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Things to do in Alba County

Our most recommended things to do in Alba County

Turda Salt Mine, Corvin Castle and Alba Carolina from Cluj

1. Turda Salt Mine, Corvin Castle and Alba Carolina from Cluj

You will meet with our guide at the statue near the Romano-Catholic church in Union Square. First, we'll delve into the fascinating history of the Turda Salt Mine, one of the world's oldest and most unique salt mines. The mine has a rich history that dates back to the Roman Empire. Salt extraction from this mine began during the Roman occupation in 107 AD, and it continued to be a significant source of salt for the region for centuries. Step inside this remarkable underground world and marvel at the striking salt formations, massive halls, and impressive machinery. Learn about the mine's fascinating history and hear the stories of those who worked here centuries ago. Next, we'll make our way to the majestic Corvin Castle, one of Europe's most stunning castles. The castle was originally built by the nobleman Voicu of Hunedoara in the 14th century, but it was later expanded and transformed into a formidable fortress by his son, John Hunyadi. The castle played a significant role in defending the region against the Ottoman Empire, and it was a vital military stronghold for the Kingdom of Hungary. Step back in time as you wander through the castle's halls and courtyards, marvel at the intricate Gothic architecture, and learn about the castle's storied past. Marvel at its Gothic architecture, learn about its rich history and explore its numerous chambers, halls, and courtyards. Finally, we'll explore the grandeur of the Alba Carolina Fortress, a stunning example of Vauban-style military architecture. Discover the history of this impressive fortress and its role in Romania's past as we explore its many courtyards, ramparts, and bastions. In 1918, Alba Iulia played a pivotal role in the unification of Romania when the Great National Assembly, comprising over 1,200 delegates from all over the country, gathered in the city to declare the unification of Transylvania with Romania. This event is considered one of the most important moments in modern Romanian history and is celebrated every year on December 1st as Romania's National Day. You'll be amazed at the scale and detail of this magnificent structure. You will explore the massive walls, towers, and bastions. In the evening, you will return to Cluj-Napoca, and your day trip will come to an end.

From Sibiu: Alba lulia and Corvin's Castle Guided Day Trip

2. From Sibiu: Alba lulia and Corvin's Castle Guided Day Trip

We start our trip in the morning with travelling to Alba Iulia in a Walking tour you will find the history of the impressive fortress in Vauban style which was originally a Roman fort. In the old town visitors can stroll along the wide, tree-lined streets of the Habsburg citadel, one of the most impressive in Europe, to discover the historical, cultural and architectural places of interest of Alba Iulia: the Roman Catholic Cathedral – the oldest and most valuable monument of architecture in Transylvania., the Batthyaneum Library, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Reunification, the Babilon Building – housing the National Museum of Unification, the Union Hall, the Apor Palace, the Princely Palace, and the University of Alba Iulia. After the City tour, you will have some free time to explore and get some lunch. After lunchtime, we drive to the Corvin's Castle in Hunedoara, also known as Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle, which one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the world. In the evening we drive back to Sibiu.

From Cluj-Napoca: 2-Day Bucovina & Painted Monasteries Tour

3. From Cluj-Napoca: 2-Day Bucovina & Painted Monasteries Tour

To begin this two-day tour, you will be picked up from your hotel in Cluj-Napoca by your guide and start the journey to Bukovina. On your way to Bukovina, you will make a quick stop in Bistrita, the northernmost fortified Transylvanian town. In a short walking tour through the town, you will enjoy the medieval legends and explore its narrow streets. Bukovina is especially famous for its painted monasteries, and over these two days, you will visit the most representative of all seven. During the second part of the day, you will have the chance to visit the most famous painted monastery in the world, Voronet Monastery. The frescoes of the monastery are dominated by intense shades of blue, and the southern wall depicts the best-preserved ‘Last Judgement’ fresco in Romania. The monastery was built in 1488 by Prince Stephen the Great in order to commemorate one of his victories against the Ottoman Empire. Enjoy a traditional dinner with a folkloric dance show at a nearby restaurant then stay overnight in Gura Humorului. You will start the day with a short drive to Humor Monastery, a small cross-shaped church built in 1530, dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin. Red hues dominate the exterior frescoes showing scenes from the lives of saints, as well as significant moments from the locals’ lives, such as the wars with the Turks. Moldovita Monastery is the next stop on your itinerary. The highlight of the day is Transrarau Highway. With a total length of 28 kilometers (17 miles), it is known as the Treasury Road. You will be amazed by its curves and the scenery. It goes up to 1400 meters in altitude, and from there you will have a hike through the Rarau Mountains. You will have the chance to see the rock formations that emerged from the ground millions of years ago in order to give birth to these mountains. After you have filled your lungs with fresh air it is time for lunch at a fish farm.

