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Antalya Clock Tower

Antalya Clock Tower: Our most recommended tours and activities

Antalya/Kemer: Old City, Waterfalls Tour w/ Cable Car & Boat

1. Antalya/Kemer: Old City, Waterfalls Tour w/ Cable Car & Boat

Enjoy a guided tour of bustling Antalya, known for its breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, traditional coffee, and winding Old Town streets. Ascend a 605-meter high hill on the Tünektepe Cable Car, enjoy lunch with sea views, wander the historic streets of Kaleici, and discover rushing waterfalls. The tour begins with an airconditioned bus ride from your hotel to Antalya's city center. Upon arrival, board the Tünektepe Cable Car and ascend a 605-meter-high hill, taking in picturesque views of the harbor and Mediterranean sea. Relax with a coffee or tea at the local cafe or wander the hilltop. Continue to Kaleici Old Town to visit Hadrianus Gate, a historic arch built in 130 BC to welcome Emperor Hadrin. Feast your eyes on the Fluted Minaret's Selijuk architecture and a 9th-century medieval clock tower. Use your time to join relaxing boat trip or to visit local shops, walk the streets, or stroll along the harbor. Then it's time to visit the Lower Duden waterfall in the Lara district, which empties into the Mediterranean Sea from towering, 40-meter-high cliffs. Take a photo at the waterfalls and visit Lara beach before boarding the bus and heading back to your hotel.

Antalya: City Tour with Cable Car, Boat Trip, and Waterfall

2. Antalya: City Tour with Cable Car, Boat Trip, and Waterfall

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the natural wonders and rich history of Antalya with our full-day City and Waterfall Tour. Your adventure begins with a visit to the awe-inspiring Lower Duden Waterfall, a majestic 30-meter cascade that elegantly plunges into the turquoise embrace of the sea. Here, you'll have the opportunity to capture breathtaking photos of this magnificent natural spectacle, creating lasting memories that will leave you in awe. From there, we venture to the captivating heart of Antalya, Kaleici. Immerse yourself in a bygone era as you wander its charming streets, surrounded by iconic landmarks such as the grand Hadrian’s Gate, the timeless Clock Tower, the historic Kesik Minare, and ancient city walls that whisper tales of centuries past. Stepping through the cobblestone streets is like a journey back in time to the 2nd century, where the city's rich heritage comes alive before your eyes. After your historical voyage, savor some leisure time to stroll the quaint cobbled streets, explore local treasures, or simply bask in the ambiance of this enchanting old town. Following your exploration of the Lower Duden Waterfall, get ready for the next chapter of your adventure as we embark on a captivating 45-minute to 1-hour boat trip departing from Antalya's old harbor. Glide gracefully along the coastline, treated to picturesque views of the city's historic district from a truly enchanting vantage point. Our journey continues with a delightful interlude as we gather for a sumptuous lunch at a traditional local restaurant. Savor the flavors of the region while sharing stories and creating new memories with fellow travelers. To crown this extraordinary day, ascend to new heights with a breathtaking Tünektepe Cable Car ride. Marvel at the panoramic views that unfold before you, capturing the stunning landscapes and sparkling sea vistas that Antalya is renowned for. Join us on this City and Waterfall Tour for a day filled with natural beauty, historical marvels, delectable cuisine, and the thrill of an elevated perspective. It's an experience that will not only stay etched in your heart but also in the frames of your camera, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Antalya: Sightseeing City Tour with Cable Car and Boat Trip

3. Antalya: Sightseeing City Tour with Cable Car and Boat Trip

Interesting history, engaging culture, and a flawless authentic atmosphere are among the things you can expect to experience when joining the Antalya City Tour. The excursion is available on a daily basis and begins during the morning. For your own convenience, transfer services are part of the price. During the day, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the city’s most famous and important sites. You will also have some free time to shop souvenirs, visit sites on your own, or even enjoy a cup of traditional Turkish coffee or tea at one of the charming places where locals go. The old town of Antalya is one of the main attractions of the city. During your time there, you are free to walk around and visit the landmark spots. The guide can offer recommendations that suits your interest. In the old town, you can visit Hadrian’s Gate, the Clock and Bramn Tower, as well as the Yivliminare Mosque.For the best panorama of Antalya, a cable car ride is also included in the price. From the top of the mountain, expect to witness the outstanding beauty of Antalya, so get your camera ready! The schedule also includes a visit at the infamous Duden with a boat. The waterfalls are truly impressive, as the water falls from a 45-meter height into the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya City Tour finishes during the afternoon, with a drop off service at your place of accommodation.

