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Alanya: Pirate Boat Trip with Lunch and Drinks

1. Alanya: Pirate Boat Trip with Lunch and Drinks

Discover the coastline of Alanya with a 6-hour boat trip. Sailing from the harbor around the peninsula and along the coast, see the main tourist attractions of Alanya, including the Red Tower, Old Shipyard, and Alanya Castle. Visit Pirates' Cave, Lover's Cave, and Phosphorus Cave. Stop for swimming near Cleopatra Beach and admire the view to Ulaş Beach. Sunbathe on the upper deck or just relax listening to the music and enjoying spectacular views of Alanya. Enjoy 3 to 4 stops for swimming in the turquoise sea, and during these stops, maybe even see dolphins or sea turtles. Be treated to a BBQ lunch with soft drinks.

Alanya: Captivating Views & Cultural Gems Tour w/ Cable Car

2. Alanya: Captivating Views & Cultural Gems Tour w/ Cable Car

Dive into an unforgettable evening of fun and excitement with this Alanya City Safari tour. Embark on an exciting adventure filled with extraordinary landscapes and cultural insights. Your guides will pick you up from your hotel at 16:30 in LAND ROVER jeeps to head to the first stop in Cleopatra, a popular place in Alanya. From there, embark on a cable car ride that offers breathtaking views of the Alanya castle and the surrounding landscapes. Discover Alanya's rich history and cultural treasures, the castle walls, and the Süleymaniye mosque. During the tour, take scenic breaks and stunning photos. Enjoy approximately 1 hour to soak in the stunning views and create beautiful memories. Next, visit the fascinating Damlataş Cave, where you can explore its wonders for 30 minutes and even cool off with a swim on Cleopatra Beach. Continuing the journey, head to the viewing terrace, where you will be enchanted by the fascinating beauty of Alanya with the LAND ROVER Jeeps. Here take a 20-minute photo break to enjoy the panoramic views. Finally, end the tour by dropping you off at your hotel, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner.

From Alanya: Boat Tour with Unlimited Soft Drinks and Lunch

3. From Alanya: Boat Tour with Unlimited Soft Drinks and Lunch

See an old pirate cave and soak up some on this boat tour to Cleopatra and Ulas Beach that includes refreshing soft drinks and a tasty lunch. Choose to meet at the Alanya Marina or be picked up in a comfortable bus from your accommodation in Alanya. Arrive at the Alanya Marina where a double-decker wooden boat awaits. Explore the boat which is equipped with a bar, toilets, a fresh water shower, and sun beds. Access the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea at stops with the ladder on the back of the boat. Lie on a sun bed and enjoy a beverage, read a book, or close your eyes and do absolutely nothing at all. Let the sun warm up your body from head to toe. Have the option to purchase alcoholic drinks from the bar. Leave the coast and sail along the Old Shipyard towards The Pirates, Lovers, and Phosphorus caves. Hear about myths and stories surrounding the pirate cave before making your way to Cleopatra Beach. Go for a swim near this golden beach and keep an eye out for sea turtles and dolphins. Make your way to Ulas Beach for a second swim stop before refueling with a generous buffet lunch that has been prepared on board. Cruise to harbor where there is another swim stop outside of Devil’s Cave. Listen to music and have some fun with a foam party on the way back to your meeting point in the late afternoon.