From Bucharest: 3-Day Bucovina & Transylvania Tour

4. From Bucharest: 3-Day Bucovina & Transylvania Tour

Spend 3 days touring through the Romanian countryside and exploring the regions of Bucovina and Transylvania on this picturesque and informative tour. Visit World UNESCO Heritage Sites, see monasteries, travel to Count Dracula's castle, and more, all while driving through these 2 regions and learning about their rich histories from your guide. Although the itinerary is quite long, driving in the countryside will offer magnific sceneries and plenty of photo opportunities. Detailed Itinerary Day 1: Bucuresti – Bacau – Roman – Bucovina Depart from Bucharest and head through Bucovina, stopping in various towns along the way. Take in the countryside and listen as your guide tells you about Romania's long-standing history. Arrive in Bucovina for the night's stay. Day 2: Bucovina – Sucevita – Moldovita – Voronet – Piatra Neamt (Meals: B) After breakfast, head out on your journey to visit 3 of the most beautiful monasteries in the area. These monasteries–Sucevita, Moldovita, and Voronet–are famous for being painted, and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Then enjoy an overnight stay in Piatra Neamt. Day 3: Piatra Neamt – Lacul Rosu – Brasov – Bran - Bucuresti (Meals: B) Enjoy breakfast before heading toward the central region of Romania: Transylvania! Admire the scenery as you drive through the Carpathian mountains, and enjoy a stop at Bran, the castle of the famous Count Dracula. Head back to Buchareset where your tour concludes.

From Cluj-Napoca: Apuseni Mountains Hiking Guided Day Tour

5. From Cluj-Napoca: Apuseni Mountains Hiking Guided Day Tour

Go in search of rare wildflowers, wonderful mushrooms, endemic plants and experience the pristine nature of the Apuseni Mountains on this tour from Cluj. Travel into the mountains to the village of Posaga de Sus, where you’ll begin an alpine hike through beech forest to Scarita peak, which sits at an altitude of 1384 meters (4541 feet). Due to the altitude and difficulty of the hike, participants require a moderate fitness level for this tour. Tour suited to those interested in flora and fauna, hiking, and photography Go at your own pace and ask all the questions you want on this private tour. The trip starts at 8 o'clock in the morning with a pickup from your accommodation in CLuj-Napoca. We will travel a distance of 79 km in 1 h and 30 min until we reach Posaga de Sus. Our hike started at Posaga de Sus village, followed by an abrupt path through a beech forest, which led to an alpine zone with an exquisite sight to the calcareous, white cliffs. We passed by some abandoned wood hovels, than climbed to the ridge, reaching the highest peak (Scarita) The views up here are worth it! The Scarita-Belioara is a botanical reserve. This natural wonder is home to a diversity of rare plants. Some of them have survived from the cold glacial periods: There are rare fauna elements, such as butterflies, but also the golden eagle, the largest raptor bird recorded in Romania nests on the abrupt cliffs. From there we could easily identify the valley of the Aries river, the Trascaului Mountains at the south, and the Muntele Mare plateau. On the hiking, route will be full of wildflowers and fungi which we will identify :) On our return if we have time left we will visit a beautiful waterfall that is called Sipote and Dumesti village in a remote location. In the evening we will take you back to your accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.

