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From Antigua: Pacaya Volcano Trek

1. From Antigua: Pacaya Volcano Trek

Walk for 2 hours to the summit of Pacaya Volcano and enjoy stunning views. Leave from Antigua for a 1-hour bus journey to the volcano's base before immediately starting your 2-hour trek with your local guide. Hike through wonderful pine forests up to the trickier volcanic ash section and finally to the sulfur smoking cone. On occasion, you can even see small eruptions and lava flowing, depending on the activity of the volcano. From the summit, you can enjoy great views of the nearby volcanoes, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango, the pacific lowlands, and all the way to El Salvador. To ensure your safety you won’t be able to visit the crater, but you will get an amazing view of red-hot lava flowing and steam baths created by the heat of Pacaya. Take a break and relax here as you take in more scenic views before hiking back to the base of the volcano, from where you will transfer back to your accommodation. 

From Antigua: Pacaya Volcano Hiking Experience

2. From Antigua: Pacaya Volcano Hiking Experience

You will be picked up at your hotel in Antigua and transfer to National Park Pacaya. Upon arrival at the park, your local guide will be waiting for you and ready to fill you in with everything you need to know. Start hiking from the San Vicente de Pacaya Village and begin the adventure with a 1-hour ascent to the top of the Volcano. Around the middle of the trail, you will find the Lava Store. Here, you can get a beautiful souvenir of volcanic material that's been crafted by a local artisan. As you continue walking on the trails, you will soon leave behind the paths full of vegetation and leafy trees, arriving at a flat, open clearing. This means that you have reached the top of the volcano since, due to the continuous eruptions that the volcano makes, the plants can not bloom in this area. When we get to the top of the volcano, enjoy the experience of roasting marshmallows on volcanic rocks and sharing them with others. After the visit to Pacaya Volcano, the local partner will return you to Antigua and your hotel.

Combo Tour: Colonial Antigua & Guatemala City Explorer Tour

3. Combo Tour: Colonial Antigua & Guatemala City Explorer Tour

You will be picked up at your hotel in Guatemala City before transferring to Antigua Guatemala to meet your local guide and begin your soft walking of approximately 3 hours. Below is a brief summary of the attractions you will see on your way: La Merced Church of Guatemalan Ultrabaroque style. This temple has two bell towers and on the facade of the church in its upper part is a sculpture of San Pedro Nolasco, founder of the Mercedarian Order.Santa Catalina Arch. Built to connect the nuns between cloisters to avoid being seen due to the votes that the religious order took. After the earthquakes of 1773, the arch became important due to the alterations that were made. These alterations included the construction of a turret and the inclusion of a Lamy Amp Lacroix clock of French origin.Central Park. Situated in the traditional grid pattern used frequently in urban planning in the Spanish colonies. The park is surrounded by the Palace of the General Captains, the Town Hall, the Cathedral of San Jose, and the Trade Portal. Here in the park, you will also find the Las Sirenas fountain. This fountain has a traditional folk story where the Count of La Gomera ordered the fountain to be built in memory of his daughters, who in giving birth did not want to breastfeed their children. The count then ordered his daughters to be tied to a trunk in the center of a waterhole, where they died of thirst and hunger. You will continue your tour with a visit the La Unión tank, which is one of the most iconic laundries in this city (only the big houses possessed laundry facilities). For this reason, most of the inhabitants (housewives) went to public laundries. This was inaugurated on February 3, 1853. You will then be given time for lunch (not included).  You will then transfer to Guatemala City to start your sightseeing tour through this city. First you will visit Las Americas avenue. The road in its central garden has several Plazas and monuments in honor of the countries of the American continent.  Continue to Berlin Plaza where there are three pieces of concrete brought from Germany. These are original sections of the Berlin Wall and from here, you can view part of the city and the landscape of the volcanoes.  Next you will visit La Reforma. It was built inspired by the avenues of France and for this reason, various statues carved in stone, bronze, and marble were brought from Italy. The next attraction is Yurrita Church. This is a private chapel of mixed Baroque style, with Romanesque and Byzantine elements. The church was built as a votive offering by Felipe Yurrita, a native of Arevalo, Castilla, Spain, to the Virgin of Our Lady of Sorrows, patron of that town, for favors received (in particular, for saving her life during the eruption of the volcano Santa Maria). At the Civic Center of the City, you will see a set of buildings constructed between the 50s and 60s: The Supreme Court of Justice, the Ministry of Public Finance, City Hall, the Social Security, the Bank of Guatemala, the National Mortgage Bank, and the Guatemalan Tourism Commission.  You will then arrive at the Major Plaza of the Constitution. This Plaza is the heart of the Historic Center of the city. It is surrounded by important monuments such as the National, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Portal of Commerce and Centenarian Park. The tour includes a visit to the Central Market, which is located behind the Metropolitan Cathedral, in the basement of the Tabernacle Plaza. There, visitors can buy a variety of art and handicrafts from all over the country; ceramics, textiles, leather, wood, and silver. At the end of the walking tour, head back to your hotel in Guatemala City.

