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From Tbilisi: Day Trip to Armenia Including Homemade Lunch

1. From Tbilisi: Day Trip to Armenia Including Homemade Lunch

Start your tour at the Akhtala Monastery, a church from the 12th century which contains beautiful frescoes and is surrounded by copper smelting caves as well as a copper smelting factory. The second destination of the tour is the Haghpat Monastery, located in Haghpat Village and is a UNESCO-listed site. It is one of the most beautiful medieval masterpieces in Armenia. Then you can have lunch and try some traditional Armenian food. Following lunch, you'll make 3 stops on your way to visit the second UNESCO Heritage Site, Sanahin.  The first will be a 13th-century bridge, the second for a Debed canyon with astonishing views, and the third for the Mikoyan Brothers' museum, where an original aircraft (MiG 21) will surprise you. Finally, travel back through the border to Tbilisi.

From Tbilisi: Day Trip to Armenia with Homemade Lunch

2. From Tbilisi: Day Trip to Armenia with Homemade Lunch

Visit two of Armenia’s ancient monasteries and the town of Alaverdi on this small group tour from Tbilisi. Cross over the border with your experienced guide who will take you through the highlights of Northern Armenia in just 1 day.   Depart at 9:00 AM sharp for a 1.5-hour trip across the Georgian-Armenian boarder. Almost immediately you’ll start to notice changes in the landscape—the fields will become rocky mountains and the scenery takes on a certain apocalyptic touch, due to the many abandoned Soviet mines and factories. Your first stop is the fortified monastery of Akhtala, where you can marvel at the beautifully preserved frescoes and learn about the thrilling history of this Georgian-Armenian creation.   Then, you’ll reach the UNESCO-listed monastery complex of Haghpat, where you’ll learn about the Armenian stone crosses and the mystical poet Sayat-Nova. A local family welcomes you for a traditional Armenian lunch in their house near the Haghpat monastery. After that continue to the monastery of Odzun - a beautiful complex from V century. Arrive back in Tbilisi by around 6:00 PM after a full and fascinating day.

From Tbilisi: Armenia Day Tour and Lunch with a Local Family

3. From Tbilisi: Armenia Day Tour and Lunch with a Local Family

Armenia, with its distinctive culture, its beautiful rocky mountains and ancient history is a must-see when traveling in the Caucasus region. Discover the beauty of Northern Armenia on this day trip from Tbilisi, with your tour starting at 9:00AM, after which you will head for the border. From here the landscape will begin to change, as you drive through the narrow gorges of the Debed River in between the high rocky mountains. The time seems to stand still in this part of the country, with its typical Soviet cars and huge copper factories built in the middle of the mountains, the scenery is full of bizarre beauty. The tour includes several main sightseeing objects of Northern Armenia, such as the historic Lori region, the fortified monastery of Akhtala, a unique example of wonderfully preserved frescoes from the 11th century, the UNESCO protected monastery of Haghpat and Odzun. Another highlight is a traditional lunch prepared with love by a local family and served in their house. Enjoy a day trip to Armenia in a fun and sustainable way.

Yerevan: Haghpat, Zarni-Parni, Akhtala, Castle, Sanahin

4. Yerevan: Haghpat, Zarni-Parni, Akhtala, Castle, Sanahin

Explore the gems of Armenia on a day trip from Yerevan to Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex and Akhtala fortress. Visit Unesco World Cultural Heritage sites such as Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries with live commentary from an expert guide. Start from the local operator's head office at 09:00 AM and head off to visit Lori province. At your first stop of Haghpat, admire the 10th-century monastery, where the famous ashugh Sayat-Nova lived and created at the end of the 18th century. Next, see the magnificent Zarni-Parni Cave Complex, where, renowned scholar and philosopher Hovhannes Imastaser is said to have lived and worked. Today, it is a historical museum where you can see a number of rare ancient agricultural tools and household items. Then, drive to Akhtala fortress. Constructed on a plateau resembling a peninsula, it is surrounded by deep gorges from 3 sides. Visit Aramyants Castle, one of the jewels of Swiss architecture in Armenia. Last but not least, visit the Sanahin monastery. Witness the skillfulness of 10th-century masters, who made a peculiar architectural decision, preventing the destruction of the complex from earthquakes. At the end of the tour, be taken back to the local operator's head office in Yerevan.