Antalya: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

4. Antalya: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

Antalya Kaleici walking tour is an ideal way to explore the rich cultural heritage of the city. The tour takes visitors through the historical center of Antalya, which is located next to the stunning turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This area was once the hub of international trade in the region due to its strategic location. Today, it has been restored to showcase the grandeur of this ancient port city. Visitors walking through the picturesque streets of Kaleici are often left in awe of the fascinating highlights of the area. One of the main highlights of the Antalya Kaleici walking tour is the ancient Hadrian's Gate. This grand gate was built in the year 130 AD under the rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. This monumental structure still stands tall and proud and is an excellent example of Roman architecture in the region. Visitors can take a leisurely walk through the gate, marveling at its intricate design and grandeur. The Old Harbor is also a must-see attraction when walking through Kaleici. The harbor is a beautiful sight, especially when the sun sets; the panoramic view is breathtaking. Visitors can take a stroll down the docks, where boats of different sizes and designs are docked, take a boat tour or sample the fresh seafood delicacies provided by restaurants surrounding it. As visitors walk through the winding cobblestone streets of Kaleici, they will encounter other hidden gems such as the Clock Tower and Hadrian's Wall. The Clock Tower was built in 1901 and served as the main entrance to Antalya Castle. It looms over the city's rooftops, providing an excellent vantage point over the whole city. On the other hand, Hadrian's Wall is part of the ancient fortifications that surrounded the city, protecting its residents. In conclusion, the Antalya Kaleici walking tour is an excellent way to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of the old city. From the grand Hadrian's Gate to the ancient fortifications, each highlight provides a glimpse into the rich history of the region. Visitors can take their time meandering through the fascinating winding streets, which areThe Hadrian's Gate, also known as Üç Kapılar or Three Gates, is one of the most impressive landmarks of Antalya Old Town. This monumental arch was built in 130 AD in honor of Emperor Hadrian's visit to the city, and it marks the entrance to the old city. It's an excellent starting point for a walking tour of Antalya Old Town. The Yivli Minaret Mosque is an iconic landmark of Antalya, with its unique minaret that has eight fluted sections. This 14th-century mosque was built during the Seljuk dynasty and still serves as a place of worship today. It's a beautiful example of Islamic architecture and a must-visit spot in Antalya Old Town. The Hidirlik Tower is a Roman-era tower located on the hill overlooking Antalya Old Town and the Mediterranean Sea. It's one of the oldest structures in the city, dating back to the 2nd century AD. The tower served as a lighthouse during the Middle Ages and is now a popular spot for tourists to take in the stunning views of the city and the sea.

From Side: Antalya Highlights Tour with Cable Car & Transfer

5. From Side: Antalya Highlights Tour with Cable Car & Transfer

Antalya has been called “Turkish Riviera” thanks to its archaeological and natural beauties. Antalya, where sea, sun, history and nature are integrated in a magical harmony, has the most beautiful and clean shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 630 km long along the coast of Antalya, ancient cities, ancient harbors, monumental tombs, lace-like bays, beaches, lush forests and streams are located. Lined boulevards with palm trees, its internationally acclaimed marina, forming a cozy corner with the traditional architecture of the Old City and modern spaces with Turkey’s most important tourism center of Antalya, Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, International Beach Volleyball, triathlon, golf tournaments, archery, tennis, Ski competitions etc. The activities organized by the Antalya Culture Center in 1995 are home to many cultural and artistic activities such as plastic arts, music, theater and exhibitions We will start the day by picking you up at the security gate of your hotel. Kaleici, or Old Antalya, is filled with history and lovely buildings. You will see old houses built in the Ottoman style and from the park you will enjoy terrific views of the water. During the free time you will see the ancient harbour, Hadrianus’s Gate, and many other sights as well. This section of the city features many small streets lined with shops, kebab restaurants and pensions. There are some great boutique hotels and pensions here if you decide to return and stay in the ancient heart of Antalya. Places to see; • Antalya Old Harbour • Old Town of Antalya (Kaleici) • Alexander Waterfall by boat (optional) • Free time at traditional Antalya old bazaar • Old fluted minaret & clock tower