San Andrés Itzapa Half-Day Mountain Bike Tour

4. San Andrés Itzapa Half-Day Mountain Bike Tour

Enjoy a half-day bike ride of the mountain roads and paths of San Andrés Itzapa, northwest of Antigua, and marvel at the fertile soil that provides ideal growing conditions for corn, black beans, peas, broccoli, coffee, and many other vegetables. You will pedal single track cross-country dirt roads and old jeep tracks through an undulating terrain that is suitable for a variety of skill levels. The energetic 32-mile (50-kilometer) ride includes a visit to the Maximón shrine in San Andrés Itzapa, where you will have the opportunity to see the indigenous Maya ceremonies up close. Watch farmers at work in their fields and plantations, while enjoying panoramic views of the mountains of Guatemala’s southern Highlands.

Antigua Half-Day Lost Cities of the Almolonga Bike Tour

5. Antigua Half-Day Lost Cities of the Almolonga Bike Tour

Get to know the areas surrounding Antigua with a half-day bike tour. On this trip, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate bike riders, ride to the Almolonga Valley west of Antigua. The area was home of the second capital of Guatemala, Ciudad Vieja. On your trip, see the city life fade and the country life take over as you travel further out. Learn about how the old city met a fateful end in 1541 as a result of a terrible mudslide released from the crater of Agua Volcano. The city disappeared in the valley between Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango volcanoes, and you will hear about the ongoing debate as people try to pinpoint its exact location. While out and about, you will also see the villages of Santiago Zamora and San Antonio Aguas Calientes, and stop off at a macadamia farm. This trip is guaranteed to be an educational experience that will teach you about the history and culture of the area while spending time in the great outdoors!

