stories and facts about flora and fauna of Arctic nature. You will also hear about the old way of living and learn about the traditional way of using ingredients found from nature. The slow pace allows you to notice little details and take great photos. During the trip your guide will serve one hot drink

Rovaniemi: Forest Hike with Berry Picking Walking Tour

10. Rovaniemi: Forest Hike with Berry Picking Walking Tour

In summer and fall, locals rush to their favorite swamps and forests with baskets and buckets to pick vitamin-rich berries. It's a great way to spend time with your friends or family, collect the healthy berries, and put them in the freezer to enjoy during the long winter. On this tour, our guide teaches you about berry picking and finding ingredients from nature. Follow our guide to the path deep into the woods where Lappish nature's stunning silence and beauty await. The guide's stories will take you on a journey to the past as you hear about the old way of living and learn about the traditional way of using ingredients found in nature. The slow pace allows you to notice little details and take your time with photos. We will have a break by the campfire where you can relax while your guide prepares traditional Finnish pancakes, topped with freshly picked berries and served with coffee or tea. Early fall, we take a boat and row across the Olkkajärvi to find untouched nature. Later on, when the water is frozen, we drive to the trekking area by car.

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This is the third time I have come to Rovaniemi and the two previous times I took a “Rennes walk” type activity with another operator, it was good but too short the walk was only a few meters. With Apukka it's a real ride! It's just great and fun, you really get what you pay for, the little campfire in the teepee, grilling sausages and everything is really great; and then we are equipped from head to toe we are not cold at all! I highly recommend ! And then the support with the transfer is great, you don't have to stress about how to get there!

Parmi toutes les activités que nous avons fait à Rovaniemi, celle-ci était pour nous la meilleure. Les animaux sont très bien traités, les paysages étaient magnifiques et la balade était bien relaxante. La pause déjeuner à mi-chemin était la bienvenue avec de bonnes saucisses et des explications intéressantes sur les rennes.

It was a lovely experience. The 2 guides were great, and told us all about the reindeer. We were lucky to get beautiful blue sky too.

Nice activity! The guides were very nice! The ride was awesome beautiful experience, a zen moment! I recommend thank you

very nice walk in the heart of the Finnish forest.