Alanya: Pirate Boat Tour w/ BBQ & Foam Party

4. Alanya: Pirate Boat Tour w/ BBQ & Foam Party

Experience the adventure of a lifetime as you embark on our thrilling 6-hour boat trip along the mesmerizing coastline of Alanya. Departing from the bustling harbour, you'll be whisked away on a scenic journey around the picturesque peninsula, where hidden gems await your discovery. As our boat gracefully glides along the glistening waters, prepare to be captivated by the iconic landmarks that make Alanya a destination of choice for travellers. Marvel at the majestic Red Tower, witness the intriguing remnants of the Old Shipyard and be awestruck by the grandeur of Alanya Castle. These remarkable sights will transport you to another era, igniting your imagination and leaving you in awe. But the adventure doesn't stop there. Brace yourself for exhilarating stops at captivating caves that dot the coastline. Explore the mysterious Pirates' Cave, where tales of swashbuckling adventures come to life. Discover the romantic allure of Lover's Cave, where love stories have unfolded against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. And prepare to be mesmerized by the luminous wonders of Phosphorus Cave, a true testament to nature's artistic prowess. Indulge in pure bliss as we make a refreshing pause near the renowned Cleopatra Beach. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear turquoise waters, or simply relax and soak up the sun's warmth on the upper deck. Let the rhythmic melodies of carefully selected music transport you to a state of absolute relaxation, while you take in the panoramic views of Alanya that surround you. Prepare to be amazed as we make additional stops for swimming in the pristine turquoise sea. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters, and if fortune favours you, you might catch a glimpse of playful dolphins or graceful sea turtles navigating their natural habitat. To satisfy your appetite, we'll treat you to a delectable BBQ lunch expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds. Relish the flavours as you sip on refreshing soft drinks, rejuvenating both your body and spirit. Join us on this extraordinary boat trip along Alanya's captivating coastline, where adventure, natural beauty, and blissful relaxation merge to create an unforgettable experience. Make memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

From Side: Alanya Tour with Lunch, Boat Trip, and Cable Car

5. From Side: Alanya Tour with Lunch, Boat Trip, and Cable Car

Start your day with a convenient pick up service at your accommodation. Meet your friendly expert guide and head to the stunning Alanya City on this guided tour. First you will take a cable car up to the Alanya Castle, and visit an iconic attraction of the district.  Later, experience the Damlatas Cave and admire the stalagmites, stalactites and columns. Whilst here you can also visit one of the most famous beaches in the Riviera called Cleopatra. Afterwards, have the opportunity to relax during a one-hour boat trip that departs from Alanya harbor and sails around the peninsula. Marvel at landmarks such as the Red Tower, the ruins of 13th-century Seljuk castle and numerous caves (pirates, phosphorus and lovers cave). Next, drive to the Dimcay River — one of the must-see attractions in Alanya and enjoy lunch there. It's a great place with delicious food, cool pockets of shade from the sun, and refreshing water. Have some free time in Alanya to explore the city by yourself.