Explore the Heart of the Mayan World - 10 Day Adventure

6. Explore the Heart of the Mayan World - 10 Day Adventure

Day 1   >>> Arrival in Guatemala & world-Famous Antigua Enjoy two days in Antigua - one of the world’s oldest & most beautiful colonial cities. Antigua, Guatemalais an exquisite Spanish Colonial town with elegant 16th & 17th Century architecture, cobblestone streets, a tranquil central square, stylish hotels, luxurious shops and superb international cuisine. The town enjoys a unique and impressive setting nestled beneath three towering volcanoes and surrounded by lush evergreen forests. Day 2  >>> Antigua & Travel to Chichicastenango Meet for a leisurely and informative Walking Tour of Antigua. The tour will focus on Antigua’s architecture, history, restoration and cultural trends. Your tour will include a visit to the Jade Museum and also the museums at Paseo de los Museos at Casa Santo Domingo.  In the afternoon you will take a private shuttle from Antigua to Chichicastenango. Day 3   >>> Amazing Chichicastenango In the morning, you will have time to enjoy the spectacular outdoor market of Chichicastenango – one of the world’s most famous outdoor markets! People watch in this very Mayan village, and also ‘shop until you drop’ or until 1pm when the market closes. Walk through the cemetery and sacred Shaman Hill, Pascal Abaj where you are likely to see Mayan fire cleansing ceremonies.  Day 4  >>> Lake Atitlan– 3 village boat tour of San Marcos, San Juan, and Santiago This spectacular full day trip will take you from one end of the lake to the other. You will visit the villages of San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago, with time to explore each village. Easy walking is involved and the trip is approximately 5-6 hours.Your Itinerary may vary from the following, but just tell Lee what you are most interested in seeing or doing and he will do his best to accommodate:  Sample Itinerary: The day begins in Santa Cruz where you depart for the west end of the lake. You get to see the villages of El Jaibalito, Tzununa, San Marcos, and San Pablo as you make your way along the north shore. Your first stop isSan Marcos, where you stop for breakfast and optional cliff jumping. Then you will depart the north shore for San Juan, the “Swiss village” of Lake Atitlan. You will spend approximately 2 hours on a guided walking tour and visit art galleries, two woman's weaving cooperatives, a medicinal and curative plant garden, or you can learn about fishing and paddle a traditional cayuka (canoe).   Several famous painters are from San Juan so you will also visit their galleries to see them at work. Women Weavers and Nuestra Artesania includes demonstrations showing how the beautiful fabrics are made; from harvesting the cotton, to spinning it into yarn, dying the yarn, and then creating one of-a-kind fabrics with the back strap loom. The Qomaneel center is a medicinal and curative herb garden operated by the midwives of San Juan.  You are guided through the garden and given samples of each plant along with a description of its curative powers.There are no entrance fees at the cooperatives. Your gift purchases or donations are how these centers function.  Your third stop is Santiago. The bay of Santiago is a photographer’s dream. We take a tour along the shore of the bay before we start our walking tour. Your first stop is a visitor center that offers insight into the life of the Tzutujile Maya. There are interpretive displays on the history of the traje (traditional clothing), spiritual beliefs and Maximon. We have lunch before we tour the local church and visit Maximon. The Mayan visit Maximon to ask for healthy crops, to help cure illness, to find love, or to cast a spell on a neighbor. Be sure to buy some candles, cigarettes, or liquor to make your own offering!!!A small fee is required for admittance. The Catholic church was first constructed in 1547, however the original structure has been destroyed several times over.  The church has two wooden alter pieces from the original 1500's, as well as other ancient artifacts.  This was the sight of many incidents during the 30 year civil conflict, and ultimately lead to the murder of Father Stanley "Alpa" Rother in 1981.  We visit Father Rather's personal living quarters, learn about his efforts to help the villagers during the war, and discuss the history of the war. Day 5  >>> Hiking the Upper Mayan Trail at Lake Atitlan (or driving tour).  Some of your family or group may choose the hike, while the others would meet us at the market. On this day you will be hiking the Upper Mayan Trail affording you some truly amazing lake views! At the hikes’s conclusion you will spend some time at the colorful market of Solola. Your hike takes you along ancient paths that have been used by the Kaqchikel Maya for centuries. You will view villagers going about their daily life, encounter farmers tending their maiz and coffee fields, and see some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. This rugged and remote area has barely been touched by the outside world. The hike takes you 2,500 feet above the waters of Atitlán for breath taking views and pristine scenery. It is a difficult walk/climb, but is not overly challenging for those in good health. The walk is approximately three hours through magnificent scenery. Enjoy a picnic lunch along the way. You walk through a remote Mayan village high in the mountains where we find the road. There we take a collectivo (shared van/pick-up) the last few miles into Solola. In Solola you visit the second largest market in Guatemala, then return via chicken bus or pick up into Panajachel.  