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Anakena: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Hanga Roa: Easter Island Sightseeing Full Day Tour

1. From Hanga Roa: Easter Island Sightseeing Full Day Tour

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as we delve into the heart of Easter Island's history and natural beauty. Our Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Tongariki, and Te Pito Kura tour promises an unforgettable experience filled with captivating discoveries, awe-inspiring landscapes, and an opportunity to unravel the island's intriguing secrets. Itinerary Highlights: 1. Vaihu: Begin your adventure at Vaihu, where history comes to life. Explore the ancient moai statues, hear stories of their creation, and witness the allure of these colossal stone figures. You'll feel the energy of this sacred site as you stand amidst these impressive giants. 2. Akahanga: Next, we journey to Akahanga, an archaeological wonder. You'll be transported back in time as you explore the remnants of traditional Polynesian villages and gaze upon toppled moai, each with its own tale to tell. This site provides a unique glimpse into the island's past. 3. Rano Raraku: Prepare to be amazed at Rano Raraku, the birthplace of the island's iconic moai statues. Discover how these colossal figures were carved from the very rock they stand upon. Your exploration here is a blend of wonder and education, as you grasp the artistry and labor behind these ancient creations. 4. Tongariki: Tongariki presents a grand spectacle of moai statues lined up along the coastline. As you stand before these monumental figures, the serene Pacific Ocean provides a stunning backdrop. It's a perfect spot for photos and a moment of reflection on the island's mysteries. 5. Te Pito Kura: Our final destination, Te Pito Kura, is not just the navel of the world but also a unique geological wonder. You'll discover the enigmatic magnetic stone and listen to intriguing stories about its significance. This site offers a perfect ending to your adventure, filled with both cultural and natural marvels. At the end of this enlightening journey, we'll conveniently drop you off at your accommodation, leaving you with cherished memories and a deep understanding of Easter Island's past. You may choose to unwind at your hotel or explore more of the island's wonders from a central location. This tour is your gateway to Easter Island's most iconic sites, a deeper connection with its history, and an exploration of the island's enchanting landscapes. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and scenic beauty of this remote paradise. Join us for a truly unforgettable adventure on Easter Island!

Easter Island: Full-Day Tour to Anakena

2. Easter Island: Full-Day Tour to Anakena

Experience the beautiful, dramatic scenery of Easter Island during a full-day tour to Anakena, a white-sand beach said to have been the landing point of the island's first settler, Polynesian chief Hotu Matu'a. The tour starts in Hanga Roa; explore the north- and southeastern coasts of the island and visit Ahu Akahanga and Ahu Tongariki. Ahu Tongariki hosts the greatest moai figures near the ocean, with 15 giant statues. Then head to Rano Raraku volcanic crater and see its "Cantera de los Moais," where more than 390 figures can be found. Stop for a picnic lunch surrounded by nature. Continue your tour and visit more impressive moai structures, including Ahu Nau Nau. Later, stop at Anakena Beach, one of the best swimming beaches on the island. Visit 2 small caves within a gorge and the nearby beaches of Poike and Ovahe where you can stop and relax. The tour ends in Hanga Roa, where you'll be dropped back at your hotel.

Easter Island: Highlights Private Tour

3. Easter Island: Highlights Private Tour

Begin your day with a private pick-up service from your hotel on Easter Island.  Explore the major Rapa Nui archaeological sites near the Rano Kau volcano crater and learn about the famous Birdman legend at the O'rongo ceremonial village. Continue your tour to Ahu Akivi, a site that was first scientifically restored in 1960 with a platform of 7 standing Moai. This platform is characterized as being one of the few located in the center of the island. These statues face the setting sun. Next, feast your eyes on the Ahu Tongariki, featuring 15 standing Moai. Later, learn about how the Moai were built at Rano Raraku site. To end the tour, visit the inspiring turquoise water of Anakena Beach. Timing is flexible and can be spent in any given location as long as you wish. Lunch is not included on this tour but there are places where you can buy a snack and bring it on the tour. When your tour is complete you will be transported back to your hotel.