Alanya: Boat Tour with Sunbathing, Swimming & Snorkelling

6. Alanya: Boat Tour with Sunbathing, Swimming & Snorkelling

The Alanya Boat (Yacht) Tour is undeniably the best and most popular way to explore the stunning coastline of Alanya. Our boat departs at approximately 10:00 a.m. from Alanya's harbor, conveniently located near the iconic Red Tower and shipyard. During the tour, we will venture to the enchanting sea caves situated around the Alanya castle, including the famous Pirates Cave, Lovers Cave, Phosphorous Cave, and Devil's Cave. Depending on weather conditions, you'll have the opportunity to swim around these captivating caves and marvel at their natural beauty. Continuing our journey, we'll pass by the renowned Cleopatra's Beach, offering a glimpse of its sandy, clean, and tranquil shores. Our next stop is the picturesque Ulas Beach, situated approximately 7 km from the city center, where you can enjoy a refreshing break in this serene environment. Throughout the Alanya boat tour, our lively animation team and music will create a fun and entertaining atmosphere. You'll have 3-4 opportunities to indulge in swimming breaks, allowing you to cool off and revel in the crystal-clear waters. The boat tour concludes at around 3:00 p.m. when we return to the harbor. Our boats boast exceptional cleanliness and are equipped with bathrooms, changing rooms for both ladies and men. Additionally, we have a powerful music system to keep the lively ambiance alive. Alanya Boat Tour is suitable for all ages. We would like everyone who wants to have fun at sea, listen to music and have a foam party to participate. Itinerary: Pick-up from hotels in Alanya and surrounding areas. Departure from Alanya Harbor at approximately 10:00am. Enjoy watching the Alanya old shipyard and the Red Tower from the boat. Take a refreshing swimming break near the shipyard. Admire the Pirates Cave and Lovers Cave from the boat. Have a swim break near the stunning Phosphorus Cave. Enjoy a swim break at the beautiful Cleopatra Beach. Savor a delicious lunch on the boat. Take another swim break at the picturesque Ulas Beach. Experience a swim break at the intriguing Devil Cave. If it's our lucky day, we might get a chance to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. Return to Alanya harbor from the open waters. Drop-off at hotels in Alanya approximately 3:30 p.m. Additional Information: Kindly be aware that the program is subject to alterations due to sea conditions, and certain stopping points might be omitted for safety reasons. This tour does not specifically offer a dedicated snorkelling activity. However, participants have the opportunity to snorkel during the designated swim breaks if they choose to bring their own snorkelling equipment. During our trip, we'll pass by the Pirates, Lovers, and Phosphorus Caves, allowing you to witness and appreciate their beauty. However, it's important to note that these caves cannot be accessed by boat. Pirates Boat for an adventurous and interactive atmosphere, designed to provide you with a day of endless fun, dance, music, and a truly themed experience. This tour is designed for individuals to indulge in swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying themselves amidst the captivating bays and scenic coastline of Alanya. Please be informed that this tour does not encompass cultural and traditional guidance

City of Side: Sapadare Canyon & Alanya with Cable Car Option

7. City of Side: Sapadare Canyon & Alanya with Cable Car Option

Get in touch with nature on a scenic tour with a hotel transfer from Side, Kızılot, or Colakli. Discover the breathtaking Sapadore Canyon and its waterfall, take a dip in its cold water, and marvel at Cuceler Cave. Visit Alanya City and enjoy free time to explore or a panoramic cable car ride. Get picked up from your hotel and be enveloped in an invigorating ambiance. Arrive at Sapadore Canyon, a tranquil hideaway nestled within the Taurus Mountains. Take in the pristine, topaz-blue waters that gracefully cascade through the canyon and the soothing symphony of birdsong. Seize the opportunity to independently explore the 750-meter-long wooden pathway. As you approach the end of the canyon, encounter a remarkable natural pool and the enchanting Sapadere Waterfall. Feel welcome to take a dip in the icy embrace of the natural pool. Move on to Cuceler Cave, with mesmerizing stalagmites and stalactites. Say goodbye to the canyon and head over to Alanya City. Depending on your selected option, have an hour of leisure time in Alanya or hop on a scenic cable car to take in views of the city. Pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones or indulge in a drink at one of the charming beachside cafes. Finally, make your way back to Side, Kızılot, or Colakli and be dropped off safely at your accommodaiton.