Antalya Highlights Escape Game and Tour

6. Antalya Highlights Escape Game and Tour

Get to know Antalya at your own pace on this interactive scavenger hunt walking tour played on your phone. Decipher riddles, interact with the most important attractions of the city, and unlock interesting facts and legends. An ideal outdoor activity for first time visitors, couples, groups, families, and children. Can be used as a great team-building activity. Use the app and integrated maps to find your way to 10 attractions in Antalya. Solve a location-based riddle at each attraction and unlock the next location you need to visit. The app includes facts and information about each location you stop at. At each stop, learn about the attraction and solve a location-based riddle that can only be solved if you reach the specific location. Use logic, imagination, observation, and team spirit to unlock the correct code and reveal the next destination of the city sightseeing game. You can start the game anytime, the schedule is indicative. Start your tour from Ataturk Park, the centre of many of the city's youth! Visit Republic Square, the soul of the city and explore the Antalya Toy Museum where young and old alike are filled with play and life. Photograph the Eskili Mosquee and get lost looking at the imposing Yivliminare Mosque. Then the monument to Attalus II Philadelphus the Greek founder of Antalya awaits you. The famous Clock Tower with a history of almost 125 years. Admire all the Hadrian's Gate that has been standing there for about 2000 years. The Church of Saint Alypius the Stylite will enchant you, while the Karaloglou Park will be the icing on the cake of this unique tour, because there you will take the most beautiful photos for your collection.

Antalya: Self-Guided Audio City Tour on Your Phone

7. Antalya: Self-Guided Audio City Tour on Your Phone

Be transported to the past with this smartphone tour of Antalya. Listen to the stories behind sites like Republic Square and Yivli Minare Mosque. Download your tour and use the text, audio narration, and map features offline to save your data. Stroll through Antalya at your own pace and gain insight into the captivating history of this ancient city. Start your tour in the vibrant Republic Square which offers views of the city. Continue on to explore iconic sights like the 9th century Clock Tower, Pazar Hamam, and Atatürk’s House Museum. View the towering Yivli Minare Mosque and the boats in the marina. See the old Roman gate build by Hadrian.

From Side: Antalya City Tour With Cable Car & Waterfalls.

8. From Side: Antalya City Tour With Cable Car & Waterfalls.

Join us on a captivating full-day guided tour from Side to Antalya, a city that beckons with its natural beauty and rich history, just 60 km away. Antalya, often dubbed the capital of Turkish tourism, awaits your exploration. Discover the enchanting highlights of this remarkable city, which is often counted among the most beautiful in the world. Kurshunlu Waterfall - Nature's Masterpiece Our first stop takes us to the mesmerizing Kurshunlu Waterfall, located 65 km from Side. This natural wonder stands 20 meters tall and leaves everyone in awe of its pristine beauty. The cascading water has sculpted seven serene ponds, creating a picturesque landscape. Surrounding the waterfall is a lush oasis of vegetation and dense forests. Kaleiçi - The Charming Old Town Our journey continues as we delve into the heart of Antalya's history at Kaleiçi, the old town. Here, you'll step back in time as you encounter iconic landmarks such as the Hadrianus Gate, the Clock Tower, and the Fluted Minaret, all steeped in centuries of history. Wander through the narrow, winding streets and savor the ambiance of the ancient harbor. You'll also have approximately 2.5 hours of free time to indulge in shopping and leisure in this charming area. Tünektepe Cable Car - Breathtaking Views We then ascend to new heights with a ride on the Tünektepe Cable Car, which transports you to a lofty 605-meter-high hill. From this elevated vantage point, you'll be treated to awe-inspiring panoramic views of Antalya city, the new harbor, and the endless expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the hilltop café, where you can capture breathtaking photos to cherish forever. If you have a passion for history, culture, and the sheer wonder of sightseeing, then the Antalya city sightseeing tour from Side is an absolute must. * Pick up from hotels in Side and around apx 08:30am * Visit kurshunlu waterfall * Lunch * Visit Antalya tünektepe cable car * Visit Kaleiçi old town and free time * Drop off hotels and apartments in Side and around 18:00pm Please take note: During the booking process, you'll have two options to choose from: -Self-Guided Basic Option: This option covers only the transport fee. If you choose this option, you will be transferred to Antalya Old City and provided with 4.5 hours of free time. -Full Package Option: This comprehensive package includes all the items listed in the inclusive section. If, due to adverse weather conditions, the cable car is not operational, we will make arrangements for a boat trip as an alternative. -Please note that flow of the program may change due to traffic, weather, and seasonal variations.

