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And You Creations (AYC) is a unique and multi-operational tour company based out of Oahu, Hawai'i that allows visitors the chance to discover the Aloha State and experience true paradise. With AYC, tourists and locals alike have the opportunity to see, feel, and explore authentic Hawaiian culture and entertainment. AYC offers tour experiences designed to share the best Hawaii has to offer. With And You Creations tours, guests can swim with dolphins on the Dolphins and You tour, hike the Manoa Falls Trail on the Nature and You Tour, or embark on an odyssey of the tastes, sights and history of Oahu with the Island and You Tour. Each tour is complemented by cultural information and aims to leave guests feeling fulfilled. And You Creations originally started 30 years ago as Dolphins and You, the longest-running and highest-rated dolphin swim tour in Oahu. The idea for And You Creations began with a desire to share the magic of the islands with visitors through a journey of self-discovery. A rainbow is used in the AYC logo because Hawaii is known as both the aloha state and the rainbow state. Rainbows are a symbolic part of Hawaiian culture and are seen as a sign of luck and happiness. Embark on your journey of self-discovery! Learn more:

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