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Antanavario: Private custom tour with a local guide

1. Antanavario: Private custom tour with a local guide

Antanavario can sometimes feel inaccessible to foreign visitors. Take the mystery out of your visit by exploring with a local on a private, customized tour. Your guide contacts you beforehand to get a feel for your interests and tastes to ensure that you only visit the places you are interested in. As you explore the city, your guide shares insights into local life forming a clearer picture of Antanavario's culture. - Private tour for just you and your group - Your guide customizes your tour to your interests and personality - Get a deeper insight into Antanavario life than possible alone - See Antanavario through the eyes of a local and discover its hidden gems Choose from 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-hour tour options.

Antananarivo: Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide

2. Antananarivo: Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide

Discover Antananarivo through the eyes of a local on a private, customized walking tour. Meet your host at your hotel or Airbnb to get familiar with your neighborhood. Learn where the best places to buy groceries or eat out are located. Your local guide is passionate about their city and eager to share all the tips and tricks to help you make the most of your stay. Upon booking, a representative will get in touch to confirm all details and ask you some questions to get to know you better. The right local host will then be hand-picked, based on your interests. Each tour is completely unique to you and you can choose the meeting point, start time and length that you prefer (minimum 2 hours). Learn about the easiest ways to get around, and hear about the top things to see and do. Chat about life in the city and exchange cultural differences. Feel more comfortable navigating your way around on your own, confident that you have all the information you need.

Antananarivo: Madagascar eSIM Roaming Mobile Data Plan

3. Antananarivo: Madagascar eSIM Roaming Mobile Data Plan

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From Antananarivo: 8 days Menabe tour to Morondava & Tsingy

4. From Antananarivo: 8 days Menabe tour to Morondava & Tsingy

Day 1: Your adventure begins in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. we will pick you at your Hotel or private house and we are heading to Antsirabe and stay there for the night. Day 2: Wake up early, have a generous breakfast and relax in a Antsirabe famous thermal treatments center. After lunch we will depart for Miandrivazo, a charming town on the banks of the Tsiribihina River. Along the way, you'll pass through picturesque landscapes, witnessing the changing scenery as you travel deeper into the heart of Madagascar. We will arrive at the hotel before dinner in a relaxing hotel with a pool and a beautiful view of the back country. Day 3: You will take the boat in Miandrivazo for a 2 nights all inclusive boat cruise to Tsiribihina where your driver will wait for you on day 5. Day 4: Boat cruise (from Mai to October) Day 5: Arriving in Tsiribihina and heading to your Hotel in Morondava, visit the famous Baobab alley and enjoy th sunset on your way. Day 6: You will continue your journey towards Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. This Unesco World Heritage site is famous for its otherworldly limestone formations, pinnacles, and deep canyons. . Enjoy a guided tour through the park's labyrinthine paths and perhaps spot some of Madagascar's endemic wildlife, including lemurs and chameleons. (from Mai to October) Please Note: 1. River boat cruise on Tsiribihina take 2 nights. 2. Boat cruise and Tsingy park visit activities are from Mai to October only due to rainy season. The price is adjusted in consequence Day 7: Bid farewell to Morondava and head back to Antsirabe, cherishing the memories of adventure through Madagascar's most iconic landscapes. Back to Antsirabe Day 8: On your way back to Antananarivo you will pass to "Parc des Lemurs" on the road to tsiroanomandidy 30km from Antananarivo. Note: there is no Boat Cruise or Tsingy park visit from November to April included due to rainy season. This is the alternative route when Boat Trip in Tsiribihina and Tsingy are closed, usually between day 5 & 7: **Day 5: More of Morondava (fishing boat ride around the mangrove to the fisherman's village)** Experience the coastal beauty of Morondava with a fishing boat ride through the mangrove forests. Visit a local fisherman's village and learn about traditional fishing techniques while immersing yourself in the local culture. **Day 7: Extra stop and activities in Ampefy** Make a stop in Ampefy and stay in a hotel with a breathtaking view of the lake. Explore the natural wonders of Ampefy, including the Geysers of Analavory and the picturesque Lily Waterfall. Take in the stunning views of the surrounding landscape and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful region.

