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Alanya: Rafting, Zipline, Quad, Buggy, Jeep Tour with Lunch

1. Alanya: Rafting, Zipline, Quad, Buggy, Jeep Tour with Lunch

Visit the Köprülü Canyon National Park for a rafting, zipline, quad, buggy, and jeep adventure. Drift down the rapids on a raft and go for a swim in the river. Take a rest and eat lunch. Fly across the river on a zipline, and choose a buggy safari, quad ride, and jeep safari. Select the activities you want to do. Get picked up at your hotel or make your way to the meeting point, depending on what option you choose. Then, go body rafting in the cold water on an 8.6 mile (14 km) rafting track with 10 rapids. Afterward, swim in the water if you like. Enjoy an exciting zipline ride across the river on a specially designed seat attached to a metal wire. Eat salad, chicken, and rice for lunch. If you have chosen the buggy safari, then you can ride your buggy along a muddy mountain trail. Also, have the option to ride a quad bike in the wilderness. Drive through the rocky and muddy mountain paths in a jeep if you want to do the jeep safari. Take memorable photos and videos of your adventure throughout the day. Finally, get dropped off at your hotel if you want, or finish up the activity at the starting point.

Sapadere Canyon Full-Day Sightseeing Tour from Alanya

2. Sapadere Canyon Full-Day Sightseeing Tour from Alanya

Escape the hot and humid coast of Alanya for the day and enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Sapadere Canyon. Located approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Alanya City, Sapadere Canyon offers visitors the chance to walk along a network of well-maintained wooden walkways through the Taurus Mountains, and experience the dramatic landscape up-close. With departures from hotels in Alanya province, drive to the cooling Canyon for the start of your 7-hour guided tour which includes a typical lunch of local produce in Sapadere village. Take in the fresh mountain air and marvel at nature’s pure beauty. During the relaxed 750-meter walk, pass numerous waterfalls cascading down the rocks. If you're feeling brave, jump in and swim in ice cold water! During this trip you will also visit the natural cave called Guceler (Smurffs cave). It will be an interesting experience to see the stalagmites and stalactites formations.

From Alanya: Green Canyon Day Trip with Lunch and Boat Ride

3. From Alanya: Green Canyon Day Trip with Lunch and Boat Ride

Relax on a boat and swim in emerald green waters on a full-day tour to the Green Canyon from Alanya with hotel pickup and drop-off. Journey to the heart of the Taurus mountains, sail through a rugged rocky landscape to the Olymapınar Dam, try your hands at fishing, and stop for a local lunch. Begin your excursion with a pickup from your Alanya hotel. Embark on a scenic drive towards the captivating Oymapinar Dam, the perfect opportunity to capture breathtaking photographs. Following this, venture onwards to the enchanting Green Canyon. Upon arrival at the Green Canyon, take a boat tour to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding lake. Take a moment to indulge in the turquoise waters by stopping for a refreshing swim. After the boat ride, head to a restaurant for lunch. Savor mouthwatering meatballs, succulent chicken, or flavorful fish, all accompanied by a serving of fragrant rice and a refreshing salad. Quench your thirst with a selection of drinks, including tea, coffee, mineral water, and soft drinks. Following your meal, seize the opportunity to engage in a fishing experience on the lake. As your time draws to a close, embark on the relaxing boat journey back to the bus. Along the way, pause once more to dive into the water, allowing the coolness to invigorate your senses. Finally, be dropped off at your Antalya hotel, concluding this memorable adventure.

Alanya: Pirate Boat Trip with Meal, Drinks and Pickup Option

4. Alanya: Pirate Boat Trip with Meal, Drinks and Pickup Option

Swim, explore caves, and cruise along the coast on one of the Turkish Riviera’s best pirate boats. Take unbeatable photos at highlights like the Bosphorus Cave, Lovers' Cave, and Maiden Cave. Enjoy a meal, unlimited drinks, onboard showers, an onboard bar, and more. Following pickup (optional) or after meeting at the meeting point, take off from the pier on a uniquely designed pirate boat featuring modern facilities including toilets, showers, and a bar. Transport yourself back to the days when pirates ruled the waves and all the treasure they contained. Enjoy traditional grilled chicken, spaghetti, and local salads for lunch. Sip on unlimited soft drinks during lunch and throughout the day, or choose to visit the onboard bar for more drink options (costs not included). Cruise into scenic coves and caves along the shoreline for swim breaks. Visit the Bosphorus Cave, Lovers' Cave, and Maiden Cave while getting plenty of opportunities to take photos and explore these beautiful areas. After a fun day on the water, head back to shore for drop-off at the pier or your pickup address, depending on the option booked.