Brasov: 2-Days Bucovina Monasteries Tour

6. Brasov: 2-Days Bucovina Monasteries Tour

Day 1: Brasov, Gura Humorului, Bucovina, Moldovita, and Sucevita Your tour will begin as you are picked up from your hotel in Brasov by your professional guide. From there you will go to Bucovina through the Oituz Pass, before eventually arriving in beautiful Bucovina. Once having arrived, you will visit the Humor Monastery (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Voronet Monastery (also known as the "Sistine Chapel of the East" due to its splendid frescoes), and the Moldovita Monastery. At the conclusion of your day, you will spend an overnight in Sucevita Village at a guest house, where you will also have dinner. Day 2: Sucevita, Marginea, Gura Humorului, Bicaz Gorges, Red Lake, and Brasov Following breakfast (which will consist of products from the house farm) on the second day, you will begin with a visit to the Sucevita Monastery. Few religious monuments are as inspirational and mesmerizing as the Sucevita Monastery, which is one of the eight painted churches from Bucovina included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will then visit the Black Ceramics of Marginea, where you will visit the workshops in which ceramic objects are produced. You will be able to admire the craftsmanship of the local artisans, and will also be able to try the craft yourself. Next on your agenda is the Arbore Church, which was built between the 2nd of April and the 29th of August 1503 by Luca Arbore. The monastery, with it’s rectangular shape, was built of brick and stone extracted from the quarries in the region. You will then move to explore the area around Bicaz Gorge. Red Lake is the perfect destination for those who want to relax in an amazingly beautiful landscape, and also for those who want to enjoy the silence and the fresh air. The journey from Moldavia towards Transylvania is done through this nature’s wonder, the Bicaz Gorge. Following the discovery of this gorge, you will travel back to Brasov.

Two days tour to Sibiu, Brasov and Bran Castle from Cluj

7. Two days tour to Sibiu, Brasov and Bran Castle from Cluj

Day 1 After getting picked up from your hotel in Cluj-Napoca, begin your journey towards the south of Transylvania. Spend the first half of the discovering the region's fortresses and castles. At your first stop of the day, Alba Carolina Fortress, learn more about the fortress' cleverly-designed defense mechanisms and architecture, as well as admiring its breathtaking beauty. Next, head to the Gothic masterpiece that is Corvin Castle. Wander through the castle's impressive Knight's Hall, which was used for feasts and banquets, the ceremony hall and the circular stairway.  Finish your day in Sibiu, the former European Union’s Cultural Capital and one of Transylvania's best-preserved cities. On a guided city tour, explore the Main Squares, as well as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Bridge of Lies. At the end of the tour, your guide will leave you at the hotel and you will be free to spend the rest of the day at your leisure.  Day 2 With yesterday's visits to Alba Carolina and Corvin Castle fresh in your mind, deepen your knowledge of Transylvanian fortresses with a visit to Biertan Fortified Church. Admire the impressive fortifications and defense mechanisms of this 13th-century fortress.  Next, head to the highlight of the day, Sighișoara, the only inhabited medieval fortress included in UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and home to real-life notorious ruler Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula. Get dropped off at your preferred location in Cluj-Napoca at the end of the day.

From Bucharest: 3-Day Guided Romania Tour

8. From Bucharest: 3-Day Guided Romania Tour

The best way to spend 3 days in Romania it's to book this tour :) Transfagarasan Highway, Transalpina Road, Densus Temple, Polovragi Cave, Poienari Fortress will give you a great satisfaction and perfect memories for the rest of your life :) Total Duration: 3 days Day 1 : 1. Curtea de Arges Monastery 2. Trasfagarasan Highway 3. Poienari Fortress 4. Vidraru Dam - Overnight in Sibiu Itinerary steps: 4 Meals not included Accommodation not included Day 2 : 1. Sibiu City Tour 2. Hunyade Castle 3. Prislop Monastery 4. Densus Temple - Overnight in Alba Iulia Itinerary steps: 4 Meals not included Accommodation not included Day 3 : 1. Alba Iuia City Tour 2. Transalpina Road 3. Polovragi Cave 4. Horezu Monastery 5. Back to Bucharest Itinerary steps: 4 Meals not included Accommodation not included