3 days -Wildlife and Lemur discovery Tour to Andasibe

5. 3 days -Wildlife and Lemur discovery Tour to Andasibe

Looking for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Madagascar's wilderness, a three-day wildlife discovery tour to Andasibe Mantandia National Park is a must-do experience. Located just a few hours from the capital city of Antananarivo, this protected area boasts lush rainforest, stunning waterfalls, and a diverse array of wildlife that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Your native local guide will take you deep into the forest, where you'll have the chance to spot a wide range of wild species, from the elusive indri-indri the biggest lemur to the colorful chameleon. In addition to wildlife watching, you can also trek through the city highlights, such as Queen Palace to learn more about the local history and cultural traditions. Here is the itinerary and the hotel : Day1: Antananarivo - Andasibe village This is only 4hrs drive from the capital -Visit the reptile park -Nocturnal visit in the park Night at Lemurs Lodge Hotel (breakfast included). Day 2: Half-day trek to explore the rainforest of Analamazaotra. Early start to reach the front gate to start the trek and visit. You will guided by the native local guide, who will speak your language to provide you a full details of everything in the park. Drive back to experience a great moment with lemurs at Vakona Private reserve Overnight at the same Hotel includes breakfast. Day 3: Andasibe village - Queen Palace(Rova) - Airport Drive back from Andasibe on the same road -Visit the open craft market 'Dig" and 'Gallery " for souvenirs -Visit the Queen's palace to learn about the Royal history & culture. Transfer you to your places after all visits. End of our service! Note: The tour requires, a good conditional physique and it is available to book all year around. The tour can be arranged for one full day or two days from Antananarivo available on request.

From Antananarivo: 3 days of getaway trip to Ampefy

6. From Antananarivo: 3 days of getaway trip to Ampefy

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey filled with unique experiences that will ignite your sense of wonder and adventure? Get ready to embark on a three-day expedition to the charming town of Ampefy and its enchanting surroundings in Madagascar. This adventure promises to be like no other, as you'll have the opportunity to connect with nature, encounter Madagascar's iconic lemurs, witness breathtaking waterfalls, explore a volcanic crater, visit a coffee plantation, and soak in the tranquil beauty of Lake Itasy. Day 1: Antananarivo to Ampefy - Nature and Lemurs Your three-day journey begins with an early departure from Antananarivo. Our first stop will be at the Lemur's Park, a sanctuary for Madagascar's unique lemur species. Here, you'll have the chance to get up close and personal with these adorable creatures while also learning about the island's rich biodiversity. We'll continue our scenic drive towards Ampefy, a picturesque town located on the shores of Lake Itasy. Along the way, we'll make a stop at Lily's Fall, a stunning waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. You can take a refreshing dip or simply soak in the beauty of the natural surroundings. Upon arrival in Ampefy, you'll check into the charming Faniry Hotel, which boasts breathtaking views of Lake Itasy. Enjoy a delicious dinner and relax in this serene lakeside setting. Day 2: Exploring Ampefy's Natural Wonders Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel. Afterward, we'll visit Kristos Coffee Plantation, where you can indulge in a guided tour to learn about the coffee production process. Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee as you take in the plantation's tranquil ambiance. Next, we'll head to Mananasy Crater, a geological marvel that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. It's a perfect spot for some awe-inspiring photos. Savor a delicious lunch at a local restaurant in Ampefy. Our adventure continues as we visit Île de la Vierge (Virgin's Island), a tiny islet on Lake Itasy. Explore its unique rock formations and enjoy some leisurely time by the lake. Witness the mesmerizing Geyser d'Andranomandroatra, where hot water erupts from the ground, creating a natural spectacle that is both impressive and unique. Return to Faniry Hotel for another night of tranquility by the lake. Day 3: Countryside Horse Riding and Return to Antananarivo After breakfast, set out for an unforgettable horse riding adventure through the picturesque countryside surrounding Ampefy. You'll have the opportunity to interact with locals, witness rural life, and soak in the beauty of the landscape. Enjoy a hearty lunch at a local eatery, sampling delicious Malagasy cuisine. Before the sun sets over Lake Itasy, we'll embark on our journey back to Antananarivo, where you'll be dropped off at your accommodation. Your three-day trip to Ampefy, filled with nature, culture, and relaxation, will leave you with cherished memories of Madagascar's scenic beauty and warm hospitality.