Alanya: Family-Friendly Catamaran Cruise with Castle Views

8. Alanya: Family-Friendly Catamaran Cruise with Castle Views

This is a great family day out aboard our wonderful catamaran amongst the caves and inlets of the perfect Turkish Mediterranean. Bring your friends and family aboard our boat as we set sail to some of the best swimming spots in the area. The kids will be entertained by our crew of artists on board and a sumptuous lunch will be prepared for your pleasure. No stone has been left unturned to guarantee you a fun filled and sun kissed day as we gently sail our way around this picture postcard setting. Your day begins a with meeting at Alanya harbour. You’ll then join our state of the art catamaran and meet you friendly crew. As we set sail from Alanya harbour you’ll have a chance to get great views of all the local sights. Alanya castle and the old city walls must be viewed from the sea to really be appreciated. The Red tower and the old shipyard can both be seen as we make our way along the coast. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you. We’ll be visiting the 3 main caves of the area Pirates cave, Lovers cave and Phosphorus cave and enjoying some swimming opportunities just off Cleopatra’s beach. During the day the boat will come to a rest numerous times to allow you to jump into the sea and take full advantage of these warm, turquoise waters. For those who prefer to just relax on deck the catamaran has plenty of space for you to sunbathe and enjoy the music as the boat gently rocks in the calm waters. The day is very relaxed, there is no need to keep to strict time tables or rush from one museum to another this is all about you escaping any pressures and enjoying some “you time”. Lunch is served on board as the boat docks in the new marina and consists of a healthy but filling chicken barbeque, salads and spaghetti. There are also unlimited soft drinks on board so you will not go thirsty. After lunch the boat slowly makes its way back to Alanya, stopping for a few more swimming stops along the way. Enjoy the sea air and the cooling breeze from on deck or get some last swimming done, the choice is yours.

Alanya: Pirate Ship Cruise with Food and Swimming Stops

9. Alanya: Pirate Ship Cruise with Food and Swimming Stops

Begin with pickup at your hotel and then drive to the historic harbor in Alanya. Board a pirate boat to travel back in time and reminisce about the age of pirates. Next, sail along the stunning coast and look at the castles, caves, and secluded beaches as the guide narrates for you. Stop to swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a refreshing dip. Then, get back on the boat to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the onboard chefs. Eat seafood, local delicacies, and much more. After eating, sail back to the harbor and transfer to your hotel.

From City of Side: Alanya Tour with Lunch, Boat & Cable Car

10. From City of Side: Alanya Tour with Lunch, Boat & Cable Car

Alanya Boat Trip: You will get on a beautiful boat waiting for you in the harbour and a boat trip along the coastline of Alanya will start. You will be seeing Alanya Castle, Red Tower, Arsenal, City Walls and Shipyards and will never forget the breathtaking scenery here. After this nice sightseeing boat trip, you will get on the bus waiting at the harbour and our guides will take you to Dim River for lunch. Dim River & Lunch: The lunch here is open buffet and you can choose the dishes you prefer. The lunch consists of grilled chicken, trout fish and kebab as main dishes and pasta and salad are also served. You will have your lunch on sitting pergolas situated on the river. While eating your delicious lunch in the fresh and open air, you will feel the refreshment at its most. After this tasty and refreshing lunch break, our guides will take you to Alanya town center to public marketplace. You will have 2 hours free time in Side Alanya Day Trip. In your free time here, you can do shopping from the shops and stalls from really reasonable prices or have some drinks at cute cafeterias or pubs nearby. Next stop will be Alanya Castle and Dripstone Cave. Castle is an important symbol of history of Alanya. The castle which you can see today looks over the fortress is a remaining from 13th century Seljuk era. Alanya Castle serves today as an open-air museum. Dripstone Cave: Dripstone Cave is a popular attraction place in Alanya and you shouldn’t miss the chance of seeing it. Close to Cleopatra’s Beach, the stalactite-studded cave has humidity levels of 95% and is said to produce a certain kind of air that, if inhaled and exhaled long enough, has the ability to relieve asthma sufferers. Return Back: At the end of the day, we will head for the return journey. Our drivers and guides will do everything they can to provide you a safe and sound journey. Side Alanya Day Trip ends with reaching your accomodation.

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Excellent boat trip, scenic tour with sea swimming. Great hosts, music and foam party. Lunch and soft drinks included. It was excellent service from transport, pickup and boat staff. Highly recommend *****

Highly recommended! Nice foam party. Good places on the offered spacious pillows and beds. Excellent food and drink provision. Nice staff had a great day.

Boat trip was great, the weather as well. We didnt be lucky enough to see dolphins, but it was still a great experience

We absolutely loved this boat trip our children loved the foam party and sea swimming. Great value for money.

Very good staff all friendly food was great, driver was friendly. Would recommend plus go again 👍🏼👍🏼