2 days - Easter Island Highlights

4. 2 days - Easter Island Highlights

Embark on an enchanting 2-day odyssey, delving deep into the heart of Rapa Nui's extraordinary wonders. On the inaugural day, trace the rugged coastline of the island's southern reaches, beginning at the hauntingly beautiful Vaihu, where ancient moai statues stand sentinel against the backdrop of the azure Pacific. Journey onward to Akahanga, an archaeological treasure trove where toppled moai lay in solemn repose, whispering tales of centuries past. As the expedition unfolds, find yourself amidst the surreal landscape of Rano Raraku, a volcanic quarry where colossal statues were hewn from the earth, giving birth to the enigmatic moai sculptures that dot the island. The grandeur of Tongariki awaits, a colossal platform crowned by 15 towering moai, their stoic gazes casting an awe-inspiring aura over the landscape. Continue to Te Pito Kura, a sacred site steeped in legends, and bask in the sun-kissed serenity of Anakena, a pristine beach framed by swaying palm trees and ancient moai. The second day invites you to explore the island's eastern wonders, commencing with Orongo, a historic village perched atop the breathtaking cliffs of Rano Kau. Marvel at the volcanic crater's expansive views before venturing to Vinapu, where the precision of ancient stone masonry manifests in the intricate walls reminiscent of South American civilizations. Traverse to Puna Pau, a red scoria quarry that provided the topknots for some moai, adding a unique dimension to the island's sculptural legacy. Journey further into the mystique with a visit to Ana Te Pahu, a network of caves that unveil hidden chambers and ancient petroglyphs, offering a glimpse into the island's spiritual essence. Conclude the exploration at Ahu Akivi, a sacred site where seven moai stand gazing towards the ocean, defying the conventional placement of these colossal statues. This immersive 2-day excursion promises not only a visual feast of ancient wonders but also a profound connection to the island's storied past. Discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface, and let the echoes of Rapa Nui's history resonate through each extraordinary site.

Easter Island: The Moai Trail Private Archeological Tour

5. Easter Island: The Moai Trail Private Archeological Tour

Enjoy the convenience of being picked up at your hotel in Hanga Roa. Begin your journey near the village of Akahanga, which was a significant ceremonial center or ahu. See the stone heads of Easter Islands, which are known as moai. Learn about the tribal wars which took place on the island and the moai which were knocked down during the fighting. Visit the remains of hare paenga, the boat-shaped stone houses which were built by the island’s ancient inhabitants. Continue to the Ahu Tongariki, which is the largest ahu on the island and contains 15 moai. See the Rano Raraku and quarry which is the source of the volcanic rock used to carve the moai. Admire the 400 moai in various stages of carving. Follow the route to Ahu Te Pito Kura, where the highest statue on the island is located, as well as the Paro moai. Marvel at the spherical stone next to the ahu. This massive stone was said to be the navel of the world (Te Pito or Te Henua), which according to legend, was brought to the island on Hotu Matua’s boat. Head to the white sand beach of Anakena where Ariki Hotu Motua and his sister Avareipua arrived at the island. Visit the Ahu Nau Nau, an the archeological site of an ancient complex construction. At this site are 5 Moai with pukao which have Petroglyphs on the back of the statues. At the end of your tour, you’ll be dropped off back at your hotel in Hanga Roa.