The west beauty of Madagascar: Tsingy and Baobab trees

7. The west beauty of Madagascar: Tsingy and Baobab trees

The west beautifull : Tsingy of Bemaraha and Baobab trees. 10 days / 09 nights Day 1 : Tana - Antsirabe The journey begins with the national road 7 towards Antsirabe, the colonial city rich in history and diverse culture. Discover the landscapes of the highlands as well as the life of the people along the road. Day 2: Antsirabe - Morondava From this day, we head west of the island, a long road awaits you but the different landscapes and scenes of daily life will make you forget these journeys. Day 3: Morondava After the long road of the previous day, you will take a break, at the end of the day, we will visit the avenue of the baobabs as well as attend the superb sunset through the giant trees. Day 4 : Morondava - Bekopaka Now we drive the bumpy and dusty roads to reach the small village of Bekopaka, two ferry crossings are scheduled. Day 5 : Bekopaka Today is the big day to discover the Tsingy. After one hour of drive, you are at the entrance of the Tsingy. Full day inside the park. Day 6 : Bekopaka - Kirindy The journey doesn’t stop yet; we return to the dirty road to go to the dry forest of Kirindy, with its famous Fossa and various types of lemurs. A night visit is scheduled to meet the nocturnal animals of the forest Day 7: Kirindy - Morondava To escape the intense heat of the region, we enter the forest very early to discover its riches. After lunch, we leave Kirindy to go to Morondava. Day 8 : Morondava - Miandrivazo The return journey to Antananarivo will be smooth; today, you only need 4 to 5 hours on the road. Once you arrive at the hotel, the pool awaits you for complete relaxation. Day 9 : Miandrivazo - Antsirabe We continue our journey towards the capital today, but we will stop at Antsirabe. Before joining the hotel, a small detour is necessary to discover the volcanic lake of Tritriva and its fascinating story of impossible love. Day 10: Antsirabe - Tana The last day of the trip, finally the road to the capital. A few hours are enough to arrive, and if time permits, a city tour will be scheduled to end the day.

From Antananarivo: 4 days getaway to wild Ranomafana

8. From Antananarivo: 4 days getaway to wild Ranomafana

Explore Madagascar's Beauty in 4 Days - Antananarivo to Ranomafana Adventure Day 1: Antananarivo to Antsirabe Your journey begins in Antananarivo, the vibrant capital of Madagascar. We'll head to the picturesque town of Antsirabe, known for its thermal baths and unique handcrafted candies. At Aro Hotel & Spa, you'll unwind in comfort. We'll visit an artisanal candy workshop and make a stop at the stunning Tritriva volcano lake. Day 2: Antsirabe to Ranomafana Our adventure continues with a drive to Ranomafana, a treasure trove of lush rainforests and endemic wildlife. En route, we'll visit a Zafimaniry village, renowned for its intricate woodwork, and experience the art of Antemoro paper making in Ambalavao. Day 3: Explore Ranomafana Today, you'll delve into the wonders of Ranomafana National Park, home to diverse flora and fauna. Our guided hike leads you to enchanting lemurs, pristine waterfalls, and captivating landscapes. Later, embark on a thrilling rafting boat descent on the Namorona River. Day 4: Return to Antananarivo As we journey back to Antananarivo, you'll have the chance to collect unique souvenirs and memories along the way. Your 4-day adventure ends with a wealth of experiences, the beauty of Madagascar forever etched in your heart. Don't miss this unforgettable journey; book with us today.

Private Airport Transfert Ivato Antananarivo

9. Private Airport Transfert Ivato Antananarivo

Welcome to the Airport Shuttle Service at Ivato International Airport! Our airport transfer service is designed with a wide selection of confortable vehicles to ensure your safety, and convenience. With air-conditioned vehicles and punctual and experienced drivers who possess excellent knowledge of the city, we guarantee a smooth and seamless journey. Whether it's day or night, our services are available to you at all times. We are here to make your travel experience stress-free and memorable. Choose us for all your airport transfer needs!