From Tbilisi: Private Northern Armenia Highlights Tour

5. From Tbilisi: Private Northern Armenia Highlights Tour

Welcome to the Northern Armenia Highlights Tour, the ultimate way to explore the rich culture and history of Armenia. This one-day tour from Tbilisi, Georgia, takes you on a thrilling journey across the border, where you'll discover the natural beauty of Armenia and its architectural gems. Embark on a comfortable ride from Tbilisi to the Georgian-Armenian border and experience crossing the border between the two countries. After crossing the border we will make a short stop at a local shop to exchange money and buy some local products, so you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture. Our first stop is the breathtaking Akhtala Monastery, a 10th-century architectural masterpiece that boasts intricate frescoes and medieval sculptures. Next, we'll visit the UNESCO-listed Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries, two of the most stunning examples of Armenian medieval architecture. Take in the stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and marvel at the intricate carvings and unique architectural details of these masterpieces. Between exploring the monasteries, we'll stop for lunch at a local Armenian restaurant, where you'll have the chance to taste delicious Armenian cuisine and learn more about the local customs and traditions. The tour also includes a stop at the Mikoyan Brothers Museum, where you'll have the chance to see and take photos with a real MIG-21. Throughout the tour, our expert guide will provide you with insights and interesting facts about the history, culture, and architecture of Armenia, making your journey even more enjoyable and enlightening. At the end of the tour, we'll drop you off at your hotel or a central location in Tbilisi. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the wonders of Armenia and book your tour today!

Discover Armenia: Akhpat, Sanahin-Sevan-Yerevan-Tbilisi

6. Discover Armenia: Akhpat, Sanahin-Sevan-Yerevan-Tbilisi

Aghpati Monastery It was founded by Queen Khosrovanush (wife of the Armenian king Ashot III) in 976. This active monastery consists of one vestibule, two sepulchral corridors, a refectory, a scriptorium, an Amazaspi chapel, a bell tower and several chapels. You will admire the architectural ensemble, as well as visit the ancient tombs and Khachkar crosses. Sanahini Monastery, Alaverdi (1 hour) Sanahin was one of the main medieval centers of Northern Armenia. Here was the ancestral tomb of Kurik Bagratids (10th-11th centuries) and the episcopal residence of the diocese (until the 11th century). You will see the church ensemble, the roofs of the green buildings, and the interior spaces with vaults and columns. On Lake Sevan there is a huge restaurant stretching out from where there are beautiful views of Lake Sevan, here we will have the opportunity to taste the delicious products of Lake Sevan. Mother Armenia monument (the main monument of the country, an observation deck of the city); Cathedral to them. Gregory the Illuminator (the largest temple in Armenia (Kaskad) We will visit the Cascade in the heart of Yerevan city, the beauty of which overlooks the city, when you turn to the top of the Cascade you will see Mount Ararat, In the heart of Yerevan, we will visit the beautiful fountain and shopping street on Republic Square. Return to Tbilisi around 23:00. Vakhtang Gorgasali 3

Lori private tour: Haghpat, Sanahin, Mendz Er Cave Day Tour

7. Lori private tour: Haghpat, Sanahin, Mendz Er Cave Day Tour

If someone is planning to discover the gorgeous North of Armenia, then the ancient architectural masterpiece of Haghpat and Sanahin must be on one's list. The location and the atmosphere are great. The view is breathtaking. This bouth monasteries are situated in the picturesque Lori region dating back to X- XIII centuries. The "Mendz er" cave was probably a habitat of the first man, later turned into a hiding place, and not long ago it became a herd of goats. There are many famous and still to be discovered caves in Debed gorge, all with their own stories. It is said that the tunnel reaches Sanahin Monastery.

Tbilisi transfer: Haghpat, Sanahin stops to or from Yerevan

8. Tbilisi transfer: Haghpat, Sanahin stops to or from Yerevan

Our employee/s will pick you up from your address/ hotel in Yerevan or Tbilisi and accompany you to Yerevan or Tbilisi. On the way you will have opportunity to explore two monastic complexes of Haghpat and Sanahin which situated in the Lori Marz (region) of Armenia, dating back to the 10th to 13th centuries. The monastery of Haghpat, founded by Queen Khosrovanush (wife of the Armenian King Ashot III) in AD 976, consists of one narthex, two corridor-sepulchers, a refectory, a scriptorium, the Chapel of Hamazasp, a belfry, several chapel-tombs and cross-stones (khachkars)․ Sanahin used to be the administrative centre and family burial place of the Kyurikyan Bagratids (10th and 11th centuries), as well as the Episcopal residence for the diocese (until the 11th century). The Sanahin monastery contains St Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God), St Amenaprkich (Redeemer) and St Grigor Churches, narthex, scriptorium, belfry and academy.