We have the opportunity to observe a Mayan ceremony at the sacred caves of San Jorge.  We are able to              observe the Fire Cleansing Ceremony on most occasions, but it is not guaranteed. Day 6    >>> Lake Atitlan– Kayak and Hike Mulit-Sport  Full-day trip begins and ends in Santa Cruz. This full day includes a kayak tour along the rugged north shore, and a hike back thru San Marcos, Tzununa,  El Jaibalito and Santa Cruz la Laguna.   Meet at the hotel dock to gear up for a day of adventure. It is best to wear your swimsuit or other appropriate boating atire as you will get wet along the way.  We supply dry sacks for your backpacks and other gear for the second part of the day. Be sure to bring your camera, drinking water, and some sunscreen.   We paddle for 1 ½ -2 hours along the shores of Santa Cruz la Laguna, El Jaibalito, and Tzununa, ending in San Marcos.  You will have many up close encounters with Mayan men who fish from hand hewn cayukas as they have for centuries.  You will feel privileged to share the lake with these proud fishermen who make Lake Atitlan so unique. You paddle along rugged cliff faces filled with exotic plant and bird life.  You have the opportunity to soak in the hot springs and cliff- jump into the crystal clear waters, or just enjoy a swim and sun. We pull into the Bay of San Marcos and gear up for the next part of our adventure. The  north shore of Lake Atitlan has no true road access, so you will be hiking along ancient paths that have been used by the Maya for centuries. You will view villagers going about their daily life, encounter farmers tending their maiz and coffee fields, and see some  of the most magnificent scenery in the world.  This rugged and remote section of Lake Atitlan has barely been touched by the outside world.  Our hike takes us several hundred feet above the ever changing waters of Atitlan for breath taking views of the famous volcanos.  We end our hike in Santa Cruz la Laguna at the end of our day of adventure. Day 7  >>> Guatemala City tour The capital city has many sights to enjoy, and most visitors miss this opportunity. You can let me show you my favorites, or you can choose from the options described below.   There are several museums that offer the visitor an in site to the Maya. The Popol Vuh Archaeological Museum and the Ixcchle Museum. Free evening to explore the Zona Viva area. It is safe and has many restaurants to enjoy. I will escort you if you wish, and this may be preferable.  I know the area well and am comfortable with its safety. Overnight Guatemala City For your Guatemala Hotel (2 nights, Day 7 & Day 9) we recommend that you book directly with one of the many hotels which are near the airport. Day 8   >>> the world famous mayan ruins of Tikal 4:30 am Shuttle from your Guatemala City Hotel (near the airport) to the TAG Hangar at the GUA airport 5 am Check-in at the TAG (18 calle & Avenida Hincapie zona 13 Hangar 16) (passport required) 6:30am Flight TG 01 with TAG from the TAG Hangar at the GUA Airport to FRS 7:30am Go to the Tikal Inn personnel at the FRS airport. Shuttle from Flores airport to Tikal National Park (park admission included). There may be a wait for the next flight (have breakfast) 9am English tour: Complex Q, North and Central Acropolis, Mundo Perdido Complex & Temple IV. Lunch at Hotel Tikal Inn (beverages and tips not included) Visit to museum on your own. Admission not included Overnight at Tikal Inn (double occupancy) Day 9   >>> the world famous mayan ruins of Tikal Breakfast/Free morning (US$20 park admission not included) 2 pm Shuttle fromHotel Tikal Innto Flores airport 3 pm Check-in at the TAG counter (passport required) 5 pm Flight TG 02 with TAG from FRS airport to the TAG Hangar at the GUA airport 6 pm Shuttle from the TAG Hangar at the GUA airport back to your Guatemala City Hotel Day 10     >>> Departure day Check out of your Guatemala City Hotel in time to catch your flight home. 

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A very nice experience that is worth it, with a guide of the kindest and at the top! The trek is not a walk in the park, I recommend good shoes (not white, they will collect dust) and a headlamp if you do the trek in the afternoon because it is dark on the way down The view was incredible, it is really worth it. It's not a walk in the park, you will walk for 2 hours and climb well but the view is worth the detour! Small downside: the shuttle picked us up 30 minutes late, without telling us, but that didn't change the great experience we had

The bus pick up was smooth, we stopped for coffee and snacks just outside of town and then met up with our guide at the park. She was Knowledgeable and fun. The guide provided marshmallows and sticks to roast marshmallows. The hike was beautiful!

It was very good, very nice experience, there was an eruption a year ago so there were fumaroles on the slopes of the volcano. Consider wearing good shoes, not so much for the climb up the volcano but for the descent down the sandy part.

Beautiful hike! Appropriate for hikers of all levels. If you need/want it, there are horses to ride available for rent. Overall an excellent experience!

Amazing experience - the views after the hike are breathtaking