From Antananarivo: 9 days unique adventure trip to Tulear

10. From Antananarivo: 9 days unique adventure trip to Tulear

Day 1: Antananarivo to Antsirabe - The Journey Begins Your road trip adventure kicks off as we depart from Antananarivo and head to the charming town of Antsirabe. En route, we'll visit the local thermal springs, visite the wonderfull volcano of Tritriva. We'll also explore a local candy factory to witness the sweet traditions of Madagascar. Day 2: Antsirabe to Fianarantsoa - Craftsmanship and Culture Today's journey takes us to Fianarantsoa, with intriguing stops along the way. We'll visit the Antemoro paper manufactory in Ambalavao to see the traditional craftsmanship of papermaking. In Sakaivo, you'll have the opportunity to explore a Zafimaniry village, known for its intricate woodcarvings and unique culture. We'll end the day at the great Soafia Hotel. Day 3: Fianarantsoa to Isalo - The Mystique of Isalo Park We'll set out for Isalo, a place of awe-inspiring landscapes. Isalo National Park is known for its dramatic sandstone formations, deep canyons, and lush oases. You'll stay at the enchanting "Le Relais de la Reine de l'Isalo," a hotel with a pool and the possibility of horse riding. Enjoy a 3-hour visit to Isalo Park, where you'll discover hidden canyons, unique flora, and endemic wildlife. Day 4: Isalo to Tulear - Beauty of the Southwest Coast Today, we'll journey to Tulear, driving through captivating landscapes that showcase the diverse beauty of Madagascar's southwestern coast. Arrive in one of the best 3-star hotels in Mangily or Ifaty, with an evening highlight at Alice "la Bernique," a renowned local restaurant offering delicious Malagasy cuisine. Day 5: Tulear to Anakao - Coastal Tranquility and Birdwatching Transfer to Anakao by boat, where you'll stay at one of the best lodges, like the Anakao Eco Lodge. Explore the unique bird sightings on a boat trip to Nosy Ve, home to diverse avian species. Relax on Anakao Beach, known as one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Day 6: Tulear - Exploring Caves and the Tropic of Capricorn After returning to Tulear, we'll visit the Sarodrano cave and the Tropic of Capricorn. Then, we'll head directly to Ranohira, near Isalo, and stay at "Chez Alice" boot camp. Day 7 & 8 : Tulear to Ranohira - Exploring Isalo's Natural Wonders Enjoy exploring the magnificent Isalo National Park. Hike through its unique landscapes, visit picturesque canyons, and discover hidden pools. Experience the serene beauty of this natural wonder. Day 9: Ranohira to Antananarivo - Journey's End On the final leg of your journey, we'll head back to Antananarivo. We'll drop you off at your hotel or private house, leaving you with unforgettable memories of this incredible road trip adventure.

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Trip was little bit different due to wet season around Tsiribihina River and Tsingy, but everything was very nice. Driver Mi Tsinjo was excelent driver and know many things around the road, his colleague Avana, was also perfect. Both of them doing the best for us and give as many very good advices for traveling in Madagascar. Very nice was Baobab Alley, Kirindy reservation, fishing village in Morondava and very adveture road trip from Tana to Morondava And back. Both of them belongs big thank you for everything during the way...-:). Michal And Jana.

I had a great time with Njiva who showed me around Tana. The most rewarding part of this experience was talking about the modern life of malagasies, their strives, everyday life etc. It was so easy to bond with Njiva, I felt as if I knew her for ages. I’d recommend this type of activity to anybody who wants to go beyond official books and guides to get to know Madagascar.

Our guides - Sata and Mitsinjo - were excellent! We saw SO much of Madagascar on this trip! The accommodations were more than 5-stars and everything was absolutely great! I highly recommend!

we met a wonderful person, with a desire to tell about his country and to meet other people from another culture. We are delighted and recommend it to everyone

Very informative and fun. Fasso took excellent care of us...