Bucharest: 6-Day Transylvania and Bucovina Experience

9. Bucharest: 6-Day Transylvania and Bucovina Experience

Day 1: Bucharest to Bucovina You will be picked up by a professional guide from either your hotel in Bucharest or Otopeni Airport. From there you will endure a long drive to Bucovina, but you will benefit from a luxury Mercedes Vklass van or a similar car, making your entire vacation comfortable. You will begin by visiting the Humor Monastery and the Voronet monastery, before an overnight in Gura Humorului in a 3-star hotel (with breakfast included). Day 2: Gura Humorului, Vatra Moldovitei, Sucevita, Marginea, and Sucevita On your second day, you will visit the Moldovita Monastery, Ciumarna Passage, the Sucevita Monastery, and the Marginea Black Pottery. At the conclusion of your day you will overnight in Sucevita Village at a guest house, where you enjoy both dinner and breakfast which will consist of traditional local products. Day 3: Sucevita, Arbore, Gura Humorului, Bicaz Gorges, the Red Lake, and Brasov Your third day will begin with the Arbore Monastery, before you advance towards Bicaz Gorge, the Red Lake, and Brasov (including its old historic center). At the conclusion of your day, you will overnight in Brasov's downtown area. Day 4: Brasov, Viscri, Sighisoara, Biertan, and Brasov Day 4 will begin with a tour of the Viscri Saxon Village and fortified Saxon Church. You will then move on to explore the Sighioara Fortress, Dracula's "birthplace", and the Biertan Village. At the conclusion of your fourth day, you will once again overnight in Brasov. Day 5: Brasov, Prejmer, Poiana Brasov, Rasnov, Bran, and Moieciu Today you will visit the Prejmer Peasants Fortress, before exploring the Poiana Brasov Ski Resort and the Rasnov Fortress. You will then discover the magnificent Bran Castle, which is connected with the Dracula legend. Towards the end of your day you will explore Moieciu Village, before you once again overnight in Downtown Brasov. Day 6: Brasov, Azuga, Sinaia, Snagov, and Bucharest Your final day will begin with a Royal Rhein Winery tour in Azuga. From there you will discover Peles Castle, which is the summer residence of the royal family of Romania. Moving on, you will encounter the Snagov Orthodox Monastery, where the dreaded prince Vlad Tepes is buried. Your day will eventually conclude with your exploration of Lake Snagov, before you end your tour in Bucharest.

From Bucharest: Transylvania Castles Private 4-Day Tour

10. From Bucharest: Transylvania Castles Private 4-Day Tour

Embark on an incredible adventure through Romania's Transylvania region with the Transylvania Castles Private Tour 4-Day from Bucharest! This comprehensive tour package takes you on a journey to some of the most awe-inspiring and historic landmarks of the region. The tour kicks off in Bucharest, the bustling capital city of Romania, before taking you to visit some of the most iconic attractions in the area, including the stunning Peles Castle, the legendary Bran Castle, and the impressive Rasnov Fortress. You'll also have the chance to explore the beautiful Brasov, and the imposing Rupea Fortress. But that's not all – the tour also takes you to the charming Viscri village, the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, and the enchanting Biertan. You'll also have the opportunity to visit the imposing Alba Carolina and the stunning Corvin Castle, with its fascinating legends and tales. Throughout the tour, you'll be accompanied by a private expert guide, who will provide you with fascinating insights into the rich culture, history, and significance of each site. You'll also get to explore the beautiful city of Sibiu, known for its charming medieval architecture, and the serene Curtea de Arges Monastery. The tour package includes everything you need for a comfortable and stress-free experience, including accommodation, meals, transport, and more. With the Transylvania Castles Private Tour 4-Day from Bucharest, you'll have the chance to experience the best of Romania's Transylvania region in just four days, all while creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Book your adventure today!

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A wonderful tour for anyone that wants to know more about Transylvania’s history. Florin was a brilliant tour guide, very knowledgeable and friendly, who was more than happy to answer all of our questions about Romania. Florin also took us to a great lunch spot that made traditional Romanian meals - be careful of the garlic! Delicious but formidable, took a few days for me not to smell like garlic… but it was worth it! I highly recommend this tour.

A must have experience! the 1 day trip was about visiting the beautiful and historical Corvin's Castle and as well as breathing the most pure salty air inside the Turda Salty Mine. The trip was organized by Sergiu from TimisoaraCityTours . He is an excellent driver and his guidance and stories were shared in such a pleasant manner that for a moment I felt I was part of it . thank you

Tudor was a great guide and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see some main attractions that Transylvania offers.

The guide was very friendly and competent, the tour was very well organized and interesting, it was very nice

Very nice guide, a lot of knowledge. Highly recommended.