Explore The Old Town With Local Taste

9. Explore The Old Town With Local Taste

Our expedition starts at The Clock Tower (where we will meet). Then we will start to explore ancient and historical streets, you will meet all hidden and known points of Old Town (Kaleiçi) I will show you the most featured and some secret spots of Old Town (Kaleiçi). Ethnographic Museum, Clock Tower, Karatay Madrasah, Local Flavor Tasting, Hidirlik Tower, Panoramic Terasses, Hadrian's Gate and Ancient City Walls, are just a few example routes of our tour. It is a walking tour around 3 hours on foot. We walk through the narrow streets of old town and explore the atmosphere. End of the tour we will try a local desert; Semolina Halva -İrmik (Semolina) Helva is a classic Ottoman light dessert and Turkish people have been cooking this for centuries. Served with ice cream, tahini & peanut

Antalya City Tour, With Cable Car & Waterfalls

10. Antalya City Tour, With Cable Car & Waterfalls

It’s a full-day sightseeing tour. In the Antalya city tour program, You will see the most famous attractions of Antalya bellows; *Lower Duden waterfall: called also Lara or Karpuz kaldıran falls into the Mediterranean sea from the cliffs at an altitude of 40 meters It is on the road to Lara beach. The waterfall is the haunt of excursion boats. Lower Düden waterfall is also the symbolic natural beauty of Antalya. *Kaleici; the old town where you can see Hadrianus Gate, the Clock Tower, Fluted Minaret, and the ancient harbor enjoy narrow streets of the old city, you are able to do shopping in your free time about one and half hour. *Antalya boat tour; takes about one hour, starting from Antalya old harbor taking you Karpuzkaldıran waterfall is known as ‘lower Duden’ falling from about 40 meters into the Mediterranian sea. It is looked so impressive among water clouds the falling waters like a great painting from a boat out at sea. you will be back seeing Antalya old city’s coasts from the boat. * Tünektepe Cable Car (Antalya Teleferik): it takes you up to the 605-meter high hill. The hill has magnificent Antalya city, new harbor, and Mediterranean sea views. You can enjoy drinking a couple of coffee, tea ext. at the cafe on the top of the hill and take fantastic photos. Please note: We operate this tour from multiple locations. Please ensure that you select the correct option during the booking process based on your hotel location in Turkey. This will help ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. The cable car will not be in operation on Mondays and during adverse weather conditions. English guide everyday/ German guide available on following days Teu/Fri/Sundays Rusian Guide available on following days Teu/Thu/Sundays. For the option offered by Side Town hotels does not include a boat trip. However, in the event that the cable car is not operational, we will provide our customers with a one-hour boat trip as an alternative.

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The trip is definitely worth the money paid; great and polite tour guide and safe ride! Only off putting if you’re in a tour with idiots! We had a very rude woman with our trip that ruined it for us! From refusing to budge over when another passenger wanted to sit to moaning about everything from having to pay for her own drinks, steps and windy roads!! She even slammed her bag at me upon getting in the tour van because the idiot thought a stray dog was my dog coming into the van! What if it’s a blind man with their guide dog? Idiots like her shouldn’t be allowed out….. Everyone except themselves didn’t enjoy her company!!!! Then again it’s not the tour operators fault for picking idiots up as they’re everywhere!!!

It was great. But extremely disappointed at the food lunch offered. I would rather select a restaurant my delft. The fact that served boiling hot beer and beverages as really bad. Enjoyed my trip was worth the money. Except the food. Better if you offer free Turkish coffee and not that meal in that particular awful restaurant

It was very good! Yousef picked us up from the hotel and then did a very detailed tour of the old town, marina and Duden waterfalls. We also had a meal included in the activity (drinks have to be paid by yourself) but the meal is paid for. I highly recommend booking with him! Very friendly and a good tour guide.

Worth every penny, amazing scenery and a very knowledgeable guide, if I had one criticism it would be the lunch, no choice and had to wait to be served but the food was nice once we received it.

Great tour, well arranged and the people are very friendly. A warm encounter, you’ll see nice views and the inner parts of the city. All guided without worrying about transport and the bustle.