Alta Murgia National Park: Our most recommended tours and activities

Bari: Mountain Bike Excursion to the Mercadante Forest

1. Bari: Mountain Bike Excursion to the Mercadante Forest

The forest, less than an hour from Bari, is a beautiful and extensive natural area with breathtaking landscapes and Mediterranean flora and fauna. The Mercadante Forest is the southern end of the Alta Murgia National Park. During the hike, our tour leader will point out interesting landmarks and provide insight into local history and forest ecology. We may also have the opportunity to spot some of the wildlife that call Mercadante Forest home, such as foxes and wild boars. A guided tour of the narrow, winding paths of the Mercadante Forest on our mountain bikes is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty and excitement of the outdoors, while also learning about the area's rich history and diverse ecology.

Andria: Castel Del Monte 1.5-Hour Guided Tour

2. Andria: Castel Del Monte 1.5-Hour Guided Tour

Go on a journey through the history of Puglia on a 1.5-hour guided tour of Castel del Monte in the hills of Andria and discover a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. Meet your guide at the castle entrance, 36 miles (60 kilometers) from Bari. Explore the castle grounds and walk around the outside of the mountain fortress while your guide describes its history. It was first recorded as the Castellum Del Monte in 1223, and built by the humanist Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen. A unique piece of medieval military architecture, Frederick imbued the castle with symbolic significance, defined by the laws of math and astronomy. Soaring 1,770 feet (540 meters) above sea level, in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park, you will get panoramic views of the surrounding area, from the Gargano promontory up to the ancient province of Lucania. Discover impressive structural elements that follow the repetition of the number 8, from the castle’s basic octagonal shape, to the 8 trapezoid rooms, 8 towers, and 44 steps of the spiral stairs. Admire the harmonious blend of Romanesque and Gothic influences, together with important contributions from Islamic art.

Matera: City Center and Murgia Park Porter Tuk-Tuk Tour

3. Matera: City Center and Murgia Park Porter Tuk-Tuk Tour

•Church of the Purgatorio. •Cathedral of Matera. •Chiesa di San Giovanni. •Panoramic view of the Sasso Barisano. •Panoramic view of the Sasso. •Panoramic view of the city of Matera from the Parco of the Murgia.

Castel del Monte Tour with transfer from Trani

4. Castel del Monte Tour with transfer from Trani

After pick-up from the Trani Central Station, head to Castel del Monte, the most visited monument in Puglia on a private tour. The castle was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The Castel del Monte was built in 1240 by Federico II and sits atop a prominent hill in Alta Murgia National Park. The castle has a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape stretching all the way to the sea. Marvel at the castle's unique octagonal shape with eight towers and eight sides. A licensed tour guide will show you the castle and tell you about its incredible history. Learn about Federico II's fascinating life and his extravagant personality. Discover hidden aspects of life in the Italian Middle Ages and the many mysteries that remain about the Castel del Monte.

eBike tourist rental

5. eBike tourist rental

Exploring Puglia and Basilicata on e-bikes is an excellent idea to discover the natural and cultural beauties of these two regions of southern Italy. E-bikes, or pedal assisted bicycles, will allow you to cover longer distances and face climbs without excessive effort, allowing you to fully enjoy the travel experience. Here are some must-see stops and places to visit during your e-bike tour: Lecce, Puglia: Start your journey in the beautiful Baroque city of Lecce, also known as the "Florence of the South". Explore the narrow streets and the uniquely beautiful Lecce stone buildings. Alberobello, Puglia: Cycle up to Alberobello to admire the famous trulli, the characteristic conical houses traditional to this region. Matera, Basilicata: Crossing the border between Puglia and Basilicata, you reach Matera, famous for its "Sassi" - ancient houses carved into the rock. This city was named European Capital of Culture in 2019. Alta Murgia National Park, Puglia: Take advantage of your e-bike to explore this vast national park, characterized by hilly landscapes, woods and pastures. Pollino National Park, Basilicata: Cycle north to reach the Pollino National Park, the largest protected area in Italy. Here you will find majestic mountains, gorges and breathtaking landscapes. Ostuni, Puglia: Continue to the "White City" of Ostuni, a charming village with white buildings stacked on the hills. Taranto, Puglia: Visit Taranto, a coastal city with a rich history and an important archaeological heritage. Metaponto, Basilicata: Explore Metaponto and its archaeological sites, including well-preserved Greek temples. Grotte di Castellana, Puglia: Take a detour to visit the Grotte di Castellana, an incredible underground cave system. Matera and its surroundings: Return to Matera to explore the surroundings, such as the Parco della Murgia Materana, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding Sassi and canyons. Before starting the tour, make sure you plan your route carefully, take into account the distance, altitude and rest stops along the way. Bring everything you need to tackle the hikes, including enough water and sunscreen. E-bikes will give you the necessary support to make your journey more pleasant and rewarding, allowing you to discover the wonders of Puglia and Basilicata in a sustainable way and in contact with nature. Have a good trip!

Bari: Ebike Tour to Murgia National Park with Honey Tasting

6. Bari: Ebike Tour to Murgia National Park with Honey Tasting

Murgia is a hilly area in Puglia, Italy, that is known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. The tour is designed to take visitors on a journey through this beautiful area, where they can explore ancient farms, karst caves, and archaeological sites of great interest. The tour begins with a relaxing ride through the paths that are surrounded by the lush greenery of Murgia. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the stunning natural scenery and experience the area’s unique flora and fauna. The e-bikes are perfect for this journey, as they allow visitors to enjoy the scenery at their own pace and without any physical strain. As visitors ride along the paths, they will discover ancient farms and karst caves that are a testament to the rich history of the area. The farms are typically constructed from limestone, which is abundant in the area, and have been used for centuries by farmers and shepherds. The karst caves are also a testament to the area’s rich history, and they offer a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the underground world of Murgia. Once visitors arrive at the apiary, they will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of beekeeping and learn about the production of honey. The expert staff of the apiary will guide visitors through the various stages of honey production, from the care of the beehives to the collection of honey. Visitors will also have the chance to participate in a tasting of different varieties of honey, accompanied by typical local products. The tasting of different types of honey is a unique experience that allows visitors to discover the many different flavors and aromas of this natural product. Visitors will learn about the different types of honey produced in the area, including acacia, orange blossom, and wildflower. They will also learn about the production methods used, such as the use of traditional or modern techniques, the preservation, and bottling of honey. In addition to learning about honey production, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the apiary and observe the bees as they work. The apiary is a fascinating place that offers visitors a unique insight into the life of bees and the importance of these tiny creatures to our ecosystem. The staff of the apiary will provide visitors with all the necessary equipment and guidance to safely observe the bees and learn about their behavior. Overall, an e-bike tour through the paths of Murgia and a visit to the apiary is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines nature, culture, and gastronomy. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Murgia, discover the secrets of beekeeping and honey production, and taste some of the best honey that Italy has to offer. This tour is perfect for anyone who loves nature, wants to learn about the rich history and culture of Puglia, and is interested in the fascinating world of bees and honey.

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