Alanya Catamaran Boat Trip with Sunbathing, Swimming

5. Alanya Catamaran Boat Trip with Sunbathing, Swimming

The Alanya Catamaran Boat Tour offers the best and most popular way to explore the stunning coastline of Alanya. Our catamaran departs at approximately 10:00 a.m. from Alanya's harbor, conveniently located near the iconic Red Tower and shipyard. During the tour, we will venture to the enchanting sea caves situated around the Alanya castle, including the famous Pirates Cave, Lovers Cave, Phosphorus Cave, and Devil's Cave. While we won't be entering the caves, you'll have the opportunity to get up close and marvel at their natural beauty from the comfort of the catamaran. Continuing our journey, we'll pass by the renowned Cleopatra's Beach, offering a glimpse of its sandy, clean, and tranquil shores. Our next stop is the picturesque Ulas Beach, situated approximately 7 km from the city center, where you can enjoy a refreshing break in this serene environment. Throughout the tour, our lively animation team and music will create a fun and entertaining atmosphere. You'll have 3-4 opportunities to indulge in swimming breaks, allowing you to cool off and revel in the crystal-clear waters. The catamaran tour concludes at around 3:00 p.m. when we return to the harbor. Our catamarans boast exceptional cleanliness and are equipped with bathrooms and changing rooms for both ladies and men. Additionally, we have a powerful music system to keep the lively ambiance alive. The Alanya Catamaran Boat Tour is suitable for all ages. We welcome everyone who wants to have fun at sea, listen to music, and enjoy a foam party. Itinerary: Pick-up from hotels in Alanya and surrounding areas. Departure from Alanya Harbor at approximately 10:15 a.m. Enjoy watching the Alanya old shipyard and the Red Tower from the catamaran. Take a refreshing swimming break near the shipyard. Admire the Pirates Cave and Lovers Cave from the catamaran. Have a swim break near the stunning Phosphorus Cave. Enjoy a swim break at the beautiful Cleopatra Beach. Savor a delicious lunch on the catamaran. Take another swim break at the picturesque Ulas Beach. Experience a swim break at the intriguing Devil Cave. If it's our lucky day, we might get a chance to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. Return to Alanya harbor from the open waters. Drop-off at hotels in Alanya approximately 3:30 p.m. Additional Information: Kindly be aware that the program is subject to alterations due to sea conditions, and certain stopping points might be omitted for safety reasons. For those prone to seasickness, we recommend bringing relevant medicine to ensure a comfortable journey. Please note that while we will pass by the Pirates Cave, Lovers Cave, and Phosphorus Cave for you to see and enjoy their beauty, we won't be entering the caves during the catamaran tour. We hope you have a fantastic time exploring the beautiful coastline of Alanya on our catamaran tour!

Green Canyon Boot Tour With Lunch & Soft Drinks & Transfer

6. Green Canyon Boot Tour With Lunch & Soft Drinks & Transfer

Green Canyon which is surrounded by the majestic Taurus Mountains, is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. In this paradise, crystal clear turquoise water, untouched nature and a view of the rocks that grow directly from the water await you. You will swim in the cleanest waters where eagle’s nests can be seen. This trip is a great way to fully relax while sunbathing surrounded by mountain air and overlooking the magical rocks overgrown with lush trees. The 5-hour trip includes a cruise, fishing opportunities, a swimming break, lunch and all free soft drinks.

Alanya: Tandem Paragliding with Hotel Pickup

7. Alanya: Tandem Paragliding with Hotel Pickup

When booking our Alanya Paragliding flight, you can expect to feel your enthusiasm growing strong, with an activity that fills you with emotions and memories. The flight takes place in the morning. Upon booking, members of our team will let you know the approximate time of transfer. Be ready on time as a comfortable car will drive you, from your hotel in Alanya, to the take off site. The action takes place on a cliff above the spectacular Cleopatra Bay. In fact, the cliff is 500 meters above the sea level, which means that you should be ready for an extremely unforgettable experience! It is important to note that if you wish to participate in our Alanya Paragliding, you need no prior experience. Once you arrive at the take-off site, you will have a detailed introductory session with the pilots. The fully certified and experienced pilots are about explain everything you need to know. They will, also, provide the necessary safety equipment, and prepare you for the flight. Once ready, start running towards the end of the cliff with your pilot, and let yourself lose to experience how it feels to be flying. Without even noticing it, you will be up in the air! Expect some major adrenaline boosts during the first moments of the flight, and make sure that you will keep you eyes open to witness the breath-taking views! In case you worry about missing a moment, we have great news! The pilot will have a camera, to snap photos of you, and of the incredible views. The flight lasts for, approximately, 15 minutes, and is subject to the weather conditions. Landing takes place at Cleopatra Bay, where a team is waiting to ensure a safe and smooth process. When you land, you can preview the pilot’s photos, and purchase them at an extra cost. This amazing experience finishes when you return back at your hotel in Alanya.