Full day Moai and Mistery

6. Full day Moai and Mistery

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the timeless wonders of Easter Island. Our immersive tour invites you to explore the island's most iconic sites, promising an unforgettable blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Your adventure begins at Vaihu, where ancient stone statues known as Moai stand in silent tribute, evoking a sense of mystery and awe. As you wander through this sacred site, our expert guides will share the captivating stories behind these colossal figures, unveiling the secrets of their creation and significance to the Rapa Nui people. Next, we'll venture to Akahanga, another archaeological marvel that transports you back in time. Here, remnants of fallen Moai and their distinctive topknots lay scattered across the landscape, offering a glimpse into the island's tumultuous past. Our knowledgeable guides will illuminate the historical context, providing a deeper understanding of the intricate craftsmanship and cultural significance embedded in each stone sculpture. Prepare to be mesmerized as we make our way to Rano Raraku, the quarry where the Moai were born. Surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of this volcanic crater, you'll witness the Moai in various stages of completion, some still embedded in the rock, while others stand proudly overlooking the landscape. The rich history of Rano Raraku unfolds before your eyes, painting a vivid picture of the craftsmanship and spiritual beliefs that shaped Easter Island's unique heritage. Tongariki awaits with its awe-inspiring lineup of fifteen majestic Moai statues, standing sentinel against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Our guides will delve into the mysteries of Tongariki, shedding light on the restoration efforts and the symbolic significance of this monumental assembly. Take in the panoramic views and capture the essence of this powerful site that reflects the resilience and cultural pride of the Rapa Nui people. Pito Kura, a lesser-known gem, invites you to discover the sacred ceremonial village with its unique features, adding yet another layer to the narrative of Easter Island's enigmatic past. Learn about the rituals and ceremonies that once took place in this sacred space, enhancing your appreciation for the island's spiritual legacy. Finally, we'll conclude our expedition at the idyllic Anakena Beach, where turquoise waters meet golden sands and coconut palms sway in the breeze. This serene paradise serves as the perfect backdrop to unwind and reflect on the incredible journey you've experienced. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Anakena, savoring the beauty that defines Easter Island beyond its archaeological marvels. Join us on this unparalleled exploration, where every step unveils a new layer of Easter Island's captivating history and natural splendor. Our expertly crafted tour promises an immersive, enlightening, and unforgettable adventure into the heart of this Pacific paradise.

Private tour: where the history of the Moai was born

7. Private tour: where the history of the Moai was born

Welcome to an unforgettable journey through the mystical landscapes of Easter Island. Our tour will take you to some of the most significant and awe-inspiring sites, allowing you to delve into the rich history and culture of this remote island in the Pacific. 1. Vaihu: Our adventure begins at Vaihu, where ancient stone statues, known as moai, lay scattered across the landscape. Marvel at the craftsmanship and ponder the mysteries surrounding these colossal figures as your guide unravels the stories behind them. 2. Akahanga: Next, we visit Akahanga, a site steeped in historical significance. Explore the remnants of ancient settlements and platforms, and witness the moai lying toppled in various stages of completion. Your guide will share tales of the island's past, offering insights into the reasons behind these enigmatic statues. 3. Rano Raraku: Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing quarry of Rano Raraku. This volcanic crater served as the birthplace of the moai. Here, you'll witness moai in various stages of creation, from rough-hewn blocks to nearly finished statues. The sheer scale of this site will leave you in awe of the islanders' incredible craftsmanship. 4. Tongariki: Tongariki boasts the largest and most impressive collection of standing moai on Easter Island. Arranged in a majestic row, these statues face the sunrise, creating a breathtaking sight. As the morning sun bathes the moai in golden hues, you'll have the perfect opportunity to capture the essence of this sacred place. 5. Te Pito Kura: Our journey continues to Te Pito Kura, a site shrouded in mystery and legend. Marvel at the enormous moai and the unique spherical stone, believed to hold special significance. Your guide will share the myths surrounding this area, adding a layer of intrigue to your exploration. 6. Anakena: Our final destination is the stunning Anakena Beach, where white sands meet the Pacific Ocean. Amidst the palm trees, you'll find moai standing proudly against the backdrop of the sea. Relax on the beach, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and reflect on the profound cultural and historical significance of Easter Island. As you conclude this enriching tour, you'll carry with you the memories of a day filled with wonder, exploration, and a deeper understanding of the captivating mysteries that make Easter Island truly extraordinary.

The Moai Factory: The mystery behind the volcanic stone stat

8. The Moai Factory: The mystery behind the volcanic stone stat

This tour includes a visit to the most incredible places oon the island, full of mistery and enigma. We will star with Ahu vinapu where´s a wall very like the Incas use to make. We will continue towards the Ahu Ahahanga, where you can see the Moai in their original position, raised and placed on a ceremonial platform. From there, we will continue to Te Pito Kura, a sacred place where one of the largest Moais on the island is located. Our guides will give you a deeper understanding of the importance of these statues to the Rapa Nui culture. Before Ahu Tongariki we will make a stop to contemplate an old Ahu call One makihi, wich is a supine form of a finely chiselle moai. Our tour continues to the Ahu Tongariki, the largest group of Moais on the island and one of the most impressive places on Rapa Nui. There you will be able to see 15 imposing Moais in their original place, while our expert guides give you a detailed insight into the history and meaning of these statues. the Rano Raraku volcano, also known as the "Moai factory", where the famous stone statues were built. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to walk among the Moai in the process of being made and learn more about their history and significance in the Rapa Nui culture. Finally, we will arrive at Ovahe beach to see the rose sand and finally arrive to Anakena beach, a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and a wide variety of water activities such as snorkeling. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a picnic in the open air while enjoying the impressive views of Rapa Nui.