From Tbilisi to Armenia GuidedGroupTour With Homemade Lunch

9. From Tbilisi to Armenia GuidedGroupTour With Homemade Lunch

Discover the Rich Heritage of Marneuli, Akhtala, Haghpat, Alaverdi, and Sanahin Our tour commences with a visit to Georgia's historical monument, famously called the "Mother of 9 Sons," with roots tracing back to the 17th century. This revered mother, having lost all her children in the war against the Persians, expressed her pride in their unwavering devotion to the homeland. As a gesture of love and respect, she erected a flag symbolizing the fearlessness and patriotism of her sons. This monument stands as a poignant symbol of family sacrifice and pride in safeguarding their native land. In neighboring Armenia, Akhtala beckons with its medieval fortress and the enchanting Akhtala Monastery. Marvel at panoramic views from the fortress, and admire the monastery's intricate frescoes. Journey to the northern reaches of Armenia to encounter the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Haghpat Monastery. Revel in medieval architecture, exquisite stone carvings, and a tranquil atmosphere that captivates every visitor. Indulge in a delightful lunch experience, sampling the rich flavors of Georgian and Armenian dishes in Marneuli or Akhtala. Alaverdi awaits, inviting you to explore its significant religious and cultural site – the Alaverdi Monastery. The nearby town provides a glimpse into local life, completing a truly immersive experience. For history enthusiasts, museums in the region offer a captivating journey through the past, unraveling the intricate tales of Georgia and Armenia. Conclude your adventure at the UNESCO-listed Sanahin Monastery Complex in Armenia. Admire ancient architecture and intricate stone carvings that weave a compelling narrative of history and spirituality.Embark on a journey through these enchanting destinations, each offering a unique chapter in the vibrant story of the South Caucasus.

From Yerevan: 5-day Private Guided Hiking & Cultural Tour

10. From Yerevan: 5-day Private Guided Hiking & Cultural Tour

During our 5 days we will hike Armenian mountains on moderate trails with duration of 3 - 7 hours hike per day and get familiar with the Armenian historical and religious monuments, ancient culture and national cuisine. We will visit memorials, markets, temples, monasteries and many more to learn about Armenian history. During our 4th day we will reach Alaverdi and spend overnight there. The town is located at the only direct rail link between Armenia and Georgia. Day 1 / Airport pick up and drive to your hotel / City Tour(Visit Erebuni fortress which is an Urartian fortified city) / walking tour / Lunch / back to your hotel Duration: 7 hours Day 2 / Yerevan - Echmiadzin - Hike from Garni village to Garni temple(distance - 4km; duration 2-3 hours) - Lunch - Geghard cave monastery - drive back to Yerevan Duration: 8 hours Day 3 / Yerevan - Drive to Khor virap monastery -Hike from Gnishik village to Noravank monastery(distance - 13km; duration 5-6 hours) - Lunch - drive back to Yerevan Duration: 10 hours Day 4 / Yerevan - Drive to Lake Sevan - Visit Sevanavank monastery - Dilijan - Hike Goshavank Monastery to Parz lake(distance - 8km; duration 3-4 hours) - drive to Alaverdi- o/n in Alaverdi Day 5 / Hike from Sanahin to Haghpat(distance - 10km; duration 4-5 hours)- Lunch - Drive to back to Yerevan - farewell dinner / Airport drop off Duration: 12 hours

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გამარჯობა The tour started on time and finished in time. The team is very helpful and supportive. Our guide Kat was very kind and supportive throughout the trip. Special thanks to our Driver for transporting us safely during the trip. Kat explained every place in well detailed and answered all our questions . The best part was the detailed explanation about Georgia and Armenia during the trip. It was an amazing experience to be part a part of this tour. გმადლობთ

My second trip with Gamarjoba Georgia Tours. Despite the weather conditions (January), it was an interesting tour led by our tour guide Mariam. Border control was really fast (again probably because of the January). If you do not have time to travel to Armenia as a full trip, this tour could be an option. Definitely recommend it.

The tour was the perfect one-day experience in Armenia! Our guide Kat was super knowledgeable on both Armenia and Georgia and made the trip amazing! A highlight was the lunch in locals house - Anush!

Brilliant!! The guide is very friendly and the places are beautiful. Lunch was very good.

Very comfortable tour from Yerevan to discover beautiful Armenia 🇦🇲