Alanya: Captivating Views & Cultural Gems Tour w/ Cable Car

8. Alanya: Captivating Views & Cultural Gems Tour w/ Cable Car

Dive into an unforgettable evening of fun and excitement with this Alanya City Safari tour. Embark on an exciting adventure filled with extraordinary landscapes and cultural insights. Your guides will pick you up from your hotel at 16:30 in LAND ROVER jeeps to head to the first stop in Cleopatra, a popular place in Alanya. From there, embark on a cable car ride that offers breathtaking views of the Alanya castle and the surrounding landscapes. Discover Alanya's rich history and cultural treasures, the castle walls, and the Süleymaniye mosque. During the tour, take scenic breaks and stunning photos. Enjoy approximately 1 hour to soak in the stunning views and create beautiful memories. Next, visit the fascinating Damlataş Cave, where you can explore its wonders for 30 minutes and even cool off with a swim on Cleopatra Beach. Continuing the journey, head to the viewing terrace, where you will be enchanted by the fascinating beauty of Alanya with the LAND ROVER Jeeps. Here take a 20-minute photo break to enjoy the panoramic views. Finally, end the tour by dropping you off at your hotel, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner.

Alanya: 2 Guided Scuba Dives with Lunch and Hotel Transfers

9. Alanya: 2 Guided Scuba Dives with Lunch and Hotel Transfers

Discover the captivating world beneath the waves with an exhilarating scuba diving experience in the mesmerizing waters of Alanya with this experience that is suitable for those that don't have a diving license. Choose from an option that includes 2 dives or an option for those that wish to stay onboard.  Begin your underwater odyssey with a morning pickup from your hotel, setting the stage for a day filled with excitement. Upon arrival at the Alanya Harbor, a team of certified scuba diving instructors will warmly welcome you.  Be carefully guided through each step, ensuring your safety and providing comprehensive briefings on the equipment. Receive practical demonstrations both on land and in the water, helping you to gradually become familiarized with the art of breathing through a regulator. Become comfortable with your breathing patterns, and start a gradual descent into the depths. Through progressive diving, you'll gradually acclimate yourself to the wonders of being submerged in an underwater paradise. Have an experienced diving instructor will be there by your side. Prepare to be enthralled as you reach the coveted diving site. Here, surrounded by vibrant corals and teeming with tropical marine life, you'll embark on a 45-minute exploration, reaching depths ranging from a minimum of 5 meters (15 feet) to a maximum of 12 meters (40 feet).  Throughout your underwater journey, captivating photos will be taken, capturing these unforgettable memories that are available for purchase after your experience. Between dives, indulge in personal attention from the attentive crew, who will cater to your needs and ensure your comfort.  Enjoy a delectable lunch served onboard, delighting your taste buds as you bask in the warm sun on the deck, surrounded by the stunning vistas of the Alanya coastline. As the day draws to a close, you'll be driven back to your hotel, your senses buzzing with the exhilaration of your scuba diving adventure.

From Alanya: Boat Tour with Unlimited Soft Drinks and Lunch

10. From Alanya: Boat Tour with Unlimited Soft Drinks and Lunch

See an old pirate cave and soak up some on this boat tour to Cleopatra and Ulas Beach that includes refreshing soft drinks and a tasty lunch. Choose to meet at the Alanya Marina or be picked up in a comfortable bus from your accommodation in Alanya. Arrive at the Alanya Marina where a double-decker wooden boat awaits. Explore the boat which is equipped with a bar, toilets, a fresh water shower, and sun beds. Access the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea at stops with the ladder on the back of the boat. Lie on a sun bed and enjoy a beverage, read a book, or close your eyes and do absolutely nothing at all. Let the sun warm up your body from head to toe. Have the option to purchase alcoholic drinks from the bar. Leave the coast and sail along the Old Shipyard towards The Pirates, Lovers, and Phosphorus caves. Hear about myths and stories surrounding the pirate cave before making your way to Cleopatra Beach. Go for a swim near this golden beach and keep an eye out for sea turtles and dolphins. Make your way to Ulas Beach for a second swim stop before refueling with a generous buffet lunch that has been prepared on board. Cruise to harbor where there is another swim stop outside of Devil’s Cave. Listen to music and have some fun with a foam party on the way back to your meeting point in the late afternoon.

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We had a great time at the tour! The guide was very fun and hyped our group up before the tour, which helped us to feel more excited. He could also speak 4 different languages, so communication went smoothly. The views at the canyon were breathtaking and we were able to swim in the cold water, which was exciting. We also stopped by an underground cave and banana plantations, which wrre also beautiful. The car trip was fun and at times, quite extreme - I would suggest taking a rain coat/something warm with you to protect your ears and chest as the convertible buses drive quite fast and it gets very windy.

We - a family of 4 with another family of 4, went rafting with Seven Tours in Köprülü Kanyon in Turkey. Our host was simply great - very responsive and very helpful. Everything was organized very well, too - pick-up from and return to our hotel, onsite arrangements - equipment handover, transport to the starting point, lunch and the rafting itself, of course. Initially, I thought that the river is quite still but the entire experience turned out extremely funny and with sufficient white-water spots to pump our adrenaline.

A great fast tour. I wouldn't say it's for children under the age of 5. It's very quick over hill and dale with the jeep. Great landscape just worth seeing.

Amazing day out! The Jeep Safari to the canyon is a lot of fun. You can get some amazing pictures there. The rafting is really good fun and the staff were amazing.

Absolutely amazing. The weather, the view, the ship everything was perfect. Food was yummy