Easter Island: Private North & West Highlights Tour

9. Easter Island: Private North & West Highlights Tour

Immerse yourself in Easter Island's culture, history, and folklore during this private tour. Follow your guide to the island's most important landmarks. This tour included pickup and drop-off at all island hotels. First visit Anakena Beach, the most beautiful beach of the island where the capital of the ancient society was located. In the sand stands a monument with the best preserved restored Moais of the entire island. The visit will focus on the archaeological and historical aspect of this area. Then, head to Te Pito Kura with the largest statue that ever reached an ahu platform, reaching almost 10 m tall. See the small volcano at Puna Pau where the red scoria stone was quarried for the moai statue topknots and Ahu Akivi, the only monument with Moais that are looking out towards the sea. Stop for lunch and enjoy a free snack or feel free to go to any restaurant of your choice during the break. After lunch, continue the tour to Tahai, a village known for its remarkably ambitious and hard-working tribesmen. Continue on to the Rano Kau crater which boasts one of the most stunning views of the whole island. Its crater lake was one of the most important sources of drinking water in ancient times. Finally, make a stop at Orongo, a ceremonial stone village dedicated to the Birdman competition, located at the ridge of the volcano Rano Kau. From within Orongo, take in the fantastic views of the crater of this volcano.

Iconic sites of Rapa Nui

10. Iconic sites of Rapa Nui

Explore the captivating wonders of Easter Island on a guided tour that takes you through some of its most iconic sites: Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, and Anakena. Begin your journey at Vaihu, where you'll marvel at the ancient stone statues, or moai, scattered across the landscape, each one telling a unique story of the island's history and culture. Next, venture to Akahanga, an archaeological site rich in legend and mystery, where you'll encounter more breathtaking moai amid a backdrop of rugged natural beauty. Continue your exploration to Rano Raraku, the quarry where the moai were carved centuries ago. Here, you'll witness the awe-inspiring sight of unfinished statues emerging from the earth, providing insight into the island's enigmatic past. As you traverse the grounds of Tongariki, prepare to be spellbound by the largest platform of standing moai on the island, a testament to the remarkable craftsmanship and engineering prowess of the Rapa Nui people. At Te Pito Kura, stand in awe before the enigmatic magnetic stone, believed to hold mystical powers and imbued with spiritual significance by the island's inhabitants. Finally, conclude your tour at Anakena, a picturesque beach framed by palm trees and azure waters, where you can relax and reflect on the ancient wonders you've encountered throughout the day. This guided tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Easter Island's cultural and archaeological heritage, providing unparalleled insights into the island's fascinating history and the enduring legacy of its indigenous people. Whether you're a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply a curious traveler, this immersive experience promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul, as you uncover the secrets of this remote and mesmerizing island paradise.

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One of the best tours one can do in Easter Island if you just have one day. The tour not only does a great job in covering ceremonial villages, volcanic mountains, the iconic statues and beaches, but does it in a leisurely way. The guide Vincent was patient in explaining the history of civil wars, tsunamis and earthquakes that took a toll on the statues, but also the painful restoration work behind what we see today. Simply put, I would recommend this tour wholeheartedly

An excellent tour that covers all the main highlights of the island. My guide was very knowledgeable and gave a personal account of the facts and stories associated with the sites. The timing was excellent and there was plenty of time to see everything.

Tomy is hands down the best guide on Rapa Nui! His knowledge is second to none, and he's just a fun and easy-to-talk-to person. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been paired with him.

We had two wonderful days. First day with a small group of 5 people and second day with a private guide. Unfortunately I don’t remember the guides name. But she made our day and was so kind!

Amazing! I loved every minute, even in the pouring rain.